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The clouds begin to disappear after the rain and let the sun dry the humidity to make it a splendid day typical of summer in Melbourne.
The wet road is steaming as we drive towards Portsea along the Esplanade hugging the Peninsula coast.
The yachts on the bay seem to be greeting us as they weave their way through the choppy sea.
Left and right they sway and left again as they salute us with their sails of red white blue gold and some green.
They compete with the surf boarders and the jet skis hugging the shoreline.
Jotted along the beach are swimmers and wadders of all ages bobbing up and down.
They are in motion to the rolling waves beating on the sand at the end of their journey to and throw from the deep and back again.
We are heading for a more rugged destination, Portsea facing the southern ocean with tides that are of Antarctic origin.
In the car park on the rocky cliff above the pounding ocean we hurriedly change into our swimming gear trying not to be caught by our fellow beach visitors.
We are less adventuresses than an hour earlier at the roadside café where we brought each other to an orgasm with our toes under the cake table.
Our libido has been tempered.
We both wonder if our waitperson was a visual participant.
Does she have a lover? Will she go home to him excited by our unashamed boldness? Will she remove her panties on her way home and tempt him with sex, maybe in the doorway of her home, or in the kitchen, in the garden maybe? We hope she has a thrilling encounter: a lustful afternoon.
Impatiently we make our way down the winding path towards the cooling breakers rolling majestically towards us: energetic surfers ridding on their peaks.
We tip toe through the sunbathers searching for a comfortable spot to claim as ours for the rest of the day.
This will be our temporary piece of paradise for the remainder of the afternoon.
We choose well.
We have a sand dune as a backrest and it is in semi- seclusion.
We could make love here and maybe not get caught.
The call of the waves beckons us to enjoy their cooling smoothness.
We succumb.
We jog closer to the repetitive hypnotic sound of water breaking over and over again on the shinning white sand whistling under our feet.
A wave breaks as we wade in.
It instantly invigorates us.
We splash around and dunk into the salty water.
We feel great.
I tempt you to join me and venture out further to be up to our shoulders and in the waves before they finally crash as foam on the beach.
You put your hand out for mine to give you support and protection.
I hold you close to me and we jump up and down together every few seconds to keep our heads above the waves surrounding us.
I love the sensation of your slippery body close to mine.
You put your arm around my neck.
We kiss letting our hair tangle together with the water dripping in our eyes and into our mouths.
We lick each other’s cheeks ears and mouth.
Our legs are entwined.
We have drifted with the tide around a rocky point and into a tiny inlet all alone.
We kiss each other with more intensity poking our tongues in and around each of our mouths.
Short strokes in and out.
I feel my dick rise and rub against the outside of your costume near your mound.
No one is watching.
We take off our swimmers and secure them in the crook of a rock behind us.
The feeling of nudity in the tempered water increases our hunger for one another.
You lie back in the water and float on the surface as I hold you up with my arm under your waist.
You are outright with only your head and breasts out of the water.
I lust for you.
I gaze adoringly upon your beautifully formed body.
My eyes move from your face smiling up at me and fix them on your breasts and down your waist, belly, your curly love box, your thighs to your ankles.
My rod is at full length and swaying to the movement of the tide.
We feel free.
We are ready to make love.
You reach back and hold onto a rock jutting out from the natural sea wall of our secluded cave without a roof.
Online Now! Lush Cams Emeli_Lakura I move towards you as you open your legs and wrap them around my waist.
The sea is calmer now and is gently passing over us.
You feel safe.
Your clit lips open to expose your tiny pink penis.
My shaft moves up and down the outside of your clit: my hard knob tantalising it.
The slippery water adds to our stimulation.
We begin to breathe deeper and become impatient for copulation.
I step back and dunk under the water holding my breath to tongue you while you hug my head with your thighs holding me firm and guiding my tongue to your sensitive spots.
I explore your lips clit and opening with an eager tongue darting in and out and around your silky sex organ tasting the juices as they leak from you.
I try to reach right inside you with my tongue pushing it in and out in fast even strokes.
I come up for air and go down on you again, this time teasing your clit button.
You push your box into my mouth.
I tongue you with a frenzied fury.
I can hear you groaning even though my head is submerged.
My dick is aching to penetrate you.
You beckon to change places with me so that you can take my dick into your mouth.
I lie back hanging onto the same rock as you position yourself between my legs.
Holding them up to get closer to my swollen member that seems to be out of control as it pulsates faster than normal aided by the movement of the tide.
You put my legs on your shoulders and dunk your face under water to take me fully into your mouth.
You softly nibble me up and down with your teeth and then holding the base of my uncontrollable rod move it in and out of your mouth.
You come up for air and begin to rub my piece up and down in your fist.
My juices are building up and beginning to leak out of the eye of its opening.
This with the motion of your hand and the lubrication of the sea is leading me quickly to ejaculation.
I begin to move back from you but you insist on me staying there and blowing my load under water.
I give in.
I submit.
I am in your power.
I am going to release boiled rice in the sea.
I put my head back and place myself in your control.
You rub fast, then slow, then with tiny jerks.
You massage my dick with intermittent unpredictable strokes of ecstatic magic.
I feel the cum rushing from the base of my anus up and through the length of me.
I feel the crescendo of ejaculation reaching its fulfillment.
It is coming.
I am moaning.
I am twitching.
You move your hand faster.
I am uncontrollable.
I am off the planet.
I blow.
It comes in a short spurts at first, then a huge white silky charge fires into the water followed by short shots.
The white sticky juice seems to float around in the water for awhile before the tide claims it as its own.
I am still erect and turn you around to hold the rocks while I enter you from behind.
My rod easily enters you and slides deeply into you.
I am holding you up in the water with my hands under the front of your thighs.
As I move in and out of you I massage your clit with both of my index fingers rubbing it as though I am rolling tobacco in cigarette paper.
My fingers slip up and down on you as I slide my dick in and out, in and out, increasing the speed as I feel your vagina beginning to clasp a hold of me.
I become firmer and stretch to meet your demands of fulfillment.
I am moving in and out faster now.
I am beginning to reach climax.
You are reaching climax.
Your body is splashing in and out of the water.
Your legs are tightly clinging onto me.
My hips are moving in time with your pelvis which is now out of step with me as you orgasm.
Your body tightens then falls loose after a few short shakes.
I hold you firmly against me and penetrate deeper into you as your love tube expands with your orgasm.
I fire again.
This time even more intensely than the last.
It is good!



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