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Having lived with my mother’s old college room mate, Kate, and her husband Pierce, for several months now, I was still looking for work.
They never placed any pressure on me, Patricia, to find a job.
They were constantly loving and helpful.
Of course I lived with their idiosyncrasy.
They were naturists.
They spent virtually all of their time in the large old home they lived in without wearing clothing.
Of course, that was only when their children were not home for visits.
When that occurred the clothes came back on.
The children, all in their twenties, never knew that mom and dad were naturists.
They let me in on it because I was living with them and I was not a relative.
I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of freedom.
      Their home was actually an historic mansion on one of the squares in old Savannah.
I shan’t tell what square, but they were known to be eccentric, as were many of the old families in the city.
I joined in the eccentricity.
I began living inside without clothes and outside in the walled in veranda.
We were all happy in this state and there was never any sexual tension.
  I must admit though that I did certainly enjoy looking at them both when they were naked.
I may have started late in my life having sex but I was learning and I was enjoying the human body and the way nudity affected me inside.
I had to be careful around Kate and Pierce because they kept me very horny most of the time.
Kate was like me having wavy brown hair and rather small but lovely breasts.
Pierce was well hung I suppose.
I couldn’t be sure because I had never seen a real cock before his except on porn sites on the computer.
One couldn’t really expect those sites to be honest.
  Actually I had seen him get hard on occasion when he was looking at Kate with what I assumed was lust in his eyes.
He never bothered to hide it from me.
They were quite open about their sexuality.
When they looked at each other that way they would often go upstairs for awhile.
I knew what they were doing.
I thought it was sweet.
  I had lost my virginity to their youngest daughter, Julia.
She was a lesbian.
I think I was bisexual.
I still found myself admiring Pierce’s thick penis.
It did stir something in me.
Anyway nothing happened between us.
And we lived together happily.
But I missed the sex that Julia had brought into my life.
Unfortunately she lived some four hours away in Athens.
    She had not visited again since she spent that weekend here in Savannah.
But I had taken my little car and visited her twice now and we had really had lots of fun.
She loved fucking me with her strap on.
She helped me shave my pussy clean for the first time.
Then we both ate each other for about an hour coming all of the time and finally we both squirted.
We kept in touch with texts and online.
We were the best of friends.
  One morning, as we were having breakfast at the large dining table, Pierce mentioned that Chester, the youngest son, would be coming home for a spell.
The economy had finally caught up with him and he, being the first hired at his investment firm in Atlanta, was being let go, at least for the time being.
Just like all of their children he had been to my mother’s funeral.
That was the last time I had seen him.
Actually the funeral was the first time I had seen any of these folks for years.
Mom and I had lived so far away.
But anyway it would be good to see another friend.
I felt so alone now having no siblings.
Even if Kate and Pierce were wonderful to me.
  “Trish, you should remember that Chester has never known about our naturist life style.
We didn’t start it here at home until all of the children were finished and out of the home either in college or making lives for themselves elsewhere.
Anyway he will be wearing his clothing and we all will do so too while he is here.
”   That was Pierce letting me know what their family situation was.
  “Yes, and we were so happy when you and Julia got along so well.
It was good to see your happy faces.
”   That was Kate’s comment on her daughter’s attitude while visiting the last time.
I had so enjoyed seeing Julia in the house that weekend.
Whenever we were out of sight of the older folks we would touch and caress each other.
I missed that.
  It was several days later when Chester arrived.
I remembered he was one year older than Julia.
He was twenty-four years old and I was twenty-two.
I happened to be out and Pierce was at work at his law firm.
But Kate was there to greet her youngest son.
My day was taken up going out and about looking for work and also taking in the lovely city of Savannah.
I loved it.
But finally I walked home.
I didn’t really need to drive around the central district where we lived because the oldest firms and hotels were all around the area.
So I entered from the back through the veranda and I saw Chester lounging in the sun.
He was wearing a swimsuit and was working on a tan I supposed.
I waved at him and he rose up to come greet me.
Of course I was fully dressed having just come in from the outside world.
  “Little Trish.
How are you sweetie? Julia has told me how well you’re doing here.
I’m glad you could come live here.
It’s so peaceful and the parents are so good for you I’m sure.
” He hugged me.
  “Hey Chester.
Yeah, it’s great here.
I’m so glad to see you.
Do you know how long you’ll be here?”   “Naw, I’m just hanging here until I can find something.
I may move in with a friend down in Florida but I hate to leave the area.
I love it here.
”   “Well anyway it’s good you’re here.
I need to go in and get out of these clothes and take a shower.
It was hot today.
See you soon.
”   Going inside I went upstairs to my room all the while thinking of Chester and how he looked in his speedo.
He was well hung like his daddy.
I could easily see that.
And it looked like he was starting to get a hard on while I was standing there.
I was afraid he had noticed me beginning to blush.
Anyway when I stripped off I could see how flushed I was.
He was so good looking.
My pussy was tingling.
I climbed into the shower and I grabbed a toy Julia had given to me.
It was a rubber dildo that I kept in the shower stall.
I needed it now.
  As the water cascaded down over my brown hair and my hard nipples I was teasing myself with the dildo.
I rubbed it on my clit and then slowly inserted it into my pussy.
I did so love having something up my cunt.
I pushed it in and then out getting faster and faster until I had the orgasm I wanted.
All the while I was thinking of Chester’s big crotch,and the hug he had given me as we met downstairs.
My cunt fluids flowed out into the water as I moaned and kept fucking myself until my knees began to buckle.
I took out the dildo and sucked on it.
Then I rubbed my shaven pussy lips with my hand to catch the juices.
I licked it off my hand.
I loved the taste of my own come.
  Coming out of my room I saw Chester coming up the stairs.
  “Hi Trish.
You smell great.
And you look adorable in that sundress.
”   And he grinned at me.
Again I felt myself blushing and I knew that he could see it because he laughed and then patted me on the rear and passed down the hall to his room.
I supposed he was going to get ready for supper.
Going downstairs I heard Pierce entering the house.
He was home from work.
I gave him a hug and he ascended the stairs to get cleaned up also.
I went into the kitchen to help Kate.
  “Oh, hello dear.
Could you peel the potatoes for me? I have almost everything ready to start cooking.
Did you see Chester? He looks so well doesn’t he? I’m so happy he’s here.
He’s still my baby boy you know?”   “Sure Kate.
Give me the peeler.
I talked to Chester on my way in.
He was out catching some rays.
He’s a great looking guy.
I hate that he lost his job.
But he’s going to be okay, I know it.
He’s so smart.
”   We happily continued working on supper while the men asked if they could help.
Of course they couldn’t.
We had it all in hand.
Actually Pierce was in charge of dinner every Sunday.
He was quite a good cook.
His speciality was seafood which was good because we were right there close to the ocean.
Anyway they went into the den to talk until supper was ready.
Online Now! Lush Cams Luca_Hudson   We all sat down to supper at about seven o’clock.
We tended to dine a little later than some around the country.
And we took our time.
We ate and conversed enjoying the company.
Wine was always served and I often got a little tipsy.
But I had learned to limit my intake to just two glasses of wine.
Chester was being very funny making all of us laugh with his jokes and impersonations of some of our neighbors.
We were surrounded in our historic district with some very amusing characters.
  Cleaning up we all collected supper items and carried them into the kitchen.
Most items went into the dishwasher and some were washed by Kate immediately.
She pushed us out to sit down and relax in the den while she finished.
It was not long before she joined us.
Chester and I shared a sofa while Kate and Pierce were in large easy chairs.
The conversation continued for an hour or so and then some of us started yawning and it seemed time to get up to bed.
We all went to our rooms.
I had made up my mind.
  It was after midnight when I got out of bed without any clothes on.
I had started to sleep in the nude here.
And I quietly went out and down the hall to Chester’s room.
I saw that a light shone out from under his bedroom door.
He was still awake.
I could hear something like moaning.
I was a little surprised but it didn’t really change my plan.
I tapped softly on his doorway.
The moaning stopped abruptly.
  “Just a minute.
I’ll be there.
”   Soft footsteps came slowly towards me.
I started blushing again as I realized just what I was doing.
But my nipples were hard and my pussy was beginning to become wet.
The door opened a crack.
Chester peeked out.
  “Could I come in Chester? I need to talk to you if you don’t mind.
”   “Um, yeah.
Sure Trish.
I was, uh, just listening to music.
What’s up?”   He was keeping the door cracked but I could see he had no shirt on.
I decided to be brave and just pushed the door open.
I was surprised and gratified to see he was naked too.
I was even more glad to see his cock was hard.
He was trying to hide it with his hands but he had too much to hide.
I laughed and he blushed just as I had done earlier in the day.
You bad boy.
I think you were looking at porn on your computer.
I can see it right there on your bed.
”   “You’re mean Trish! Silly little girl.
So what if I look at porn.
I have needs you know? It’s not the end of the world kid.
”   “Oh don’t worry Chester.
Anyway I can help you if you want me too.
Do me a favor.
Let me see your penis, okay? I’d love to see it, honest.
Let me see Chester.
Please?”   He looked at me oddly.
Then he moved his hands.
His cock sprang up and pointed at the ceiling.
His balls were hanging down below.
It looked so good and I wanted it so much.
My pussy wanted it and so did my mouth.
I had never sucked a cock and I wanted to try.
Julia said she did it once but it hadn’t done anything for her.
I was hoping it would do a lot for me because my mouth was watering and my pussy was creamy already.
  I dropped to my knees on the hardwood floor and grabbed his prick with one hand and stroked it.
I looked up into his eyes and he was smiling.
That gave me the courage I needed.
I took his ball sack in the other hand and gently rolled his nuts, feeling them for the first time.
His prick was growing even harder and longer as I continued stroking it.
I leaned forward and saw there was some drops of fluid on his dick head.
That must be pre-cum I thought to myself.
I shyly stuck out my tongue and licked it off.
He shuddered and thrust his dick forward trying to get me to lick more I assumed.
  I spit into my palm and began jacking his prick.
He was moaning and I confidently took the the head into my mouth and ran my tongue around it.
He was trying to force more into my mouth, but I wanted to relish this first time.
I held him firmly in my hand and squeezed his balls.
I grinned up at him as he groaned with frustration, then I ran my tongue from the base of his prick at the balls up the length of his shaft and then down the other side as I continued stroking the cock that my fingers could barely reach around.
Finally I took pity on him and took it into my mouth.
  My mouth was full of cock and this time I let him start to fuck my face.
He was trying to get all of it into my mouth and throat.
I wasn’t sure I could take it all and I began gagging.
He let up then started ramming in and out as if he was fucking a pussy.
My drooling lips dripped saliva down him cock lubricating the sucking he was getting and that I was loving to give to him.
I loved sucking cock just as I’d known I would from the first time I saw Pierce’s dick dangling around the house.
He was getting more aggressive.
He had grabbed my hair with both hands and was now fucking my mouth like I was a cum slut.
Maybe I was because it made me come.
I knew I wanted to swallow his come just as I swallowed all of the pussy juices that Julia gave me when we were together.
  It had seemed like only a minute or two because I was enjoying it so much but he at last began groaning loudly and begged me to take it all as his spunk shot out into my mouth.
I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and he continued squirting come for about ten shots filling my mouth full.
I had another orgasm.
As I pulled my mouth off of his prick he trembled and I opened my mouth and I let him see I had it all there.
Then I closed my lips and swallowed it all.
I almost gagged again because it was the first time.
But I took it all and I could have taken more because it was so tasty and creamy smooth.
I grinned up into his eyes and he leaned down and kissed my lips and then rammed his tongue into my mouth.
I came again as I jammed my fingers up into my pussy and rubbed my clit with my thumb.
  Chester helped me up to my feet.
He kissed me again.
  “Julia was right.
You are a tasty little piece.
I knew you would be good, but damn girl, you’re great.
”   Now I was really blushing.
  “Julia told you about us? Really? I didn’t know that.
”   “Trish, Julia and I are so close we never keep any secrets.
We’re so close that she loves to tell me everything about her conquests of lovely ladies.
It makes me jealous sometimes.
But now I know exactly what she was talking about when she told me about you.
You’re lovely and great at sex.
With guys and girls apparently.
”   I was looking forward to more fun with Chester.
And with other young folks in this family.
Perhaps others would be visiting soon.
 I went off to bed with good thoughts on my mind and the knowledge that I would have more of Chester when I wanted him.
  I awoke in my twin bed with a body tight against my side.
I rose up and there was Chester grinning at me.
  “You know, sweetie, you didn’t get the whole package when you came to me in the night.
I think you need some of my manly charms tickling your little pussy.
Don’t you?”   I giggled and immediately was ready for him to attack me and ravish me.
I was ready for this.
I had lost my maidenhead to Julia.
But this would be my first fucking by a guy.
And a great guy at that.
He crawled up between my legs.
I saw something on his prick and assumed it was a condom.
But he quickly began kissing me while his hand was guiding his cock into my wet pussy.
Oh, it felt like heaven.
So different from the dildos I had rammed up there.
It was hot and real and natural.
He started humping me and I pushed back taking all of his rod into my tight pussy.
Faster and faster he was going as he grunted and I moaned.
  I could only hope that Kate and Pierce wouldn’t hear us as we got more vocal.
But the fucking went on and on until I begged him to stop.
I had come enough times.
He immediately began filling the condom with his spunk and kept fucking for another minute or two as he finished.
Then he left his prick in my pussy and leaned down to kiss me.
  I had been right.
I could have more of Chester when I wanted him.



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