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Latest stories Straight Sex Military Man: Part 2

I was warm, content and relaxed.
The dream I was having felt heavy and musky like a strong yet sweet perfume, consuming me completely.
I felt weightless, floating softly in this cosy state.
Slowly the dream began to shift and I started to grow colder, and I groaned a little as I felt myself waking up from this pure relaxation.
I opened my eyes slightly, letting them adjust to the darkness around me.
It can’t be morning yet, I couldn’t see any form of light except from the dim lamp outside.
A sudden shift behind me alerted me to what had woken me.
Christian was awake, moving around trying to get comfortable.
The blankets had moved now so they no longer covered my naked body, and I realised that was what had initially woken me in the first place.
I felt my nipples harden as the night breeze came in through the windows, goosebumps rising on my skin.
I felt too sleepy to move, so I tried to ignore the cold and closed my eyes again.
I felt Christian stop moving behind me and I heard him sharply breathe in, almost as if he was alert.
Confused and annoyed that I was awake in the first place I didn’t ask him what was wrong and just kept my eyes closed.
After the thorough and drunken fucking I’d received not more than 3 hours ago, I felt like I deserved a bit of sleep.
Fingers delicately ran up my arm, soft and inviting, trailing over the goosebumps.
I couldn’t help but smile as they shifted course and gently stroked up and down from my ribs to my hips, the blanket now only covering from my knees downwards.
As they travelled upwards they began to glide closer and closer to my breasts.
I felt a thrill within me, knowing that he was tantalising my body while he thought I was asleep.
Trying desperately to feign sleep, I fought the urge to turn around and kiss him just as one finger delicately grazed my nipple.
Hard and sensitive, the touch felt like electricity.
My breathing betrayed me as he froze when I had inhaled sharply.
Desperate for more, I shifted slightly so he had better access to my body and again feigned deep breathing as if I wasn’t awake.
Spurred on, his fingers began to get bolder as they caressed my nipples, running his fingernail over the very top then pinching and rolling them between finger and thumb.
In my head I pleaded him to keep going, my breathing speeding up as his other hand snaked under my body to play with my other breast.
I moaned a little, pleasure surging through my body as I felt myself being dragged from my initial sleepiness.
His lips were at my ear, licking and nibbling.
His heavy breathing sent shivers through me and I couldn’t take it any more, I turned towards him and opened my eyes, a broad grin on my face that matched his.
“Hey beautiful, does that feel good?” he continued gently rolling my nipples, chuckling at my gasp when he suddenly pinched down on them.
I moaned appreciatively, a lazy smile across my lips.
I could definitely get used to this.
“Mmm, glad to hear it” he said quietly, kissing me softly as one of his hands wandered down towards my pussy, which I could feel getting wet.
Tracing one finger delicately over my clit, his tongue dancing slowly in my mouth, I felt intoxicated by the slow tenderness of it all.
It was maddeningly arousing, half of me wanted him to fuck me without mercy, the other didn’t want him to stop.
He broke the kiss, looking directly into my eyes as he kept tracing slow circles around my hard clit.
I could feel how wet I was by how easily his fingers slicked over and over it.
He then looked down at my breasts, both nipples still hard as one hand gently teased them.
Smiling, he lowered his head and sucked one completely into his mouth and plunged two fingers into my hot wet pussy, making me arch my back and push my breasts further towards him.
I moaned loudly, gripping his hair as his fingers quickly worked in and out of me, his teeth biting down and pulling on my rock hard nipple.
He could easily have made me cum from sucking on my nipples alone, but having his fingers plunging inside me brought me even closer to the edge.
I started bucking my hips, unable to control myself as he got faster and faster, rubbing furiously against my g-spot as the room was filled with the sound of my moaning and the wetness of pussy.
Aggressively I pushed him away, his fingers sliding out of me as I got up and dragged him towards his desk chair.
“Sit!” I said, pointing towards it.
Online Now! Lush Cams EmmaSteell He sat down, his hard cock pointing straight upwards.
Wide awake now, I grinned as he said nothing but stared at my naked body.
He fucked me how he wanted to last time, now it was my turn.
With my hands on his shoulders, I straddled him as I stood on tiptoe before slowly pushing myself onto his cock.
“Fuck,” he groaned, his hands grabbing my hips as I began bouncing up and down his length.
He felt huge inside me, and my already throbbing pussy began to squeeze and grip him as I rode him as fast as I could.
His hands gripped me as we began to groan, using each other’s momentum to fuck harder.
One hand snaked under me as he gently began to rub my asshole before gently sliding a finger inside me.
I gasped, loving this new feeling.
He slicked his finger in and out as his cock fucked my pussy, and I pushed myself back onto his palm and thighs.
Not wanting to cum too soon, I began grinding into him, slowing the pace down before fucking him hard again.
Every time I slowed down he’d push his hips further towards me.
Shit, it felt so good.
“Oh my god baby, you’re so fucking good at this,” he said, gritting his teeth and throwing his head back.
He gripped my hips with both hands and pushed himself inside me as hard as he could.
I grabbed his face, kissing him furiously while riding his hard cock over and over again.
“Fuck, Christian!” I breathed, grinding into him again, rocking backwards and forwards on his cock.
Our foreheads pressed together, sweat glistening off our bodies.
“I’m gonna cum so fucking hard…” I moaned sharply as his dick rubbed repeatedly against my g-spot.
“Oh yeah, baby?” he grinned, fingers digging into my hips “You gonna cum all over me?” I nodded, unable to speak.
He was pushing me down onto his cock repeatedly, my legs were shaking and it felt like every nerve was on fire He pulled me closer, bouncing me faster and harder, his lips were at my ear as he softly whispered into it “That’s it baby, come on.
I want you to cum all over my cock.
You’re so fucking sexy when you cum for me, I love watching you.
” I groaned, throwing my head back, pushing myself harder onto his throbbing dick “Come on, fuck me faster, yes that’s it.
Faster, show me how much you want it!” His cock slammed repeatedly into my pussy as my fingers found my clit.
I rubbed myself faster and faster as his hips rose up to meet mine, needing to cum so badly.
“Shit, that’s right, fuck my cock.
Fuck me hard baby,” he moaned into my ear, sending shivers through me, “you gonna cum all over me?” “Oh fuck…” “I said, are you gonna cum all over me?” I couldn’t help but whimper as his cock slammed into me.
“Yes!” “Yeah? You like it when I fuck you don’t you, you like me fucking your tight little pussy…” His words were driving me insane, I moaned his name over and over with every thrust “Yes, that’s it, come on baby, cum all over my cock.
I’m gonna cum inside you so fucking hard!” My orgasm hit me like a wave, and I screamed as he held my hips still while he pounded into me, thrusting upwards at a new speed which had me reeling.
He groaned and bit my neck as my nails dug into his shoulder, while my other hand slid quickly over my clit, making me cum again.
His thrusts were hard and manic as he shot his cum inside me, our juices running down my thighs and onto the chair.
I collapsed onto him, unable to move from sheer bliss and exhaustion.
I felt his heart pounding through his chest as I breathed heavily into his shoulder.
“Fucking hell, that was good.
” He laughed then kissed my cheek, “Too right.
Nice thinking with the chair, we’re so doing that again in the morning.
Except…” I turned to face him, raising an eyebrow at the mischievous grin on his face “Except what?” He tucked a lock of hair behind my ear, smiling sweetly.
“Except next time, I’m going to make you kneel on it, bend you over, spread your legs wide and fuck you from behind.



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