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As a professional escort, Aruri doesn’t get much free time.
He spends most of his time working out or keeping up with the latest trends of women’s fantasies.
When he does get free time, he likes to spend it soaking in a hot bath.
With his head barely above the water, his phone begins to ring.
He hears the business ringtone and weighs whether to answer.
His massive, throbbing erection very quickly tips the scale in favor of answering the phone.
He shakes excess water off his hand before swiping his finger on the ‘answer’ key.
He pops his head above the water just as he puts the call on speaker.
“Hello,” he hears a voice say.
“Fyre Light Services, how may I be of service?” he responds.
There a short pause and he can hear some fumbling around on the other end.
“Hey, is this Aruri?” “Yes, it is.
” “Great.
My name’s…,” she stops to think about the name she wants to use.
“Tricia and I’d like to hire you for a friend of mine.
” He rolls his eyes before answering, “Is this friend aware that you are buying my services for their satisfaction?” “Yes, she is.
But I kind of want it to still be a surprise.
” “I can do that.
Do you know which of my services would best suit her, or would you like me to list the services I offer?” “No, that’s okay.
I have one in mind.
She’s not really that kinky, or sexual for that matter.
Especially towards guys she barely knows.
So I was thinking about one of your massages.
” “Standard or Hudeylugiya?” he inquires.
There’s a longer pause this time as she thinks over the choices.
“What’s that second one again?” she responds.
It’s a type of sexual massage, but it’s still just a massage,” he adds.
“How do you say it? So I can tell her about it.
” “Who-day-lu-guy-a.
” “So you’ll basically have sex with her while acting out a masseur type theme?” “No.
Depending on the level of the massage, sexual arousal may or may not lead to orgasm.
” “Well, in that case, she’ll have the highest level possible.
In fact, I’ll pay for extra time to make sure she experiences the highest level of arousal possible.
” “That will be fine, just follow the directions on my site, set an appointment, and I’ll call you again one hour before my arrival to make sure your friend is still willing.
” “Thanks and good luck with her.
” “I’m a professional ma’am.
I don’t need luck.
It’s my job.
” He ends the call, sinking his head back under the water.
He slides his hands down his body to his still throbbing erection and light strokes some of the tension away.
He doesn’t get too into it before he hears a loud shriek.
He lifts his head out of the water and sees his roommate, Michelle.
“Why are you always touching yourself?” she yells.
He covers his erection as best he can before sitting all the way up.
“Why are you in my bathroom?” “My toilet’s clogged.
” “Then stop flushing condoms down it.
Just swallow like you know you want to.
” “Ew.
Stop saying that, you know I hate cum.
” “And yet-” She throws his toothbrush at him before he can finish.
“Will you just hurry up and get out so I can use the bathroom.
” “I have to get ready for work.
” “How you keep getting jobs is beyond me,” she laughs “Ha ha, I get jobs because I’m good at what I do,” he remarks.
He gets out of the bathtub and walks into his bedroom, letting her use the bathroom.
His phone beeps with an incoming email.
He checks the appointment and begins getting his things together.
She comes out of the bathroom and heads to the kitchen.
She takes out a medium size sauce pan and some brown rice.
As she turns on the water, her phone rings.
She answers and puts the phone in between her shoulder and ear while putting water into the pan.
” “Chelle?” her friend’s voice screams.
“What girl? Damn.
” “I got a guy for you tonight.
He’s perfect, I think.
” Michelle turns the water off and puts the pan on the stove and turns on the heat.
“What do you mean you think?” “Well, I haven’t actually met him, but I’ve heard he’s amazing.
” Aruri comes downstairs to get some bottles of water out of the fridge.
Michelle splashes some water on his pants as they bump into each other.
“Boy move, dumbass.
” “This is why I would love to choke you sometimes.
” She is about to answer his threat when her friend yells in her ear.
“Stop messing with him and get ready to go out.
” Michelle puts the phone down on the counter and puts her finger up to his mouth.
“Rachel has a date for me tonight, so I’ll need to borrow some of your clothes,” she says before responding to Rachel.
“Okay, I’ll go.
” “Why are.
” She grabs his lips to stop him from talking.
As she hangs up the phone, she takes her hand off of his lips.
Why are you always borrowing my clothes to go on dates? Don’t you think it’s weird to wear men’s clothing on dates?” “No.
Now go pick out whatever you’re wearing so I can pick out what I’m wearing.
” “One of these days, you’re going to get such a spanking.
” “Oh my god…,” She tries splashing more water on him as he runs out of the kitchen.
“Perv!” She yells as he runs upstairs.
He goes back upstairs and continues getting ready for his appointment.
Right as he’s putting his shirt on, she comes into his room.
Walking into his room, she has nothing on except for a regular black bra and some white panties.
“I’m going to start loading my truck, don’t touch any of my nice stuff,” he orders her while walking out of the room.
She snickers at him while waiting for him to go downstairs.
Once she hears the front door open, she immediately starts going through his more expensive clothes.
She picks out one of his white button-up shirts and a pair of black jeans before running back to her room.
While she’s upstairs putting on his clothes, he’s in the garage getting the massage gear ready.
His phone starts beeping, and he stops to turn the alarm off.
It’s only one hour until his appointment, and he has to call his client to make sure her friend is still on for later.
He looks up the last number that called him and calls her back.
“Hello,” she answers.
“Hey, this is Aruri.
I’m just calling to make sure your friend is still on for tonight.
” “Actually, she can’t wait.
Is everything the way I ordered?” He checks his appointment app and looks over all the details.
“I’m getting everything ready now.
” “Great.
She’ll see you soon.
” The client hangs up as he continues looking over the specified details.
He opens the back of his truck and loads in the support stage and all his supplies into the back.
He then looks at the specified color and scent choice the client picked.
He grabs the pink velvet towels and sheets.
Then he grabs the pink rose scented candles and jewelry.
As he finishes putting the massage equipment in his truck, Michelle comes into the garage dressed in some of his good clothes.
“Hey,” he yells.
Before he can get his hands on her, she darts to her car and gets in.
She pulls off as he yells at her.
He goes back into the house to eat something before leaving.
He has a very sex-focused diet; tons of protein and carbs for the extreme workouts he does throughout the day.
After eating, he makes sure to lock up.
He does one last check to make sure he has everything and then gets in his truck to head to his appointment.
He arrives at the apartment just a little before nine, the specified time for his appointment.
He checks his appearance in the mirror before unloading his equipment.
He invented the Hudeylugiya massage and personally designed the equipment so that it could all be carried in one trip.
He makes his way to the client’s apartment.
He knocks on the door and an attractive blonde opens the door.
You are way cuter in person.
Come in.
” She steps aside and lets him in.
“She’s in the bathroom now, but she’ll be out in a few moments.
You can set up right here,” pointing to the center of the living room floor.
She walks over to the bathroom door and knocks softly.
“He’s here.
I’m going to get us something to drink, so I’ll be right back.
” She grabs her purse and keys before walking back towards the front door.
“Remember she’s a little shy.
I’ll be back in like two hours, okay.
Good luck,” she whispers.
“Good luck,” she yells to her friend.
She closes the door just as the water turns off, and the bathroom door opens.
As Aruri turns to start setting up the special massage table, Michelle comes out of the bathroom.
She looks around the apartment and sees what she believes is a handsome young man setting up a contraption.
“What’s that?” Aruri immediately recognizes his roommate’s voice and turns around.
“Michelle?” “Ew, Aruri.
” “What do you mean, ew?” She walks over to him and slaps him on the shoulder.
“You’re the guy Rachel’s trying to hook me up with?” “What do you mean, ew?” She runs her hands through her hair while softly chuckling to herself.
“She hired you to fuck your own roommate.
” “What do you mean, ew?” “Boy focus,” she says while punching him in the chest.
“Why didn’t you say anything earlier?” “She didn’t tell me her real name, or the name of her friend I’m supposed to service.
” She crosses her arms and continues to grin in disbelief.
He looks around at the fully assembled massage table, and then back at her.
“So am I not getting paid?” She looks at him with one of the strangest looks she’s ever given him.
No one is paying you to fuck me,” she yells at him.
“I wasn’t getting paid to fuck anyone.
I was getting paid to give you a massage.
” “A massage?” She suddenly perks up and looks around at his massage gear.
“Well if it’s just a massage, we can do that.
” She laughs while kind of jumping in place.
“This will make up for all the crap you’ve done over the years.
Oh yeah, you have to give me a massage.
” “You realize you’ll be naked?” “So, I’ve seen you set this up before.
I know I get a blanket to cover myself with so stop stalling.
” “She also wanted me to make sure you had as many or.
” “Hey, stop talking and get to work.
” He continues setting up the massage table and puts the candles inside the holders before placing them around the massage bed.
As he’s finishing up the massage table, she begins taking off her earrings and bracelets.
She gets to her shoes as he begins putting on the scented jewelry.
Since they’ve lived together so long, they see nothing wrong with getting naked in front of each other.
She’s just about to take her left shoe off but stops.
“Who’s paying you?” “It is my understanding that she is.
” Michelle thinks it over and smiles at him.
“You know what? Why don’t you finish getting ready and when you’re done, you undress me.
” “I’m not undressing you.
You’re a grown woman-” “I am your client.
You have to do what I say, how I say, and when I say; right?” He sighs as she laughs at him.
Once his pants are down, she starts laughing at the incredibly tight, pink spandex shorts he’s wearing.
It looks like he’s wearing a Speedo made of an incredibly thin, yet reflectively pink material.
As he turns toward her, she can see his erection pressed against his inner right thigh.
“Why are you hard?” “I’m always hard.
You know I stay hard unless there are children near me.
No kids; hard dick.
” He kicks his pants on the chair with the rest of his clothes.
She stands up and waits for him to come over.
He walks over to her and starts with her shirt.
She has the biggest grin on her face as he tries to quickly get her shirt off.
“Why the rush? I want to enjoy this moment,” she taunts.
He slows down, undoing the buttons while trying to avoid eye contact with her.
Their breaths intertwine as she forces him to look at her.
As he gets to the last button and opens her shirt, her light skin stands out with the shiny silk material.
Compared to his more chocoalate skin, she looks a lot lighter.
Most people think she’s white until they see her ass.
He pulls the shirt off of her arms and throws it on the couch next to them.
She fixes her straight black hair while looking down at his heaving chest.
“Why are you breathing so hard?” she asks while putting her hands on his pecks.
He shakes his head while putting his hands on her incredible thin waist.
“This is going to be insanely awkward.
There’s so much to this kind of massage that you don’t know about.
” “That I don’t care about,” she says looking up into his eyes.
“You owe me.
” She continues rubbing and touching his torso.
He reaches around to unhook her bra.
This is a moment that has always intrigued him.
Most mixed girls develop a bi-racial body, but Michelle’s body seems to split into two separate parts.
As her bra slides off her perky little tits, he’s drawn to her soft pink nipples.
He feels the sudden urge to lean down and take one of them in his mouth.
“I hate my tits,” she says while trying to cover them up.
“Everyone makes fun of me for being black with white girl nipples.
” He can tell she’s zoning out, so he slides his hands to her chest and squeezes under her breasts until she lets out a slight moan.
“As a guy who has a lot of sex, not your roommate, but as a guy; there’s nothing wrong with a chick that has cute tits.
In fact, there’s nothing better than a chick with cute tits.
” They laugh away the sad moment, and she lets him continue undressing her.
She runs her hands down his stomach, counting his abs while humming.
His hands move down to the belt holding up her jeans.
His eyes focus on her small waist, and he just can’t help himself to test something on her.
He puts his hands back on her waist and sees if his fingertips touch if he wraps his hands around her.
“What are doing?” “I didn’t know your waist line was so small.
My hands can touch.
” She moves his hands down to her pants and starts to use them to undo her belt.
He takes over and pulls the belt out of the loops.
He throws the belt on the couch with her shirt and bra.
Her jeans start to fall, but they get caught on the top of her ass.
She leans into him more, arching a little as he reaches back and pulls the jeans off her ass.
He lifts the jeans off with his left hand while caressing her with his right.
They both look back at her fat ass as the jeans drop to the floor.
He then slides his thumbs under the sides of her panties and pushes them down.
He moves his left hand down her thigh and lifts her right leg up.
She climbs on him to get her left leg out of the pant leg.
She starts rocking a little to keep her balance but while trying to stabilize herself, she presses her pussy against his lower abs.
She doesn’t realize it until she looks back at him and sees him trying to control himself.
She looks down at his abs and spots the wet trail she’s leaking on him.
She kicks her jeans and panties on the couch and gets out of his arms.
He snaps back to reality as she bends down to pulls her shoes and socks off.
“Let’s just get on with the massage,” she says, tossing her socks and shoes on the couch.
“Okay, just let me put a sheet on the cushion.
” He reaches into his bag and pulls out the large velvet blanket.
“Pink? Are you sure you didn’t know that I was the friend?” “She specified pink and rose scents,” he replies while laying the blanket on the cushion.
He straightens it out and tucks in the sides before stepping back.
“Ready?” She looks up at him for a second before looking back down at the massage stage.
“Let’s do this.
” She lies down on the sheet while he lights the candles around her.
He stands over her for a second to let the candles take effect.
The soft velvet teases her body.
As the scented candles fill the room, she starts to relax.
“I’m ready.
” He looks down at her fat ass lying in front of him, but he has to focus.
He does some final equipment checks before climbing on the cushions with her.
He kneels on the cushions, with his knees on either side of her legs.
As she feels his body getting closer to hers, she looks back at him.
“What are you doing? I thought this was just a massage.
” “It is, but this is a Hudeylugiya massage.
It’s a very sexual-sensual act.
My body is going to be pressing against yours in a lot of very intimate ways.
So, if you want to stop, I-” “No.
No, continue.
” She adds, skeptical of his intentions.
She lies back down as he lies the towel over her ass for the first part of the massage.
He squirts some oil into the palms of his hand.
He sits the oil on the edge of the cushion before rubbing his hands together.
She lets out one last heavy sigh as he grabs her hand.
He massages the oil into her hand, separating each finger and massaging them individually.
He uses both hands to rub the oil deep into her palm.
He bends each finger to relax every muscle.
She is mostly silent, except for the slight moans she lets out every once in a while.
He massages her hand to her wrist.
He applies just enough pressure to cause her fingers to twitch as he finds the pressure point under her little finger.
The sensation isn’t overwhelming, but he can feel the tension building in her body.
He takes her arm part by part, ensuring to massage every ounce of tension out of her as slowly and efficiently as possible.
He follows the sensitive lines of the arm to massage create a sensual baseline.
Once he gets to her shoulder, he stops and begins massaging her other arm.
He starts with her hand and slowly works his way up to her shoulder.
She starts breathing harder with each squeeze of his oiled hands on her flesh.
Once her arms are completely loose, he puts his hands on her shoulders.
Before he begins massaging her shoulders, he puts more rose scented oil on his hands.
As the warm oil touches her skin, she lets out a slight groan.
He presses the oil deep into her body, rocking himself on top of her.
She starts to look back at him but lets him continue as he begins kneading her shoulders like dough.
With each squeeze, she moans and groans.
A small stream of oil begins dripping down the front of her shoulders, but he catches it.
He moves her hair to the side and fully descends on her neck.
While his right hand massages the back of her neck, his left hand massages the side of her neck up behind her ear.
He switches hands and sides over and over until he’s massaging her ears with both hands at the same time.
Every back and forth slide of his hands causes her submissive body to rock into him.
Their motions start to put them both in a trance-like state.
Neither of them notices the towel sliding off her ass a little.
He massages the back of her shoulders before leaning down and breathing hot air on the back of her neck.
She doesn’t attempt to ask him anything, as the hot sensation combines with the power of the back massage.
His hands continue massaging their way down her back.
He gets to her tiny waist and really puts effort into massaging.
He’s grabbing just hard enough to make her squeal and arch with every squeeze.
He continues making his way to her lower back.
His throbbing cock is rubbing against the bottom of her ass as he pulls and pushes on her.
She grabs the edge of the cushion as his grinding massage gets stronger.
His hands dip under her body for a second as he grabs her hips.
He leans down and blows cold air over her oiled body.
She quivers underneath him as he gives her hips extra attention.
Each of his fingers runs over her soft spots.
That area is sensitive because it’s usually hidden.
He then bites the small of her back.
He slides his body up her back, nibbling on her ears and rests his erection on top of her ass.
“This is a hell of a massage,” she whispers.
He ruffles his nose and mouth through her hair until he gets to her other ear.
“If you like this, just wait until I turn you over.
” He leans away from her and puts more oil in his hands.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alberto_Carlo He massages down to the back of her thighs.
Even though her tight ass is calling to him, he stays on course.
He puts both of his oil-coated hands on her left thigh.
He pulls her legs apart and positions himself on top of her left leg.
He slides his hands in opposite directions while rubbing both sides and the top of her thigh.
She twists her body to give him more access to her thigh meat.
He listens to her soft moans as his hands slowly slide over the muscles in her thigh.
He stares at the wave of thick-thigh meat move toward her ass.
Once her thigh is thoroughly oiled, he moves to the back of her knee.
She seems slightly ticklish back there, so he spends extra time loosening her up.
As he moves toward her calf, she pops her ass up in the air to get some attention.
He’s drawn to the curve where her lower back explodes into her ass.
He goes over the soft parts of her calve before deeply massaging the strong muscles.
Her foot twitches as he focuses on relaxing her tension-filled body.
The towel on her ass continues falling off as she squirms.
With her foot in his hands, he massages between every toe repeatedly, making sure to satisfy.
He bends her leg back and spends, even more, time massaging each toe individually before focusing on the bottom of her foot.
She moans as he finds every tension spot on her foot.
He blows a breath of cold air over the bottom of her foot.
He starts massaging the hot spot on the bottom of her foot.
She kind of bounces a little, but he lets her so that he can stare at her ass jiggling.
She holds the edge of the cushion even more as his endless assault on her pressure point slowly stops.
Her heavy breaths amuse him as he starts on her other leg.
Her right leg is given the same treatment with every tiny detail.
He puts a little more oil in his hands and begins massaging the inside of her thighs.
This time, he removes the towel covering her ass and puts his hands on top of her.
She groans into the cushion as he squeezes on her ass.
His hands can barely cover all the meat of each cheek.
He starts with her right cheek, and thoroughly massages down to her hips.
His hand slides in between her ass and massages even the darker meat.
He gets lost in her soft ass.
He feels the knots in her body and presses hard on them, rubbing and squeezing them out of her thighs.
Her sighs turn to squeals as the tips of his fingers approach her leaking lips.
He softly rubs near them before returning to her ass, lower back, and thighs.
Her body quivers more as he starts massaging in a pattern.
He starts with the back of her thighs, then up to right under her ass, over her ass, and up her back before squeezing all those sensations into her hips.
“Oh god!” she murmurs as her feet shake a little.
He starts rocking his member against her ass.
Her hands start shaking as he pushes every sensation into her hips.
He feels her body locking up and twitching as she rushes into a small orgasm.
Just as she moans into cumming, he reaches back and grabs both her feet.
With an orgasm rushing through her, he presses down on her pressure points again, sending her flying into a more intense level of orgasm.
She actually pushes herself up as her body trembles.
He lets her feet go and catches her under her hips.
She slowly lies down with her ass still up in the air.
Her orgasm continues rushing through her head.
He begins rubbing the soft part of her pubic area until she whimpers.
As she lies in front of him with his hands on her hips, he can think of nothing else but pulling his swollen dick out and riding her into the floor.
Her heavy breathing eventually pulls him out of his own head, and he continues the massage.
He leans down on top of her and bites the side of her neck while rubbing her arms.
“Ready for part two?” he whispers in between bites.
She looks back at him nibbling on her neck and smiles.
“Give me a couple of seconds.
” He smiles back at her and kisses her on the forehead.
He puts more oil in his hands and gives her one last run over.
He rubs every part of her body that his hands can reach, rubbing out any leftover orgasmic sensations.
He repositions himself between her legs as she rolls over.
She lifts her left leg over his head while getting between her legs.
Without thinking, he leans down on her body to whisper in her ear.
“This is the part of the massage I really like.
” She puts her hands on the back of his neck.
She looks down at the pink shorts he’s wearing and sees a dark spot near his dick tip.
“You do remember this is only a massage, right?” signaling for him to look down at the wet spot.
They both look down at his throbbing cock oozing precum inside his shorts.
“It’s okay.
My shorts will keep you dry.
” “Whatever,” she smiles at him.
As their breaths mix again, they both feel the urge to kiss.
He leans her head back and starts the second part of the massage.
He starts to put the towel over her tits and pussy, but she stops him.
“This part will be a lot more sexual,” he adds while putting oil in his hand.
“Do your worst.
” She closes her eyes and offers her body to him.
He wastes no time in re-massaging her hands and arms.
Once she’s back into the massage, he focuses on her chest and neck.
He starts by oiling her chest, but not touching her tits.
She opens her eyes just as he rubs over her collar bones.
He stops at her neck, and she puts her hands on his wrists.
“Stop me if you get scared.
Just keep in mind I’m not trying to hurt you.
” She stares back into his eyes, licking her lips at him.
“Why would I be scared?” He licks his lips at her before replying.
“A lot of women think I’m trying to choke them when I massage their throats.
It’s a special kind of oil that opens the body both sexually as well as physically.
It’ll help you breathe better, so I’m really going to massage it into your neck.
I just don’t want you to panic.
” She lifts her hips and rubs against his contained cock.
She tightens the grip on his wrists and moves his hands to her neck.
“Like I said before…,” she slides her left knee up and begins teasing his shaft with it.
“I trust you!” The seduction in her voice captures him, and he begins massaging her throat.
She lets go of his wrists as he rubs over her windpipe and arteries.
Her chest begins heaving.
They never break eye contact as she softly whimpers.
He eventually slides his hands down her neck and to her exposed chest.
He makes sure to cover her entire torso in oil before focusing on her tits.
He really pays attention to the sides of her breasts, going back towards her back.
He caresses her ribs and squeezes the moans out of her.
His hands trace the outer muscles of her tits until he sees her nipple almost throbbing.
Once she’s moaning again, he rubs over her tits with his full palms.
He lets her nipples slide between his fingers.
When it happens, he softly pulls on her nipples while pinch-rolling them with a slight roughness.
While rubbing over her breasts, she closes her eyes, bends her legs, and arches her back to give him full access to her curvy body.
Usually, when girls are arching like that, it’s because he’s balls-deep in them.
With his roommate’s body like that, he gets an idea to tense her up more.
He very quickly thrusts his hips forward into her arching body.
His hard member smacks into her wet pussy and knocks her body around.
She groans from the impact and opens her eyes to see what just happen.
He slides his oily hands down her torso to her tight waistline and gets caught up in her body.
Her legs slide back down as she moans from the powerful grip he has on her.
“Take your shorts off,” she commands him.
“The shorts stay on until the massage is over.
Assuming you pay for them to come off.
” They both laugh at the suggestion.
His hands find their way to her belly button.
He leans down and breathes hot air on her navel while massaging to her hips.
He begins sliding his hands from her hips to her navel over and over until her legs bend.
She rolls her head back and closes her eyes as his hands approach the cute, little pubic bush over her clitoris.
He barely touches the tip of it before sliding around her pussy to her thighs.
She whimpers from the tease but doesn’t oppose his strategy.
He oils her legs before giving them the same treatment as before.
As he slides his hands up her legs, he gets even closer to her pussy.
He stops to thoroughly massage the inside of her thighs, even lifting her legs to rub closer to her pussy.
Juice is dripping from her lips, and she’s starting to lose her mind.
Her body quivers with every attempt he makes toward her pussy.
He soon starts another pattern on her body.
He opens her legs in a diamond shape so that he can fully tease her quivering pussy.
He slides his hands from the inside of her thighs, around her pussy lips, and up to her navel before pushing all the tension into her hips.
“I can feel it in my cervix,” she moans, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples.
She lays her head back and closes her eyes.
More juice drips out as his hands get closer to her pussy with each motion repeated.
She sets her feet on the back of his legs as her pussy clenches right in front of him.
She runs her right hand through her hair while her left hand continues to tantalize her tit.
He gives one final push toward her cervix, and she squeals in orgasm.
Her hips try to rise a little, but he pushes them down and continues his massage.
While her orgasm still carries her, he slides his hands over her pussy lips.
She opens her eyes and moans harder as he touches her clit for the first time.
He opens her lips with his thumbs and rubs up over her clit.
She grabs his wrists and holds them still, but he blows cold air over her now fully exposed button.
“Oh, shit!” Her eyes roll into the back of her head as she arches off the cushion.
He continues blowing until her eyes return and she’s just breathing heavily.
He moves his hands away from her pussy and lets her calm down while getting ready for the finale.
She runs her hands through her hair while looking at him.
“What are you doing now?” He looks down at her and smiles.
“We’re not done yet.
There’s still one more part of your body that needs to be massaged.
” She lays her head back and bites her bottom lip.
“Oh, my god.
I’m about to have sex with a hooker.
” “We’re not going to have sex,” he reassures her.
“You always say it’s not sex unless the girl has at least three orgasms.
I already came twice and if you’re about to do what I think you’re about to do, that’s going to be three.
That means it’s sex.
” He rolls his eyes at her as he leans down on top of her.
“Sex would involve kissing and sucking, and eating you out, and fucking you; not just a massage.
My dick isn’t even out.
” She runs her hand down his chest to his abs, just above the band of



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