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Latest stories Straight Sex Brad and Ashley, Part 2

“The parents are gone for the weekend, are we going for a swim tonight,” Brad asked anxiously.
“I’ve got a date,” his step-sister replied apologetically.
It was Saturday morning.
Brad and Ashley were alone at the breakfast table.
Brad gave her an accusatory look.
“I had one too, but I blew it off.
” “Blew it off.
why?” Ashley demanded.
“I thought we were going for a swim tonight.
I didn’t want the date to interfere.
” “I think I said maybe.
You should have talked to me before canceling your date.
” “Well it wasn’t anyone important anyway,” Brad said dejectedly.
Ashley looked at Brad momentarily then said, “Mine isn’t too important either.
I suppose I could be home by twelve if you don’t mind waiting.
” “Twelve won’t be a problem, but how are you going to end a date on Saturday night that early?” “Uh.
I have an early curfew for doing something I wasn’t supposed to?” “That ought to work but he’s going to be really pissed.
you having to be home so early on a Saturday night.
” “Yeah, well I don’t really care,” Ashley said.
midnight then,” Brad said cheerily.
“Yeah, and.
” Ashley started with a trace of fear in her voice, “How about you already being in the pool when I get home.
” She saw the questioning look on Brad’s face and added, “I think it’ll be easier for me if you’re already in the pool.
” Brad realized that even if this was something his step-sister wanted to do, it was still going to be a stretch for her.
“I’ll be waiting in the pool at midnight.
” ***** Brad spent the evening trying to watch television but mostly thinking about his midnight ‘date’ with Ashley.
He flip-flopped between imagining a really steamy encounter and reminding himself that he was her step-brother and it was not likely to happen.
Twice Brad was able to put the step-brother/sister thing out of his mind, at least long enough to masturbate to orgasm.
He really wondered how Ashley would expect him to behave.
They had lived together for five years, but for most of that time they had hardly even spoken.
Lately they had been writing a new book, and going skinny-dipping together would be a whole new chapter.
He knew he had to play it cautiously.
If Ashley expected more, she would let him know.
In his head he put words to his real concern though, “How far should we let this go?” He couldn’t answer that one.
A few minutes before twelve Brad went to his room and changed into a swim suit.
Not that he really needed it, the plan was for skinny-dipping.
He went out the sliding-glass door to the backyard and the pool.
The pool lights were off and as much as he wanted to have them on, he was sure Ashley would object.
He left them off, dropped his swimsuit to the pool-deck and did a shallow dive into the water.
Brad paddled around in the water for a few minutes until Ashley’s bedroom light came on, right at twelve.
“Boy is that guy going to be pissed,” Brad thought.
A few minutes later he heard Ashley’s door slide open and watched as she pushed past the drapes.
Ashley stopped at the pool’s edge.
“Hi,” she said, sounding a bit scared.
Ashley was wearing a towel again, but it was not the one she had been wearing a few nights ago.
This one was decidedly smaller.
It still covered her breasts, but the bottom of it was only an inch or two below her crotch.
Brad’s imagination went into over-drive.
“Hi to you too,” Brad responded, trying to mask his excitement.
“Holy shit,” Brad thought, “She’s actually going to do it.
” The towel dropped and Brad’s jaw dropped right along with it.
Ashley was wearing a bikini.
” he stammered, “I thought we were skinny-dipping.
” Ashley looked down at the pool-deck and saw Brad’s swimsuit.
“You mean you’re naked?” she asked.
“Uh, yeah.
I mean.
like I thought.
” Brad was back-pedaling as fast as he could.
“Gotcha!” Ashley said, grinning like a Cheshire cat.
“Now if you’ll turn your back for a few seconds, I’ll take this off.
” “Why you bitch.
I can’t believe you did that to me.
” “Bitch, huh.
That’s no way to talk to a girl who’s about to get naked for you.
Now turn around.
” Brad did as he was told.
“Yes,” he thought, “She’d done a number on him, but she was still taking her suit off.
” He heard the sound of rippling water as Ashley descended the steps into the pool.
“You can turn around,” Ashley said.
Ashley was in only waist-deep water but was sitting on the bottom of the pool with the water around her shoulders.
As Brad turned, she held up her bikini, tossed it onto the pool-deck and asked, “Satisfied?” “Yeah sure.
I, uh.
well, I thought you had just tricked me into getting naked.
” “Tricked you?” Ashley asked, “I’m thinking that if I really wanted to see you naked, all I’d have to do is ask.
” “Uh.
probably,” Brad replied sheepishly.
“So this whole thing is really about me getting my clothes off, isn’t it.
” “I guess so -” “So you could see me naked.
” “Hey, wait a minute.
You like me looking.
” “I think I said it was okay.
I just don’t mind is all,” Ashley clarified.
“Right, uh — what was that?” “What?” “The garage door,” Brad whispered, “I heard the garage door.
They’re home.
Oh my God, your dad and my mom – they’re home!” “Oh shit,” Ashley said as she lunged for the side of the pool.
“Quick, help me up.
I’ve got to get something on.
” Brad grabbed hold of his step-sister, his hands in all the wrong places, but neither cared.
He helped Ashley struggle up onto the pool-deck.
She hastily picked up the towel and wrapped it around herself.
As she scrambled to find the bikini, Brad shouted, “Gotcha!” “What! You mean you didn’t really hear anything? You .
you bastard!” “Looks like two can play the game,” Brad said with a smirk.
“I guess I did deserve that,” Ashley said as she lay back on the concrete deck, the towel wrapped securely around her.
“You’re not coming back in?” “Nope.
” Brad realized he had screwed up royally.
“How did your date go?” he asked, hoping this might lead to a change in her mind.
“I didn’t tell him right away.
that I needed to be home by twelve.
I waited until after we had had some burgers and hooked up with some other kids who were talking about going to a party.
” “How did he take it?” Brad asked while trying to get a peak under the lower hem of the towel.
Ashley didn’t answer right away.
She followed Brad’s eyes with her own, squirming a little as his gaze lingered over the spot between her legs.
“Do you like looking at me,” Ashley asked quietly.
The question was unexpected.
“What?” he asked, forcing himself to look at Ashley’s face.
yeah, I guess so,” he eventually offered.
Ashley hesitated again.
“And I am beginning to think that I like having you look.
It’s a lot more exciting than my date was.
” Brad rested a hand lightly on Ashley’s knee and looked into her eyes, gauging her reaction.
“Must have been a pretty bad date,” Brad joked.
“Not that bad really,” Ashley said, ignoring his hand on her knee, “If I hadn’t held him off until we got into the driveway, it might even have been kind of hot.
” Ashley turned on her side, toward Brad and the pool.
As she did, the lower corner of the towel dropped away.
Most of her midsection was still covered, but one hip was completely exposed.
Brad gawked, his hand still on her knee.
“So how long were you in the driveway then?” he asked, looking longingly at the bare hip, his hand moving slowly up Ashley’s thigh.
Her breathing became heavier and more rapid.
“Close to half an hour,” she stammered, “I told him I had to be home at eleven-thirty.
” “A half an hour?” Brad blurted as his hand continued creeping upward, “What the hell did you do for half an hour?” Ashley, amid heavy breaths, said pleadingly, “I’ll tell you, but first you’re going to have to stop what you’re doing.
” Brad reluctantly removed his hand.
“Uh yeah, right,” he said in a voice mixed with disappointment and regret.
“I’m sorry, I got carried away,” he added.
“Hey, don’t beat yourself up over it.
” Ashley, still turned on her side facing Brad, propped her head on an upturned arm.
She looked into her step-brother’s eyes.
“I’m as much at fault, if not more.
I just don’t think we should is all.
” “I suppose you’re right,” responded Brad dejectedly, looking down into the dark water.
Ashley continued in her conciliatory tone.
“I know you don’t want to do this.
and for the record neither do I.
but maybe if we had a rule.
” Brad, still looking downward, nodded his agreement while wondering what the rule would be.
“I think it needs to be, look, but don’t touch,” Ashley said, “Otherwise, we’re going to have trouble living with each other.
” Brad lifted his eyes.
He was heartened.
It didn’t sound like Ashley was suddenly going to get goody-two-shoes on him, she was just reminding him that it would not be a good idea for them to go any further.
That was not as restrictive as some of the girlfriends he had had.
“I can live with that if I have to, at least for now” he thought.
Ashley’s midsection was right in Brad’s face, no more than a foot away.
He backed a little way into the pool in order to have a more complete view.
“Alright, I’m okay with that,” he said with resignation, “But I think you were about to tell me about your date, that is if you still want to tell me.
” “I do,” Ashley replied.
“It’s kinda hot actually.
” “Really? .
But I thought you said this was a kinda nothing date.
” “Yeah, well that’s what I thought,” Ashley said, “I had heard that he was a good kisser.
I just didn’t believe it.
at least not until we were at the door.
” “And.
” “Well, I kinda felt like I owed him a decent good-night kiss.
you know.
since I’m sure he had been expecting a lot more.
you guys always do.
Anyway, at the door.
” Ashley was still turned on her side with her chin resting in her uplifted hand.
She blinked her eyes nervously at Brad, giving him a chance to interrupt.
When he didn’t, Ashley looked down at the pool-deck and continued, sounding almost apologetic.
“I put my arms around his neck and we kissed.
” She looked up and spoke more excitedly.
“His tongue was in my mouth and I sucked on it so hard I’ll bet it’s still sore.
” She forced a little laugh.
”It’s a good thing the porch light was off or we might have scandalized the neighborhood.
” Ashley was becoming flushed and paused to catch her breath.
“You know, standing on the front porch, there was only so far we could go so I let him pull me toward him.
I felt his boner against my waist and pressed myself into it.
I was being really bad.
” Brad watched as Ashley’s free hand crept between her legs.
“Eddie had his hands on the back of my skirt -” “Eddie? .
Eddie Feldman?” Ashley sat up abruptly, supporting herself with her hands, and looked directly at Brad.
“Yeah, why?” she asked.
“I thought he was Sheila’s steady.
” “He was, but they broke up last week.
” “So you immediately started dating your best friend’s ex.
” Ashley lowered her eyes to the pool-deck again.
I mean like why not,” she said as if it made perfect sense.
“She was out with Rob tonight, and he’s my ex.
” “Look,” Brad said, adopting an advisory tone, “I know you two share clothes and jewelry, but boyfriends too? What are you going to do when it’s husbands? Share them too?” Ashley slowly raised her eyes to Brad’s.
“Maybe,” she said.
Brad looked at his step-sister and thought about what she had just said.
“Where did the innocent little girl go,” he wondered.
He shook his head.
“Okay, so go on anyway,” he said.
“Like I said, Eddie’s hands were on the back of my skirt, but the skirt was kinda short.
” “Which skirt?” “Will you quite quizzing me,” Ashley snapped.
“You’re beginning to sound just like Daddy.
” “Sorry,” Brad replied.
He excused himself by adding, “I just wanted to know so I could visualize better.
” “Visualize, smizualize.
If you really need to know, I was wearing that little blue skirt with the pleats.
” Ashley paused and waited for Brad’s reaction.
And react he did.
Brad bit his lip to keep from blurting out what he was thinking.
He tried to respond calmly.
“You mean the one you got a couple of years back, the one your father thought was too short to wear in public?” “Uh huh.
That’s the one.
What of it?” “Oh wow! You running around the house in that was what made me start wondering why I hated you so.
You mean you actually wear it on dates sometimes?” “Well, just with guys that like me showing a little skin.
and only when Daddy’s not around.
he’d kill me.
” “Yeah, I guess so.
I mean, isn’t that kind of.
uh, I mean, that’s got to be awful tempting.
” “Hey, if I’m with a guy that likes it, then I like it too.
” “So what guy wouldn’t like it?” “Rob didn’t like it.
” “Is he crazy?” “I don’t know but that’s one of the reasons I broke up with him.
” “Then you and he never.
” Brad’s voice trailed off.
“No, not really.
Oh, we got naked some, especially at the end, but we never actually did it.
I’m still a virgin and I expect to stay that way.
at least for a while yet.
” “So why did you break it off then?” Brad quizzed.
“You were the one that broke it off weren’t you?” “Uh, huh.
partly because I wanted to stay a virgin.
but more because of his attitude.
” “Uh.
I don’t get it.
His attitude? .
What attitude?” “My dress.
We couldn’t agree on what I should be wearing.
” “But that makes no sense.
I’ve never known a time when you didn’t like wearing skimpy clothes.
” “Right, and that was the problem.
He wanted me to dress like a nun, but I wanted to wear things like the skirt I wore tonight.
” “Huh? Explain please.
” “When it was just he and I, with no possibility of being seen by anyone else, like in his house, preferably his room, I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough to suit him.
But when anyone else was around.
Jesus, he didn’t even want me wearing a bikini at a pool party — afraid it might attract too much male attention.
” “But you wanted that.
” “Yes, I like having guys look at me.
” Ashley lay back on the deck, her hands behind her head, showcasing her breasts, one leg up offering a hint of what lay between her thighs.
“Or hadn’t you noticed,” she teased.
yes, I have.
” Brad nearly choked.
“But I think you were telling me about your date.
” “Right,” Ashley said, looking up at the stars.
“I think I was at the part where his hands were sliding under the hem of my skirt.
” Brad’s gaze was captured by the movement of Ashley’s legs and hips as she rotated them forward and back in front of of him.
you were wearing panties.
weren’t you?” “A thong actually.
so his hands had no trouble finding plenty of bare butt to rub.
” “I’ll bet that surprised him.
the thong I mean.
” “Uh.
probably not.
I mean, like I had been sitting right next to him in the front seat of the car for a good bit of the evening -” “And?” Ashley turned on her side again and looked at Brad with a grin on her face.
“And? .
How much do you think that skirt covers.
I mean it wouldn’t even go under me when I was sitting down.
Eddie had to have known my bare ass was against his seat.
Oh I’m sure he knew I was wearing a thong.
” “So how long did this go on.
him playing with your uh.
” Ashley lay back, looking at the stars again.
“Probably longer than it should have.
but I got so turned on, I mean, I don’t understand how Sheila could still be a virgin.
If she doesn’t get back with Eddie pretty quick, I’m going out with him again, and not on a night when I have to be home at midnight.
” “That’s my fault.
I shouldn’t have acted like a spoiled child.
” Ashley sat up quickly.
“You did no such thing and hey.
” She laid back down.
“I’m having fun so quit worrying about it.
” “Okay, but you did put a stop to things.
” Ashley sheepishly replied, “Yes, but not until I felt his fingers inside my thong.
I know.
first date.
front porch.
yeah, I should have stopped him sooner but.
” “So how did you get him stopped?” “Told him I thought I heard Daddy coming and needed to get in.
” “That must have really frosted him.
” “Not as much as it would if he had known I was rushing him off so I could go skinny-dipping with you.
” “You really did want to do this then?” “Uh huh.
only thing that would make it better would be some bright sunshine.
instead of these stars.
” “You know we could really do it anytime the folks are gone.
We don’t have to wait for night-time.
” “Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.
” Ashley’s eyes lit up and she sat up quickly.
“Tomorrow afternoon then, they won’t be home until after dark.
” “Uh.
I’ve got some guys coming over in the afternoon to watch the race.
” Ashley’s smile turned to a frown.
“Well we didn’t need to do it so soon anyway.
Lots of summer left.
We’ll find a time.
” Ashley re-wrapped the towel and stood up.
“It’s getting kinda chilly.
I’m going in.
” Brad watched as she picked up her bikini and walked off toward her bedroom.
***** It was Sunday morning and Brad was seated in the kitchen at the breakfast table.
He and his step-sister were alone in the house, their parents being still in the city and not expected home until that evening.
Brad had just put a spoonful of cereal into his mouth when Ashley came through the door.
On seeing how she was dressed, he exploded with amazement and spit the cereal all over the table.
“I’m going to take that as a vote of approval for the way I’m dressed,” Ashley said, standing in the doorway with a smile on her face.
She was wearing a towel and probably not much else.
The towel wasn’t beach-towel-size either, more like bath-towel-size.
It extended from slightly above her breasts to nearly mid-thigh.
Brad was still coughing, trying to quell his reaction.
“Uh, yeah,” he stammered, “Got my vote.
” He coughed a few more times, finally regaining his composure.
“And to what do I owe this pleasure?” “Earlier this morning I threw all of my underwear into the washer.
I’m still waiting for it to dry.
The towel was handy and after last night.
well, I didn’t think you’d mind.
” Ashley walked over to the table and pulled out the chair next to him.
Online Now! Lush Cams LiaPeach “Can I join you?” “Uh, yeah, of course,” Brad replied, watching Ashley as she sat down.
As she sat down the towel separated, leaving the entire side of her bare except for the tuck under her arm.
Images of her at the pool the night before flashed through his head.
“And no, I don’t mind how you’re dressed.
Not at all,” Brad added as he continued to watch her get situated in the chair.
Ashley opted to use one hand to maintain the tuck under her arm and the other to keep a corner of the towel securely between her legs.
There was not enough of the towel to tuck under her butt, so it was bare against the seat of the chair.
“I’m glad you’re okay with the towel but don’t get used to it.
It’s not likely to happen again.
” “Too bad,” Brad said as he moaned his dismay.
“And I was just making up my mind never to skip breakfast again.
” “You like it then.
” “Oh yeah, of course.
” “You think Jarrad would like it too?” “My friend Jarrad? Hell yes, he’d love it.
” Brad studied the look on his step-sister’s face.
“You’re not really thinking about dressing like this when he’s around.
or are you?” Ashley grinned.
“Never can tell,” she replied.
Brad studied the ‘I’ll never tell’ look on her face.
“You’re sweet on him, aren’t you.
Admit it.
” “I could be.
You think he might be interested in me?” Ashley sounded as if she really wanted a straight answer to her question.
“Well, let me think,” Brad replied, putting his chin on his hand, pretending to be in deep thought.
Ashley sat patiently, not moving a muscle, waiting for the answer.
“I don’t think so,” Brad finally said.
“What do you mean,” Ashley argued.
“He always acts like he is.
” “Oh yeah, there’s no doubt he likes you okay.
He thinks you’re really hot.
Always asks about you.
Most of last year he was asking me every time I saw him, how you and Rob were doing.
He was sure it would never work with you two.
” “Sounds to me like he’s interested.
Why do you say not?” “You’re not his type.
” “What do you mean, not his type.
” “You know.
the kinds of girls he likes.
he expects certain things.
” “Sooo,” she asked, almost in a pout.
“You’re just not that type of girl,” Brad explained gently.
“How do you know?” Ashley quipped.
“Well, I just do is all.
” “Yeah, right, you really do know me well,” Ashley snapped.
“So you weren’t just a little bit surprised at how comfortable I was with you last night.
and you weren’t at all surprised by how I dressed on a first date.
or how far I let him go on the porch, for Christ’s sake.
or, or.
or that I would even tell you about all that.
None of that surprised you, huh?” “Whoa, slow down.
Take it easy.
Of course I was surprised, pleasantly so I might add.
But I just don’t want you being another one of his conquests.
” Ashley was really steamed.
She grabbed the edges of the chair and leaned toward Brad, putting her face right up to his.
“Why don’t you let me decide what’s right for me.
You’re not my father.
You’re not even my real brother.
” Ashley leaned back just in time to catch the towel and keep it from falling.
As she adjusted it, covering a little more than it had originally, she added with a little less bravado, “We just happen to live together.
Okay?” “Alright, if that’s what you want.
But from here on out you’re on your own.
” Ashley adopted a more conciliatory tone.
“You think he’ll ask me out then?” “Sure.
He’s dying to go out with you.
Just wasn’t going to do it until I said it was okay.
I’ll tell him today.
” The door-bell rang.
“Who the hell is that?” Brad asked as he looked at his watch.
“Ten o’clock is too early for the guys to start showing up.
The race is not until sometime after noon.
” “Probably the paper-boy,” Ashley offered.
“He comes sometimes on Sunday morning.
” “Probably so,” agreed Brad.
“I think I got enough money to pay him.
You know, if your father didn’t still have to have his morning newspaper.
” He got up from the table.
“Be right back.
” Ashley took the opportunity to check on her clothes in the dryer, just off the kitchen in the laundry room.
The timer was about to run out but her underthings were still a little damp.
She set it for another ten minutes and turned toward the kitchen.
Hearing voices coming into the kitchen from the other side, she stopped out of sight of the kitchen, just back of the laundry-room door.
“She must have gone to her room,” Brad said to Jarrad as they entered the kitchen.
“She’ll be back though.
Maybe we’ll have time for a swim before the other guys get here.
” “I’d like that.
I haven’t seen Ashley in a bikini yet this year.
I’ll bet she is hot!” Jarrad replied.
Ashley adjusted the towel as modestly as possible and strutted into the room.
She entered from opposite where Jarrad was sitting and he looked up immediately.
“Whoa,” he said as he registered the sight of Ashley in a towel.
“If I had known you were running around the house like this, I would have been here even sooner.
” Ashley blushed and clutched at the towel.
“Brad could have warned me, at least given me a chance to get to my room.
” “Ashley, I am truly sorry,” Brad said, “I thought you had already gone to your room.
Go now, we’ll wait.
” “Of course we’d rather you didn’t,” Jarrad added as he gave Ashley a very thorough elevator-type look.
“But we can wait if we must.
” “What’s done is done,” Ashley lamented.
Speaking to Jarrad she added, “If I had known my step-brother’s friends were going to be arriving so early, I would have put on some makeup and fixed my hair.
” “Well you look fantastic just like you are,” Jarrad said, after which he added with a smirk, “You look like you just got out of bed.
” Brad and Jarrad were on opposite sides of the circular table.
Ashley blushed, then reached for one of the other chairs.
“Do you mind,” she asked, addressing them both.
“Not me,” Jarrad snapped as he watched Ashley take a seat.
“Me neither,” said Brad as he watched the towel separate.
Again Ashley held it together with one hand while making sure a corner of it stayed between her legs.
“At least the opening is still on my side,” he thought.
“Bro,” Jarrad said, “You been holding out on me.
You didn’t tell me your step-sister was running around the house in a towel.
” “That’s because she’s not,” Ashley responded in place of Brad.
“This is a one-time deal, special occasion.
” “But how did you know I was coming over early?” Jarrad jokingly asked Ashley, “No one knew, not even Brad.
” Ashley blushed.
“I guess it is kinda special that you’re here, but that’s not what I meant.
I accidentally put all of my underwear in the washer so I didn’t have anything else to wear.
” “All of your underwear in the washer?” Jarrad repeated with a smirk, “Should have burned it instead,” then laughed at his own joke.
“Yeah sure,” Ashley said in a flirting manner.
“You mean you never went without underwear?” Jarrad asked, flirting back.
“Hey,” Brad interjected loudly.
“Don’t you think that’s a bit personal?” Ashley looked at Brad, her face turning serious, then looked back toward Jarrad.
“No, I don’t think I have,” she said evenly.
Seemingly oblivious to Brad’s rebuke and the tone of Ashley’s response, Jarrad spit back, “Well you should sometime.
You might like it.
” Ashley, still serious, but also warming to Jarrad’s flirtatious suggestion, smiled and said, “Maybe I will.
” The bell on the dryer signaled that her clothes were ready.
As she got up, Ashley laughingly said, “But right now, unless the dryer has already burned them, I’m going to take my underwear to my room.
” As Ashley tightened the towel and went into the laundry-room, Jarrad rolled his eyes and whispered, “Hot, hot, hot,” “Yeah, well I think she wants to go out with you,” Brad whispered back.
“And you’re okay with that?” Jarrad shot back.
“You’re both old enough to decide for yourselves.
Just be careful.
” “What, you think I can’t handle her?” Jarrad jokingly replied.
“You know what I mean.
” Ashley passed through the kitchen carrying a basket of underwear.
“Sorry to disappoint you guys,” she said coyly, “But I’m going to put some clothes on.
” Then looking flirtatiously at Jarrad she added, “But I might join you for the race a little later.
” ***** “What’s going on,” Ashley asked from the doorway to the den where Brad, Jarrad and two others were intently watching the finish of a NASCAR race.
At the sound of her voice, all four turned and looked in her direction.
“We’re watching the race,” answered Brad, puzzled by the question.
“I can see that,” Ashley said, confirming the obvious, “But I thought it was going to be over around three-thirty.
It’s half past four.
Did I misunderstand?” “There was a bad accident on the start that cost a lot of time.
It’s almost over though,” Jarrad said, “Trying to get rid of us?” “Oh no, stay as long as you want,” Ashley reassured, “I just need to tell Brad something.
” Brad got up from his seat and joined Ashley in the doorway.
“I’ll get them out of here in a few minutes,” he whispered, “The race is almost over.
” “I meant what I said,” Ashley protested, “I don’t care.
I just need to give you a message.
” “Let me guess.
Mom called, she and Morgan left early and will be home in a few minutes.
” “Yes, it was your mother that called, not sure why she always calls me instead of you, but it’s really the other way around.
” Her face lit up.
“They’re staying another night.
” Brad’s eyes went wide.
and she was just checking to make sure we are okay.
Right?” “Right.
We are aren’t we?” “Yeah, for sure, especially if they’re going to be gone another night.
” “I thought that’s what you’d say,” Ashley said cheerily, “How about I watch the rest of the race with you guys?” She lowered her voice conspiratorially.
“Then we can figure out how we’re going to take advantage of the situation.
” “Right.
” Brad gave his step-sister a quick once-over.
“That shirt though.
” Ashley was wearing the same shirt she had been wearing on the second night he watched her from the backyard.
“It’s kinda thin.
” He stepped back, letting light from the window illuminate her.
“It may even be a little see-through,” he noted.
Brad could tell Ashley wasn’t wearing a bra, and he was wondering about panties.
“You might want to put on something else.
” “I’ll be alright,” she assured him.
“Are you wearing any uh.
underwear?” “Panties.
and I promise, I’ll go change if I get to feeling uncomfortable.
Okay?” “You don’t have to have my permission,” Brad responded.
“I just want to be sure you know what you’re doing.
because dressed the way you are, you’re going to get lots of attention,” Brad warned, “But if that’s what you want.
” He turned to the room.
“Hey guys.
the folks are not coming home until tomorrow, so stay as long as you like.
And Ashley’s going to watch the rest of the race with us.
if nobody minds.
” He didn’t wait for an answer to that last part.
Brad’s friends had returned to watching the race while he was talking with Ashley.
After that announcement though, they all turned their heads and watched as Ashley followed Brad into the room.
As Brad resumed his seat on one end of the couch, he motioned Ashley to the middle of it, between he and Jarrad, who was parked at the other end.
The entire room had forgotten the race and was focused on Ashley as she sat down.
It was obvious to everyone from the twin peaks in her shirt that she wasn’t wearing a bra, but as she sat back on the overstuffe



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