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Latest stories Taboo Arizona Awakenings (ch 6)

It was an interesting school semester for Faith.
She turned sixteen a few weeks before her junior year started.
She was growing up fast.
Living in this foster home and learning so much while becoming a woman was exciting.
Fred was teaching her a lot about giving a man pleasure with her mouth.
She didn’t mind doing that.
Sucking his cock could be really fun.
It made her all tingly through her whole body, especially when he called her a little slut and then filled her mouth with his cum.
    It didn’t hurt her feelings at all.
She didn’t only suck his pecker because he asked her.
She enjoyed it and would do it for a long time until Fred groaned and cried out that he was cumming.
He said he loved her as he would yell real loud when he fucked her mouth.
He called it that.
Fucking her mouth, or her face.
Because he loved what she did for him.
  Now whenever they were alone in the house Fred would do things for her.
He kept teasing her about the boys all wanting to get into her pants.
He had to check her to make sure no one was fucking her.
He would sit on the couch and make her lift up her skirt and pull down her white panties.
Then he would stick a finger into her pussy and check to see if she was still a virgin.
She would giggle and then lick the finger, tasting herself.
Fred would grin and lean down to sniff her pussy.
At last he would suck and nibble her cunny lips until she would cum, too.
  She was still a virgin.
She didn’t really understand real fucking yet.
No one had explained it to her.
Debby had told her about lying with a husband when a girl got married.
And having him putting his pecker in her pussy and that would make a baby.
But she had never called it fucking.
She called it making love or making a baby.
But now Faith was sure that was what Fred was talking about.
  So she was confused.
If you only did it with your husband, then why was Fred worried she would get pregnant now.
She wondered what he was worried about.
  The last time, when he put his finger in her pussy, he moved it back and forth.
It felt funny, and sometimes he would hit a certain spot and her whole body would shiver.
That was good, even if he called her a slut when she shivered.
She was leaking juices out.
  After he had played with her pussy awhile, he stopped, made her lick his fingers, and then he dropped his trousers and she knelt down to give him a blow job.
A cock sucking.
He called it both.
He stood up and pushed her down on the couch as he stroked his hard pecker.
  “I know you’re my little slut now.
I know you ain’t been fucked yet, but you’re going to love it.
Just like all women.
My woman Debby loves to fuck.
She let me fuck her when she was sixteen.
You’re sixteen now.
I expect you’re planning on getting more cock out there.
But I’ll always want to use you baby.
Even when you leave here when you’re eighteen.
Now suck my pecker.
Suck it good.
”   She opened her mouth obediently.
If she didn’t he might whip her ass for her.
She rather liked that, too.
Sometimes he did that anyway.
Fred said she needed it for what she’d done that he didn’t know about.
  Right now he was ramming his pecker into her mouth and she could barely breathe and she was gagging.
The spit ran out of her mouth as she moaned and rubbed her little button.
He fucked it deep in her throat.
  She couldn’t help it if she got wet in her pussy.
She would touch it and rub it.
Even when Fred laughingly said she was a slut for touching herself.
Because she wanted to feel good while he fucked her mouth.
She had to feel good inside herself.
And she did so love sucking cock now.
She did so want it.
It made her happy, even if Fred could be awfully rough about it.
  For awhile, she had nobody to talk to about her life.
She didn’t really want to tell all the things Fred was doing.
But she did wish she could talk to a girlfriend.
Someone to understand, maybe.
Someone going through the same things, maybe.
Then they had that Slave Day at school.
All the students not seniors, boys and girls, were bought by seniors for the day.
And she found a new friend, Brenda.
  Faith and Brenda had been bought by two senior girls, Kathy and Janie.
They had made them do things.
And Faith was so happy they had been mean because she had got a good friend from it.
The two, Brenda and Faith, had touched each other in the alley behind the school while the other girls watched and laughed.
It had been embarrassing.
But it had been good too.
It had made her pussy get creamy like it did when Fred fucked her mouth.
  The next day, after Slave Day, she was walking down the hall on her way for home.
Brenda came out of a classroom and saw her.
They both blushed and looked down.
But Faith was a little braver.
She looked at Brenda and smiled.
Then she spoke.
  “Hi, Brenda.
You know something.
I was glad you were with me yesterday.
That was nice.
I mean, I think we can be friends.
I think you’re nice.
Okay?”   “Oh, wow.
Faith, yeah, yeah.
I know.
I was so mad and stuff, but I know what you mean.
I want to be friends too.
I do.
I think we’re already friends, you know?”   “Yeah.
Hey, you wanna come over to my house sometime? I mean, you could come to supper or something.
Or just after school or something?”   “I don’t think so.
My parents are really strict and stuff.
We could eat lunch together.
Oh, and you could come to my house after school.
My Mom doesn’t mind that, I don’t think.
I’ll ask her, okay?”   “Great.
That’s okay.
Yeah, I’d like to.
You live just a couple of blocks away anyway.
I’ll walk home with you now.
”   “Okay, Faith.
”   Both girls were smiling and happy now, as the passed out the double doors into the sunlight.
  They chatted all the way down the hill to the main street.
They crossed over and Faith pointed out her house, right across the street.
They passed by it and went on to Brenda’s house down the block.
When they went inside, Faith saw a cross on the wall of the front room hallway.
That was Jesus on the cross, she supposed.
She had been taught that he wasn’t on the cross anymore.
He was in heaven with his father, God.
  She didn’t understand that stuff anyway.
She just knew she liked Brenda now and she needed a friend.
They went into the kitchen where Brenda’s mom was chopping some vegetables.
  “Mother, this is Faith.
Is it alright if we go to my room and talk about school?”   “I don’t see why not.
Of course.
Just remember dinner will be ready in about an hour and a half.
Is your little friend staying for dinner?”   “No ma’am.
I have to go home for supper.
Thank you, ma’am,” said Faith.
  “Alright then.
Well, go on and play, or talk.
”   The two girls slipped away quickly and went to a bedroom on the second floor.
They had two floors in this house.
It was rather big.
Faith thought they must be rich or something because the bedroom had only one bed.
And it must be for Brenda alone.
She knew Brenda had a brother.
  Brenda dropped her books on her desk and went over to her bed.
She smiled at Faith, who followed her.
They were sitting with their legs crossed at the ankles.
Both started talking at the same time.
Then they laughed.
Brenda took the lead and they began chatting.
First about their teachers and then about the popular kids in school.
Both wished they were friends with those royal people.
  Faith was talking about a boy she thought was cute, and Brenda was not listening, really.
It seemed odd.
Most girls their age were interested in boys, even if they had never dated or anything.
So Faith was wondering about that.
She decided, since she had to have a dear, close friend, to just ask.
  “Do you like any boys in school, Brenda?”   “Not really.
They all seem awfully juvenile to me.
I mean, like little boys.
I don’t know.
I just don’t think they’re that interesting.
Even the older guys.
All they care about is sports.
”   “I think some are cute.
”   “I guess so.
I don’t know.
You wanna know a secret? Promise not to tell?”   “Sure, Brenda.
I won’t tell.
I can keep a secret.
”   Faith surely knew how to keep a secret.
Lots of secrets.
  “Okay, you know, like what we did yesterday.
You remember?”   Brenda was getting red.
  “I mean, you know, that was kind of what I like.
Am I awful? Do you hate me already?”   She had tears forming in her eyes.
Faith was thinking about what Brenda meant and she didn’t want to lose this friend.
The only real friend she had.
She reached over and took Brenda’s hand.
  “Jeez, Brenda.
Wanna know a secret? I liked it too.
Do you hate me now?” She giggled, teasingly.
  Brenda looked at her and her smile opened wider.
She squeezed Faith’s hand and leaned in to give her a kiss.
Faith was startled at first.
But she wanted to see.
She wanted to know what it was like.
Her lips touched Brenda’s and they both had dry lips, but their tongues came out and they kissed a little harder.
Brenda moaned as they broke apart.
Online Now! Lush Cams Baco_Sousa   “God.
Did you like that, Faith? I’m sorry if you didn’t like that.
I’m sorry.
”   “Oh yeah.
That was nice.
Really nice.
Gee, I think I’m red.
Am I red?” she laughed.
  “Yeah, you are.
So am I, probably.
I’m so glad you’re my friend now, Faith.
I can tell you things, can’t I?”   “Are we going to be forever friends, Brenda? I wonder.
I want to, but I don’t want to get hurt.
I want to be friends, yes.
Please be my friend.
”   “Okay.
We are,” she giggled.
“Now, you won’t tell ever.
Right? Never tell my secrets.
And your secrets too.
I won’t ever tell.
I swear to Holy Mary, Mother of God.
”   Faith laughed too.
She took Brenda’s hand again and they grinned at each other.
  “So, I was in confession with Father Gonzalez.
At church, you know? And I had confessed that I touched myself.
I do that.
Do you?”   “Touch yourself? Where? Oh, you mean your pussy?”   “Pussy? You mean your naughty place? Oh, yeah.
Do you touch that?” Brenda was blushing again.
  Faith thought of how she rubbed her pussy while Fred fucked her mouth.
Or, often now, in the shower and in bed.
I guess I do.
I know it’s bad.
”   “Okay, so I know it’s bad too.
So I confessed to Father Gonzalez.
You know what he did? He told me to describe exactly what I did.
So I did, but he wanted me to tell him more.
He told me to do it then and there, and tell him how it felt and all.
So I did, and I could hear him moving around and groaning a little.
And I got all funny inside and leaked onto the seat in the confessional.
But he said it was alright.
He just gave me five Hail Mary’s to say.
”   “Is that what they do? The priests? I don’t know, ’cause I’m not Catholic.
”   “I don’t think they’re supposed to.
But I didn’t mind.
But what I meant was, I mean, I would wish it was a girl.
Like maybe it was you who I told about it.
That maybe watched me.
Is that horrid?”   “Umm.
No, I don’t think so.
I’d kinda like to watch a girl do that.
Yeah, like maybe watch while I did it too.
Is this really nasty?” Faith was thinking she didn’t care if it was nasty.
  “No, no, no.
I was thinking about that.
I mean, when I touched myself, I thought of other girls doing it too.
Or touching me.
Both things.
That would be fun, I think.
What do you think, Faith?”   Faith was feeling warm.
The windows were open, and a breeze was blowing in from the desert.
She was thinking about a pussy.
And someone touching it.
Hers or, maybe, Brenda’s.
  “Yeah, that would be sweet, I think.
It would be fine, Brenda.
Yeah, I wouldn’t mind,” she smiled.
  “Now? I mean.
You know.
Now? Maybe?”   Faith was feeling funny.
She felt her pussy tingling a little.
Something odd was happening.
She was so happy for some reason.
She wanted to dance.
But she just smiled at Brenda, and squeezed her hand.
Then she lifted it and kissed the palm.
And her tongue darted out and touched it.
Brenda squealed and giggled.
  Brendas’s legs had been slowly spreading apart.
Now she slowly pulled her skirt up and showed her pink panties.
Faith was watching intently, and then she pulled up her dress and her white panties were showing, with the wet spot from her pussy juices.
Both girls pushed their hands past the edge of their panties, down to their hairy place, and began rubbing the good spot at the top of their pussy.
  Faith leaned back, spread her legs wide, and closed her eyes.
She was making whimpering sounds, and she could hear the wet noise of Brenda rubbing her own pussy.
It felt so good that it couldn’t really be bad.
Why would God let people have this and not let them do it.
She kept rubbing.
She leaned forward and gripped Brenda’s thigh.
  Brenda was moaning as she was looking right at Faith’s hand touching her pussy.
She wanted to see her new friend getting happy and making wetness flow.
It was so good.
She was sticky now and the cream was leaking into her panties.
  “Unh, unh.
oh, oh, it’s doing it now.
It’s doing it.
Oh God, it’s good.
”   “Brenda, oh, Brenda, I think we’re cumming.
I think we are.
Oh, yeah, I’m shaking Brenda.
So good.
”   The two of them kept trembling with joy, as they felt themselves flying out of their bodies, together.
Best friends together.
Then it was over.
And they looked into each other’s eyes.
Faith smiled, and then Brenda giggled.
They took their hands out of their panties.
Brenda held her hand up to Faith, who leaned in, smelled it, and then licked it.
She let Brenda do the same with her sticky fingers.
Both girls were giggling now.
  “Brenda! It’s time for your little friend to go home.
I have dinner almost ready.
Brenda! Are you listening to me?”   That was Brenda’s mom.
The two girls scrambled up, putting their panties right, and smoothing out their clothes.
Brenda took her hand and they went down the hall to the bathroom.
There they washed their hands thoroughly so they didn’t have that sweet pussy smell.
Then they both tromped down the staircase, giggling.
  Faith was going out the door when Brenda’s mom called out to her from the kitchen.
  “Faith? Yes, you come over any time dear.
Brenda needs a friend.
”   Brenda was standing, ready to say bye, and she blushed.
But she reached out and touched Faith’s cheek.
She grinned and sent an air kiss.
Faith smiled and went out the door.
She headed down the walkway and up the sidewalk to the north, to her stucco bungalow house.
  She got home as Debby was putting food out on the table.
  “Where’ve you been, Faith? I was worried.
Never mind.
Go wash your hands and tell Sidney to get in here and have supper.
Freddie’s out on a run.
He’ll be gone for four days.
”   Her foster mother was moving around in her house dress.
Faith didn’t think Debby was wearing a bra.
She noticed that kind of thing, now that she had to wear one herself.
She wondered if she could take hers off, too.
She decided she would, if Debby could do it.
And Fred wasn’t here to call her a slut.
  She went through the door to the bathroom.
She went over to the door to her and Sidney’s bedroom and opened it.
  “It’s time, Sidney.
Debby says to come in to supper.
Wash your hands.
They probably need it.
”   She grinned at him.
Then she washed up.
She passed him going through their bedroom door.
She slipped her blouse off, took off her bra, and rubbed underneath where her titties were tender from underwires.
Then she softly touched her nipples.
So nice.
She went in to supper.
Debby had made pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans.
  After dinner Sidney went out.
He was always wandering around.
Who knew what he was up to.
Her neighbor Beth told her that she thought Sidney was peeping on her outside her bedroom window.
Maybe so.
Faith didn’t know.
She watched TV with her foster mother, and Sidney came in just after dark.
When it was time to go to bed they went into their bedroom.
Debby went to hers and closed the door between them.
  Sidney took off all of his clothes, except for his jockey shorts.
Faith went into the bathroom and changed into her camisole and fresh panties to sleep in.
Then she came into their room and went to her bed.
She got in, not bothering to cover up with.



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