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(In Part 1, Sam was a truck driver that had stopped for the night at a small diner.
This is where he met the waitress, Wendy.
It was snowing and she was stranded at the diner with a broke-down car.
Feeling sorry for her, Sam offered her a warm bed in his truck, and Wendy accepted his offer.
To thank him she was going to have sex with him, but instead they shared a most erotic experience of him nursing from her breasts to relieve the pressure she felt from missing nursing her baby.
) “Oh Sam, you don’t know how good it that felt.
I really did need to relieve some of the pressure, but now I’m so horny!” Wendy said I reached out and grabbed the towel I started for earlier, and wiped my cum off her tummy, where it had run down her side to the bed.
I then tossed the towel on the floor so I could see to Wendy’s needs.
I started kissing down her taut, smooth tummy, gently touching my lips to her, as she laid there breathing very deeply with excitement.
I continued down her tummy until I was just above her panties.
They were so soaked; you could see her juices seeping through the material.
I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her little pink panties, and started to pull them down her thighs.
As I uncovered her, I stopped to kiss her little red fur patch, framing the top of her pussy.
She moaned and shifted, trying to urge me further.
I gently kissed down the inside of her thigh, avoiding her pussy, as I pulled her panties further down.
I pulled them the rest the way off her, adding them to the pile of clothes on the floor.
I then switched to the other thigh and kissed back up to her little fur patch.
She was shifting under my touch, desperately trying to get me to touch her pussy.
“Sam, please don’t tease me! I so need your touch — I need to cum so bad,” Wendy moaned out to me.
I leaned into her, and placed my lips against the lips of her pussy.
She let out a moan that probably could’ve been heard a mile away.
I slowly kissed her pussy lips, from the top to the bottom.
She was so wet and tasted so wonderful! I slipped my tongue into her and worked it back and forth against the walls of her pussy.
She was squirming and moaning as I was tonguing her.
I took my mouth and pushed down on her as far as I could, to get my tongue deeper.
She was pushing back just as hard.
I let my tongue slip out of her.
I licked up along her clit, then took it in my mouth and gave it a gentle flick of my tongue.
As soon as I did this, she stiffened in climax! I couldn’t believe just touching her would send her over the edge like this.
She must’ve been so excited.
She arched her back as she was orgasming, letting out a soft-escaping scream of bliss.
Wendy settled back down, and looked at me for a minute.
“Sam, make love to me.
It’s been so long since I had a man take me.
I need you so badly – please!” she said to me.
I shifted my body so I was lying on top of her.
I leaned down and gave her a kiss.
Our tongues danced together for a few moments, until I broke the kiss.
I positioned myself to enter her, and she reached between us, grabbing my cock.
She guided me to her pussy at just the angle she wanted.
She was so wet; I slid in with almost no effort.
She felt so tight around me when I was all the way in.
I started to move in and out of her at a gentle pace, just trying to savor the feeling of being in this girl’s pussy.
As I was moving I saw she had milk leaking from her nipples again.
Without giving it much thought now, I lowered my head to her nipple, and started sucking it as I had before.
Wendy reacted by thrusting against me hard.
She was moving under me like she was possessed.
I was trying to keep pace with her as she was thrusting back at me.
“Oh, let me ride you, Sam! I want to feel you as deep as I can,” Wendy moaned out at me.
I rolled over to my side pulling her with me until she was sitting straddled me.
I ended up flat on my back, looking up at her beautiful green eyes staring back at me.
Somehow we managed to stay together, so she was sitting fully on my cock, which was deep inside her.
I scooted us back some, so I was more in a reclining position than flat on my back.
She shifted slightly, wiggling her bottom against me.
“You feeling more comfortable now?” I asked.
“Oh, this feels so good! Your cock is touching parts of my pussy that have never been touched.
The baby’s father wasn’t nearly as large as you are,” she replied back at me.
We settled down together and she started to ride me slowly, lifting her pussy almost off my cock and then bringing it quickly back down again.
I was in heaven with her, and she looked to be in utter bliss herself.
Her eyes were closed and her head was thrown back as she rode me for all she was worth.
I was looking at her and I could see milk running down her breasts, onto her tummy as she rode me.
Online Now! Lush Cams DesiredAlexis I leaned up and licked the trail from her tummy to her nipple, causing her to moan loudly in pleasure.
Once I got back to her nipple, I took it in my mouth to suck.
She leaned forward and placed her hand on my head, as if to push me way, so I started to release her nipple.
She quickly shouted “No!” and pulled me back to her nipple using my hair.
I reached up with my hand to her other nipple.
I started squeezing and pinching it roughly.
I could feel the milk run across my fingers as I was sucking it from her other nipple into my mouth.
Wendy started riding me faster shouting “Oh fuck yes, suck me baby, suck me.
” She was losing all control of herself.
Suddenly she pushed me away from her and started really riding on me hard.
I was getting close to cumming and told her.
She never replied, but threw her head back and rode me that much harder.
“Oh Sam, I’m going to cum Sam.
Please cum with me,” she shouted out.
With that, she forced herself down onto me as hard as she could.
I felt her pussy tighten around me like I was in a vice.
I couldn’t hold back and thrusted up at her as I started to empty my balls deep into this girl.
She was just flooding both of us with her juices.
I felt them running down across my thighs, along my balls and into the crack of my ass.
This girl must not have had an orgasm this big in her life.
Just as I thought she was settling down, she brought her hands up to her breasts and squeezed her nipples.
Two long spurts of milk escaped from her landing on my chest and face.
With that she seemed to have exhausted herself.
She collapsed onto me, breathing with long, hard breaths.
I leaned forward and kissed the top of her head.
She looked up and smiled such a beautiful smile at me.
We laid there like that for quite some time, just relaxing in each other’s arms.
I never did need the second bed in my truck, as we fell asleep holding each other that night.
I know I was warm, and Wendy was as well.
The next morning! The next morning I woke to the feel of warm liquid dripping on my lips.
I was a bit startled, till I opened my eyes and saw Wendy leaning over me, squeezing a nipple.
She was milking herself and dripping it on my lips.
“WOW!” What a way to be woken up.
I opened my mouth, and she leaned further down till I was sucking her nipple, nursing from it like her baby would.
She was moaning and trembling slightly as I nursed her.
I saw she was still nude kneeling on the bed so I reached out with my hand slid it along her bare pussy, rubbing the lips gently.
This brought more moans at a slightly louder volume.
I slid two fingers between her pussy lips, and started to thrust them in and out.
I changed nipples as she was trembling, kneeling over top of me.
I continued to finger her as I nursed her nipples.
She finally let out a gut wrenching moan! “Oh god, I’m cumming!” Wendy let loose from deep within her being.
I felt her juices spray my hand and run down my arm to the bed.
She seemed to take forever to stop cumming, but when she did, she collapsed onto my chest just panting extremely hard, trying to catch her breath.
I just held her with my arm she hadn’t trapped under her.
She seemed to be exhausted again.
Finally she looked at me.
“Sam, you know how to make me so excited,” Wendy said to me.
Our moment was completely shattered by my alarm going off.
I really hated that damn thing at the moment, but it was signaling the start of a new day for me.
“Wendy, as bad as I hate to say this, I need to get moving for the day.
Take your time and I’ll go look at your car,” I told her.
I got dressed and showed her where I had some large pre-moistened camping wash cloths for her to use.
I used one to wash myself down quickly and then I stepped out of the truck.
Wendy finally slid into the seat, and I came over to help her down.
She was so surprised to see her car was sitting there just idling along.
She also noticed there were a few people already at the diner.
She kind of cringed over that, but thought the night was one she would love to relive again.
“Sam, I see you know how to get more than just my motor running,” said Wendy.
“Yes, ma’am, I’m good with all kinds of motors,” I said laughing.
“So Sam, what was the problem with the car?” Wendy asked.
“It was just a loose battery connection, easy to fix.
I think you’ll be fine, but you can always call me if you need a place to stay warm.
” I told her and handed her a card with my number on it.
Wendy reached up and gave me a kiss, telling me good-bye.
She got in her car and drove out of the lot and into my memories.
I’ve decided to add this diner to my list of favorite stops.



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