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Latest stories Taboo My Little Temptation 2

It was official; I was in my own personal hell with no chance of freedom.
I sat in my office with my head in my hands.
I had been sitting in my office with a constant hard on, for the entire four days Sara had been off work.
Unfortunately, the only plans the girls made was to stay out by the pool, and that was what they did.
They stayed in their little barely-there bikinis, torturing me.
The first day, Beth made excuses about going to the bathroom or to get a snack.
She did anything that would allow her to come inside just to torment me.
At first it was subtle; she would adjust her suit and let one perfect breast fall out.
By the end of the day it was more brazen, like when she pulled her breasts out completely.
Before I went to bed she pulled her bottoms down.
She pulled them down just enough for me to see a thin dark landing strip leading to her full lush lips.
The second day, she walked by me with her hand down the front of her suit rubbing herself.
She leaned onto my desk and watched me before she grinned and pulled her fingers out.
She show me how wet they were before she slowly licked them and went back outside to her sister.
I couldn’t stand it anymore.
I grabbed my keys and told Sara I was running errands.
I stayed out until Sara finally called me to bring home dinner.
Before lunch on the third day, Beth walked around my desk with her breasts hanging out and placed a hard pink nipple against my lips and said, “Suck it, Ben.
I know you want to.
” I did want to; she was right about that.
I took it in my mouth and sucked and nibbled on it and moved to the other one.
I was so into what I was doing that I had completely forgotten about Sara being right outside the door until Beth pulled away and fixed her top.
“Think about that when you beat your cock later.
” And I did.
I hadn’t masturbated this much since I was 16.
I would masturbate during the day and have fast hard sex with Sara at night.
Today was the fourth day.
Waking up this morning, I felt defeated and guilty; not a very good combination for a man to feel.
For the last four nights I had used my wife to relieve my sexual tension caused by her little sister, only it wasn’t working.
I had a feeling nothing would work until I was balls deep inside Beth’s sweet young pussy.
I took my head out of my hands and walked to the sliding glass door.
Sara and Beth were both lying on their stomachs sunning themselves.
Beth had pulled her bottoms up into the crack of her ass.
I wanted to go out there and pull them out with my teeth.
It was like she sensed me because she lifted her head, lowered her glasses, winked at me, then blew me a kiss.
My dick twitched and I groaned.
I could no longer sit in my office watching them; watching her.
I knew Sara would not like me running away again so I decided to take a nap.
At first I thought I was dreaming, but then I realized I wasn’t.
I really was feeling something warm and wet moving over my cock.
Sara hadn’t done this to me in a while, and it felt good.
Without opening my eyes I ran my fingers through Sara’s hair.
“Oh yeah, Sara, that feels good, baby.
” “I’m glad it feels good, but I’m not Sara.
” Beth! I sat straight up, and I was greeted with the sight of Beth naked, on her hands and knees straddling my legs.
“Beth, you can’t be in here,” I said.
I was in a full blown panic.
Sara could have walked in at any moment.
She pulled her mouth off me, but continued to stroke it.
“Why not, Ben? Sara has gone to get lunch and I want you in my mouth, I want to taste your cum.
Don’t deny it, Ben; I know you want me to do it too.
” Hearing her talk that way was so exciting, and it drove away my argument.
“I do want to cum in your mouth, and I want to fuck you too, Beth,” I said and gripped her hair tightly in my hands.
“I’m going to fuck you, Beth, make no mistake about that; but for now, put my dick back in your mouth.
” Beth gave me a sexy smile and licked me from my balls to the head before taking it into her mouth.
I stayed on my elbows and watched her sweet young mouth sliding down my cock.
Keeping her big brown eyes on me she took me into her mouth until her nose is buried my pubic hair.
“Holy shit that feels good.
Take it all again, Beth.
” Sara had never been able to take all of me.
Beth straddled one leg and started gliding her wet pussy up and down then began fucking me with her mouth.
The way she was working her mouth up and down, taking me into her throat, was like no other blow job I’ve had before.
We set a steady rhythm of me pumping up as she was going down.
“Beth, I’m getting ready to come.
” Beth had a mischievous look in her eyes as she continued to swallow me.
She was going faster, and gagged herself a few times.
She also moved faster on my leg, and rubbed herself harder on it.
I fell back on the bed and shoved my cock deep in her mouth; spraying my cum down her throat.
She took it all, swallowing every last drop, before she cried out with her own orgasm.
Beth moved up my body and kissed me hard.
I could taste myself in her mouth.
“Soon it will be my turn, Ben,” she purred, “you will eat me until I cum all over your face.
” It amazed me how dirty this innocent looking girl talked.
She kissed me again and left my bedroom.
I was worthless for the rest of the day.
All I could think about was fucking her.
I grew irritable and anxious for the day to end because Sara was going back to work the next day.
I knew it was wrong, and that Sara would never forgive me, but I was going to fuck her sister.
Luckily for me Sara and Beth decided to go out shopping so I could finally get some work done, and distract myself from thinking of Beth’s mouth.
Around nine Sara said she needed to go to bed for work in the morning, and I got up to go with her like a good husband should.
I knew that tomorrow I was not going to be so good.
Online Now! Lush Cams NinaaLuke When I woke up the next morning the house was quiet, and I knew Sara had gone to work.
I was already so hard at the thought of being alone with Beth.
I showered quickly and made my way to the kitchen for some coffee.
Making my way down the stairs I thought to myself, am I really going to do this today? Any doubts I might have had left my mind the moment I walked into my kitchen.
Sitting naked on my dining table was Beth.
She was naked with her legs spread wide for me.
“I made you breakfast, Ben.
You ready to eat?” I practically ran to her, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her roughly to me so I could kiss her.
I kissed my way down her neck, to her perfect pink nipples nipping, and sucking them until Beth cried out.
I knew I was being too quick about this.
I knew I was not working her body the way I wanted like to, but I have had five days of foreplay.
I was more than ready.
I sat in a chair and lowered my mouth to her.
Anxious to get my first taste of her sweet young pussy, I licked her.
She was already dripping wet and tasted amazing.
I used my fingers to pull back her beautiful plump lips so I could see everything while I tasted her.
I placed my tongue on her pucker, and ran it slowly up to her clit; flicking it hard with my tongue.
I nibbled my way back down to her pucker, and I pushed my tongue in.
“Holy shit.
” Beth sighed.
“You like that don’t you, you dirty little girl?” “Yes, do it again.
” I placed my thumb on her clit and began making circular motions as I tongued her ass.
Beth was moving her hips, and moaning loudly.
She was so wet that I started licking her opening trying to lap it all up.
She tasted so good, and I licked her again and again.
She started humping my mouth faster and faster.
ah, Ben, I’m coming.
” She moaned, and her sweet juices filled my mouth.
I couldn’t wait anymore.
I pulled her off the table, and shoved her against the island.
Beth made shocked sounds as I bent her over so her ass was in the air.
I didn’t even bother to take my pants off; I just pulled my cock out, lined it up, and slammed into her without warning.
Beth whimpered and stiffened under me, and I knew I had hurt her.
I didn’t move so she could get use to me being inside her.
I was finally fully inside her, feeling her warm wet pussy hug my cock.
That feeling alone was worth going to hell over.
When I felt her relax, I started moving again.
I had my hands on Beth’s hips, gripping her as I started thrusting into her.
“Oh yeah, Ben, fuck me,” she encouraged pushing back against me.
The pace we set was fast and hard.
I was not easy with her, and she was taking it.
I moved one hand around to finger her clit, and she cam instantly.
I was so close to cumming, but there was something I needed to know.
“Beth, are you on the pill?” “No, but I don’t care; just cum in me, Ben.
” “Don’t worry.
I’m going to cum in you.
” Now that I knew she wasn’t protected, I was going to change where I came.
I pulled out of her, rubbed my soaking wet cock against her pucker, and pushed the head in just a little.
I pulled it back out, and dipped it back into her pussy for more juices.
“What are you doing, Ben?” Beth sounded a little panicky.
“I’m going to fuck you in the ass, Beth.
” She tried to sit up.
“No! I’ve never done that before.
” I placed my hand on her head, pushed her back down, and held her still.
“You made it clear all week that you wanted me to fuck you; that you wanted me to cheat on your sister to fuck you.
So now you are going to let me fuck you how I want to fuck you.
Is that clear?” She knew that she had broken me down, and that I was serious about having her my way.
Finally, she gave in, and said, “Yes.
” I pushed the head slowly in again, but immediately stopped moving.
“Beth, relax your muscles, and as I’m pushing in you bear down and push back.
It will be so amazing if you do,” I said and kissed her on her back.
She took a deep breath, and I felt her relax, so I began to push again.
Then I pulled almost completely out before I pushed further in.
I did this until I was balls deep in her tight young ass.
Not wanting to hurt her, I moved slowly.
Soon she started rocking her hips, and encouraged me to move faster.
After days of wanting this, days of being tempted by sister in-law, I was finally in her.
I was going to fuck her exactly how I wanted to.
There was too much tension between us for me to have held back.
I grabbed onto her shoulders, slammed into her, and fucked her hard in the ass.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck, Ben, I’m going to come!” Beth cried out, cumming again as her body thrashed against the counter.
I felt like a mad man.
I couldn’t get deep enough; I couldn’t move fast enough.
My movements had become erratic; I no longer cared about anything except for cumming.
Then I exploded, cumming harder than I can ever remember cumming before.
My body was shaking as I filled her hot young ass with my cum.
I pumped a few more times, and collapsed on her back.
I was so exhausted I couldn’t move.
After what felt like forever, Beth tried to sit up so I had to move.
I leaned back on the counter as she turned to me, and we kissed.
Her body relaxed against mine, and her stomach pressed against my cock.
If this kept up, I was going to be ready to go again.
“I’m going to take another shower, you want to join me?” she asked, and ran her hand down my body, taking my cock in her hand.
I had fought so hard to resist, but now that I had given in to her, every spare minute I had would be spent fucking her.
“Yes,” I said as I took her hand and led her to the master bath.
I had a feeling Sara and I would be spending a lot of time visiting my in-laws.
I was already planning ahead for the holidays.
Sorry it took so long.
Real life tends to get in the way sometimes.



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