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Latest stories Straight Sex Let It Rain – Chapter 2

Lightning flashes and thunder woke me several times during the night as both ladies snuggled closer for comfort.
I looked at the nude bodies curled against me as lightning lit the room and marveled at the amount of pretty, warm flesh was pressed against me.
I even took the opportunity to roll a couple of nipples in my fingers as they slept and listen to soft moans as they squirmed against me in their sleep.
I woke as the rainy sky started to get lighter.
I woke Mona and asked if we needed to do a check of the stock and buildings.
She thought that was a good idea.
As I tried to slip away from Janis she opened her eyes and asked what was up.
“We’re going to do a morning round.
You can go back to sleep.
” “Can I come with you?” “You can if you want.
We’re going to drive over to the other property also.
” She got out of bed and after we all made a trip to the bathroom headed outside in the drizzle.
“You two have it great out here away from everyone.
I could live as a nudist I if had a place like this.
” After we checked these buildings we were headed to the truck when Janis asked the question I had asked, “No clothes?” We just laughed and went to the truck.
Mona drove and Janis sat in my lap.
When we got to the gates Janis was hesitant at first but when we got to the other place she hopped out and opened it by herself.
When she got back in she was beaming.
“Damn running around naked sends a thrill through me.
” She wiggled her butt in my lap and I could feel her wet lips on my shaft as she held me tight.
We cleaned a couple of the stalls and put out some feed as we moved through the buildings.
When we got to the last one, the breeding barn Janis saw the bales and blanket I had set up and smiled at Mona.
“Did you?” “Yes and it was great and felt so naughty.
” Janis turned to me.
“Would you…Can we…Oh hell, would you do me there too?” “Do I need to show you how?” She gave a happy yell and ran over to the bales.
She bent over resting her breasts on the bales with her feet spread.
She reached behind her and spread her thighs.
Now it was her turn.
“Do I have to beg? Get over here.
” As I stepped behind her Mona got something out of a cabinet and sat it in front of Janis.
It was a large jar of Vaseline.
“I forgot to tell you he took my ass cherry here yesterday.
” Mona just smiled at her and as I slid my long shaft into her pussy.
“Oh god that feels bigger going in this way.
I have been butt fucked before but not with anything that huge.
But if he fucks my pussy real good this time I’ll sure try it.
” Mona handed me the jar as I started slowly stroking Janis’ hot hole.
It was already wet and slick with her juices from her anticipation.
As I took some of the lube and rubbed her little winking ass hole Mona got up on the bales on her back and slid down until Janis’ face was in her pussy.
I pushed lube into Janis’ ass then probed it with a finger.
She was moaning in Mona’s pussy as I stroked her pussy and ass at the same time.
I put a second finger in her ass and she pushed back against my strokes to both her holes.
Mona was holding her head to her pussy as I drove in the third finger.
“Mmmffftttgghh,” was all we heard from Janis with her mouth full of pussy as she shuddered and her pussy milked my cock.
Mona pulled Janis’ face from her pussy’ “Did you want to say something?” “Yes, yes.
I’m ready to get my ass fucked.
Fill me with cock and cum in my ass.
” Mona pushed her back to eating her pussy as I pulled my dick out and applied lube to it.
I wanted to be careful so this little piece of ass would come back for more.
I put the tip to her sphincter and slowly pushed all 9 ” into her ass.
She let out on long “Oooohhhh” until my balls hit her slit.
I waited a minute to let her ass get used to the large intruder before I assaulted it with long hard strokes.
She was grunting as each stoke bottomed against her ass.
This was driving Mona wild because as I was doing it Janis nibbled on her clit.
I reached under Janis, pinching and rolling her clit between my fingers as I fucked her ass.
I wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer so when her ass clenched my shaft and her back arched, I flooded her colon with sticky ropes of cum as her pussy juices flowed onto my hand.
I looked up and Mona had her eyes closed obviously having her orgasm as she rubbed Janis’ face to her pussy.
Janis’ legs gave out so I put my other arm under her and pulled her back to my chest.
Mona opened her eyes and saw what was happening and slid closer to me on the bales.
“Lay her on me and let me hold her.
” She spread her legs as I moved forward with Janis.
I laid her on Mona’s chest with my dick still in her ass.
It was still semi hard so I started fucking her some more.
Baby, don’t waste it, she’s out of it.
Put it in mine instead.
” She hugged Janis as I pulled out with an audible pop.
I put the tip to Mona’s ass and pushed it in.
she hissed, “Yyyesss” until it was all the way inside her.
I had just shot a load in Janis but Mona’s recently deflowered ass was still so tight it pulled cum from my body and soon I was emptying my balls in her as well.
“That’s it, baby, shoot your hot cum in my ass.
” I was weak in the knees as I pulled my dick from Mona’s ass.
I leaned back against the bales until I felt Janis stir.
She stood up rubbing her but then looked at me.
“My ass is still tingling.
That is the best fucking it’s ever had.
When can we do that again?” “I think we’ll have to work on it.
While you were still out, Mona got hers fucked also.
Right now I need to rest a minute.
” Mona got up and they sat me on the end of the bales and pushed me to my back.
“You just lay there and rest.
We’ll take care of the rest.
” Mona knelt between my legs and took my ball sack in one hand.
“I think these little jewels need some loving attention.
” She kissed each testicle before putting them in her mouth and massaging them with her tongue.
Janis was licking my flaccid cock clean and as much as I wanted it I didn’t think she would be able to revive it.
I was pleasantly surprised when with Mona sucking on my balls and Janis sucking on the head of my soft dick it started to rise to the occasion.
Soon Janis was bobbing her head on as much as she could get in, with the head hitting the entrance to her throat.
When she gagged once and came up for air I said, “As good as this feels, if you give me an hour or so to rest I will be much better for all of us.
” Janis looked at Mona with her mouth full of my meaty balls then said, “Okay, but you have to let me sit on it all the way back and promise to let us take care of you after lunch.
” When I agreed Mona kissed each of my testicles again and stood up as Janis gave the head of my dick a sloppy wet kiss.
They helped me up off the bales and we walked back through the barns to the truck with their arms and mine around each other.
When we got to the truck, Mona was driving and I got in the passenger seat.
Janis stood next to me stroking my shaft before she got in.
I thought she was going to straddle it and keep playing with it but she aimed it at her ass and sat down taking it all in.
“Mmm, I’m ready.
Let’s go.
” I closed the door and she squirmed on my dick until we got to the gate.
Mona started to get out but Janis said she would take care of it.
She Rose up pulling me out of her ass and jumped out to open the gate.
When we were thru she got back in and once again sat with my cock in her ass.
“Let’s go home and take every bump you can.
” She leaned back against me and we were off.
I had my arms around her holding her 34DD’s and playing with her nipples.
There weren’t that many bumps but a couple of them brought load moans from Janis.
We got back to the main gate about 9am.
Janis got off and hopped out again to open the gate but when she got back in she knelt on the floor in front of me and held the head of my shaft in her mouth until Mona parked the truck.
We were inside when I said unless one of them had a better plan we should just go back to bed.
They made the decision unanimous but we went to the master bedroom so we could close the drapes, turn off the lights and pretend it was dark out.
We climbed into her large oversized bed in the dark and when I was on my back they snuggled up to me but backwards.
They both had their heads on my thighs and a hand on my dick.
After they each kissed the tip they said, “Sleep tight, sweetie.
” I was having one hell of an erotic wet dream when my eyes popped open to see Mona sucking my dick and swallowing my cum.
Janis said, “She just couldn’t wait for you to wake up.
She has been sucking and stroking for the last fifteen minutes.
The next load is all mine,” she promised.
They both looked up at me with a wicked grin.
What have I gotten into? I looked over at the clock.
It was after three.
“Ladies if we’re going to keep this up we need to eat some food.
” The ladies wanted to go out for dinner but I reminded them we couldn’t go together.
Janis said she needed to go home for a little bit anyway so she would ‘Run into us’ about seven at a Mexican place Mona wanted to go to.
We lay in bed a little while longer and I asked Janis what she was going to do Friday when her husband came home.
“What I always do.
Wear tight, skimpy, clothes and try to get him to notice me.
He only does it when he wants to show me off to his friends and business contacts.
I usually end up feeling like a piece of meat.
It’s been over a month since we had sex and that took less time than you spent putting that gorgeous cock in my ass.
If I could support myself I’d leave but even with a business degree no one around her will hire me because of him.
” I told her I didn’t mean to upset her and maybe things would work out.
I walked her out to her car and helped her back into her clothes.
She hugged me tight and said she’d see us tonight then had a second thought.
She lifted her dress and slid her bikini panties off and handed them to me.
“I won’t be wearing these anymore so you can have them as a souvenir of today and I hope there are a lot more.
” I watched her drive away and went back inside.
Mona was still on the bed so I lay down and pulled her to me.
“Are we getting into something we should stay out of?” Mona said, “I hope not.
We make a great threesome.
Maybe we should talk about this some more with her after dinner?” “Speaking of dinner, we have a little time.
What do you think about a long hot soak?” “Let’s go.
Besides we need to wash the smell of sex off.
” We ran the Jacuzzi tub full of water as hot as we could stand and slipped in with her leaning back and her head on my shoulder.
With the bubbles flowing around us we dozed until the water got cold then got out looking like a pair of prunes.
I got dressed in the bedroom and she disappeared into the walk-in closet.
She came out in a tight pair of low cut jeans and a tight tank top that gave just a hint of the low cut bra underneath.
She had on heels that made her two inches taller than me but put her deep cleavage closer to my lips.
“Damn you look good in clothes.
Don’t get me wrong, you’re delicious nude but any man with a beating heart would be proud to have you on their arm.
It’s sure different than when you picked me up.
” “I haven’t had a reason to dress up in a long time.
The few times I went to town it was easier to just throw on some baggy clothes and go.
As long as you’re here I’ll make sure to dress to impress you but no one else.
” I drove to dinner and she told me just before we got there that she wore the jeans so we couldn’t fool around until we got home.
No teasing at dinner.
Janis showed up a few minutes after we got there looking excited.
“After I got home John called me and said I needed to pick him up at the airport tomorrow at 10am and he had a surprise for me.
I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to go to your house.
Can I get a rain check, please?” Mona said, “You know where the gate key is.
You’ll always be welcome.
” We ate dinner together and walked her to her car.
She hugged us and promised to call when she found out what the surprise was.
When we got in the truck she said, are you ready to go home and finish what we started in the barn?” “We don’t have Janis.
” “That’s okay, I’ll take her part too.
” I didn’t need any more encouragement.
I drove home as fast as I could get away with.
We went to the glass room and she turned on all the lights making it like daylight.
“I want to watch your face while I take care of you.
” She removed my shirt and pants and when I reached for her clothes she told me to just lay back and enjoy.
She turned on some low music and did a sensual strip tease for me then she stood rubbing her breasts and nipples before she moved one hand down to caress her mound.
By the time she went to her knees between my legs, I had another steel hard shaft.
She locked her eyes on mine, not looking away as she cupped my testicles in one hand and started kissing all around them.
She had her other hand very slowly and firmly stroking the length of my shaft.
When she finished with my ball sack, she stuck out her tongue and drew it up the underside of my shaft, stopping to tease the sensitive triangle under the head.
She licked the rest of the shaft like it was a long sweet treat, still not breaking contact.
She was still massaging my testicles with one hand as she tilted my cock towards her and put the tip between her lips.
She was swabbing it with her tongue and trying to put the tip of it in my piss hole.
I was trying to move my hips to push it further between her lips when she backed her head away.
“No, no, no, you’re just supposed to lay there and enjoy this one, baby.
” With my butt back on the bed she slipped her lips over the head, sucking it like a straw as she continued the slow, almost torturous, stroking of my shaft.
I wanted so much to put my hand over hers and speed her up but even more I didn’t want to jeopardize what I knew was coming.
I wanted my dick in her throat being milked by those talented muscles.
She started taking more and more into her mouth until I could feel the opening of her throat sucking at the head of my shaft.
She didn’t try to go farther she would just hold her head down on each stroke and kiss me with her throat muscles.
“Oh god you keep doing that a few more times and I going to cum.
” She rose up long enough to say, “Just let me know when so I can swallow.
” She went back to taking just enough of my cock to tease me at her throat.
After just a few more I yelled.
“Now, I’m cumming now.
” Before my first blast got to the end of my shaft she pushed down and swallowed my entire nine inches down her throat.
The first blast and all the rest went straight to her stomach.
As soon as my dick stopped pumping cum down her throat she pulled it out and moved up next to me.
“From the look on your face, I must have done at least a passable job.
” “Fuck, woman, I have never had anyone do anything nearly as good as that.
One of those a day and I’ll be your love slave for life.
” “Better be careful what you promise.
I might take you up on it.
” After we stopped laughing she got up to turn out the lights then we moved up to the middle of the bed and this time I laid her on her back and lay across her with my head on one arm, a leg across hers and a nipple in my mouth.
“If you’re going to sleep like this at night don’t wake me up early.
” I woke up to Mona shaking me softly.
When I got my eyes open she was sitting up in the bed next to me holding a plate of biscuits and sausage gravy.
“Time to get up, sleepy head.
Your breakfast is ready.
I don’t want you complaining about not getting to eat food.
” She gave me a big smile and as soon as I sat up and took the plate, a big kiss to go with it.
“How long have you been up?” “Long enough to check the buildings watch you sleep for a couple of hours and fix breakfast.
Everything is done for today and it’s almost noon.
The rain looks like it’s clearing out and unless you have other plans we could go pack your things and start moving them out here.
We can use one of the enclosed horse trailers so nothing gets wet.
” “You are so amazing.
You look like a million bucks, you treat sex like a teenager, and you’re smart.
How is it no man has corralled you before?” “It’s the smart part.
Most men want some dumb blonde with big tits they can show off and then cheat on.
I want a man willing to work hard and be an equal partner with me.
Unless I’ve lost my good judge of character I think I finally found one.
” When I asked who that was she jabbed me in the ribs so hard I almost choked on my breakfast.
“Don’t be an ass while you’re eating.
It can be hazardous to your health.
” When I finished eating we went upstairs to get dressed.
I just grabbed a pair of shorts and a baggy shirt.
She came out in a short pleated skirt and an oversized man’s snap down shirt.
“I thought you might like this for moving.
” She grabbed the collars and pulled them apart unsnapping the front of the shirt and exposing her braless breasts.
She raised the hem of the shirt to show me her panty less mound.
“Just in case we need a quickie before we get back.
” “Keep that up and we’ll need one before we go.
” She snapped up her shirt and we went out to the building, got the truck and trailer and headed to Austin.
I was driving and before I knew it she had leaned back against her door, opened her shirt and pulled up her skirt.
She had her left foot against my seat back and was rubbing her mound.
“Think you’ll need that quickie when we get there?” It was all I could do to pay attention to my driving as she pushed two fingers into her pussy and sat there moaning.
By the time we got to my apartment building and found a place to park, the truck smelled like raw sex and her fingers and pussy were soaking wet.
I don’t know how many times she had got herself off but when I opened her door she still had a glazed look in her eyes.
I pulled her skirt down but she insisted that she didn’t need the shirt buttoned.
She clung to my arm as we walked to my 2 nd floor apartment with her shirt open but not quite exposing her nipples.
When we got inside my place, she suddenly looked much better and gave me a big hug.
“Well did I do good? Your neighbors probably think you got lucky and are coming home for more.
We can have noisy sex.
Then they’ll know for sure.
” Before I could respond she pulled off her shirt, got on her knees on the couch, leaned on the back and pulled her little skirt over her waist.
“Come on, baby, fuck me hard and let me tell the neighbors how good you are.
” I dropped my shorts, and standing behind her, I put my dick at her pussy entrance and drove it in.
“Oh, God, baby, your big shaft feels so good! Do me some more!” She looked around at me and in a much lower voice said, “It was good but do you think they can hear me?” “They probably heard you across town.
“ That’s the way it went for the next ten minutes, really good sex, with her giving commentary at the top of her voice.
When I pulled out and lined it up with her tight anus she yelled, “Oh God no.
You’re not going to put it there are you?!” I pushed all the way in one stroke.
She was groaning softly as I just held it deep.
She turned and gave me a wicked grin.
“Oh, baby, stop! Please stop! It’s not going to fit! No more, please, no more.
You’ll split me in half!” She started moving back and forth on my shaft as she continued, “Damn, let me rest a minute!” I had a hold of her hips, ramming her ass and she was pushing back to meet me.
“Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby!” Now she was really enjoying it and letting the neighbors know it.
“Oh fuck, harder!” My groin was getting tight as she continued yelling.
“Baby, I’m cumming!” She threw her head back and continued, “Oh God, oh God, oh God!” I shot my seed into her ass and held her to me as I did.
She put her head on the back of the couch as she took deep breaths trying to calm down after her orgasm.
When I pulled out she lay down on the couch and pulled me down with her.
“I don’t think we’re going to make it back tonight.
” She reached up and pulled the blanket on the back up the couch over us.
“I think we need a little rest.
” We had just dozed off when Mona’s phone rang.
The ID said it was Janis.
Mona talked to her for a while and when she hung up told me Janis was on cloud nine.
John came home and told her he had a business deal to take care of in Las Vegas and she was going with him.
They were leaving tomorrow morning and would be back Monday.
I told Mona, “Maybe she’s going to get some of the attention she’s been wanting from him.
” “You mean like the attention I’ve been giving you? If he gives her half as much we probably won’t see her again.
” She giggled a little.
“No, as small as she says he is, she’ll probably still be visiting a lot.
” The sun was still up so we got dressed started moving stuff down to the trailer.
Some of the neighbors gave me dirty looks, but what the hell, I was moving out so who cared.
I didn’t have much and it was loaded a lot faster than we expected.
“Hey if this is everything why don’t we just head back and stop somewhere along the way and eat?” “I can eat you at home.
” “Okay, sweetie, but I don’t want you bellyaching about not getting food.
” I took Mona to her truck then went around back to get mine.
She pulled away as I pulled on the street and I followed her towards home.
We stopped and ate at a little hole in the wall Mexican place and got back about 9pm.
We put the trucks inside the building and went in the house.
We decided to call it a night so we could get up early and do the chores before it started getting hot.
We got up before sunrise and could see stars instead of rain clouds.
We got everything done and were back in the house by ten.
We decided to have a quiet day inside.
She took me to what they called the entertainment room and when she turned on the TV almost a whole wall lit up.
It was a projector in the ceiling and it was like being in a theater except it had double recliners for us to sit back in.
We spent the next five or six hours watching pay per view and snuggling.
About 6pm when it had cooled down a bit she offered to take me on a tour of the rest of the property.
She grabbed a couple of towels and blankets and we went down to my truck.
With her giving directions we soon ended at a small lake, or gigantic pond, take your pick.
There were several large oaks together on one side with a gazebo under them.
We threw our towels and blankets on the chairs in it and she walked me down to the water.
“This is why the house doesn’t have a pool.
I like to come out here to go swimming then lay in the sun listening to the quiet or come out here at night and just watch the stars.
Now I have someone share it with.
” We got in the water and splashed around for a bit until she wrapped her arms around me and said, “Pinch me.
This just seems like such a dream.
Every time I wake up I expect to find that none of this was real.
” We went back to the gazebo and dried off.
The ground was still wet so I dragged the chairs out where we could see stars.
I should have only moved one because as soon as I sat down she sat in my lap and put her arms around my neck.
“If I’m being too…clingy or…possessive you’ll tell me won’t you? I don’t want to push you away.
I just want to feel you close to me and show my affection.
” “I like having you close and you can show me affection any way you want and any time you want…as long as it doesn’t get us arrested.
” We sat looking at the stars and just making small talk for a couple of hours.
“Do you realize this is the longest we’ve gone without sex since we met? Can we go back to the house and go to bed in the glass room and you just hold me?” “Sure, if you’re ready let’s go.
” I put the chairs back while she put the other stuff in the truck.
I drove back with her sitting as close to me as she could get.
We turned lights off as we went through the house and got in to bed by moonlight.
She got in her favorite position with one leg and arm across me and her head on my shoulder.
She was hugging me tight still as her breathing slowed, she fell asleep and snored briefly.
We were woken up by her phone again.
This time when she hung up she looked worried.
“That was Janis.
She was crying and she gave me a flight number saying we had to pick her up at 11am.
When I asked what was wrong she said she’d tell us when she got here.
” We rushed through chores so we could get dressed and be at the Austin airport when she landed.
When she got off the plane and saw us she started crying.
She had a little carry on and when I said I’d get her suitcase she said she left it in Vegas.
She just wanted us to take her to her house.
On the way there between sobs she told us what happened.
“It turns out he wasn’t closing a business deal, I was.
A couple of hours after we landed he told me to dress sexy we were going to a party.
I put on a hot little dress and heels and made sure my makeup was perfect so I would look good for him.
We got in the elevator and it started up.
When I looked at him he smiled and said it was in a suite in the hotel.
We went to one of the room doors and when he knocked a guy in a hotel robe opened it.
John walked me inside and there was only one other guy there.
“I asked John where the party was and he said I was the party.
They were buying one of his thoroughbreds but wanted an evening with me to seal the deal.
When I said no John yelled me and told me he didn’t buy me clothes and tits for nothing, now it was time for pay back.
He tried to grab me but I kicked him and ran out of the room.
I grabbed my small travel bag from our room and ran.
I found a place to stay until my flight this morning and here I am.
I just want to go pack some clothes in my car and stay somewhere until I can get a divorce.
” Mona said she could stay at our house if she wanted.
We got to her house and offered to stay but she said she would be alright.
She was just going to grab a few days’ clothes and would buy anything else she needed.
Before we left I made sure to tell her call us as soon as she left for our place.
We would be waiting.
Mona and I headed home to wait for her.
Just before we got there the phone started ringing.
Mona answered and got a horrified look on her face.
“Janis just got a call from the Las Vegas police.
They found John dead of a heart attack in a hotel room.
” We drove to Janis’ house and found her on the phone with a local mortician.
She was making arrangements to have him picked up and brought home.
“I wanted to have him cremated and dumped in the desert for what he did but his family called and wants to have a big funeral.
I just want to get his sorry ass in the ground.
” She told us she didn’t want to spend another night in that house so Mona told her she was welcome to stay with us as long as she wanted.
We had her pack a few of her things and follow us home in her car.
When we got home and went inside Janis said she wanted to take a long hot soak in the Jacuzzi tub.
I filled it with very warm water “Nothing that a few hot soaks and a lot of rest won’t take care of.
” Mona said she was going down and fix something to eat.
It had been a while since our quick toast and coffee this morning.
Janis asked if I would stay with her.
She just didn’t want to be left alone.
I got in the tub with her and gently washed and rubbed her back and neck.
Eventually she leaned back against me and pulled my arms around her.
“Do you think Mona would let me live here with the two of you? I’ll do my share and once I settle the estate I could pay my own way.
” “Why don’t we talk about it over dinner and you can ask Mona then?” Just then Mona walked in the bathroom and stood with her hands on her hips.
“Ask Mona what?” “I was going to ask you if I could live here with you and Bill.
I’ll help anyway I can and when I get the estate settled I can help with finances.
” Mona stood there thinking and looking at me for a minute before speaking.
“Well you already have an open invitation and now we don’t have to worry about public opinion.
We just have to make sure you have your own room in case someone comes snooping.
” That made Janis feel a lot better.
We got out of the tub and I toweled her dry carefully.
Online Now! Lush Cams ClaireSweety We decided use the upstairs bedroom so we could sleep late.
When we got upstairs Janis asked if she could sleep with us.
Mona said she had not thought otherwise.
Janis lay on one side where she was comfortable and I spooned to her back with her head on one arm while the other one held her breast.
Mona was spooned to her front with Janis’s arm around her.
We were asleep pretty quick but Janis woke me several times during the night, jerking and crying.
At one point she had turned to face me and woke me with her hand on my shaft.
“Am I a bad person? Was this my fault?” “No you just got put in a bad situation.
” “Do you still like me?” “Yes, of course.
Why?” “Because I’ve been laying her thinking about you and I want you.
I just want to feel you in me tonight.
” She stroked my semi hard shaft rigid then moved on top of me.
She guided my dick to the entrance to her pussy then pushed it all the way in with a deep groan.
“That felt so good now I want to lay here and enjoy this feeling.
” She lay down on my chest and was still except for occasionally rocking her hips to move me inside her.
She moaned several times then went back to sleep and didn’t move until morning.
Mona woke me about 6am to tell me she was going to check the barns and animals and would be back as soon as she could and for me to stay with Janis until she woke.
When she did wake she stayed lying on my chest and rocked her hips on my soft shaft instantly bringing it to life.
“I can feel it growing inside me.
I’ve never felt that before.
” She started rocking and riding my shaft.
I held her to me and scooted us to the edge of the bed.
I held her, stood up and turned around to lay her on the bed.
She relaxed when she was resting on the bed and I pulled my arms from around her.
I raised her legs and placed her ankles on my shoulder and started stroking my shaft gently in her hole.
“Is this better? Tell me if I hurt you.
” “Oh god it’s wonderful.
Just don’t stop.
” I was still fucking her slow and gentle when Mona walked in.
“Well, I see you started without me.
May I join in or is this a private party.
” She had already kicked off her Levis and was removing her top as she moved to the bed.
She moved next to Janis, taking a long look at her body then bent down and kissed her breast.
“Let me kiss them and make it better.
” She began putting very soft kisses on her skin, starting with her eyes, working across her lips, past her shoulders to her hips.
Janis was moaning from the constant stimulation and when I spread her legs so Mona could



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