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Latest stories Taboo Katherine Finds Her Mother’s Sybian

I just finished up my freshman year at college.
I was back at home living with my mother and my stepfather.
It felt really good to be back home.
I had a great year, however it’s always nice to be pampered by family.
I was able to maintain all A’s.
Although, I do find school work rather easy.
I don’t have to try very hard.
I made a lot of friends and had a wonderful first year.
My name is Katherine and I’m 5’8” and weigh one hundred and fifteen pounds.
I have brown long hair and blue eyes.
I’m a very friendly girl and have adjusted nicely to college life.
I don’t have a particular boyfriend, but do have a group of friends that are “Friends with Benefits.
” We all have sex with each other.
A couple of times, we even had group sex.
But, mostly we just have sex in pairs.
We’re all lucky to have this kind of an arrangement.
** I slept until about eleven o’clock and didn’t do a damn thing.
I did slip my fingers into my panties and played with my pussy, but that’s about all I did.
It was nice to start my day with an orgasm.
I never really masturbated at school, in fear that somebody would catch me.
I planned to get myself off lots during the summer.
I pulled back the comforter and rubbed my fingers up and down my white panties.
I could feel the heat of my pussy.
I rubbed my cunt up and down.
I could see the wetness forming on the center of the material.
I then slipped my hand into the waistband and fiddled around on my pussy lips.
My pussy was wetting up nicely.
I pushed my finger into my vagina and fucked myself.
I took my finger out of my pussy and sucked on the tip.
My nectar tasted rather good.
I moved my hand back into my panties and rubbed my clit.
I was having a great time getting myself off.
I had an intense orgasm.
My pussy was creaming on my fingers.
My mother recently bought a new toy and I had heard her late at night playing with it.
I had wondered what it was.
Whatever it was, it was very loud.
I really wanting to find out what the hell she played with late at night.
She played with her toy when my stepfather was out of town.
When she took it out, she was often moaning and screaming.
I had to try and find out what was giving her so much pleasure.
After I made myself come, I decided to go looking in my mother’s room for her toy that brought her pleasure.
I wanted to see what the hell she was playing with.
My mother and my stepfather were both at work so I had plenty of time to go exploring.
I certainly didn’t want to get caught.
My mother hates when I go into her room.
I walked out of my room and down the hall to their room.
Once inside, I shut the door.
They have a California king sized bed which is gigantic.
As a little girl, I used to love to watch television in her room.
Her bed is really comfortable.
I used to bring all my stuffed animals in and have a party in her bed.
I started giggling when I remembered past memories.
I sat on their bed and just rolled around.
I did notice that they had mirrors above their bed.
That must have been put in recently.
She never had them, when I was little.
My mother and my father divorced when I was thirteen years old.
My father lives on the west coast.
I see him from time to time.
My mother married my stepfather when I was sixteen.
They met at a church function.
I have a really good relationship with Robert, my stepfather.
He has always treated me very well.
My stepfather is really handsome.
I have had fantasies of fucking him, but I do get a little shy around him.
I have always thought that he thinks I have a crush on him.
When I used to live at home, he’d always buy me stuff when he traveled.
Now, he just sends me cash which is always appreciated.
Robert always calls me and my mother his girls.
He and my mother are always kissing and feeling each other all over the house.
I’m pretty sure they have a wonderful sex life.
I do know my mother misses him terribly when he is away for business.
That is when I hear her moaning in the middle of the night.
I hopped off the bed and walked towards their walk-in closet.
It was my lucky day, because I found a big box that was sitting on the floor in the closet.
I dragged it out near the bed.
I opened the box and inside was something called a “Sybian.
” I wasn’t sure what the hell it was.
I ran down to my room and turned my computer on and searched the word “Sybian.
” The website said it was a riding machine that women sat on.
It came with a clitoral attachment and two dildos and one large dildo sleeve.
If you wanted any extra things, you’d have to order them separately.
During my research, I read that it was about forty pounds of pleasure.
It was called an orgasm machine.
It delivered high-powered orgasms.
The more I read this information, I was getting more intrigued.
This would explain why my mother was moaning in the middle of the night.
I was hoping that my mother had an assortment of goodies.
I was really wanting to try her Sybian out.
From the website, it looked like an orgasmic good time.
I wanted to feel the vibrations on my pussy.
I only played with my fingers.
I also read this was the top of the line in sex toys.
It was more then a toy, It was an orgasm pleasure machine.
After reading about what the machine did, I searched for some porn videos of the machine working.
There were thousands of videos.
I clicked on one and the girl was moaning and coming in minutes.
She sat on it nude and used the controller to turn it on.
She was liking the vibrations and then put it a little faster.
She started to hump the machine and was screaming in pleasure.
I couldn’t stand it and had to go see what the hell it felt like.
I didn’t bother to turn my computer off, but ran back to my mother’s room to take the Sybian out of the box and get started.
I shut the door and pulled the machine out of the box.
I carried it to floor and plugged it in.
My mother had a bag of attachments.
I found the one for the clitoris and put that onto the machine.
I figured I’d go slow and work myself up.
I then took off my panties and my tee shirt.
I sat on the machine and turned it on.
I couldn’t believe the vibrations on my clitoris.
It was very shocking how amazing it felt.
I turned it up a little faster and started to move my pussy on it.
I sat straight up and held the wall and humped the machine.
It was a very powerful machine.
The vibrations felt amazing on my clitoris.
I could feel myself going to lose it.
“Fucking hell.
This fucking thing is amazing!” I was playing with it on high and then put it at full tilt.
It was so loud and so strong.
I kept moving my pussy all over it and I could feel myself getting ready to come.
My juices were pouring down the machine.
I did hope that it would be okay.
I jumped off of it and ran to the linen closet to get some towels.
I did find that my knees were hurting a little bit.
I decided to carry it into my own room.
I wanted to put it onto my bed.
I lifted it up.
I guess it was about forty pounds and carried it to my room.
I then ran back to get my clothes.
I didn’t want to leave them there and get caught.
I put the Sybian on my bed with the towels underneath it and plugged it in.
I wanted to try one of the attachments.
I took a smaller dildo and attached it onto the machine.
I figured I better lube up my pussy so I could fuck this properly.
I went into my drawer and pulled out some lube.
I wiped it all over my pussy and over the attachment.
I then eased my pussy down on the attachment and turned it on.
The controller had two knobs one for rotation and the other for vibration.
I turned the rotation all the way up and felt it thrusting into my pussy.
Then I turned the vibration on.
The sensations were just incredible.
My pussy was throbbing and feeling very tingly.
“Holy Fuck.
This baby is amazing.
Shit!” The dildo was now thrusting into my pussy.
I had it on half speed and started to fuck it.
I moved my pussy up and down on the dildo.
I played with my firm breasts while I fucked this machine.
I now understood what my mother was doing.
My cunt was dripping juices on the attachment.
“I’m coming! Holy hell.
” I moved my pussy up and down and squeezed my breasts together.
I couldn’t believe how fucking amazing this thing felt on my cunt.
“Who needed a boyfriend or a husband?” This was the most amazing thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to play with.
Online Now! Lush Cams SophiaColeman I tried to stay on it a while, however, my legs felt like jelly and my pussy was a wet mess.
I got off of it and tried a bigger dildo.
I again put lube all over my pussy and attached the bigger dildo.
I then eased myself back onto the dildo.
I will say this next one was pretty big.
My pussy is very tiny and I had trouble getting this one inside of myself.
I got off the bed and took the dildo off.
I took my mirror and sat on the floor and pushed this large dildo into my pussy.
It really was quite big and it kind of hurt getting it up inside of myself.
I pulled it out and put even more lube all over my pussy.
I was really lubed up and started to play with it.
It was huge and my pussy definitely needed to stretch a lot to accommodate it.
It felt really different because the other one was smaller and thinner.
I wanted to get my pussy used to it before I rode it on the Sybian.
I couldn’t imagine how the bigger cock would feel when I turn the Sybian on.
“Fucking Hell.
This feels so good up inside of me.
” I was moving the dildo into my pussy.
I couldn’t even get the whole thing inside of myself, but what I could, felt really good.
I couldn’t wait and ran to the bed to put it onto the Sybian.
I then eased my tight pussy onto the dildo and turned the rotation on full tilt and then the vibrations on.
It was so big, but my pussy was well lubed.
Once it was inside of myself, I started to fuck it.
It was so big and in the thrusting mode, it hit my g-spot.
My pussy was now stretched and I was able to ride it.
“Fucking hell.
I’m going to come.
Fuck!” I was screaming and moaning and having the time of my life, when all of a sudden my bedroom door swung open and my stepfather walked in.
“I guess you found your mom’s new toy? I could hear you from downstairs.
” “Robert, you scared me!” I didn’t get off the Sybian.
I continued to ride it, but did cover my breasts.
“You look really sexy on it.
The towel is soaking wet.
I’d say you’ve had a lot of orgasms today.
” “I think everybody should have one of these things in their home.
I really love it.
” “Don’t let your mother catch you on it.
She might be a little upset.
I bought it for her a few months ago.
” “Please don’t tell her that I tried it out.
” “I can see you really love it.
You haven’t even got off of it, since I came in.
You look like quite a little slut on it.
I see you have the biggest attachment on.
Are you liking the way it feels in your tight, little pussy?” “It feels kind of how it feels when you get fucked.
I love how big and thick it is.
I really don’t want to get off of it.
” “You’re a little minx.
I can see how wet your pussy is getting.
Why don’t you get off of it and let me take a little taste.
You know I’ve always thought you were such a sexy girl.
” “But what would my mother think?” “She won’t know.
I know you want me to lick your sweet, tight, pussy.
Get off that fucking thing and spread your legs.
Let me pleasure you.
” “You promise you won’t tell my mother?” “I won’t tell her anything.
Now get off that thing and come here.
” I turned the Sybian off.
My pussy was stretched out and the cream and juices were spilling out of my cunt.
I took the Sybian off my bed and got on my back.
I opened my long legs for Robert.
My stepfather walked near the bed and looked at my pussy.
He smiled and licked his lips.
He had a very horny look on his face.
I just smiled back at him.
“You’re full of come, sweetie.
I can’t wait to lick you.
” “Go on, Robert.
” My stepfather got on his knees and started to kiss my pussy lips.
He sucked on each lip and swirled his tongue all over my juices.
His tongue felt amazing on my bald lips.
I was grinding up against his face.
My hands were playing with my perky breasts.
“Fuck, you taste so sweet.
What a doll you are.
” “A doll just for you.
A living doll for you to enjoy.
” My stepfather was slurping on my juices.
Moving his tongue fast along my pussy lips.
He was humming on my cunt which was driving me absolutely crazy.
I’d love if you’d fuck me.
Is that being too much of a dirty girl? Will you fuck my pussy?” “I’d love to fuck your pussy.
I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while.
You’re such a hot girl.
You walk around here with your little short skirts and your tight shirts.
I’ve wanted a piece of your ass for the last year.
” “I never knew.
” “Fuck, yes.
Now put your legs high in the air.
I’m going to slide my dick into your sweet cunt.
” “Okay.
” I did as my stepfather said to do.
He stood there just looking at me while he took off his clothes.
When he removed his boxers.
I was surprised that he had an erection.
He had a nice long cock.
I was excited for him to slide it into my cunt.
“Step-daddy, please will you fuck me with your cock? Please fuck, your little doll.
” “You’re such a little tease.
Do you want my big dick? Beg for it!” “Step-daddy, fuck your little kitten with your big baton.
Fuck me like the little slut I am.
” My stepfather wiped his cock all over my wet pussy.
My pussy was stretched out from the big dildo.
My stepfather pushed his cock all the way up inside of my pussy and then he fucked me hard and fast.
I played with my perky breasts.
“You have a nice pussy.
I like how wet you are.
Do you like how nasty this is? You’re a very dirty girl riding on your mother’s Sybian.
Coming on it for your stepfather.
You’re pussy feels good on my dick.
You’re my little whore!” “Step-daddy, fuck me harder.
Fuck me harder with your cock.
Seed my pussy with your come.
” My stepfather was fucking my pussy very fast and hard.
I was moving with him as he got deeper and harder into my cunt.
“I want you on your hand and knees.
I want to give you a proper fucking.
” My stepfather pulled out and I got on my hands and knees.



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