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Latest stories Taboo Gretchen Gets Caught Smoking and Drinking

School had just ended, and my friends and I all hopped into Jason’s car.
We were going to hang out at McDonald’s before going home.
Jason was driving and Molly, his girlfriend, were in the front seat.
Carolyn, Jackie, and myself were in the backseat.
We went into McDonald’s, and we all ordered.
Everybody got shakes and fries.
We hung out in the back of the restaurant and ate.
Jason had put some songs on his cellphone and we were eating and horsing around.
Eventually, we were thrown out of the restaurant.
We left and went in the back by the garbage dumpster and were smoking cigarettes.
Jason had a few flasks of black berry brandy inside of his trunk.
We all took swigs of the brandy and smoked cigarettes.
We were all smoking and having fun.
All of a sudden, my stepfather pulled up in his Mercedes and caught me smoking and my friends drinking.
I felt sick to my stomach, because my stepfather didn’t know that I smoked.
I knew he was going to be really pissed.
My stepfather rolled his window down and started to talk to me.
“Gretchen, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” “I’m sorry about the smoking.
I’m just hanging out with my friends.
” “Get in the car! We’re going home.
” “See you later, guys.
I’m so dead.
” “I’ll call you later, Gretchen.
” I opened the car door and got into his car.
“What the hell are you doing? I hope to God you were just experimenting and that was your first time you smoked.
I saw your friends drinking out of a flask.
What the hell were they drinking?” “Jason had some blackberry brandy.
I just smoke when I’m around my friends.
” “I would have thought you’d be smarter then to be part of peer pressure.
” “It’s not like I’m addicted to smoking.
I can stop any time.
” “You better stop smoking.
It’s costly and makes your teeth yellow and gives you bad breath.
Also, you can die from it.
I’m still trying to figure out how you guys even bought them.
You have to be twenty-one to do both.
I’m assuming the brandy came from Jason’s house?” “Jason got it from his house.
Carolyn’s mother smokes and she took a few packs.
” “Your mother isn’t going to like this.
In fact, she’s going to be really pissed off.
I hope you know that you’re going to have to stop smoking.
Smoking is really bad for you.
Who wants to have their clothes smell and have bad breath.
I’m really disappointed with you.
” My stepfather continued driving to our house.
He yelled most of the way.
I knew I was in big trouble.
I just needed to think of a way for him not to tell my mother.
My mother would be devastated that I was drinking and smoking.
The two things that I promised her I would never do.
We finally arrived at our house.
We both walked inside and my stepfather and I continued to talk in the living room.
He walked over to his recliner and sat down.
I stood in front of him.
“I promise, I’ll never smoke again.
Please don’t tell my mother.
I could do things for you.
Just please don’t tell her.
I know she’s going to be really mad.
” “What do you have in mind?” “I could wash your car every Saturday.
” “I take my car to the car wash every week.
” “I could iron your shirts.
” “I take them to the dry cleaner every week.
” “I could clean the pool.
” “We have a pool service that does that.
” I just looked at him.
He seemed really pissed off.
I had to think of something that would be exciting and intriguing to him.
I knew he had every intention to tell my mother.
“I could give you a blow job every day.
” “You want to suck my cock every day.
Your mother will be pissed off about the smoking and the drinking, but she’ll divorce me if she finds out you’re sucking my cock.
Are you off your fucking rocker?” “I mean it.
I’ll suck your cock every day.
You can even come down my throat.
” My stepfather just looked at me.
He was looking at me with a devilish grin.
I think he was intrigued by my offer.
“How many cocks have you even sucked?” “I have sucked a few.
” “Let’s do it.
Let me see what a good cock-sucker you are.
” My stepfather stood up and unzipped his pants.
He pulled his boxers and his pants down to his feet.
“You’re going to have to get me hard first.
Wrap your hands around my cock and play with it.
” “Okay.
” I knelt down in front of my stepfather and held his cock.
I moved my hands up and down.
Online Now! Lush Cams Stevens_Connor He had a weird look on his face while I played with his cock.
The more I pulled at it, the bigger it got.
“Hold my balls too.
God, you’re making me so horny.
I know this is really wrong but, damn girl I think we’ve got a deal.
You’re so good at this.
I want you to kiss my cock.
” I kissed his cock going up the left side and then down the right side.
I looked up at him while I adored his cock.
He was smiling and enjoying my efforts.
“Kiss my balls too.
Stuff them into your gorgeous mouth.
” I kissed his warm balls.
I picked up the left one and put it into my mouth.
I sucked on his warm ball and massaged the other one.
He played with my long blonde hair.
“Suck it! Put my cock into your mouth.
” I wrapped my lips around my his cock and took him down my throat.
I bobbed along his stiff dick.
He had a decent sized cock.
I was making all kinds of wet sucking noises, while I gave him head.
“Put your hands on my hips.
Open your mouth really wide.
Keep pace with me.
” I held his hips and he face fucked my mouth.
He was groaning and moaning.
“I’m going to come.
Jesus!” My stepfather blew his load down my throat.
“Make sure and swallow it!” I swallowed his hot cream and just smiled at him.
“You’re a good cock-sucker.
I think that will take care of the drinking.
If you let me lick your pussy, that will take care of the smoking.
” “That wasn’t part of the deal.
I said I’d give you head.
” “The deal has changed now.
You could either let me lick your pussy or we can just fuck.
It’s your choice.
” “I don’t want to have sex with you.
You’re my stepfather.
” “You didn’t care that I was your stepfather when you had my cock down your pretty throat.
What’s the difference?” “Sex is a lot different then sucking cocks.
” “I guess, I’ll just tell your mother.
I’m sure you’ll be grounded.
She’ll take away all your devices or we could just have sex.
” “Fine.
But, no kissing.
I don’t want to kiss you at all.
That’s way too personal.
” “You’re going to have to make me hard again.
Put your pretty mouth back on my cock.
After that, you can fuck me on the chair.
” “Fine.
” I got back down on my knees and played with his cock.
I moved my fingers up and down.
I sucked on his smooth balls.
It didn’t take too long and he was hard again.
“Take off your clothes.
I’ll sit on the chair.
Ease down on my cock and fuck me.
Show me how you fuck.
” “Fine.
” My stepfather sat on a chair from the dining room.
His cock was standing straight up.
I took my clothes and approached my stepfather.
“You have a beautiful body, Gretchen.
” “Do you have a condom? I don’t want to get pregnant.
” “I’m sterile.
There’s no way you’ll get pregnant.
” I pushed his cock into my pussy.
Once I had him inside of me, I rocked and moved over his cock.
My small perky breasts were bouncing while I fucked him.
I couldn’t believe I was fucking my stepfather.
I was enjoying it though.
He just looked at me with a weird look while I moved my pussy up and down over his cock.
He was playing with my breasts which was making me really excited and wet.
My nipples were hard and stiff.
“I really want to kiss you.
Would it be okay?” “I said no kissing.
It’s way too personal.
” “You’re so beautiful and it will make the experience feel better.
” “Okay, but just this once.
” He put his lips on mine and we shared a passionate kiss.
His hands were wrapped around my body while we made love.
His kisses were deep and passionate.
I couldn’t believe I was making love with him.
“Get back down on your knees.
I want you to finish me off with your mouth.
” I climbed off him and got back on my knees.
I wrapped my mouth around his cock and sucked his dick a little while longer.
He was playing with my hair while I took all of his cock into my mouth.
My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth.
“Fuck! I’m coming.
” He blew another load down my mouth.
I swallowed it all down.
“That was amazing.
Your secrets are safe with me.
As much as I enjoyed this, this will be the last time we’re together sexually.
I really don’t want to do this again.
” “So we’re good now?” “Yes.
Go take a shower.
Your mom will be home soon.
I’ll order a pizza.
” “Thanks for not telling.
” I grabbed my clothes and went upstairs.
I was glad that he wasn’t going to be telling my mother what I did.
I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to give him a blow job every day.
He really was a nice guy.
I definitely would not be smoking or drinking again.
I learned my lesson.



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