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Latest stories Straight Sex The Guessing Game – Part II

Kayla hastily tried to rearrange her clothes and comb her fingers through her hair to tame the “just fucked” tangle.
Someone released her feet from their buckles and she brought her legs back together, realizing for the first time how stiff she had become.
“Can I take off this blindfold yet?” Kayla asked.
“Just hold on a minute,” Melina ordered.
Kayla heard the jingle of a belt buckle and the zip of a zipper, and then the slam of the limo door as someone exited the vehicle.
“Now you can take off your blindfold.
” Kayla pulled the cloth away from her face and examined her surroundings for the first time.
It looked like a normal limo, aside from several buckles fixed to the floor and seats that resembled the ones used to restrain her own feet.
Melina and Daphne were seated across from her, looking immaculate once more in their dresses and heels.
Kayla shyly met the eyes of her friends and blushed, but they only grinned.
“We knew you would never agree if we told you what our plans were,” Daphne said sheepishly.
“And there is still more to our plan,” Melina added with a wink.
“Now let’s get out of this limo and have some fun ladies!” She whooped and threw the door open, stepping out onto the pavement.
The other two girls followed, Kayla on legs that still trembled slightly beneath her.
The girls walked arm-in-arm toward the entrance of an expensive looking club.
With a wink from Melina, the bouncer nodded and held the door open for the girls, allowing the lively beat of music to spill out onto the pavement.
With excitement dancing in her eyes, Melina led them inside and straight into the press of bodies on the dancefloor.
The girls danced and ground against each other, gaining attention and admiration from all of the guys around them.
Just when Kayla felt the night was starting to heat up again, a tall stranger came up behind Melina and tapped her on the shoulder.
When she saw him, her eyes lit up again, this time with a more feral sort of excitement.
“Follow me,” she mouthed at the other two girls, and then started to weave through the dancefloor after the stranger.
They were led off the dancefloor, through the people mingling around the bar, and into a small, dimly lit room.
The door was closed behind him, muffling the sounds from the room beyond.
They were alone except for three men who stood in a line along the back of the room, hands clasped behind their backs.
Kayla raised an eyebrow at Melina.
The other girl took a moment to allow her eyes to travel across the sleek physique of each of the men in the room before turning back to answer her friend’s unasked question.
“In this room you will have your second main form of entertainment for the evening.
These men are Lucas, Scott and Ian.
” She indicated each of the three men in turn.
Each flashed Kayla with a brilliant smile that made her cheeks flash pink again.
“Consider this part of the evening to be a sort of challenge,” Melina continued.
“One of these men was the one that was riding the limo with us on the way here.
It is your job to figure out which one it was.
” She paced along the line of men, trailing her fingers along their firm stomachs.
“You will be given ten minutes alone in this room with each of them, to conduct whatever sort of…research…you wish.
You will have until midnight to inform me which one you believe was your mystery limo lover.
Consider carefully, because if you guess incorrectly you will be teased and tortured by all of us at our discretion.
” “And if I win?” Kayla questioned.
“We’ll keep that a surprise.
” Melina smiled wickedly and winked.
Kayla swallowed and felt anticipation growing in her gut again.
Melina took Daphne’s hand and led her out of the room with the tall stranger who had brought them there.
Scott and Ian followed.
From the doorway, Melina paused, one of her hands already seeking out the bulge in the stranger’s pants.
“Your time with Lucas starts now.
” She closed the door with a snap, leaving the two of them alone in the dim light.
Kayla looked shyly at Lucas and walked across the room to stand in front of him, uncertain what to do next.
Online Now! Lush Cams Fillip_Fane He stood comfortably, waiting for her to do something.
“How did you get convinced to play this…game?” she asked.
Lucas just smiled and shook his head slightly.
“You can’t talk?” He nodded.
So there went her first idea on how to identify him.
The man in the limo had whispered into her ear, but now she would never be able to try and identify his voice.
That meant there was only one way she would be able to guess.
Watching his eyes to make sure he didn’t object, she reached for the buckle of his pants, fingers grazing past the bulge that was already growing.
She didn’t know why she was so nervous, considering all that she did on the ride here.
Maybe it was because now she could see his face, and the hunger in his eyes.
She successfully undid his pants and dropped them to the floor, pulling his boxers down after them.
He stepped out of them with a flourish, and now it was more than just he that was standing at attention.
Kayla eyed her specimen.
It was long and hard, but then, weren’t they all? She wouldn’t be able to tell by looking, because she had never seen it in the first place.
Feeling more bold, she reached out and grabbed his member firmly about the base, judging how well it filled her hand.
Was this the right one? She couldn’t tell.
She started to pump her fist up and down his length, watching his eyes close in pleasure.
If she could just get him to groan, she would know.
But as she continued, no sound escaped his lips, despite the fact that he was thrusting his hips forward eagerly into her hand.
She glanced at the clock and saw that 5 minutes were already gone.
Half of her precious time had already disappeared, and she still had no idea.
Kayla sank to her knees in front of him and took him in her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat.
As she sucked on him she slipped a hand between her own legs to where it was fast becoming wet again.
Her fingers skated across her clit and she moaned softly around his cock.
It was time for the last test.
Rising to her feet again, she pulled him over to the couch, all the while removing parts of her clothing.
Sitting down on the couch and spreading her legs wide, she beckoned him with a finger.
“Fuck me,” she whispered, and he obliged.
With no delay, his cock was buried deep inside her and he was thrusting, pounding.
He knew how little time they had left.
His member rammed into that delicious sweet spot inside her pussy and she curled her toes in pleasure.
Kayla gasped as each thrust brought her higher, made her tighter.
She was balanced on a tightrope, just about to fall… Above her, Lucas was panting.
His hands were holding her waist to keep her from sliding away as he lost himself in her wetness.
He was so close; she was so close.
And then the door flew open.
“Time’s up!” Melina’s voice called.
Lucas pulled out, but he had already been pushed over the edge.
With a grunt, his cock exploded, shooting his cum across Kayla’s belly and breasts.
Kayla herself whimpered in frustration as she felt what had been building inside her slowly ebb away, leaving her with an aching emptiness.
Sounds from the club filled the room – Melina had left the door wide open and people were stopping curiously to stare through the door, right at Kayla with her legs still spread wide and her pussy exposed.
She blushed and jumped up, hurriedly pulling her skirt back on and wiping away the cum with her discarded panties.
Melina was smirking as Lucas pulled his pants back on and left the room.
“I’ll give you a moment before I send Scott in.
” As she paused in the doorway, Kayla noticed that her friend was no longer wearing a bra.
Instead her nipples were showing through her tight dress, pert and pointed.
Then she turned and left, leaving Kayla alone to ponder whether she had learned anything from that quick encounter.



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