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His name is Gino, short for ‘Giovani’.
Gino lived in the toughest neighborhood in town and that would explain his attitude.
He walked with an attitude, talked with an attitude, and treated girls with an attitude.
In short, he was the Tony Manero from Saturday Night Fever in his hometown.
Girls loved him and that means in a literal sense.
Gino never had to ask a girl for sex.
Ever since he turned sixteen as a sophomore in high school, he was invited to all of the teen parties.
In most cases, he wound up in the bedroom fucking a cheerleader or the girl hosting the party.
He has never had a steady girlfriend.
He doesn’t need one.
Gino’s beat up Chevy was frequently seen in the upscale neighborhood outside of the homes of the richest and most popular girls in town.
He wasn’t very particular about whom he fucked.
The girl could be big breasted, small breasted, blonde, brunette, or a red head.
Gino didn’t care if they were thin or even a little chunky.
He loved them all and they all loved him.
It was easy to see why Gino was the sexiest thing on two legs.
More than his swagger, his physical features advertised sex.
He had a head of generous jet black hair, broad shoulders but not overly muscular, a tight ass, and a killer smile.
Gino made a girl feel like a princess just by looking at her.
Going into his junior year, Gino realized he had unique and special qualities and decided to capitalize on his local fame with the girls.
The week before school started in the fall, he was spending some quality time with Francine when he suggested to her a special kind of party.
Francine was a senior and her family was rich.
Because her parents were out of town a lot, she often hosted weekend parties.
She also loved sex so Gino was invited to her house on a regular basis.
They would raid her parents’ liquor cabinet and get a little high smoking weed.
The sex was adventurous and experimental.
Francine actually taught Gino a thing or two about pleasuring a girl which he then used to his advantage with other girls.
Anyway, Gino suggested they host a sex party.
Francine was giddy with excitement.
“How do we do it?” Francine asked enthusiastically .
“It’s easy.
You get three girls along with yourself and I’ll get the guys.
Just tell them that Gino and Francine are giving a private party and it is only for invited guests.
It can’t be like your weekend parties where everyone at school knows about it.
” Francine asked, “Do I tell the girls our plan, I mean, that it is a sex party?” “If you choose the girls carefully and can trust them, just hint that the party would be different and they should come ready for anything.
” “Okay, how about the guys?” Gino said, “I’ll get the guys and tell them to bring condoms but keep it a secret.
They’ll get the message.
” “When do we start, Gino?” “Next weekend if your parents are away.
” Francine agreed and the die was cast, that is, they set plan in motion.
What Francine didn’t know was that Gino was inviting six boys, not three, along with himself and he was charging them twenty dollars each.
His plan was to have a little fun and make a profit at the same time.
The guys didn’t blink at paying twenty bucks when they realized what they were getting.
The party went off as planned.
There were four girls who were sworn to secrecy and seven boys who promised to keep their mouth shut knowing if news got out about the evening, this would be their last party at Francine’s.
Two of the guys had already graduated from high school and they brought the booze.
Delores, Francine’s best friend, had connections and contributed the pot.
So, all was party ready.
The group was nervous and unsure of themselves so getting a little high relaxed most of the guests.
Nothing happened after the first hour and some of the guys were getting aggressive.
Gino sensed the tension and said, “Francine, the boys would like to see a little tit.
Show us what you’ve got.
” Francine raised her tee shirt and Lee went behind her and pulled it up over her head.
The guys put out a collective yell of appreciation when they realized she was bra-less.
Francine smiled and swung her shoulders left to right to make her ample boobs sway.
There were more howls from the appreciative males.
“Who’s next?” shouted Ben, the burly hairy man who was already in his twenties.
None of the girls moved until Francine tickled the girl next to her and said, “Come on Bev.
You’ve got great tits.
” Francine’s encouragement along with the high she felt left Bev with few inhibitions.
Bev unbuttoned her blouse and Barry unfastened her bra.
More cheers from the guys.
Bev had bigger tits than Francine and very fat nipples.
She was by far the sexiest girl in the room.
Her physical attributes were admired by everyone, even the girls.
The stripping was contagious and it wasn’t long before all four girls were topless.
The guys moved in and began to fondle the girl’s tits for long enough for Francine to start rubbing Gino between the legs.
Gino unzipped his fly and pulled out his already hard cock.
“Look girls, it’s time for us to enjoy some boy meat.
” Francine demonstrated by licking her lips and taking Gino into her mouth.
It was the girls’ turn to let out a scream.
In a flash, a sort of mayhem followed.
The guys had their pants down presenting their ‘meat’ to whichever horny girl was hungry and willing.
That meant all of them.
The imbalance of guys to girls found Francine giving Gino a blow job and stroking Ben with a hand job.
The other girls had to do double duty as well, just like their hostess.
Cindi had been quiet the whole time but she was the first one to say, “Let’s fuck!” Griffin had also been on the sidelines until now.
He grabbed Cindi and lowered her to the floor pulling off her shorts and panties.
He didn’t bother to take off his jeans but just lowered them to his knees.
Cindi spread her legs and Griffin helped himself to her wide open pussy.
That led to a free-for-all.
As soon as Griffin had finished inside Cindi, Zach plowed into her and the same thing happened with the other girls.
Natalie was the only one game for DP.
She was the most vocal of all the girls each time she had an orgasm attracting lots of attention from the others.
If it wasn’t for Linda screaming and crying when Greg tried to push his cock in her ass, the others might have tried anal but Linda’s anguish was too much for the other girls.
By midnight, the boys were exhausted.
Competitive as always, the guys tried to upstage each other by bragging that they had cum three, even four times.
The girls just lay around dazed and naked on the furniture with cum filled pussies and glad for the time out.
The party was a huge success and Gino decided to make it a source of income for himself and Francine.
He confessed to her that the guys had paid to get into the party and that the next time he would charge them more and share it with her.
Gino didn’t tell her what he was charging but said he would give her half.
The truth was he would charge fifty dollars a head and give Francine fifteen.
The next sex party was bigger and better.
The news got around with little Tweets until a dozen girls had heard about it and some wanted in.
A few of the girls were older and in college and made plans to be home for the party.
On the other hand, Gino’s guys were more than happy to fork over fifty bucks.
The final tally was nine girls and twelve guys at party number two.
The only difference this time was that there was no delay in getting laid.
They paired up quickly.
In some cases it was a threesome and in Natalie’s case, a foursome.
Everyone left the party happy and fully satisfied.
It finally occurred to Francine that if Gino was charging the guys, why shouldn’t she charge the girls? Gino wasn’t happy with that idea because he said the girls wouldn’t come to a party when they had to pay to get laid.
This gave Gino another idea.
Why not have a cover charge for the guys and then they could ‘tip’ each girl before he had sex with her, say a nominal fee of ten dollars a fuck.
That would give the girls some clothes money and encourage their participation.
Gino ran it by Francine who simply said, “Hey, let’s try it.
” Well, it worked fine for two more parties but then the novelty wore off and the girls didn’t like the guy’s attitude when they were call whores each time they were given a tip.
Rumors were circulating around the school that someone was having sex parties and the heat was on.
Gino and Francine decided it was time to stop.
   *** The teen sex parties were history but Gino fell into another opportunity by the end of his junior year.
Gino just had that special knack of being in the right place at the right time.
This time it was by pure accident along with an almost unfortunate accident.
One Saturday afternoon when Cheryl’s mom was away to do some clothes shopping, Cheryl invited Gino over for, let’s say, some tea.
The tea party took place naked in Cheryl’s bed and since they had the house to themselves, they took their time consuming and consummating their affection for the drink.
By four in the afternoon, Gino had consumed much of Cheryl’s sexual juices and Cheryl had her thirst quenched with Gino’s milky fluids.
It was at this point in the afternoon that Gino had his cock firmly planted into Cheryl’s cunt and they were actively moving about to gain the fullest amount of pleasure from from each other.
Her legs were stretched over Gino’s shoulders when there was a light knock on the door.
“Cheryl, are you in there?” and at that her mother walked in the room.
“Oh my God,” was all she said and turned away and walked out.
The two lovers were too far along to end without the release they were so close to achieving.
Gino increased his strokes at a furious pace.
Cheryl let out a blood curdling scream as her orgasm produced wave after wave of satisfaction within her vagina and simultaneously, Gino poured his cum deeply into her wet pussy.
Neither of them were fully aware that Cheryl’s mom had caught them in the act until they began to recover and came to their senses.
Cheryl said, “What are we going to do, Gino?” Gino said, “Don’t worry.
I’ll deal with it.
” Most people would think that Gino would try to sneak out of the house unnoticed but when Cheryl and Gino walked downstairs, he walked directly and intentionally into the living room where Cheryl’s mom was waiting.
“We have to talk, young man,” Cheryl’s mom said sternly.
“But first I need to deal with my daughter.
I’ll deal with you later.
” “Yes mam,” he politely replied.
“I want to have a little talk with you right after school tomorrow.
What time do you leave school?” “At four,” he said.
I’ll pick you up at four.
Look for me in a black Mercedes.
Remember, what I have to say is between the two of us.
Understand?” she said.
“Yes mam.
” And Gino waltzed out the door to his car as if he hadn’t a care in the world.
A few minutes past four the next day, Timberly, Cheryl’s mom, drove her sleek Mercedes in front of the school.
Gino opened the door and Timberly Meyers said, “Get in.
” “Nice to see you again, Mrs.
Meyers,” Gino said as he put his shirt over his lap leaving him with a naked chest.
“It’s a hot one today, isn’t it Mrs.
Meyers?” “Call me Timberly and cut the small talk, Gino,” she said authoritatively .
“Okay, what’s up?” “I need to find a quiet place for us to have our talk.
After I park, we’ll have a short discussion about sex and my daughter.
” That came as no surprise to Gino but what surprised him was how Mrs.
Meyers was dressed.
She wore a fishnet mini skirt showing off her long tanned legs and a blouse with cleavage to spare.
He tried not to stare but he knew he would get a better view once the car was parked.
Timberly parked the car in a secluded parking lot in a remote section of the county park.
She put the car into park and said, “Gino, I know about your reputation with the girls and I understand most of the girls in school are sexually active.
That’s why I put Cheryl on the pill when she turned sixteen.
So, although I was stunned by seeing you and Cheryl in her bedroom yesterday, I wasn’t totally surprised.
Cheryl and I had a talk last night and I tried to emphasize to her the importance of being discreet.
I’m afraid that was not the case yesterday.
” “Yes mam,” Gino replied.
“I want you to know that it isn’t just the high school girls that have noticed you.
Many of their mothers have also paid attention to you and to be honest, many of them are jealous of their daughters.
Hey, I was more than stunned yesterday.
I was jealous too.
” “Fine.
I’m cool with that.
” “Do you find me attractive, Gino?” she asked while parting her legs every so slightly.
“Of course, Mrs.
” “Would you like to fuck me, Gino?” She raised her skirt showing him that she wore no panties.
“Sure Mrs.
” “Gino, you need to understand that this is not my usual style but seeing you and Cheryl having sex just turned me on and I’m so horny I need a man like you.
I haven’t had sex for six months ever since my husband left me for some bimbo at work.
” “I get it, Mrs.
Meyers,” he said and reached over to unbutton her blouse.
She wore no bra and Timberly’s breasts hung naked ready for the taking.
While Gino was busy with Timberly Meyers’ tits, she was busy unzipping Gino’s pants and soon had his cock in hand.
She felt his precum and had no inhibitions about tasting his leaking cock.
She was down on him and sucked at his hard pecker as he fingered her wet pussy.
She didn’t need the foreplay.
Timberly was eager to get his cock inside her and moved on top of Gino straddling his thighs.
She took hold of his stiff member and stuffed it inside her cunt letting out a sigh of contentment.
“Oh Gino, this is what I’ve been dreaming about forever.
Fuck me and fuck me hard.
” And he did just that.
When they both had finished, it might be an understatement to say Timberly Meyers was satisfied with the result.
With Gino’s cum trickling down her legs, she drove back to the school and dropped Gino off.
It had been only an hour since they began their little talk.
Timberly said to him as he turned to leave, “Gino, I enjoyed our little talk.
Do you think we can do it again soon?” “Sure, Mrs Meyers.
” So it was.
Gino became Timberly Meyers’ full time stud until one day Gino said, “Mrs.
Meyers, what would you think of us having a threesome?” Shocked, Timberly said, “What on earth are you thinking, Gino? Don’t you like the attention I’ve given you?” “Yes, Mrs.
Meyers, but let’s face it, you might like trying something different.
Maybe you would like to add some spice to our time together just to keep things interesting.
Anyway, you have told me how jealous the mothers are when I was with their daughters.
” “What are you suggesting, Gino? You want me to ask one of my friends to join us?” “Exactly.
Let them in on our little secret.
” “I’ve got to think about that, Gino.
Maybe it would be okay.
I’ll let you know next week.
” Friday after school, Gino got a Tweet saying, “Saturday night at eight.
Don’t be late, Mrs.
” Gino was used to getting these blunt messages from Mrs.
Meyers and it annoyed him.
It sounded too demanding but the perks were worth it.
He showed up the next evening, on time, dressed in the new threads Timberly had bought for him the previous month.
Gino was her stylish John Travolta and dressed to kill.
On this occasion, he was greeted by two smiling women, Timberly Meyers and Joyce.
He knew Joyce as Mrs.
Fields while dating her daughter last year.
“Hello, Gino.
Surprised?” Mrs.
Fields asked.
“Of course.
It is nice to see you again.
” “Timberly asked me to join you tonight,” she explained.
“Will that be alright with you?” “Of course.
If it is okay with Mrs.
Meyers, it is fine with me.
” Timberly cut in curtly, “Cut the bullshit, Gino.
This was your idea.
” The three sat around the coffee table sipping a martini before heading up to the bedroom.
“Where’s Cheryl?” Gino asked.
“She’s with her father this weekend.
You don’t have to worry.
We won’t be interrupted.
We have all night,” Timberly said.
In the bedroom, the women decided to put on a little strip show for Gino.
Once the women were naked, Gino got a good glimpse of Joyce Fields’ huge breasts and enormous nipples.
She was only partially shaved with a landing strip growing above her slit.
She was not in as good a shape as Timberly and was carrying a little weight but her face reminded him of Nicole Kidman.
While Timberly administered to his cock, Joyce sat over his face getting some badly needed oral attention.
Timberly was first to feel his cock inside her but Gino waited to cum until Joyce got her chance.
After all, Timberly had been treated to his hot cum many times so it was only right for it to be Mrs.
Fields’ turn.
Gino had always been a thoughtful boy.
Joyce wasn’t tight like her daughter but her bouncing tits kept his attention.
Although Mrs.
Fields was having multiple orgasms, it took some time before Gino exploded into Joyce Fields’ cunt.
Meanwhile, as Mrs.
Fields continued to fuck Gino, Mrs.
Meyers was over Gino’s face getting her pussy licked and her clit sucked until she had her first orgasm of the night.
Both women would eventually experience several orgasms until Gino was drained.
By two in the morning, all three were asleep.
In the morning, Timberly served breakfast.
“Where’s Mrs.
Fields?” he asked.
“She had to leave early but she asked me to thank you for a fantastic evening.
She thinks we should do it again.
” “What do you think, Mrs.
Meyers?” “It was fun but maybe with another one of my friends.
” “Mrs.
Fields was terrific last night but if you know another friend to join us, that would work too.
” Later that month, Timberly had lined up Teressa for another threesome.
A good time was had by all leading to a tricky situation.
Timberly called Gino on his cell saying, “Something has come up, Gino.
We need to talk.
” “What’s up, Timberly?” “I’d prefer talk with you about it here.
Can you be here within an hour?” “I guess so.
This must be something important and it kind of scares me.
” “Relax, Gino.
It’s under control.
” Gino was at the Meyers’ house in less than a half an hour with a panicked look on his face asking, “Hey, what’s goin’ on?” “Look Gino, it’s not all bad.
Joyce let it slip that she enjoyed the evening with us and her daughter heard about it.
Online Now! Lush Cams LuciRaven Then her daughter told Cheryl and one thing led to another.
Before I knew it, Cheryl actually asked me what it was like to be in a threesome.
” “After the earlier talk I had with Cheryl about being discreet, I had to be honest.
I told her the truth and the truth is that it might not be for everyone but it was great for me and Joyce.
” “Okay, fine.
What else?” “Well, this is the tricky part.
Cheryl asked me how I felt about her being part of a threesome.
What could I say? I mean her mother did it and it would be hypocritical to say she shouldn’t try it.
” “I’m following you so far,” Gino said.
“Okay, so Cheryl and Joyce’s daughter, Rose, got to talking.
You don’t know Rose.
She’s rather withdrawn, shy, and not very social.
She wouldn’t have been running in the same crowd as you.
It’s kind of surprising because Rose is a very pretty girl.
One more thing, Cheryl thinks Rose is a virgin.
” Impatiently, Gino said, “Get to the point Timberly.
” “Okay, the girls want to have a threesome with you tonight.
” “Tonight? Where?” “Here at eight.
” “Are you going to be okay with that?” Gino asked with a twinkle in his eye and a wicked smile.
“Of course,” Timberly replied.
“If I hadn’t agreed, they would have eventually done it on their own with a guy that I couldn’t trust.
I trust you, Gino.
” “Okay, then it’s tonight at eight.
Where will you be?” Gino asked.
“Right here in case Rose needs some support.
A girl’s first time is a special moment, Gino, and she might need a few hugs from a friend.
” The girls had worked out a plan and the plan was for each to watch the other but with Cheryl to go first.
First the girls had to get naked.
Rose was a little shy about it but when she saw Cheryl nude, she followed.
Both giggled while removing Gino’s clothes.
Cheryl said to Rose, “I’ll go first and we’ll do it in several positions then you can decide what you like for your first time.
But you need to relax, Rose, and take hold of Gino’s cock.
” Gino was already hard and Cheryl took Rose’s hand and wrapped it around Gino’ stiff prick.
“How does it feel, Rose?” Cheryl asked with a smile.
Rose wrinkled her nose and said, “Different.
It’s kind of big.
Will it fit?” “Yes it will fit just fine and you’ll love it.
” Gino put his arms around Cheryl leading her to the bed.
Gino was delighted to show off his abilities as he and Cheryl fucked doggie, cowgirl and of course missionary.
Cheryl made certain to keep a smile on her face to indicate to Rose that there was only joy in sex and nothing to fear.
Rose watched intently as if she was learning how to dance the tango for the first time.
Although Cheryl experienced several orgasms making certain that Rose recognized her joy, Gino was careful to wait and hold off for Rose.
It was maybe a half hour before Rose would join them in bed.
Gino could sense Rose’s anxiety and had Cheryl help her along.
“Which position would you like to try first, Rose?” Cheryl asked while Gino sucked on the girl’s virgin tits.
” “When you were on your hands and knees and he was behind you.
He won’t see my face that way.
Will it hurt?” Rose asked.
“Oh Rose, stop worrying.
There is a little pain at first but once you feel his cock inside you, you will forget all about it.
” Gino turned Rose over so he could lick her pussy hoping to get her ready for his steel rod.
He didn’t need to worry.
She was as wet and slick as a whore in heat.
Rose could feel the immense pleasure from the way Gino sucked on her tiny clit and nature soon took over.
With a dreamy expression, Rose abandoned her inhibitions and just followed what came naturally.
Rose let Gino know it was time for him to take her virginity when she moved into the doggie position.
Cheryl left the bed to watch by the window as Gino knelt behind Rose with his hardness pointed straight at the target.
With great care, Gino began entering Rose’s unspoiled, pristine vagina.
Rose was stoic as she felt Gino’s cock enter her for the first time.
Each time he tenderly penetrated her a little further and then further.
Finally, Gino broke through and his cock was all the way in producing a small yelp from Rose.
“Are you okay, Rose?” Cheryl asked.
In a squeaky voice, Rose replied, “I think so.
When does it start to feel good?” “Soon Rose.
Gino knows how to make it good for you.
” Gino didn’t bang into Rose as he had done earlier with Cheryl but just made slow long deliberate strokes until Rose could relax and get accustomed to a foreign body inside her.
After Rose began to feel comfortable with the idea of getting fucked, he suggested she might like being on top so that she could be in control.
Gino turned on his back and Rose followed moving on top.
Rose positioned herself to get him back inside her.
It was a tight squeeze so Cheryl came over to the bed to hold Gino’s cock so that Rose could more easily shift her pussy to get Gino’s cock back where it belonged, inside her slippery cunt.
Cheryl noticed that Gino’s dick was blood stained as she pushed it back into Rose’s slippery slit.
The sight of Rose’s virgin blood made her so horny, she knew the evening couldn’t end without her getting another round with Gino.
Rose seemed to enjoy riding cowgirl and began riding him harder and harder.
It was evident that Rose was loving sex and she was getting the enjoyment that Cheryl had promised.
Cheryl saw that everything was moving along better than either of them had anticipated and decided to take a few pictures.
“Just to capture a sentimental memory of this special occasion,” Cheryl told Rose.
When Rose moved to reverse cowgirl, Cheryl noticed Rose’s lovely tits that were now swollen and hard.
She couldn’t resist and came over to the bed and began sucking on them.
This made Rose even more active and wanted Gino to fuck her in the missionary position.
No longer did Gino need to be gentle and pounded away at Rose’s pussy while Rose became very vocal.
She cried out to Gino, “Do it harder.
Ah! Don’t leave me.
Keep it inside me forever.
” Gino let loose.
He drove his cock deep into Rose’s pussy and erupted with a gusher of cum filling her insides for the first time.
“Oh my God.
Oh my God.
” was all Rose could say.
“Don’t pull out, Gino.
Leave it inside me for a little while longer.
” Cheryl had enough of being a spectator.
She came to the bed and put her pussy over Rose’s face.
“Eat me out you cum filled whore,” Cheryl demanded.
That’s when the meaning of a threesome took root and the three of them played until dawn.
It all worked out to be a very pleasant “memory” for everyone.
Word of mouth via the grapevine is the ancient version of texting but it continued to work well for Gino during his senior year.
His list of MILF woman slowly gained momentum as gossip flowed freely at the grocery store and country club.
Most were married or divorced ladies in their mid to upper thirties needing Gino’s special kind of attention.
Gino was only too glad to supply his services.
Occasionally he would get together with Cheryl and Rose but most of the time he was busy with the local mothers.
Gino narrowly graduated from high school but with the help of a young dedicated teacher who tutored him over the final months of his senior year, he barely scraped by.
Of course, he had his way with her by tutoring her on the finer points of intimacy.
In other words, he got her pregnant.
They both left the school in June but for obviously different reasons.
   ***  Over the first few months after graduation, Gino spent his days at the country club’s pool.
He wasn’t a member, of course, but for awhile he was always a welcome guest.
Eventually, his uncle got word that Gino was becoming an issue at the club and hired him at the family construction firm.
They thought he would be perfect in sales.
The men working with Gino were well aware of his exploits.
Each worker would come to Gino in confidence asking him how he did it.
“What’s your secret, Gino?” they would ask.
Gino had no explanation and offered none.
Charisma is difficult to explain and Gino had more than his fair share of personal charm that continued to attract women.
With his numerous connections in the community, he did well lining up mostly remodeling jobs, kitchens, bathrooms, recreation rooms, bedrooms, etc.
He was especially good at bedrooms.
By the time he turned twenty-one, Gino wanted more independence.
That’s when Gino’s entrepreneurial mind went to work again.
If there are mothers out there waiting to be fucked, why not turn it into a business.
The question was, what kind of plan would keep him in the lifestyle to which he had grown accustomed? There was one mother in the community that was more than an occasional fuck.
She was clearly a slut and gossiped about all of the other slut mothers in the neighborhood.
She was vocal and sexually aggressive.
There were no limits with Vanessa Barnes.
Vanessa hosted numerous swinger parties for people in and out of the neighborhood.
She had nurtured a sizable network of friends.
Vanessa was the perfect lady with which he could hatch his plan.
On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, Gino stopped at Vanessa’s house, unannounced.
“Why Gino, what a surprise! What are you doing here.
We weren’t supposed to get together until Saturday night.
” Gino stepped out of the rain and said, “I’ve got an idea.
I think you’ll like it.
” “Okay,” Vanessa said leading him into the living room.
“Have a seat and I’ll get us some hot chocolate.
” “How about a beer?” he said.
“Okay, a beer it is.
” Vanessa returned with a can of Bud and sat across from him.
“Tell me what’s on your mind.
” “I know some of your friends are struggling to make ends meet, right?” “I guess so,” she replied.
“They also need a man’s attention.
Let’s face it, Vanessa.
Lot’s of your friends as horny as the guys I work with.
” “Okay, okay,” she sounded irritated.
“Well, I want to help them out.
” “How’s that? How are you gonna help ’em out, Gino?” Vanessa asked.
“We can satisfy their sexual cravings and at the same time let them earn some money.
” “I see, but then I don’t fully understand, Gino.
” That’s when Gino proposed a plan that would involve Vanessa’s friends to have unlimited sex and get paid at the same time.
Vanessa was skeptical until Gino outlined his business plan.
Here is what he suggested.
Gino would create a social media type of website where each woman could post her assets, pictures, and descriptions.
Potential customers could ‘interview’ each woman with an online chat feature (up to five minute duration) and exchange messages.
No personal e-mail, text or phone numbers would be allowed.
All business arrangements must be made on Gino’s website.
There will be an “ENGAGE” button that the customer presses if interested and that leads to an “AGREEMENT” screen.
The agreement deals with the mechanics of the arrangement such as time, place, and payment.
Only Gino and the woman have access to her account and all communication will be recorded and saved.
There will be ads for the website on both Backpage and Craigslist.
Gino explained, “The payment is a little tricky because it’s impossible to predict which services a woman will provide and we want to be sure our clients pay up.
So, like in some hotels and rent-a-car companies, we will take a credit card payment withholding $1000 until after the fact.
Each woman will complete a quick check list of the services she provided and write a comment about the customer.
The customer will fill out a similar survey indicating the services rendered, a quick Netflix-like rating, and make a comment.
He will then be charged only for the services received.
” “That sounds complicated, Gino,” Vanessa remarked.
“Explaining it is more complicated than it actually is.
Much of it protects the women and we will have a record of good and bad clients.
” “How do us women get paid?” Vanessa asked.
“You get paid according to the services you provided over the period of a month.
I will cut a check at the end of each monthly pay period and send it to you and the others.
” “How much?” “It depends on your services and the satisfaction of each client.
Those of you with the highest ratings get paid the most.
You of course will get a cut for e



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