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After returning home from my night away with Jo, Helene and I had a welcome home fuck, and I told her all about Jo and the fact that she seemed like a changed woman when I left her.
In the middle of the next week, Helene disappeared off to Serena’s one evening, getting back about 8.
“Do you want to see the next stage?” Helene said.
“Yes of course.
” Helene sat down and raised her skirt to reveal two more hoops in her left labia.
I nodded in approval.
I can guess where the next ones will go.
” I said.
“Haha, so you guess there will be more then?” “Of course there will be.
I’m clever like that.
” “That’s why I love you, Phil.
” So it meant that sex was rationed again.
  The next afternoon I got a text from Helene just before five saying she would see me at home later.
There was no mention as to why she would be late.
She eventually got home around 8.
“Good timing,” I said, “dinner is almost ready.
” Helene had one of her cheeky smiles on, but that wasn’t unusual and didn’t necessarily mean anything.
Once we had sat down to eat, she spoke.
“So do you want to know why I was late home?” “Yes, if I am allowed to hear,” I replied.
“Yes you are and its good news, well potentially good news for you.
” “You better continue then.
” Helene went on to tell me that not long before five she decided to go to the Ladies room at work.
When she got there, she could hear a woman crying in one of the cubicles so she knocked on the door to ask if everything was ok and if she could help.
After a while, the woman came out and was very upset.
She told Helene that she didn’t want to go home.
Helene persuaded the woman to go with her to a pub round the corner as soon as work finished.
They both went back to their desks and met in reception 5 minutes later.
By that time the woman seemed a little calmer but still upset.
The woman was Carolyn and worked on a different floor to Helene, and they had seen each other about but didn’t know each other.
Carolyn confessed to Helene that she was in a loveless marriage, husband always away on business or working late if he was home and never paid her any attention.
She was 45, they had a son who was at Uni.
, so she was on her own mostly, and she had just got fed up with her life.
She couldn’t afford to get divorced not living in London, and she did enjoy a luxury lifestyle that ideally she didn’t want to give up.
Helene questioned her about the lack of “attention”, and it transpired that she meant she would like to go out sometimes as a couple to be wined and dined, complimented and yes she admitted that she would like sex sometimes.
“Have you thought about having an affair?” Helene asked her.
“Yes and no.
Yes, the sex would be fun, but I’m not sure I could have an affair.
” “Why not?” Helene went on “Many people do, and it needn’t lead to a marriage break up.
Just have sex for fun, no commitment.
” “It sounds good, but not sure I could do it and anyway, who would want me?” “Carolyn you are an attractive woman, many men would want you.
” “You’re just being kind.
” “No, I’m not.
If you dressed for a night on the town, tidied those tears up and your make up, put on a nice fragrance and smiled, then loads of men would want you.
” “Thank you, Helene, I appreciate that especially coming from such a beautiful woman as you.
” “If you like I could help you find someone, set you up on a dating site or take you out or introduce you to some nice men, or you could use an Escort service!” “I couldn’t go on a dating site.
I wouldn’t want to be recognised, and I certainly don’t want to pay for it.
” “You don’t have to show your face.
There are sites just for people who want affairs.
” “Yes, I have heard.
But it’s  just the thought of meeting just for sex, not sure I could.
” “When you were younger didn’t you meet boys just for fondling or even sex, not expecting a relationship out if it, or knowing that’s all the boy wanted from the date.
” “Yes, I guess so.
But I’m older now.
” “You need to live a bit Carolyn, and do you want the next thirty years to be like this?” “No, certainly not.
” “Well then?” “I would prefer it if you could introduce me to someone then at least I know they are decent rather than a random pick up.
” “Okay, I can do that.
” “Will I be able to back out if I change my mind?” “Of course you can.
No means no and all that.
” “Okay.
So how does this work?” “I haven’t done this before, so bear with me, but I do know someone who might be ideal for you.
” “Tell me more.
” Carolyn brightened up.
“No, not at this stage.
I need to know if he would like to meet you and then its best I think for it to be a meeting so I can introduce him to you and then leave you to it.
” “I’m nervous already!” Carolyn smiled for the first time.
They both finished their drinks, swapped numbers and then went their own way home.
  “So what do you think Phil? Would you like to meet her?” “Interesting proposition.
Tell me more about her?” “Well she is shorter than me, fair hair which is short, probably coloured, dresses very conservatively, only ever seen her in trousers and high necked blouses and fairly flat shoes, but she is attractive facially, tanned, she just needs a good fuck!” “Okay, I’ll meet her.
How do you suggest we do this?” “I will get her to the pub tomorrow straight from work.
You get there when you can but stay at the bar so you can give her the once over, and I can check she is still up for it.
If she is and you are, then I will introduce  you, and we will see how it goes.
” “What about the fact that we are together?” “We won’t mention it.
She will be having an affair, so the fact that you are shouldn’t  surprise her, and we won’t mention “us” unless we have to, but as you have said in the past, we won’t lie to her.
She trusts me, so I don’t want to affect that, I really do care about her and want to help.
” “Okay, sounds good to me.
Where do I take her if she wants to be with me?” “Bring her here, and I will go to Lisa’s.
” So it was all sorted.
  The next day Helene called me at lunchtime to say that Carolyn had agreed to meet her again that night, but she hadn’t told her she might have a meet for her in case she got too worried and backed out.
I left work a few minutes early so I could get a prime location in the bar, so was there five minutes before the ladies arrived.
When they came in Helene saw me straight away but didn’t let on.
They got drinks and sat down so that Helene could see me.
I nodded at her to indicate I was interested and I genuinely was, Carolyn as an attractive woman, older than I would normally date but that didn’t bother me.
I couldn’t hear the girls conversation but was later told was said.
“You look better today, Carolyn.
” “Thank you.
I feel better.
Just chatting with you yesterday helped not just because of what we talked about but just chatting with someone who cares helped.
” “Good.
So have you had any more thoughts about meeting someone?” “You mean about having an affair?” “Well yes, if you want to be blunt.
” “Yes, I have thought about it, and although it doesn’t appeal in so many ways, I will give it ago if you can find someone to introduce me to.
” “Good for you.
I was hoping you would say that because I spoke to the man I mentioned to you after I got home and he is interested in meeting you.
” “My god, your joking.
” “No, he is interested.
” “Okay, but when?” Helene reached across the table and took Carolyn’s hand.
“How about now?” Carolyn’s draw dropped.
“Now?”  “Yes, no time like the present, and no time for you to change your mind.
” “Oh my god.
Does that mean he is here already?” “Yes.
” “Oh, my.
Do I look okay?” “Yes you look fine, but don’t stand up because it looks like you might faint right now.
” “Yes, your right.
” “Shall I call him over?” “Okay,” Carolyn replied nervously.
Helene beckoned towards me, and I slowly approached.
“Hi, Phil,” Helene said, “can I introduce you to Carolyn.
Carolyn, this is Phil.
” “Hi, Carolyn, nice to meet you,” I said.
“Hi, Phil.
” Came the quiet reply from Carolyn.
She was blushing.
“I just need to pop to the ladies.
” Helene quickly left us.
“So, Carolyn, Helene tells me that you would like some male company.
” “Well yes, sort of.
” “It’s okay, I understand, your married and don’t get any attention?” “Yes, that’s right.
Sorry, I’m not normally this nervous, but I have never done this before.
” “First time for everything, I guess.
” “True.
” “I bet you weren’t this quiet with men when you were twenty.
” “Er, no, I wasn’t.
” She smiled at last.
Then for the first time, she looked straight into my eyes.
“Look, Carolyn, I am not going to force you into anything, if you say no, then no it is, but if you want a friend or a friend with extras then that would be great, you are a very attractive woman.
” “Thanks, Phil.
You’re very handsome too.
” “Thank you.
” A moment later Helene came back from the ladies.
“How are you two getting on?” She asked.
“Good, thank you,” Carolyn replied.
“Very good” I added, and Carolyn smiled.
“I’m glad about that.
” Helene said before going on, “So I will leave you two to get to know each other better.
” Helene lent over and kissed me on each cheek, Carolyn got up, and the two women hugged, and I later found out that Carolyn whispered “thank you” in Helene’s ear.
Helene then left.
“So what do we do now Phil?” “Well, it depends on you.
We could stay and chat, find somewhere where we could dance; we could go for a walk or find somewhere private where we could have sex!” “I think its a bit soon for sex on a first date, and I’m still dressed for work.
” “Well, let’s stay here for now and see what happens.
” So we topped up our drinks and did the normal first date stuff, although Carolyn never asked me about any partner I might have.
The conversation wasn’t stilted once Carolyn realised she wasn’t under pressure and we got on well, and she was smiling and laughing before long.
She enjoyed the compliments I gave her, about her figure, tan and general attractiveness and I was sure that if not tonight we would end up in bed.
At about nine o’clock Carolyn said she ought to go as she had quite a way to go and hadn’t realised she would be this late tonight when she had met Helene.
“So Carolyn, would you like to meet again?” “Yes I would, and I guess next time if this is going to be an affair we better consummate it!” “Wow, that’s bold for you, Carolyn.
” “I guess so, but that’s what we are here for isn’t it?” “Yes, and I would very much like to take it to the next level, so can I ask you a personal question, Carolyn? “ “I guess so, yes.
” She did look a little worried as I leant forward not wanting to be overheard.
“Are you natural, trimmed or shaved?” “Wow, that is personal.
” She was blushing.
“Yes, but if I am going to see you naked next time there is no harm telling me is there?” “I suppose not.
Well, I do trim a bit but probably best to say I’m natural.
” “Okay, but before we meet to consummate our relationship I need you to shave, completely!” Carolyn looked shocked.
“I have never done that before.
” “Another first for you then.
” “Er, yes.
” “So you will do it then?” “Yes, but what if my husband sees it?” “That’s not likely is it from what you have said and if he does just say that you read that it is more hygienic to shave these days.
” “Oh okay.
” She still looked shocked but maybe also a little excited.
We stood to leave, as we walked out I asked her.
“So when can we meet again?” “Can we make it Sunday?” “Yes that’s fine, I will text you when and where.
” So we swapped numbers.
I walked Carolyn to the station.
“Can I kiss you?” I asked.
“Yes, please.
” I kissed her gently, on the lips and at first, she didn’t respond, but then she did kiss me back.
There were no tongues, but it was a very nice kiss.
As we parted, she looked a little uncomfortable.
“Nice,” I said.
“Yes, it was” she replied.
So she went to catch her train, and I went back home.
  When I got back, Helene was on her phone, and she put her finger to her mouth to tell me to be quiet.
When the call ended, she told me it was Carolyn on the phone while she was on the train.
“Well Phil, you made an impression.
” “Did I?” “Yes.
Carolyn is so excited.
She told me that you have asked her to shave, and she is a bit worried about that.
I even offered to go and help her, but she said no in the end.
But I have arranged to go shopping with her to get some new underwear after work Friday evening.
” “Wow, that’s good.
” “Did she ask how you knew me?” “No, nor did she ask about any partner I might have.
” “That’s good, then.
” When Helene finally got home Friday, she looked excited.
“You will be in for a treat Phil.
We bought four sets of underwear so not sure which you will see, but they are all very sexy.
After we bought them, she then decided she needs to buy a new dress or outfit to compliment the underwear, so I am meeting her again tomorrow.
She will look amazing on Sunday.
” “Wow, I can’t wait.
” “Where are you meeting her Sunday?” “I need to sort that out.
I thought I might meet her at that Chinese restaurant we keep looking at but have never been into and then bring her back here if you can make yourself scarce.
” “I will go to Lisa’s that’s fine.
” So I texted Carolyn with the details of the restaurant and agreed on eight o’clock.
She replied with “I can’t wait.
” And I told her I couldn’t either.
  Helene met Carolyn again on Saturday in town shopping for an outfit.
They then ate lunch and Helene went home with Carolyn after she insisted.
Helene finally got home around 7 pm.
“Phil, you will be amazed.
She is so excited, and up for it now, I think she is desperate to get you into bed, and you won’t believe what she will look like, so different to the other night.
I was in the changing rooms with her, and she has a good body.
When we got to her house, which is amazing in itself, she tried on all the outfits with the underwear, and she has already shaved, although she did agree with me when I said she needs to do it again tomorrow.
” “You sound as excited as Carolyn,” I said.
“I think I am.
Its been so exciting getting her ready for you.
” “Good and I’m looking forward to telling you how it all goes.
”   On Sunday late afternoon Helene helped me to get ready, she even shaved me! She went off to Lisa’s about six leaving me to finish off.
I was outside the restaurant well before eight, and I was nervous! A taxi pulled up at 7.
55 and out got this gorgeous woman, smiling all over her face.
She looked fantastic.
“Wow, you look amazing.
” “Thanks, Phil.
You look pretty good yourself!” She replied with the biggest smile I had seen from her.
We kissed on the lips before going inside.
As we waited to be seated, I put my hand round her waist, which she seemed to enjoy.
  As we walked to our table, I managed to take in this gorgeous woman who I was about to have an affair with.
The dress was multi-coloured, with random splashes of red, blue, black, yellow and white.
It was V necked which meant she showed off her cleavage, no high necked blouse this time.
The dress was at least 6 inches above the knee showing off her tanned legs and shapely calfs.
Her shoes were red; I wondered if any of Helene’s influence was showing and if she had matching underwear.
The heels were higher than she wore for work, probably four inches which made her nice and tall.
Her hair looked very soft, and I couldn’t wait to run my hands through it.
She smelled great and her make up showed she was on a date.
Not too heavy but sexy.
“Wow,” I said again.
“You do look amazing, Carolyn.
I want you here and now!” “Oh dear.
I don’t think I can do that, but I do want you.
” “Good.
Did you do what I asked?” “Yes.
” “Good girl.
I will check later.
” “Please do, Phil.
” “Maybe we should skip the meal and go straight back to mine.
” “That would be good, but I’m starving.
But yes, let’s get out of here as soon as we can.
” After ordering as we waited for our food we held hands across the table, and although Carolyn wasn’t known in this area, it was a bold thing for her to do.
I also noticed she had taken her wedding ring off.
We played footsie under the table constantly, and when we weren’t eating starred into each other’s eyes.
As soon as the plates were cleared from the table I asked for the bill, then as I helped Carolyn out of her chair, I whispered in her ear, “Let’s go and fuck!”.
Carolyn shivered with excitement.
We walked to the flat with our arms around each other and stopped several times to kiss.
As we walked up the stairs to the flat, I asked her.
“Are you ready for this?” “Yes, Phil, I am.
” We entered the flat, and as soon as I shut the door, I pulled Carolyn into my arms and kissed her.
I forced my tongue into her mouth, and she responded forcefully.
At last, I managed to run my hands through her hair.
I then lowered my hands to her arse and pulled her closer, still not breaking the kiss.
Online Now! Lush Cams ArinFleu I guided her, while still kissing into the bedroom, and she kicked her shoes off.
I raised my hands to her shoulders and slipped the dress straps off her.
My hands moved down her body taking the dress with them, and she wiggled her hips to ease its passage.
The dress then dropped to the floor revealing the matching red undies I half expected.
The bra was deep cut and lacy, and within seconds I had a hand inside to feel a nipple.
Carolyn moaned, and I carried on, tweaking her nipple which was proudly erect.
I then pulled the tit from the bra and bent down to suck it into my mouth.
“Oh yes, Phil.
I love it.
” With my hands now free I reached behind her to undo the bra, but I struggled so Carolyn helped and it was soon discarded.
I switched to suck the other tit while my hand continued to work on the other one.
Carolyn had her head back in ecstasy and was constantly moaning.
My hands now slid down her body reaching her skimpy briefs, and I proceeded to remove them as far as I could down her legs.
Carolyn helped, and soon she was naked.
I pushed her back against the bed, and she sat down.
I started to undo my shirt and Carolyn became bolder and undid my trousers.
The shirt came off just as the trousers fell to the floor, leaving just my boxers hiding my huge erection.
“That’s your job to remove those,” I said to her.
She nodded and looked at the bulge.
She breathed in deeply as if plucking up courage, and then cautiously hooked her fingers in my boxers and slowly removed them.
There was a sharp intake of breath as my cock appeared.
“I am going to fuck you with that, Carolyn.
” “Wow,” she said, “I might even get my first orgasm in years!” “Touch it, Carolyn.
Get used to it.
” She tentatively reached out, and her fingers gently touched my cock and slowly stroked it.
After doing that for a minute, she then wrapped her fingers around me and slowly wanked me while she stared at my cock.
“I can’t believe I am doing this,” Carolyn said.
“Well you are, Carolyn, and you will love it.
” With that, she wanked me a little faster.
“I love your cock, Phil.
” “Good.
Let me get you ready to take it.
” I got her to open her legs wide so that I could inspect her freshly shaved pussy.
I got very close to her and rubbed my hand over her love mound, and she moaned.
“That’s  beautiful, Carolyn.
Do you like it shaved? “I wasn’t sure I would, but yes I do.
” I used my fingers to open her pussy, and I could see she was starting to get wet inside.
I leant down and kissed her pussy lips.
“Oh my god.
” She moaned.
I then licked her slit, and the moans got louder and louder, and she got wetter and wetter.
“Phil, that’s amazing, but I need you inside me.
” I couldn’t deny her that and anyway I wanted to be inside her too.
I left her for a moment to get a condom from the bedside unit.
As I tore into the packet, I said to her.
“Help me put this on, Carolyn.
” She sat up in bed and helped me roll the condom down my cock.
She smiled as she did this.
She then laid on the bed, and I climbed between her legs.
She lay there waiting to be fucked, looking at me longingly.
I moved forward, so my cock head touched her entrance.
“Are you ready to have an affair, Carolyn?” “Yes, Phil, take me.
” My cock slipped into her easily, and she moaned.
“Oh yes, yes.
Give it all to me, Phil.
” So I pushed more, and my cock went deeper into her tight pussy.
When I was all the way in, I stopped and looked deep into her eyes.
“I’m going to fuck you now, Carolyn.
” “Good,” she replied.
I withdrew and then pushed back in hard and then withdrew again.
I gradually picked up the speed, and each time I plunged back in harder than the previous time.
Carolyn grunted each time I bottomed out in her.
“I love it, Phil.
It won’t be long till I cum.
” “Good.
” I kept screwing her as hard as I could while looking at her face, the eyes full of lust and the mouth uttering grunts and moans, and a few smiles when she could manage them.
Then suddenly her voice got louder and higher, and I knew she was almost there.
Then she cried out.
“Yes, yes, yes.
” Then it was just heavy breathing.
I carried on but at a much slower rate to extend her orgasm.
She finally managed to speak.
“Oh, Phil, that was awesome.
I haven’t had an orgasm in so long.
Thank you.
” “You’re welcome, glad I could bring you pleasure.
” “You certainly did that, but you haven’t cum yet have you?” “No, but it was all about you first.
When you’re ready, we can do it again so I can cum.
” After a few minutes hugging and kissing we changed positions, I laid on the bed and Carolyn climbed on top.
She didn’t waste time and sank straight down on to my cock up to the hilt inside her.
“Ride me till I cum, Carolyn.
” She started bouncing up and down on me, and that gave me the opportunity to get my hands on her tits.
There was a little amount of sag, but they were still fairly firm, and her nipples loved the attention I gave them.
Carolyn regularly tilted her head back as my cock plundered her little-used cunt and moaned.
I started to feel the cum building up, and I told her I was close.
“Cum for me, Phil,” she seemed to demand.
Soon after I got to the point of no return and flooded the condom with my cum.
My heavy breathing made her aware, and she laid on me to hug me tight.
As my breathing slowed she lifted herself to kiss me.
“Thank you, Carolyn,” I said.
When I slipped out of her Carolyn removed the condom from me.
“Wow, look at all that cum.
” “Yes, and maybe one day you will let me cum inside you so you can feel it.
” “Oh my god, that is so erotic.
” “Do you think you will let me?” “Probably, I’ve come this far so why not, but not yet.
” “That’s fine.
I won’t force you to do anything.
” She bent down to lick my cock clean.
“Good girl,” I said to her.
One day ill cum in your mouth too!” “Mmmmm.
I have never been to keen on sucking cock or swallowing cum, but I can’t resist your cock so yes I will take your cum in my mouth whenever you want me to.
” “Let me recover, and you can have it later.
” She moaned.
“Anyway, Carolyn, are you staying the night? Don’t forget we have work tomorrow.
” “I think I will call in sick because it doesn’t look like we will get much sleep tonight!” I laughed.
“No, maybe we won’t.
Feel free to stay and do whatever you want tomorrow.
I will be going to work though, too much to do I’m afraid.
” “Okay, Phil, I will leave when you do, but I will head home to recover!” Carolyn smiled.
So are you ready to taste my spunk then?” “Oh yes.
” Carolyn willingly went down and sucked my cock, and with my guidance, it wasn’t long before I shot a huge load into her mouth.
Once she had swallowed it, she smiled and came up, and we kissed.
“I love it, Phil.
” “Good.
You’re becoming a  cum slut, Carolyn.
” “That sounds good.
” “Why don’t we sleep for a while, so we have a chance to do it again?” Carolyn readily agreed to that, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
I woke a couple of hours later and woke Carolyn by sucking her tits.
“Mmm, what a lovely way to be woken up.
” I then climbed on her, and my cock slipped easily into her cunt, and we fucked till we both came.
It wasn’t until I came that Carolyn realised I didn’t have a condom on.
She panicked briefly, but I pointed out it was too late anyway, but I did go down on her and licked all the cum up that I  could find.
“I should be okay, but I need to be more careful, Phil.
” “Yes, I’m sorry, Carolyn, I should have realised as well.
But isn’t it so much better?” “Yes it is, but there is a risk.
” “Oh yes, I know.
If we carry on meeting you should go on the Pill.
”  “Yes, maybe I should.
Sorry, Phil, I didn’t mean to spoil the moment and yes it was a great fuck, thank you.
” We laid awake a while kissing and cuddling.
 I set my alarm for earlier than usual, so we could fuck again and then we slept.
We woke at 6 a.
and fucked again, with a condom, this time with Carolyn on top.
We showered together but didn’t have time to have too much fun in there.
Once I was dressed I went and made coffee for us both.
When I bought the coffees into the bedroom, Carolyn was getting dressed.
  “Phil,” Carolyn said, “Can I ask you a question?” “Of course you can.
” “I have never asked you this and not sure I really want to know, but do you have a girlfriend?” “I won’t lie to you, Carolyn.
Yes I do.
” “So why are you fucking me?” “Well, we have an open relationship and allow each other to take other lovers as long as we are open about it.
” “Really?” was Carolyn’s surprised response.
“Yes and to make you feel better about last night, my girlfriend was with one of her lovers, so she wasn’t alone.
” “Wow.
I had heard about such things but didn’t realise it did actually happen.
” I expected more questions, but there weren’t any, at least not at this stage.
Carolyn called a taxi, and we left the flat together   I met Helene on the ferry and told as much as I could in a public place.
Helene was already getting texts from Carolyn about last night, and they agreed to meet that night at Carolyn’s, as she wasn’t at work.
“So she still doesn’t know about us?” Helene asked.
“No, but she did ask if I had a girlfriend, so I told her yes and that she was with one her other lovers last night.
” “So do we tell her? If so when? Tonight?” “I think we should, she is a wonderful woman, and I don’t want to hurt her.
” We then spoke about how to tell her and went on to work as usual.
I got a text from Carolyn when she got home, thanking me for a wonderful time and hoping we could meet again soon.
I responded saying I hoped we could meet again soon as well.
During the day Helene sent me Carolyn’s address for our plan to work.
  After work, Helene went straight to Carolyn’s house.
When she arrived, Carolyn was gushing about the night with me.
  Helene did point out that she had a friend coming to pick her up at 8.
00, but she didn’t say it would be me.
Carolyn went into all the details of our night including the forgotten condom.
I sent Helene a text five minutes before my taxi arrived and knocked on the door just after eight.
“I’ll get it.
” Helene said jumping up, “Can I invite my friend in for a minute?” “Yes, of course,” replied Carolyn.
Helene opened the door and let me in, and we walked to the lounge.
Helene stood at the door.
“Carolyn, can I introduce you to my boyfriend?” I then stepped into the room, putting my arm round Helene’s waist and kissed her.
Carolyn stood up transfixed by what she was seeing.
” was all she could say.
“Sorry, Carolyn.
” Helene went on, “I know Phil explained to you that he was in an open relationship but you never asked who with, and neither did you ask either of us how we knew each other.
I knew if I told you I was going to introduce you to my boyfriend that you probably wouldn’t meet with him, but we were careful that we didn’t lie to you at all and had you asked before we would have told you.
” “I’m not sure what to say.
” Was Carolyn’s reply.
“I’m shocked, but oddly I am not surprised.
” “I am sorry too, Carolyn, and hope you can forgive us,” I added.
“These last few days have been full of surprises.
Agreeing to meet another man, having an affair with him, becoming a cum slut and now finding out a friend who saved me from myself a few days ago set me up with her own lover.
” “Both of us only did what we thought would help you.
I felt really sorry for you that first time I met you when you were in tears.
I knew I was right in what you needed but couldn’t introduce you to some random man, it had to be someone who would treat you right, and I knew Phil would, and I was happy for him to do so.
” “How often do you do this sort of thing?” Carolyn asked.
“This is the first time like this, but we have both met other people before.
” “Phil said you were with another lover last night?” “Yes I was and to be totally open with you I am bisexual, and it was a girlfriend I was with.
” “My goodness.
I honestly don’t know what to say.
” “Well take your time.
” I said, “and if you have any more questions, please ask.
” “In texting you this morning Phil, you said you would like to meet again.
Did you mean that?” “Yes I did, I had a great time last night and would love to do it again.
” “I would love him to meet you again too,” Helene added.
“You are not expecting me to have a three sum with you are you?” “We aren’t expecting anything from you at all.
If you just want to see me, that’s fine.
” I replied.
“but if you did want to try other things with me or us, that’s great too.
We will never pressurise you, Carolyn.
” “I do like you both and have enjoyed your friendship lately, and we have had some good times, and I don’t know why but I do believe what you say.
Phil the sex we had was the best I have ever had, and I’m not sure I can give that up now.
” “Carolyn if you want or need to take other lovers apart from me that’s fine too, as I cant always be available, but I would love to see you again you are a very special woman.
Helene and I are very much in love, so I am no threat to your marriage, which although isn’t satisfying for you I know you don’t want to get out if it.
So you can have the best of both worlds.
” Carolyn was now at least looking at us and not looking quite as shocked now, and there was the glimmer of a smile.
“I guess you are right, but I still need time to think this over.
” “Of course you do, we understand that Carolyn,” I said.
“I think its time we left,” Helene added.
We did all hug, and Carolyn seemed a li



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