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I was working on a paving project on a state road as the quality assurance tester.
That means I do the testing that the state uses to determine the paving contractor’s incentive/disincentive.
Today paving had started very early and I had to get a sample consisting of 7-75 lbs sample cans instead of the usual 2 cans because there were going to be additional tests run on the asphalt at the state central lab as well as at the regional lab.
I was up at 5am to be on site when paving started.
Because I was up so early I forgot to bring my lunch.
I didn’t really notice until about 10 am when I usually had a mid morning snack.
Luckily I was able to get water, the temperature was getting to be over 100 degrees.
It was about 11am when chaos hit the site.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw my girlfriend’s green Prius drive by the paver.
I didn’t really think anything of it at the time but Sylvia passed by the paver and parked a little further down the road and got out of her car.
She had made a lunch for me and was bringing it to me.
That was very nice of her but the thing that caused the chaos was how she was dressed.
I had my back to the direction from which Sylvia was coming and I was talking to the paving supervisor.
Suddenly I noticed that the eyes of every laborer on that paving crew were looking behind me, including the one woman on the crew that happened to be a lesbian.
I also noticed the super wasn’t even paying attention to anything I was saying for the last 15 seconds.
When I turned around to see what had everybody’s attention I was more than a bit surprised.
It was my girlfriend carrying my lunch cooler.
It wasn’t the lunch cooler that had everybody’s attention.
Sylvia was wearing a pair of very tight dark blue booty shorts, a white halter top that showed her belly with no bra(her nipples were very erect)showing off her very cute B cups, pink sandals, her blonde hair in a ponytail braid, sunglasses, a baseball cap and chewing bubble gum.
All of her exposed skin had a light sheen to it like she had covered herself in baby oil.
“Hi Honey, I brought you your lunch.
I noticed you forgot it this morning and I had some extra time so I thought I would bring it to you.
” That broke the spell.
Just as Sylvia finished speaking the asphalt truck driver backed into the paver a little bit too hard.
There was a loud boom and the paving Super started yelling at everybody at the top of his lungs.
Sylvia went up on her toes to kiss me on the cheek.
She then whispered in my ear “There is a surprise for you in there, don’t let anybody see.
” She then walked back to her car and every eye was on her ass.
Her white thong was showing above her booty shorts and she even put a little swivel in her hips.
She knew she was being watched and she loved it.
I went to the testing trailer to eat my lunch.
Before I get to the surprise I need to tell you about the lunch itself.
There was a huge home made Reuben sandwich, a dill pickle spear and egg salad with a hint of jalapeños with two bottles of my favorite key lime soda.
God I love my girlfriend.
There was also a note to call her before I left work.
Now for the surprise.
There were several pictures of Sylvia.
She was completely nude, completely covered with oil(I love the way Sylvia’s bare pussy looks when she is all oiled and shiny)and playing with her pink vibrator.
I say several pictures because every time I look at them I forget to count how many there are.
At that point I liked the lunch better than the pictures because now I was going to be working with an erection the rest of the day.
When I got back to the paver the crew was setting the transverse paper joint showing that paving was done for the day.
The super told me that the asphalt plant had broken down and it wouldn’t be fixed until the next morning.
Online Now! Lush Cams BrendiLindsey I called Sylvia and was home in record time.
When I got home I stripped out of my clothes on the steps to the second floor and I found Sylvia on our bed.
She had put red satin sheets on our queen sized bed.
She was nude and oiled and her vibrator was on the side table.
Before she could do anything I dove head first between her legs and started licking her from clit to asshole(she really loves her asshole tongued).
I slipped my hands under her ass to lift her a little off of the bed.
Sylvia was starting to squirm and make noise.
“So you liked the lunch?” I started going crazy on her clit, her eyes just rolled back in her head and her head fell back on the pillow with a sigh.
I gave her the works, I licked, I nibbled and I sucked.
I didn’t let up until her second orgasm.
After the first orgasm I reached to her nipples to pinch and twist them.
Sylvia ran her fingers through my hair and held me to her pussy.
Every time she started to speak I would redouble my efforts and she would just moan.
After the second orgasm she was able to push me away and onto my back.
“Your turn Baby!” She started licking my cock from base to tip.
I could feel the tip of her tongue slip into the tip of my cock trying to get my pre-cum.
Then she started taking my cock as far into her mouth as she could.
Her head bobbed up and down and I could feel her tongue caressing me.
She was looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes.
She was sucking on me, working me to the edge and backing off.
“Oh Babe, you are driving me crazy.
I need to cum so badly.
” Sylvia pulled her mouth off of my cock a bit and started jerking my cock until I started shooting my cum into her mouth and all over her face.
She then licked the cum from the tip of my cock and smiled.
She wiped some of my cum from her face and smeared it on her nipples.
I pulled her up onto me so I could lick the rest of my cum from her face and give Sylvia a deep tongue kiss to share my cum.
We lay together kissing for several minutes.
I could feel my cock becoming erect again.
“Are you ready for Round Two Babe?” This time I pushed her onto her stomach and buried my face between her sweet ass cheeks and started licking her asshole.
She was squirming and moaning “Oh oh oh honey, don’t stop, please.
” I just kept going, I even started to slip my tongue up her asshole a bit and she would wiggle uncontrollably.
Finally she just burst out with “Fuck me! FUCK ME! PLEASE JUST FUCK ME!” She just turned on her back and spread her legs.
When I brought the head of my cock to her pussy lips it felt like her pussy just sucked me inside of her.
We just started thrusting against each other.
I just started kissing Sylvia from her ears to her nipples.
I was biting her neck and giving her deep kisses.
She accepted my tongue and slipped her tongue into my mouth.
I felt her hands running up and down my back.
There were times when I could feel her fingernails scratching me.
The pain complimented the pleasure I was feeling from my cock being caressed by her pussy.
I could tell by the look on her face that she was close to cumming and I know I was about to cum myself.
She started screaming “Oh God Babe I am cumming now!” That pushed me over the edge and I could feel my cock pulsing inside of her, delivering my cum as deeply inside of her as it could.
I rolled off of Sylvia and we held each other too tired to speak for some time.
When I could finally speak I told Sylvia that I had a message from the project engineer for her.
“He asked me to tell you to please not come on the project site dressed like that.
He almost wrecked his truck trying to look at your ass.



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