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Latest stories Straight Sex A Change in Circumstances – Part 2 – Discovering the Truth

The following few days found Jenny and I in a heightened state of sexual need.
We had travelled home from Melissa’s on Friday afternoon and had made the three hundred mile journey in record time.
Something was driving us both onwards to our own home in the countryside.
At one point while we were on the motorway, Jenny even leant over and started to feel my cock beneath my jeans.
Something that she hadn’t done for a long time.
I glanced at her briefly and smiled, then returned my attention to the road ahead, a big grin spread across my face as I drove.
We hadn’t even got into the house properly before we started groping each other.
She was behaving just as bad as she clasped her hand about my cock and started to rub it under my jeans.
In a couple of minutes we were naked and humping on our own sofa.
The front door wide open and our bags still in the boot of the car.
If it wasn’t for the fact that we needed to eat, I think we would have stayed there all evening.
But I reluctantly dressed and got the bags from the car.
We eventually headed out to the local pub to get some food and a well earned drink.
Jenny was putting her phone away as I arrived back from the bar.
“Who was that?” I asked.
“Just texting Melissa to let her know that we were back safely,” she replied.
We ate and drank and chatted.
Occasionally my mind would wander to the fuck that I gave Melissa and occasionally I would stare into space remembering how I felt and how my cock felt as it penetrated her arse.
I stopped staring into space and tried to forget the whole episode when Jenny asked me whether anything was wrong.
I pretended nothing was wrong and we ended the evening with a casual drive home.
Inside the house, we found ourselves fucking each other in urgency.
I think I was driven by that night’s events with her friend, I was never sure what was driving her, but it was more than welcome.
For the next three evenings up to New Year’s eve, we had the most excellent sex.
It’s wonderfully liberating when your kids have left home and all there is left is the two of you to enjoy every room in the house.
I shall only say that every room in the house was visited at least once, well except the downstairs toilet as you can hardly swing a cat in there.
At one point, while watching TV, Jenny even commented on the actor David Tennant, as we cuddled on the sofa.
“I bet he has a nice cock!” she exclaimed as she stroked my cock under my dressing gown.
The very same one that I had on when I fucked Melissa, as I remembered.
It was the first time in a long while that Jenny made a reference to someone else’s cock.
I just smiled and leant backwards to give her a kiss.
New Years Eve was soon upon us and we have decided to have a quiet one this year.
A few drinks down the local pub and home by about twelve thirty.
Or so we planned.
In actual fact we stumbled through the door at about one in the morning having stayed longer at the pub celebrating and wishing everyone a happy New Year.
We sent texts to Melissa and Andy that evening but received nothing back.
It’s always the same at this time of year, as long as you send before twelve the networks work as normal, anytime afterwards and they are completely jammed up and useless.
We started to walk home, it was half hearted.
We were tipsy and we were groping each other every now and then.
At one point Jenny stopped in a bus stop shelter.
She pushed me against the glass wall and unzipped my trousers.
Her hand reached in and before I knew what she was about to do, my cock sprung free and she was shafting it.
It was growing rapidly.
Jenny just dropped to her knees and started sucking on it.
It was so horny seeing my wife on her knees in a public place.
I started to wonder when the number sixty nine would come along.
That only made me snigger and lose concentration.
My cock however, remained hard as she sucked on it.
It was near horizontal when Jenny pulled away from it and looked me in the eye.
Her hand was pumping it towards her face, silently willing it to spunk all over her.
From behind a bush I saw a couple start to walk towards us.
I panicked.
I pulled Jenny up from the floor, fumbled with my raging hard on and did my best to stuff my cock back into my trousers and pull the zip up.
“What‘s the matter?” Jenny asked as she rose to her feet and stumbled slightly falling towards me luckily.
“Happy New Year John, Jenny…” Jenny spun around and looked at the couple approaching us.
I slipped my hand around her waist and steadied her, pulling her closer to me.
“Happy New Year, Dave, Alice,” I replied, “We‘re reliving old times in the bus shelter,” I continued as I pulled at Jenny’s waist and kissed her on the cheek.
“He‘s a very naughty man,” added Jenny.
Dave and Alice just laughed as they moved on.
Jenny looked at me in silence.
Then we both burst out laughing.
We laughed as we left the bus stop and most of the way home.
As soon as we were inside Jenny and I started to kiss.
It wasn’t a normal loving kiss, Jenny was hot, in fact I would describe her as smoking that evening and I wasn’t complaining.
Our phones were more or less thrown onto the coffee table and we started to French kiss our way to the sofa.
Jenny stopped me short of the sofa.
She pushed me backwards and started to take her dress off.
I was astonished when I saw it fall to the floor.
Jenny was dressed in black bra, knickers and her lovely long legs showed off her stay-up stockings wonderfully.
Our shoes had already been discarded by the front door.
“Just you wait a minute, I need the loo first!” she exclaimed.
I was panting with desire as she slipped off to the loo.
Then a phone beeped.
I pickup up Jenny’s phone which was showing a reply from Melissa.
I guess I shouldn’t have read it but I did.
It said, ‘Happy New Year – hope he fucks you as hard and fast as he fucked me!!! lol” I looked at the text with trepidation.
I found myself staring at the last three exclamation marks.
It was of course referring to me.
To how I fucked Melissa at her house.
The sudden realisation that Jenny must have been involved in my tryst with Melissa shocked me to the core.
I found myself wondering whether Andy was also involved.
I wanted to delete the text but I soon realised that that would have been a stupid move.
I placed the phone back on the table as if nothing had happened.
Jenny bounced into the room with the words ‘fuck me’ written all over her face.
I tried to hide the emotions that were raging through me.
I looked at her as she planted herself in front of me.
Jenny started to wiggle her arse and body while at the same time unbuttoning my belt, unzipping my trousers and reaching in to grasp my cock.
My trousers fell to the floor as she pulled my cock from my pants.
I was in two minds.
On the one hand my cock was responding to what Jenny was doing and had been doing since we got in.
On the other hand, I now saw Melissa in her place when she had sucked my cock at her house.
Both women had long blonde hair and both were slim, so it was easy for my mind to transpose them.
I let Jenny kneel on the floor and I let her suck my cock and balls and take me into her mouth.
In my mind the underwear flashed from black to red and then back to black again.
In my mind flashed the words that I heard Jenny speak the morning before we left Melissa’s house.
I thought of Andy and his role in all of this.
I gasped as Jenny took my cock down her throat and started to suck on it.
She too bobbed her head up and down and I could feel my cock getting as hard as fuck.
I let my hands drop to Jenny’s shoulders and I raised her up.
I grasped her panties and pulled them down to her ankles.
I turned her around and then I smacked her arse as hard as I could.
I bet Melissa would have loved that, I thought to myself.
Jenny cried out as she lost her balance and fell toward our sofa.
She put her hands out in front of her to stop her from falling too far.
As she did so, I was on my knees with my tongue lashing at her anus and then onto her pussy.
With the touch of my tongue her legs immediately opened to give me more access.
I licked and sucked at her pussy and placed my hands on the inside of her thighs.
I pulled myself into her pussy as I licked and sucked.
Jenny was groaning as my tongue pounded her.
My cock was getting harder and harder as I let my tongue search out all her sweet crevices.
I eventually stood up and stepped out of my trousers.
“You‘re a fucking naughty girl,” I told her as my hand caressed her arse.
I rose it and let it fall, it was a quick short slap.
Thwack… Jenny let out a loud scream, as my hand once more caressed her arse.
My hand rounded her bum and my fingers sought out her pussy.
I pushed two fingers into her and moved them to and fro.
Jenny started to moan at my intrusion, but just as quickly they left her pussy.
Thwack… Another short hard slap contacted her arse.
Jenny squealed yet again.
“Do you know why I am punishing you?” I asked.
Jenny shook her head indicating that she didn’t know.
Thwack… Another squeal left her lips.
Online Now! Lush Cams scintillante I could see the heat of the spanking erupt all over her arse as the red stain spread.
I positioned my cock at her entrance and with one short, sharp thrust, I buried it in her.
“Oh, fuck!” Once more Jenny squealed.
This time it was with pleasure rather than pain.
I thrust my cock deep into her a second time and then a third time before I grasped her hair and pulled backwards on it.
Her head followed and twisted to one side.
As I pulled her backwards, I fucked my cock into her hard.
It was in all the way and it was only moving a little as my short, sharp thrusts kept it in deep.
“So, you want to get fucked hard do you?” I hissed through clenched teeth.
“Yessss, fuck me hard, treat me like a whore,” she let out a loud moan as she replied.
“I‘m going to fuck you so hard and then I am going to cum all over your arse,” I replied.
“Yes, spunk over my fucking arse.
” I pounded her pussy until I brought myself a little too close to orgasm.
Jenny was shouting expletives every now and then, her body stiffened.
I pulled back a little more on her hair which caused her body to arch.
A few more thrusts of my cock and I knew I would have to remove it.
With that, Jenny’s orgasm exploded.
She was screaming loudly as it flowed through her.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she cried before she fell silent, panting and gasping loudly.
I could feel her pussy clench harder around my cock and I kept fucking into her as best I could.
I tried to concentrate on other things to prevent me from cumming, but the only image that sprung to my mind was of her friend Melissa, in the same position only a few days earlier.
I removed my cock from her pussy in double time and hoped to hell it wouldn’t erupt over her arse.
I was in luck and I seemed to calm my urges in time.
“Put it back in John, fuck me some more…please.
” Jenny was squirming beneath me.
I positioned my cock at the entrance to her arse.
We had never done this before but I needed to see whether she would.
I started to push my cock into her arse.
“No, not there John, fuck my cunt,” she pleaded.
It seemed I would not be entering her arse tonight, but there was that word again ’cunt’, I remembered how many times Melissa used that word when I fucked her.
“Why not your arse?” I asked.
“I‘ve never been fucked there…It will hurt,” she pleaded.
I slipped my cock back into her ’cunt’ as she so eloquently put it.
Jenny groaned.
I started to pound my cock into her one more time.
“You like getting fucked hard?” I questioned.
Jenny nodded, “yeah…” she panted and moaned as she replied.
“You want me to cum in you?” I asked expecting her to reply no just like her friend.
“Yeah…” she panted.
I fucked her hard until I could hold back no more.
“Take it then, take all my spunk,” I shouted as I erupted inside her.
I squirted the first two jets of silky rope into her pussy, then I pulled out and let the rest flow over the crack of her arse.
“There take it over your arse just like your friend Melissa,” I told her.
Jenny stiffened, she became very still but my cock was still spunking over her.
Jenny spun around on the sofa, her wet and soiled arse made contact with the sofa and it too became stained with my spunk.
“What do you mean?” she questioned.
“Don‘t act dumb,” I replied, “you know full well I fucked your friend at her house, you knew about it.
Didn‘t you?” “I…I…I’m sorry,” she replied.
“Don‘t be sorry…all I want to know is why?,” I challenged.
“Sometimes…I need sex, rough sex.
We weren‘t doing it like that.
I needed to get fucked.
I was desperate, needy, I wanted to be taken.
I confided in Melissa, and she hatched the plan.
” “And the plan is?” I continued, listening intently to her words.
“The plan…was to get you to want to fuck someone, preferably me, but Melissa seemed more than up for it.
She said that she could make you so horny that you would just fuck her hard.
Once that was done, she said, that you would want to do it again…maybe with me.
I, perhaps foolishly, agreed.
” “What about Andy?” “Andy was not involved, he knows nothing John, please don‘t tell him.
” I stood there looking down on Jenny, spunk dripping from the end of my cock onto the floor.
“Did it work…did you get fucked like Melissa?” I could see the uncertainty in Jenny‘s eyes.
“Oh, yes!” she nodded.
“Well you‘re gonna have to let me fuck your arse then, because that‘s where I fucked Melissa.
” Jenny‘s jaw dropped, “the fucking dirty little bastard,” she grinned.
“No wonder you came home from there so randy.
” I saw a glint in her eye, perhaps the same glint that was in my eye.
My hand extended to Jenny’s pussy and I started to caress it.
Her legs opened, and I pushed in two fingers.
I leant forward and kissed her.
It was a passionate kiss, a horny kiss.
I pulled her upwards and we exchanged places.
Her hand came down on my cock and started to massage it back to life.
I moved my arse to the edge of the sofa.
Jenny climbed onto me.
Her breasts were dangling only inches from my mouth.
I eagerly sucked on her nipples which made her groan.
“Fuck, that‘s nice,” she said as she continued to pull on my cock.
It was becoming hard again.
I looked at her and I could see her and then her friend in every other breath she took.
The images alternated.
Their faces started to merge, their attitude to sex was one of the same, and I wanted to fuck them both.
My cock became rigid in Jenny’s hand.
She was staring at it as her hand pumped up and down my shaft.
She leant into me and kissed my ear.
She lifted her arse up from my thighs and planted her ’cunt’ over my cock, her hand guided it up inside her.
Jenny sank down onto my cock.
She smiled at me and leant forward to nibble my ear.
“Did you enjoy fucking Melissa‘s arse?” She whispered.
Her words shocked me, I wasn’t expecting her to talk about it.
“Yes, your friend is fucking horny as hell.
” “Tell me about it, tell me everything while I fuck your cock.
” I started to breath heavily as her words sunk in.
Jenny’s cunt was massaging my whole cock, she was rocking her arse to and fro and my cock was getting harder than ever.
“Tell me!” it was a silent order.
Like I had no option.
“She caught me off guard,” I started, “she stripped in the lounge, showing me her body dressed with suspender belt, stockings and bra.
She let her knickers drop to the floor, and her puppy dog eyes pleaded with me.
My cock was growing and very visible below my dressing gown.
” “The dirty little fucker,” Jenny groaned as she thrust her arse even faster over my cock.
I grabbed her waist to steady her as I too started to fuck my cock into her.
“I was mesmerised by her body, by her need,” I continued.
Jenny’s eyes were closed, she was listening to my story, taking it all in.
“She sank to her knees and sucked my cock like a filthy slut, a whore, she acted like a depraved woman, needy for sex.
No, she was desperate for sex.
” Jenny groaned even louder as we both ground ourselves together.
My cock was hitting her deep inside and my hands were clenched on her hips and arse pulling her towards me.
“Then the slut bent over the sofa and ordered me to fuck her as hard as I could.
I couldn‘t resist her, I fucked my cock into her.
” “Such a slut…” Jenny started to breath heavily, her stomach clenched every time her arse thrust backwards.
She was panting, her head shaking from side to side.
“Then she told me to fuck her arse, I couldn‘t believe it, it was my first arse fuck.
I pushed my cock into her arse with ease, and I fucked her hard.
Very fucking hard as I remember.
” Jenny pushed backwards and kept her body upright.
She rocked to and fro on my cock.
“I‘m cumming,” screamed Jenny, “where did you cum?” It took me a while to make sense of her sentence.
“I came all over your friend‘s fucking face, I squirted everything onto her face and tits.
” “Fuck, I‘m cumming…” screamed Jenny.
“Me too…” I replied, “fuck I‘m cumming too.
” I experienced the most intense orgasm while Jenny fucked herself on top of me.
Jenny was in the same boat, as her body shook and tensed with every contraction of her orgasm.
Relating the story of how I fucked her friend was so horny for both of us, yet it seemed so surreal as well.
As we both calmed down, I looked up at Jenny.
She smiled at me, then bent down to kiss me.
“That was so fucking horny, fuck that was good,” she said.
“You‘re just as bad as her you know,” I said as I winked at her.
“No, from what you have just said, she seems a lot naughtier than me.
” “Naughtier, is not the word your looking for,” I replied.
We both laughed.
That night was as different as it could be for a New Year’s Eve.
We both went to bed and fucked once more.
Once again, Jenny asked me to tell her the story of how I fucked her friend as she fucked me on top, it seemed to heighten her orgasm beyond anything else.
That was when I formulated my own plan.
Melissa was going to visit us shortly whether she wanted to or not and Jenny was going to watch how filthy her friend could be.



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