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My wife and I have been together for over fifteen years and we enjoy a great sex life together.
Like many couples, we like to spice things up sometimes and before COVID, we used to attend a naturist health spa quite often.
We are both very comfortable in a nudist environment, having visited several nudist beaches throughout Europe over the years.
The Spa comprises of the main swimming pool and several hot tubs, along with steam rooms and saunas, all of which are located inside the building.
There are two large playrooms with leather mattresses where you can make out in front of people, or just watch others having fun together if you want to.
On the upper levels, there is a sun terrace and some private rooms.
The Spa is open all week, but Saturday and Sunday are for Couples and Single women only, so that is when we go.
Nudity is a requirement of the club, so the entrance leads into changing rooms where you undress and are given a towel.
From here we normally head to one of the Hot Tubs for a soak which is a good opportunity to chat with others and to relax a bit.
This is not one of those stereotypical places where everyone is young, thin, and muscular, it’s just normal people of all shapes and sizes having a good time.
We normally spend the first hour or so enjoying the facilities and people watching.
My wife has had some bisexual experiences in the past and she enjoys looking at other women and she is quite happy for me to do the same as long as we do it together! This normally puts us both in the mood for sex which is forbidden in the Spa area, so after a while, we find our way upstairs to one of the communal play areas.
The mattresses are big enough for about 6 couples and are very popular.
On our last visit, it was quiet, and we laid down next to a couple in their thirties and spooned, whilst we watched them kissing.
My wife got turned on quickly, especially when I gently finger her pussy, and tonight was no exception.
Before long she was very wet, and I was able to take her pussy juices on my fingers and slowly rub them up her bum crack and onto her rosebud.
A few minutes later and her bud is wet enough for me to insert a finger, which she loves.
At this point, I am also gently kissing her neck whilst continuing to tease her pussy and her arsehole which drives her mad, and as she starts to moan I know that she is getting very turned on! We found out later that the couple next to us were called Ray and Michelle, and both were in their mid-thirties.
Michelle was blond with a slim build and long hair (my wife is the same except that she is a brunette).
Michelle had lovely tits with small pointy nipples and her pussy was shaved to a thin landing strip style, whilst my wife is completely bald.
Ray was of medium build with a thin 7-inch cock and trimmed pubic hair.
My cock is 6-inches and quite thick, and like my wife, I am bald too.
Michelle was by now, giving Ray a blowjob and his 7-inch cock was fully erect.
She was kneeling on top of him and was able to take the whole length into her mouth, suck on it for a while and then take it out so that saliva and cock juices dribbled from her mouth, which she then lapped up before repeating the process By now my cock was very erect and I was rubbing it up and down my wife’s bum crack while she reciprocated by pushing her bum onto it.
Seizing the moment, I suggested that she get into a doggy position but to rotate her body at 90-degrees so that she could watch Michelle sucking Ray off, while I fucked her from behind.
She thought this was a great idea and once in position, I inserted my now fully erect cock into her dripping wet pussy and slowly started to fuck her.
After a short while, my wife’s moans had an effect on Ray, and it wasn’t long before Michelle was sitting on top of his cock and keenly riding it! Eye contact between the four of us had now been established and I fucked my wife at the same rhythm as Michelle was bouncing on Ray’s cock.
From another play area close by, we could hear another couple fucking too, which only heightened the excitement for us all and it wasn’t long before I felt my wife come hard on my cock, whilst she threw her head back and moaned that she was coming.
Online Now! Lush Cams IrisMorrison I continued to pound her pussy and Michele continued to ride Ray, but by the look on her face it was obvious that she wouldn’t last much longer, and she started to moan as her climax built up inside her.
This just set my wife off again and she told me that she was about to cum once more.
By now I was bursting and after a few more strokes I exploded into my wife’s sopping wet pussy and I immediately felt her vaginal muscles clench my cock as she came too.
Within a split second of this, Ray groaned and Michelle ground her pussy down on his cock as he squirted his cum deep inside her.
Moments later Michelle lifted herself off of Ray’s now semi-hard cock and as she did so a great wad of Ray’s cum dribbled from her pussy onto the mattress.
Michelle scoped this up with her hands and rubbed some onto her tits and the rest she licked off of her fingers looking at my wife as she did so.
No words were exchanged between them, but suddenly she offered her sticky cum covered fingers to my wife who lent over and licked them clean! This blew my mind and Rays too I think, as his semi-hard cock immediately became erect again! Michele went down on it once more, licking off the cum from the last time whilst looking at my wife who was by now licking her lips.
Then to our amazement, Michelle asked if my wife would join her.
My wife turned and looked at me, to which I smiled and nodded my approval.
The girls were kneeling side by side and both sucked on Ray’s cock for what seemed like ages occasionally breaking off to French kiss each other.
By now my cock was rock hard again, so I slid it back into my wife’s pussy and started to slowly fuck her.
Seeing this, Ray suggested that I finger Michelle’s Pussy whilst she and my wife sucked him off.
 I mumbled something to my wife for her approval, but she was lost in the moment, so I just carried on! Michele’s pussy was tight but extremely wet and it wasn’t long before I was sliding two fingers in and out of it whilst fucking my wife in the same rhythm.
The girls continued to suck Ray’s cock, but both were moaning now.
I looked at Ray and could tell that he was close to cuming and I knew that when he did my wife would too.
 Sure enough seconds later Ray erupted again, and the girls greedily swallowed down every bit.
As they did this I felt my wife cum on my cock again and a few moments later I saw Michelle shudder, as she climaxed on my fingers.
My wife pulled away from me and immediately began French kissing Michelle whilst her hand found its way down to Michelle’s sopping wet pussy, which she started to rub frantically.
This was all too much for me and I told my wife that I was about to explode.
She broke away from Michelle’s embrace just in time, so that I could pump my cum all over her tits and tummy.
To mine and Ray’s delight, Michelle immediately went down on my wife’s body and licked all of my cum off it, which she then shared between her and my wife in a brief snowballing moment! The four of us collapsed on the mattress totally spent and after some giggles, we introduced ourselves properly! After a few minutes, we decided that we needed to go to the pool to clean off and then to get something to drink.
Later we found ourselves together once more with another couple in one of the private mirrored rooms, but that is another story!  



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