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Latest stories Taboo Friend’s Hot Wife

Matt knocked on the front door with eager anticipation.
He was seeing his friend for the first time after six years.
The door opened, but instead of finding John’s beaming smile staring back at him, he beheld a beautiful woman’s face instead.
It was Sarah, John’s wife of a year-and-a- half.
Are you Matt?” she asked.
“Yes, and you must be Sarah.
” He walked in.
He couldn’t but notice Sarah’s back swaying in front of him.
“I am sorry but John had to leave early.
But breakfast is ready.
do you like ham and eggs?” Sarah said.
“I expected to see John but it’s okay”.
It was better than okay it is great, Matt thought.
Matt looked at the food on the table.
He couldn’t help but watch John’s wife.
Lucky John .
Matt thought.
She had a lush figure.
Great tits and a J-LO ass with a slight bulge at the waist, but not fat.
Matt watched her hand slide the glass with fruit juice to him, then started to look up and offer a smile of thanks.
But something caught his eye.
Sarah’s robe had opened while she was leaning, and the unmistakable forms of her breasts pushed against the silk, producing a rather enticing looking cleavage.
Her robe blended well with her skin; a dark robe hiding a well tanned cleavage.
While Matt was watching, Sarah stood up causing her tits to jiggle.
She came over to his side of the table.
Sarah slid a spoon under a ham slice, and slipped it onto a plate.
She then proceeded to bend over and fill his glass once again.
In the process, the robe dipped some more showing more cleavage.
He hadn’t thought about it when he first walked in the door, but her breasts were substantial.
They dominated her slim frame.
She would have little problem earning the label of well-endowed.
She brought the glass to him.
Matt wasn’t even aware of where his gaze was locked until the robe re-opened and again flashed the light brown flesh of her chest.
His eyes captured the view, from her collarbone down to the shadow of darkness that filled the area between the silk and the humps of her breasts.
Matt could not move his eyes.
Sarah was unaware of the effect of her actions.
Her breasts were jiggling and causing quite a growth in Matt’s pants.
Sarah got herself a plate and sat across him.
They both ate quietly.
They discussed John’s friendship.
Matt told Sarah how they would pull pranks in school together and about the adventures in college till both had to go their seperate ways.
“You didn’t come to our wedding,” she said.
“Let me show you some pictures.
” Sarah got up and then returned with the album.
She gave it to Matt and stood by his side.
The smell of her was even more intoxicating.
She was so close.
Matt pushed himself more under the table so that she could not see his crotch.
He had what many men would be envious of.
His cock was big by any standard.
His cock had a great reputation with his ladies and earned the envy of friends.
He was not prepared for this tease, otherwise he would have worn a different type of jocks.
Matt opened up the album and started looking through it.
Sarah was by his side turning the pages and explaining each photograph.
Her chest was slightly below his eye level.
Whenever she bent to turn the page the right side of the robe would dip and the pink lace bra would be visible.
Was it a half cup? She moved some more as if to answer Matt’s doubt.
Matt was hardly looking at the pictures.
It was the type of bra which had half the cup so that the top of the breast was revealed.
Matt felt his cock harden.
He felt it twitch.
He noticed that Sarah was oblivious to his pain and joy.
The proximity of the breast was intoxicating.
Her perfect tanned skin looked so erotic.
Left to himself he would have taken her there and then.
He turned to the next page, moving his head as he did so he could steal another glance.
The breast heaved slightly with a breath, and he noticed a pair of freckles near the sternum.
The left breast was blocked by the silk robe, but the right majestically displayed much of itself thanks to the slack on the right side of her body.
Casually while explaining the photos, Sarah placed a hand on his shoulder.
The touch was not sexual.
But for him, this goddess had just sucked his breath away.
Matt felt guilty.
This was his friend’s wife’s tits he was looking at.
Shame on you man to have such a boner, Matt thought to himself.
Matt then heard a baby cry.
He had heard that Sarah and John had a child a few months ago.
“I will be back,” she said and ran out of the room.
He thought of his friendship with John.
His raging hard subsided a bit.
He kept glancing through the album.
Sarah was wearing a real tight dress in the pictures.
She was easily a 36DD.
She had a nice ass too.
She was thinner then.
Maybe the pregnancy had made her put on weight.
He turned as he heard footsteps coming.
Matt decided to leave.
He could not control himself any longer.
Matt noticed that Sarah’s robe was loose now.
but he tore his eyes away and said he had to rush.
“Why don’t you come tomorrow?” she asked.
“Sure will.
” Matt said and left.
He cursed himself for being such a bum with his friend’s wife.
Later on, John called him from the office to apologize for not being there for the visit.
By then Matt had gone home and masturbated himself for more than an hour thinking of Sarah’s tits.
So when he was asked what he thought of Sarah, Matt replied that she was very friendly and a great cook.
John again and promised to be there tomorrow.
He arrived at breakfast the next morning.
Again, John had to leave before he got there.
In a way Matt was happy.
He knew he would be caught looking at Sarah’s tits if his friend was there.
He found the door open and Sarah shouted from somewhere inside, “Matt, I will be out in a minute.
just finished my bath”.
He was looking at the family photographs on the wall when he felt a hug.
He turned and found Sarah.
She was in a shorter robe, thinner robe.
Her hair was wet.
As she hugged him hard, he felt her breasts crush against his chest.
He knew she did not have a bra.
His raging hard on went berserk and pushed out from his pants against her navel.
She must have felt it too but before it was very obvious he bent his hips.
He hoped she had not felt his cock.
His was 10 inches long and very thick.
It was very difficult to hide such a monster.
Sarah stepped back.
Matt thought she had felt him.
Online Now! Lush Cams James_Olsen But now another problem presented itself.
Matt had left the entrance door open.
Morning sunlight was coming in through the open door.
Sarah was now standing in front of that light.
She lifted her hands, tossed her hair to one side and flipped her hair.
Drops of water fell on Matt.
But Matt’s eyes were elsewhere.
As Sarah stood in front of the light coming through the open door, her thin robe left little to imagination.
Everything was visible.
Her tits were magnificent.
The V between her legs was visible.
She was wearing a red thong.
Her legs were long and sexy.
Matt found it impossible to take his eyes off of her.
It was like an animal call of fuck me .
She then threw her wet hair back.
By doing this she pushed her pelvis out at him.
The raw animal in Matt was provoked.
“Come let’s eat “she said.
She sat him at the table and busied herself serving him breakfast.
Today her plate was placed beside him.
She served him and herself and then plonked herself down next to him.
Her tits bounced when she sat down and her robe climbed her thigh.
With every movement now her tits would dangle and shake.
Her nipples were making dents in her robe.
they seemed erect .
Sarah got up to get some more toast from the toaster.
Her legs, her breasts, her thighs, her nipples, her hair were all driving Matt crazy.
While watching her at the toaster Matt began to rub himself.
Matt felt safe watching her with all this lust because she had turned away from him and her back was to him.
He could see the thong lines and the bubble shape of her ass.
He just wanted to get up and put his cock where the thong was; in the crack of her ass.
All of a sudden the baby cried.
“Matt can I feed the baby and come back to you?” she asked.
  Sarah left the kitchen for a whole and then when she returned, she sat in front of Matt.
The front of her dress was wet, causing it to be transparent.
The nipple was erect like a pencil eraser, almost two inches long.
Her nipples were poking out of the dress so much so that even a blind man would have seen these headlights on.
Matt couldn’t help but notice the size of the tits.
They were like two large but oval balloons peaked like a helmet with sharp points which were the nipples.
The nipples were surrounded by large dark areole in the center of which the nipple projected out.
Sarah’s eyes were staring back at him with an intensity he had not seen.
She squirmed in her seat.
She opened and closed her legs.
She looked as if she was turned on.
A slight moan escaped her lips.
Both Matt and Sarah were silent.
Matt watched her mesmerized.
Matt did not realise but his hands were kneading his cock through he jeans.
His hands seemed to have a will of their own.
  Matt was looking at her.
His eyes were riveted to her tits.
In that minute she looked up.
He was caught.
“Matt what are you doing?” There was want in her eyes too.
So saying she pulled her tits out of her robe.
They were now exposed in all their glory.
They were huge, heavy without a slightest hint of sag.
Both tits stared back at Matt like sentinels keeping watch with spiked helmets.
Her tits were perfect.
The nipple was in the center.
Long erect nipples always excited Matt.
“Matt do you want Mama to feed you too?” She said as she stood by Matt and pushed her tits at him.
“Suck me.
drink mama’s milk,” Matt was dumb struck.
Passion got the better of him and caution, guilt and friendship were all thrown to the wind.
Matt took one of her tits and sucked it.
the warm milk gushed into his mouth.
He took the other tit and did the same.
“Let me see what you have there,” she said as she whisked the table cloth away.
She bent down and touched Matt’s cock through his jeans.
She kneaded the cock.
All the time Matt was sucking her one tit and playing with the other.
She pulled down the zip.
She put her hand inside and took the cock out.
Matt’s huge cock was now in plain sight.
“Matt has been a bad boy.
get up,” Matt got up.
She pulled Matt’s pants down.
“Matt you are huge.
Mama will be very tight for you.
she is not used to such a cock,” Sarah whispered.
Matt moved over to a nearby sofa.
She came over and sat on his lap.
She reached down and guided him in.
“See, is Mama warm and tight? Please go slow.
” “Come Matt, fuck mama,” she screamed as as she went out of control.
She went berserk on his cock.
Shouting his name.
“You are huge” she said.
“John is a wimp in front of you.
take me.
I am yours all the way, anytime you want!” She threw off her robe and then ripped off his shirt.
They mated like two wild animals.
He got up, still joined to her and carried her to the bedroom.
Her tits were mashed against his chest.
Her mouth was clamped to his mouth.
Both tongues dueling each other.
He paused for a moement and put her against the wall and continued ramming her.
His hands were below her ass kneading the twin globes.
He then carried her into the bedroom.
Both fell on the bed.
He contined bucking against her.
She took all his 10″ in.
Her pussy lips were clutching his cock.
She would not leave his mouth.
His hands found her big breasts and played with them.
He tweaked each erect nipple.
He kept on moving his hips.
Every time he slowed down she picked up pace and took him over the next mountain of lust.
When she slowed down, he found himself more excited.
She was multi-orgasmic and came about 5 times.
She was spent.
She was drained.
They both were bathed in sweat.
She then took out his cock and put in her mouth and licked him clean.
He was still hard and wanting more.
He bent her doggy style.
Like a cow being milked he lay down under her tits and sucked some more milk.
While he sucked she stroked his cock.
Her eyes never left his cock.
Then he went behind her and fucked her again.
He rubbed his cock against her pussy lips before ramming it home.
He pulled her hair back.
Like riding a horse using her hair as reins.
She came a 6th time.
“Matt I had to have you from the first time I saw you yesterday,” she said.
“I have been teasing you the whole time yet you were not making a move.
This is the first time I have been unfaithful but I will only be yours and John’s.
nobody else.
You may come anytime.
” Unlucky John he thought.
So much for her being oblivious to his desires yesterday.
Women are as much turned on as we men are.
dont forget that! .



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