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Latest stories Straight Sex Dreams come true

Laying here in bed, I listen to my wife’s breathing.
I know the sounds she makes as she drifts off to sleep.
Each breath ends in a different sigh: hmm, hmm, hymm, hympt.
The final note signals her departure from a conscious state.
I am sure I will join her soon, but for the moment, my thoughts are on other bedroom activities.
We have been married almost ten years; we have two boys; 3 and 7 years old.
My wife and I each have jobs with different schedules, it’s an effort to keep child care needs to a minimum.
To complicate matters we are in the process of building a new house, with me as the general contractor.
The project, regarding the house, was never for me to tackle the huge tasks but to watch and keep things moving, keep everyone paid.
Also with our funds stretched when I am offered overtime at work, it is hard to ignore.
The oldest son does go to school, but a three year old is a full time project himself.
We are very busy, we find down time scarce, together time only a memory.
That brings us to tonight.
I’m young, when our orbits do cross, the stars are aligned and the kids are asleep, my thoughts are not about rest.
My spouse has been very clear “nothing is going to happen”.
My flirting, expressive facial badger, exploring touches or tender massaging have earned no reconsideration.
I’m pushed aside, feeling like a perverted, begging groper.
Laying in bed, she has her back to me, her butt is pushed my way, reinforcing her point, “nothing is going to happen”.
I try to remember the last time something did happen and I come up blank! I move closer, there is a magnetic pull to her warm, soft flesh.
My chest is against her back and my groin is pushed into her protruding ass.
I reach around slowly moving my hand under her light top and cup her bare breast.
I move like a thief in the night, aware of every sound, every movement.
I tenderly grip the hanging globe; mentally noting it’s weight, firmness and smoothness.
I massage and lift it in time with each of her breathes, holding the nub firmly between my fingers.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnniKaRR I feel the nipple harden in my grasp.
Then she moves.
I release my prize quickly, resting my hand on your hip.
I remain still, waiting for the air to clear.
My penis is now throbbing and its urges are in control of any thinking.
I gently pull the rear of my wife’s panties down, slowly sliding them down her smooth round buns.
My cock, now full length, its rubbery head swollen, leaking profoundly is no longer willing to be patient.
With the help of my hips, my rock hard member is sliding, up and down, in my wife’s now slick crack.
With two fingers, I push my leaking tool perpendicular to her body so it can slide between her thighs.
Weeks of desire are driving me deeper.
I am tit-fucking my wife’s thigh, slowly, to the beat of her breathing.
Stopping is not a thought; Thankfully I feel my wife reach down and push the crotch of her panties…pushing the head of my horny rod into her vagina.
I am unable to gain much depth since I have my wife’s ass against my stomach.
I am sliding through her labia lips, pushing into her clit with each short stroke.
She is breathing harder now, I can feel a rhythm as she pushes her ass back into me, forcing me deeper, ramming her clit with each push.
Her labored breath sounds more like a groan.
 I’m so close to an ejaculation.
My balls are blue, aching for a release.
Its my wife’s sounds that prods me on, its music that I haven’t heard in a long time that pushes me to try to maintain the erection.
Her reactions to my touch, her contributions pull me tighter.
I try to be slow, to make it last.
Then it happens, I can hold no longer.
I unload a massive pent-up load.
It is an explosion; squirt after squirt escape from my excited penis.
She never turns toward me, I never plunge fully, deeply in her.
When my penis goes soft and can no longer penetrate her thighs, she rises and moves to the bathroom.
She returns with a smile, knowing that we will both be sleeping with a smile now, as “something did happen”.



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