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Latest stories Supernatural Darkness Within (Chapter 2: BloodLust)

My eyes turned pitch black in that one moment, life seemed to still and nothing seemed to move, and nothing seemed to matter anymore.
This was my life, this was what I truly was, a monster, to only walk in the night and sleep by day.
I couldn’t control myself around him, the want of his blood… no, the wanting of him.
To know I wasn’t alone in this barren world, to know he was there every step of the way, to know that I couldn’t scare him off with what I needed to do to live, if that’s what you would call living.
I could feel my canines lengthen just from his scent, that blood that had tempted me so many times.
It didn’t matter to him, he only wished for my safety and well being, I didn’t deserve him, and yet, he was still there.
I gulped again, as if I were trying to fight the urge to bite, only to have a hand at the back of my neck forcing me closer to his wrist.
I knew then, that I couldn’t stop, that he would make me do it, only so that I may live to see his face again.
If I could cry, tears would have streaked down my face, and I would have tried to make him stop, but being what I am, my tears were taken from me on my undying birthday, the day… I was changed forever.
“Please little one, you need this” only a soft whisper in my ear.
That… was all it took, I closed my eyes to what I was about to do.
I wished not to hurt him, to not have to do this to him, the one I called my friend… no… he was the one.
I felt a warm feeling with him, though it confused me and I didn’t understand it completely.
Before I could stop myself to think about it longer, teeth bit down upon flesh, a warm coppery taste flooded into my mouth.
But I keep in my mind, to only take what I needed, that I could find some human later to satisfy my thirst.
I heard a soft groan from behind me, that almost made me stop, that was… until his horse voice whispered again.
“Don’t stop, take what you need, little one.
” I wanted to stop, I wanted to curl up somewhere dark and cry.
It had only been a few minutes, but I was sure it seemed like hours to him.
I slid my tongue across the pinpricks on his wrist, to insure that they would heal from my saliva.
Online Now! Lush Cams HannahJonns I felt the pressure left from the back of my neck, to only twirl around quickly to catch him before he fell to the floor.
I groaned softly a moment; the blood lust was still too great from feeding on a few minutes before.
But I forced myself to think of his well being.
I helped him over to a chair and sat him down; I checked his vitals to make sure I hadn’t taken too much from him.
“Hold on a minute” I whispered softly.
“You need something to eat, it will help return the blood I have taken.
” With that I was only a blur speeding through the house to find something… anything that I could think of that was best for a blood donation.
Grabbing some juice from the fridge and a pack of crackers from the pantry, it had only taken me seconds to get back to him.
I helped him drink and eat, no matter how much he tried to get me to understand that he was ok.
I knew better than that, and he could see that I knew that as well.
After I made sure he had enough, I set the glass down on the table and looked at him once more.
“You shouldn’t have done that, not for me” I said softly.
“You know what I am.
” I paused a moment looking away.
“Monster” I whispered softly.
A hand jetted out and took ahold of my face, forcing me to look at him.
“You are not a monster by no means, little one” he whispered.
“You only feel that way because of what you have to do, in order to live in this life” he stood up and took me into his arms, holding me tightly against his body.
“You have forgotten what today is, haven’t you, little one” he whispered softly.
I stilled at the thoughts running through my mind, today… today was my undead birthday.
I had asked him for only one gift on my birthday this year.
And he had said, we shall see.
So I thought nothing more on the subject.
“Are you feeling ok, little one?” he cupped my face in his hands, staring down at me.
His eyes seemed so stern, but a deep concern in them that tried to cover it up.
“I-I’m ok” I whispered softly.
Having him stare down at me, as if I were nothing more than a weakling compared to him, He… He was the only thing in my life that could make me feel as if I were almost human.
once again.



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