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When it’s three a.
in the morning and the stiflingly hot weather is ruining your sleep, the first thing that you do is get out of bed, and go straight for the fridge.
Right after a nice and cold shower, of course.
That’s exactly what a certain dark-blonde woman was doing on a stiflingly hot night.
After a rough day at work, not being able to sleep was making her very uncomfortable.
Even as she pulled open the refrigerator door, her ripe and young body was covered in nothing but a brown tank-top that clung tightly to her wet curves, barely hiding her assets.
She felt the beads of water that were still sliding down her smooth skin, vaporizing and drifting away on unpleasant warm currents of air.
She quickly grabbed a tub of cold chocolate ice-cream, lingering by the open fridge for a few moments in thrall of the cool air leaking from it.
Her nipples perked up, hardening quickly in response to the pleasure that coursed through her body.
Like any sensible person, she knew that she shouldn’t keep the refrigerator door open like that for too long.
Groaning about the coolness she was about to lose, she turned around and closed it with her toned forearm, her hands pulling open the lid of the ice-cream tub.
Greedily, she put in her mouth, the first cold bite of sweet relief.
She moaned with satisfaction as she felt the gooey chocolate cream melt in her mouth, and then run down the back of her throat.
She opened her eyes, not realizing she had closed them – the taste of ice-cream can do that to pretty much anyone on a hot day or night – and made her way to the bedroom, where her partner and lover lay sleeping.
She knew he was mad at her when she came home to find him asleep two hours ago.
He hated that she ran late at the office so often, but she loved being a lawyer.
She was known to take on the hardest cases, and the other lawyers called her the “bitch in court”.
She didn’t mind their jealousy, and she definitely didn’t mind being her lover’s bitch by night.
But she had messed up again tonight, by forgetting to set her alarm to remind her to go back home again.
Even though the weather was hot, she knew she would get plenty of cold shoulders in the upcoming days.
Right now though, he didn’t seem angry lying there on top of the sheets, his broad, muscled back lightly covered in droplets of sweat induced by this god-awful heat.
He didn’t look cold at all.
What she saw of him, made her body blossom with renewed heat.
It wasn’t a heat one felt because of the weather; rather something much stronger and deeper- a raging need within the core of her womanhood.
“I think I might need a shower again,” she whispered quietly as she neared the bed toward the prone form of her lover.
She held the tub of ice-cream in both hands, letting the cold seep into her palms, and then, as she went to slide her moistening pussy, against his thigh, she let her cold hands explore the swells of his gorgeous ass.
He awoke with a gasp, and she lifted her hips slightly to let him turn over onto his back.
She leaned down and kissed him, her lips softly nibbling his as she continued to gently rub her crotch against his thigh.
His tongue darted out, tasting the chocolate on her lips, as her hands moved to his abdomen, and then further down, reaching that hot throbbing part of him that was already hard and erect.
She moaned as his hands cupped and gently mauled her breasts, and at how hot and hard his shaft felt between her tiny cold fingers.
She broke off their kiss with a groan, and then leaned down again, her lips exploring his torso, her tongue leaving trails of saliva to mingle with his sweat, when suddenly, without any warning, she brought her lips to his pulsing man-meat and engulfed his warm shaft with her mouth.
Her mouth, which must have felt cold to him at the moment when her lips went past the head of his dick, quickly warmed up as she dragged her tongue along his length.
She saw his eyes widen with surprise and pleasure as she started bobbing her head on his dick, and her still some-what cool fingers played with his balls.
She started moving her head faster, slurping and sliding it over the head of his shaft as her small hands held the base of his dick.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lillyboss Soon she felt the cum building in his balls, and just before he could release, she quickly scooped up two spoonfuls of ice-cream and dumped them on his prick, using her hands to rub the coldness around his shaft.
He screamed and his cock tried to shrink away from the cold.
But the blood pounding through it kept it nice and hard.
Not fearing the punishment she knew she was bound to receive anyway, she massaged his dick with the ice cream: to be stronger, colder, knowing that the outcome would be harsher, angrier, and thus, all the more desirable.
His scream broke off in a growl and she felt him grabbing her and pushing her onto the bed on her stomach.
She let go at that point, surrendering control to her lover and ravisher as without any warning she felt his hot hard dick thrust into her dripping pussy.
His cold, hard dick penetrated her warm cunt again and again, punishing me with a fierce intensity.
She moaned and groaned as he reached around to roughly cup her tit, his other hand sliding along her tummy and down to her clit, sending all kinds of crazy tingles running through her body while his dick went from cold to hot and sated her aching pussy even as it fucked it to soreness.
She panted his name, the words coming out of her mouth in broken gasps as his thrusts got harder and faster, and she felt an intense orgasm building inside her.
Her muscles were on the point of clenching, but before she could go any higher on this wild roller-coaster of pleasure, he grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her back, his dick ceasing its violent thrusting, but maintaining claim of her pussy.
He looked at her, deep in the eyes, hers as glazed over as his, mirroring that wild lust that they felt like a blanket over their minds.
He started thrusting into her again, and as she tried to meet those wild jack-hammer thrusts, but then suddenly, he thrust his hand into the tub of ice-cream and scooped out a large glop that he then rubbed on her tits and neck.
He held that hand to her face and she licked it all off of his palm and fingers, lingering at the latter, sucking away.
He dipped his head and licked at her body, trying to lick off as much ice-cream as he could, not caring if a spot was already cleaned.
He just wanted his tongue on her, and she wanted nothing less.
She felt the thrusts of his cock and the pull of her muscles as her very body was being ripped apart by the feelings coursing through it.
She felt an orgasm building, one far more powerful than the one before had promised to be.
Her back arched involuntarily as she continued to slide her cunt on his shaft, and a guttural moan was rent from her lips as she felt him groan and shoot his warm jizz deep within her.
She felt him collapse beside her, spent and panting.
“I’m not mad anymore, but… ” He whispered “…we’d better get in the shower.
” -Yvaine Words from the Authors: X: And welcome to another story from the famous X_and_Y erotic duo.
I’m Xavier, the handsome male half- Y: -And I’m Yvaine, the beautiful female half, I hope you liked how I this story worked.
You can say that it was close to my heart.
Or rather, my cunt- X: Yvaine! Such language from a lady’s mouth doth not suit.
whatever the fuck it’s supposed to suit! Y: You should be the last person to call me a lady, you do realize that the amount of dirty talk I share with my boyfriends and you are enough to de-baptize a church… X: I do indeed, and it has given me more sleepless nights than I can count.
Your dirty talk always makes me want to.
have an intimate encounter with my hand, if you know what I mean.
Y: Now who’s being completely unnecessary! I’m pretty sure I found a bunch of gay magazines under your pillow the other day.
I am not to be pinned for non-consensual incest! X: Yeah, well, I checked out the amount of lesbian spanking on your media player, last time you told me to fix it.
So YOU- Anyway, I’m sure our readers aren’t interested in our petty bickering.
So hold on to your seats as we work on our next tale of epic debauchery- cumming soon, your way.



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