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They crossed that desolated city square of Athens.
The moon played games with the clouds and the street lights flickered.
  Michalis, one of the main protagonists of this story, asked Thomas, “But why did you accept his bet? The odds are against us!” “You know very well Michali that I had no choice! TC is going to keep his word anyway.
” “You are way too naïve, Thomas,” Michalis said.
Thomas, who was a good friend of Michalis, was in contrast to the apostle Thomas, extremely gullible.
He had opened a restaurant in the area about five years ago and everything seemed to be going well.
  But, what were they doing, walking around in the middle of the night? And who was TC? What kind of bet did Thomas place with him and why? Let’s turn the clock a few hours back to find out.
*** It was late in the afternoon.
Michalis and Thomas kept each other company at the restaurant, as they used to do every now and then.
The crowd made a buzz that overcame their conversation.
Luckily for them.
“You know, Michalis,” Thomas said, “sometimes I get very bored.
I can’t find a way to use my time productively.
” “What do you mean?” Michalis asked.
“Well, you see, it’s boring to do the same things everyday.
To serve people the same food and do the same type of work all these years.
I want to do something new!” “You’re right Thomas,” Michalis agreed, “following the routine has never worked for me either, I always look to try out new activities.
But have you come up with anything?” “I did make my research a few years ago.
I tried to do things that absorbed my mind.
One of my ideas was to make my tax declaration.
” “Oh, you found a very exciting thing to do.
” Michalis replied in a sarcastic tone.
  “Yes,” Thomas said, not realizing the sarcasm, “but I got bored of that as well.
I haven’t done my tax declaration for the last three years.
” “What the hell!” Michalis stood up shocked.
“You haven’t paid your taxes for three years?” “Exactly.
” “Dammit Thomas, you want to get in trouble with the tax agency?” “No, I don’t!” Thomas said.
“But don’t worry, this won’t happen.
” “And what makes you so sure of that?” “Because tax officers are ineffective and stupid.
And on top of that, business is going better than ever.
Why would things become worse all of a sudden?” “Tax collectors are neither stupid nor ineffective, Thomas,” Michalis replied seriously, “on the contrary, they are cunning and corrupt, a very dangerous combination of traits!” Thomas laughed, “You have no idea what you’re talking about!” “Not at all,” Michalis said somberly, “haven’t you heard stories about how the tax agents invade businesses and shut them down?” “I have, but I think they are exaggerated,” Thomas replied in disbelief, “should we believe every single rumour that we hear?” “No, but I know a few people who had their asses kicked by the tax office,” Michalis said.
“Well, nobody’s going to do anything to my business!” Thomas shot back angrily.
“Okay, Thomas,” said Michalis and sat down again, “but just to let you know, no one is exempt from the law.
” Putting their conversation to a halt, they both remained silent.
Everything seemed to be quiet and go as scheduled when Michalis caught the figure of a strange man outside.
He was tall, around two meters and his characteristic grey beard reached his chest area in length.
His attire included a black gabardine and from the inside, a white shirt and trousers could be distinguished.
He headed decisively towards the restaurant, striding fast.
The queer looking gentleman entered the restaurant and went directly to the cashier.
  “What would you like to have sir?” asked Thomas to the tall man.
“I’d like to make an order,” he replied and the high pitched tone of his voice made a wandering bat outside jar momentarily off its course.
“Alright then, have a sit please,” Thomas suggested.
  The beardy gentleman sat at a table, still appearing taller than Thomas due to his long and fluffy hair.
  Placing a new tablecloth, Thomas asked “What would you like to eat?” “One kilo cocorechi* please!” the man replied.
‘One kilo?’ Thomas thought and raised an eyebrow.
‘What is he, a shark?’ He then said to the man convincingly, “Coming in ten minutes!” and went to the kitchen to give the order to the cook.
  Returning to the cashier next to Michalis, he said, “Quite an edacious looking fellow we have here,” referring to the unknown gentleman.
“Yes, indeed,” Michalis agreed, who could hear their conversation from afar.
Thomas served the cocorechi dish to the man, himself.
The moment the big plate touched the table, the weird fellow went full bulimic.
Thomas stood above the strange man curious and watched him eat the cocorechi like fruit cream.
  “So, where is your tax declaration?” the tall man suddenly asked Thomas.
  “Why do you want to know?” Thomas asked nervously, caught off guard.
  “Cause I work for the tax agency!” Thomas dropped his jaw and lost his ability to articulate.
“What’s wrong?” the beardy gentleman said, “cat ate your tongue?” “No, it’s not that,” Thomas said, “it’s just that—” “What?” Michalis knew Thomas well and realised that he was about to do something utterly stupid.
Thomas carried that nature within him, naïve stupidity.
  So time began to pass by extremely slowly and Michalis started to run towards the two guys.
His eyes were wide open with horror and his right hand reached out in desperation.
He feared that Thomas was about to say the worst thing he would possibly utter in his entire life.
“Nooo!” he shouted and everything still played in slow motion.
He would have prevented the bad thing from happening, if there weren’t those nasty, greasy porkchop leftovers on the floor.
Time unfrozen! Michalis slipped and fell like woodcutters’ trophy on the ground.
Bump! “I haven’t paid my taxes for the last three years,” Thomas said and his face retained that inno–cent stupidity.
It would cost him dearly.
The bearded man stopped eating and stared at Thomas gravely.
Then his beard started to laugh.
Then his mouth.
Then his eyes.
Then the whole body followed in the laughter.
He laughed so heavily that he almost jumped from his wooden chair.
His soprano voice switched from extremely low pitched tones to extremely high and visa–versa, making it sound as if it came from a comedy show that only the mentally ill would find funny.
  And if you found it funny as well, don’t sweat, everyone gets a bit crazy from time to time.
“Guhh – guhh,” the man spat cocorechi chunks on the floor, almost drowning in his frenzy.
“Oh man!” he said and continued his laughter.
“That’s the first time I witness a tax evasion of that magnitude being thrown at my face like this.
”  “Oh really?” Thomas asked, keeping his innocent look.
The tax collector ignored the silly question and gazed at Thomas furiously “Do you have any idea how much you’ll have to pay for this?” “I don’t.
” “Around a million euros!” “Oh no!” Thomas said petrified.
“How am I supposed to find that much money?” The tax collector looked around.
“From what I see, your business is doing just fine,” he remarked.
“You only need to remove the fine!” After that, he proceeded on to finish off his meal.
Michalis and Thomas could only imagine what that would mean for Thomas’ business and both froze in place.
Gulping the last chunk of his one kilo cocorechi meal, the tax collector burped loudly.
The burp was so fierce that a small piece of meat launched from his stomach and hit the wall.
It made a collision so powerful that it broke part of the plaster off.
Fatality! “That little piece was raw,” the beardy tax collector said.
“The food tasted delicious nevertheless.
” He continued talking “Judging by both your expressions, I can guess that neither of you can pay the amount.
So I have a better idea!” “We’re listening,” Michalis said.
Through his tightened and sinisterly smiling lips, the tax collector spoke the following words, “I suggest we place a bet!” “What kind of bet?” Thomas asked.
“Nearby is the red light district of Athens.
I bet that you can’t find a prostitute working there that is also a virgin,” the tax collector said.
“Well, at least I couldn’t find one last time I went there, heh – heh!” “Hey, but that’s cheating!” Michalis complained angrily.
The tax collector frowned with indifference, looked at his beard and wiped some bread crumbles that accidentally fell on it during his meal.
He rhetorically asked, “And didn’t Thomas steal from the state?”  ‘A state that had time and again stolen from both me and Thomas,’ Michalis thought.
‘With its corrupted politicians and rotten bureaucracy.
A vicious circle; no different than stealing from a thief!’ The tax collector addressed to Thomas, “If you win the bet and find a virgin prostitute, I’ll let you go.
But if you lose, your restaurant will be forever locked and you’ll go to jail.
” Thomas sat thoughtful and tried to make the most rational decision.
Although naïve, he wasn’t stupid.
‘Can I reject the bet and try to loan money from friends?’ he wondered.
‘No, I don’t have rich friends who would lend me that much money.
Neither has Michalis.
’ ‘Maybe I should loan money from my bank then?’ he thought next.
‘My business is profitable enough.
However, I’m still repaying the previous loan, the one that helped me set up the restaurant.
Would the bank give me another loan, in these times of economic austerity?’ he asked himself.
‘Shit, not if the bankers somehow learned that the tax agency visited me, and they definitely will! So I guess there is only one thing to do.
’  As time passed by and the unnerving tick of the clock began to sound like a church bell, the tax collector broke the silence and said, “So, what’s it gonna be, restaurant owner?” “Thomas is my name.
” “Nice to meet you Thomas, you can call me TC,” the tax collector haughtily laughed.
“I’ll take your bet,” Thomas said and by opening his left palm and forming his right one to a punch he clasped them together decisively.
*** Forwarding time to the present again, the two friends still meandered desperately to find a way of action.
“So, what have you got in mind now Thomas? What are we going to do?” asked Michalis.
“To be honest, one night that I crossed the red light district, I saw a drunk young man walking in the opposite direction.
He talked to his phone.
” “And?” “He said ‘That girl in the brothel must have never been with a man before.
’ So we could try to find that girl he mentioned to check if the rumour is true.
” “Oh,” Michalis said grimly, “says the man who believes we shouldn’t take rumours seriously.
” Then he added, “So this is our lead; a drunkard talking to his phone about the prostitute he went with.
Very reliable source.
Even if she was a virgin before, well, she’s not anymore.
” “Do you have anything better to propose?” “Well, no,” Michalis replied.
The whole time this event happened between Thomas and TC, his mind became completely stunned and he couldn’t think clearly.
“Okay, so let’s get to work,” Thomas suggested.
“Define work.
” “We’ll enter the brothels and ask the madams there if their prostitutes are virgins,” Thomas proposed.
“Sounds like a reasonable plan for us,” Michalis gnarled and juggled his hands upwards in annoyance, “appearing like complete idiots to the people working there.
” “Any better ideas?” Thomas asked.
“Let me see.
Well, nope.
” “Fine then,” Thomas said.
“So let’s split up and begin!” They took opposite directions, starting from the city square.
Their dicks showed them the way.
*** Piss–smelling alleys and time – weathered, near–to–be–demolished houses disguised as brothels, all illuminated by dim street lights; Michalis did not visit the red light district of Athens for a long time, but even so, he realized that the environment remained unchanged.
  What changed however was the people who dwelled on those places.
Improbable, but not impossible, a virgin sex worker could be found that night.
Perhaps a girl that was about to work for the first time there.
That would increase their chances.
But not much unfortunately, since a girl ready to work as a prostitute at a brothel would have been expected to have some experience in bed beforehand.
In the first brothels he entered, he asked the madams directly about the virginity of the girls that worked there.
The madams either laughed hysterically, or became insulted, thinking that Michalis joked with them.
Either way, it didn’t go very well.
  Then, something different happened.
On that particular brothel, the madam’s eyes shined with cunningness, giving the impression of a person who knew how to make customers pay.
  She greeted him in a very typical manner.
“Will you take my girl, Sarah?” she asked Michalis.
“Is she a virgin?” Michalis bluntly asked.
“Not telling!” the madam readily replied.
  “Why not?” “I’m not obligated to tell you the details of the sex life of my girl,” she said and added, “that’s something you should find out yourself.
” “Well, I—” Michalis tried to speak.
“Sarah, come in!” the madam called the girl to show herself.
The girl entered the room and raised the temperature; she was a blonde with a pretty face and big boobs between cup C and D.
Her ass was round, soft and smooth.
  Michalis got carried away by the sight.
‘Hell, why not?’ he thought and then paid, got inside the pleasure room and sat on the bed.
  ‘Let’s see now how it’ll go,’ he contemplated.
‘I’ll ask her about her virginity and on the off chance that she is, I’ll make her a business proposal to come and save Thomas’ business, offering a very satisfying reward.
’ After a while, the blonde entered the bedroom.
She hastily removed her clothes and also sat on the bed, looking impatient.
  Scanning her more thoroughly, Michalis got the impression that the girl was not in a very good mood.
Wanting to get this over with, he asked her directly, “When did you do it for the first time?”  “What the fuck you care about?” Sarah snapped back with a loud, hysteric and penetrating voice.
“You wanna have sex or not?” “I do,” Michalis said.
Somehow, her voice affected him positively and brought him back to reality.
He could think clearer and react more readily.
He added “But I don’t like the sight of blood.
It would turn me off if you were a virgin.
” “Well, to your information, I’m not!” the girl said and as she spoke, she gradually calmed down.
‘Okay, she is not a virgin,’ Michalis decided and then thought, ‘however, that’s quite a bitchy attitude she has.
Can’t blame her though, considering what she might have to go through every day.
What I can do perhaps is to sweeten her up a little.
’ Removing his pants, his average sized and hardened cock revealed itself.
“Can you give me a helping hand?”  She nodded in agreement, then mechanically grabbed his dick and started to sway her palm back and forth along its shaft.
Michalis rolled his eyes upwards in frustration.
Nothing could have been worse than this.
“Are you trying to bore me to ejaculation?” he said to her, annoyed.
  Stopping the motion abruptly, Sarah stared at him puzzled.
“What do you want me to do then?” she inquired.
Standing up on his feet and placing his cock an inch next to her upper hole, Michalis said “Open your mouth, babe.
” Sarah didn’t react at all, but stood still.
Her mouth however opened slightly, almost instinctively.
Michalis felt something like a magnetic attraction between his dick and her lips and for a few moments he stood there building up the intensity.
He then slowly pushed forward and the end of his pole slid through her lips and touched her soft tongue.
The sensation almost overwhelmed him.
  Sarah continued to look annoyed, but after a few movements back and forth, her eyes naturally shut themselves down as she became more and more in tune with the feelings that rushed through her body.
Michalis began to move at a faster pace and then he noticed the girls’ ass.
Now that she was sitting on the bed, it looked stiffer and rounder than before.
  ‘I think her bum needs some emergency treatment,’ he thought and instructed, “Lean forward, baby”’ She bent forward, unclear if she did that due to willingness or submission.
Michalis could see the top of the head of Sarah and her ass that was exposed.
He began to slap her buttcheeks.
That led Sarah to excitement and she started to moan.
Her butt was tainted a ruddy hue.
The moans tingled Michalis even more and that made him reach the point of orgasm.
Not being able to hold more, Michalis unloaded the first wave of cum inside her mouth, then quickly removed his dick and emptied the rest of his load on her face and covered her cheeks, lips and nose.
A little bit landed on her eyebrow and slightly got inside from the corner of her eye.
She opened her mouth and the quantity she didn’t accidentally swallow, began to drip across her round and flawless breasts.
Online Now! Lush Cams Maximus_Diesel Michalis observed her for a bit as he recovered from his climax.
She definitely looked sweeter now, oddly satisfied.
And the slamming of her butt really kept the blood flowing.
‘Definitely a pointing towards the right direction.
’ he thought.
At that point, his clarity had returned to its fullest.
He dressed up, said farewell to Sarah and headed towards the exit.
  ‘But am I and Thomas pointed at the right direction?’ he wondered and hit the road again, with the sight of the dozens and dozens of brothels ahead overwhelming him.
*** Deep in his heart, Michalis knew that it would have been pointless to go on asking about the virginity of the girls in every brothel he went.
It sounded ridiculous to him and it would take forever.
So he decided to return to the city square to discuss a better plan with Thomas.
  Speaking of Thomas, he realized that about half an hour had passed from the time they agreed to meet again.
“Oops!” Michalis thought, and his breathing tempo quickened slightly.
“Guess it’s time to head back.
” He kept a hasty pace, almost jogging.
Even though Michalis peaked with the blowjob he received before, he didn’t feel tired at all.
Instead, he felt more energized than ever.
Perhaps not that gifted in terms of penis size, nevertheless, his physical stamina more than enough made up for it.
Being the closest to what would be multi – orgasmic for a guy, he could reach orgasm many times a day and cum a lot, each and every time.
If his dick was a weapon, it would have been an uzi submachine gun; not very big, but carrying a lot of firepower.
On the city square, Thomas waited impatiently.
“What took you so long?” he demanded.
“I’ve been waiting here for at least thirty minutes!” “Well, there was a girl on the brothel on the third corner that way,” Michalis replied, “she gave some good head!” Thomas dropped down his hands with force and slammed his thighs.
“Man! You think this is the right time to have fun?” “Relax, Michalis*.
I had to check her out myself if she was a virgin because that madam wouldn’t tell me.
‘Find out for yourself,’ she said.
” “Anyway,” Thomas mellowed out, “did you find anything interesting?” “Nope, did you?” “No.
” “I believe it’s simple,” Michalis explained, “it’s practically impossible to find a virgin sexual worker! Not gonna happen! A virgin can become a prostitute, not the other way around.
We will not find the solution in the red light district.
” “I agree with you,” Thomas nodded as he realised that the guy talking on the phone the other day was a nonsensical drunkard.
No real virgin prostitute existed.
“What can we do now, with the limited amount of time that we have?” “Hmm, maybe we can deceive TC.
” “How?” “The only thing that comes to mind is to find a girl and make her play the role of the prostitute, claiming to be a virgin at the same time!” “That sounds interesting,” Thomas gushed, “I wonder why we didn’t think about that earlier!” “I guess because we panicked.
However, there are flaws in this plan.
” “Really? Like what?” Michalis gave a stern glaze to Thomas and mumbled “What a naïve idiot!” He then said with vehemence “First of all, TC will want to check her papers, to see if she really is a prostitute.
” “Aha, you are right!” Thomas exclaimed.
“But I know how to deal with this,” Michalis reassured him, “I know some people who can pull some strings.
They owe me a favour and can make a fake prostitute license.
” Michalis pointed his index finger upwards emphasizing his instructing words, “The second thing we must strive to achieve is to find a girl that is actually a virgin.
” “Why should we limit our search so much? Oh! You think that TC will really demand her to show him her virginity!” “I’m afraid so,” Michalis acknowledged, “TC seemed to be a ruthless hating–to–lose asshole, so I’m positively certain he will not hesitate to demand something like this!” “TC hates to lose? I didn’t think of him that way!” “Naïve,” Michalis muttered, “just naïve.
” “So,” Thomas carried on, “I suppose our third hurdle will be to actually find a girl that is willing to pull such a stunt.
” “Exactly,” Michalis replied, staccato sharp.
“So maybe we could ask random girls on the streets to join us in our cause?”  “I don’t like that idea,” Michalis disagreed, “asking random strangers to take part in an act like this.
There are not many girls above eighteen that are still virgins, and if they are virgins, chances are that they would not like to oppose the law or risk to ruin their reputation, even if there is a big reward.
” “Sounds reasonable,” Thomas nodded, and added “moreover, time is of the essence here and that could take a considerable amount of time.
” “So, the only solution left is to ask girls that we already know.
” “I guess so.
” They wrote down a list of the names of the girls above eighteen from their closest social circles.
About thirty names were gathered and they started to winnow out those that they knew had been laid.
None of them fulfilled the requirements, apart from one girl, Sophie.
Sophie is very beautiful but at the same time extremely shy,” Michalis stated.
“She’s nineteen.
There is a good chance she hasn’t been with a man before.
” “At least that’s how it looks,” Thomas noted.
“Well – well!” Michalis gushed.
“Look who’s starting to wake up!” “Who?” Thomas asked perplexed, looking around him.
“Never mind.
” *** It was morning, around eleven.
A young woman, probably in her teens, stood outside the door of her apartment.
She had long light brown hair that curled down below her shoulders and almost covered her cute brown eyes.
She had a very pale complexion and her face showed signs of a few faint freckles.
Her stature was a bit short in height, almost one meter sixty centimetres and her long, below the knee skirt covered her lines of femininity and gave the impression of a slim figure.
Sophie was the name given to her and she waited for Michalis patiently to arrive.
  ‘What could Michalis want from me?’ she wondered.
‘He has never asked me to go out tete-a-tete before.
Strange!’ After they separated last night with Thomas, Michalis called her to go for a coffee the next morning as he hadn’t seen her for a while.
And to find out if she kept her virginity intact, of course.
Approaching with a hasty pace from the distance, Michalis waved a salutation to Sophie.
  ‘Well, there he is!’ Sophie thought and waved back in return.
‘Sophie is the calm type,’ Michalis contemplated, ‘and she is also very beautiful.
Despite her beauty however, she does not emit any sexuality.
’ On top of that, Michalis recalled that whenever any reference was made on sex when they went out with friends in the past, she used to blush.
Additionally, she never mentioned and even avoided conversations that had to do with sex.
      ‘Today I’m afraid I’ll have to see her reactions to such topics,’ Michalis thought gravely, but then his expression lightened up, ‘because I’m going to bring them up! But, ahem, strictly from a scientific point of view.
’ He straightened up and tried to look serious.
“How are you, Michali?” Sophie asked.
“I’m fine,” he shrugged and looked to the sky like a holy martyr.
Then, with a sudden turn of his head, he fixed his eyes at Sophie and uttered brusquely, “However, a friend of mine isn’t!” “Why, what has happened?”  Taking a walk around the area with its many parks and fountains, Michalis narrated to Sophie the danger that Thomas put himself in.
  “Oh my god!” Sophie was concerned.
“And what did Thomas do next?” Michalis narrated to Sophie the latest events; about the bet that Thomas and TC agreed to.
He hoped that she would not faint from the spicy nature of the wager.
She didn’t.
Instead, she cut to the chase, “And how can I help?” “Sophie,” Michalis worded carefully, “you don’t have to agree in doing this, but could you present yourself to TC, playing the role of a prostitute, until he is convinced that you are?” Showing signs of panic, Sophie stammered, “And h—how will he b—be convinced that I am a prostitute? What do you believe he’ll ask me to do?” “I don’t believe he’ll ask you to have sex with him or anything other nasty,” Michalis reassured her and hoped it would be so, “but even if he does, you don’t have to comply.
I believe that if you show him the license that you are a prostitute he will be convinced.
” “But I don’t have a prostitute license, you dummy,” Sophie shot back slightly offended and then with eyes widened from horror, she dared to admit, “speaking of such, love is something completely unknown to me!” Michalis became surprised by Sophie’s confession.
He didn’t expect her to do so and almost couldn’t hide his smile, as Sophie ended up to be the perfect candidate.
The only thing she needed now was a little push.
“Seriously?” he said.
“How did that happen? I thought you were a lot more experienced with men! You are very attractive and beautiful you know!” “Thank you,” Sophie smiled softly and regained her control.
“I will help you two, even though I’m not so sure I’ll be good enough.
” “Believe me, you are!” “Thank you.
But what about the license? I suppose you’re going to play your part in this?” Michalis closed his eye in conspiracy, “Don’t worry about the license.
I know a few people who can help!”  Michalis agreed to contact Sophie to tell her the time and place that he, Thomas, TC and she would meet.
Since he was experienced with prostitutes, he gave her advice regarding her attitude and her dressing style, so that she would be more convincing.
To help her even more, he recited the definition of what a prostitute is, one he once found in the encyclopedia.
  “A prostitute is a woman that is willing to give her body in exchange for something of non–sexual nature, whether that something is material or not.
” Saying a warm farewell to Sophie, Michalis headed to meet an old female friend, one that had the power to forge ID documents! *** After going to the public administration, and after becoming himself a prostitute, shagging a mature and a bit overripe lady that once did him favours in exchange for sex, Michalis got the license.
  ‘Damn,’ he reflected, ‘I knew what I was doing when I stopped getting laid with GILFS.
They are completely insatiable.
I wanted to pull some strings, but got my dick pulled instead!’ The appointment was set for five-thirty on that afternoon and the time was four.
Michalis headed towards their appointment and thought about his recent misadventure with that madam.
‘I don’t like old ladies.
I want sweet young pussy.
Like Sophie’s.
Why wouldn’t something happen between us? And now that I’m making her play the prostitute, I think I might have influenced her in a bad way.
’ “All that makes me upset,” he mumbled and became sad and horny simultaneously.
Taking a glimpse at his watch, he realized, ‘I still have some time.
Why not visit that girl Sarah? I have some unfinished business with her.
She treated me with her mouth, now time to try something else!’ He made his way to the brothel where he knew Sarah worked.
Walking up the stairs and up to the first floor of the old building, he entered the guest room where visitors expected to see the girls working there.
  Michalis sat on the couch and inspected the room.
His eyes fell on the man sitting on the chair opposite to him.
He was tall, thin and had long dark hair.
His eyes pierced through anything they looked at.
Eventually, they met with the eyes of Michalis.
“What’s up bro?” he said.
 “Are you hunting today?” “Isn’t it obvious?” Michalis shrugged.
“Everybody comes here for the same reason, and that is to have sex, isn’t it?” “Well, no.
Everybody comes here to have sex, but not all men have the same motivation.
” “Oh, I see your point.
” Michalis languidly replied.
“So what is your reason for coming here?” “Just to have fun,” the tall man bluntly stated.
“What’s yours?” “Just to have fun,” Michalis uncomfortably duplicated the words of the man.
However, an inner voice suggested, “Or maybe because you keep thinking of Sophie.
” The long haired man smiled and leaned back.
Steps from the kitchen could be heard.
Walking with small steps strategically, as if both her legs had a mind of their own, the madam of the brothel entered the guest room.
“Today we have Suzy working here.
” “Why, what happened to Sarah?” Michalis inquired.
“She is not working with us anymore!” the madam responded, raising her eyebrows and giving a believe me look.
“Do you know where she works now?” “Not telling!” she abruptly replied.
“I’m not obligated to tell you her occupation address! Why not take Suz—” “She’s at the one that’s five blocks to your right!” the long haired dude intervened.
“I saw her before I got here.
” “You asshole!” the madam screeched.
“Why do you interfere?” “Not telling!” the tall man mimicked the madam and his lips formed a hard to hide smile.
Probably he had similar encounters with that madam in the past.
“Thanks!” Michalis exclaimed and then thought, ‘Nice fellow, I wonder what his story is.
’ He left the brothel and went to the one the mysterious guy pointed him to.
Since he hurried to get to the rendezvous place, Michalis paid and went to the bedroom directly.
He took his clothes off and waited.
The door opened and Sarah got in.
“Well, look who’s here!” she noticed, looking happy to see him.
Or at least she seemed happier than when she saw other men.
Michalis however didn’t feel that excited to see her.
Guess his turn came to be sour and grumpy.
  “What’s wrong?” Sarah inquired.
“Having troubles with your girlfriend?”  “I don’t have a girlfriend!” Michalis hesitantly admitted.
“Not for a long time!” Sarah opened her eyes wide in surprise, “What? You don’t have a girlfriend? Why?” “I’m out of luck,” he admitted, his mind revolving around the image of Sophie.
He also wondered if that was really the same Sarah he saw the previous time.
The first time he tried her, she acted like a hysteric brat.
‘Maybe she is in a better mood today?’ Sarah smiled and grabbed his coc



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