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Latest stories Taboo Seducing My Step-Sister Part 4

My name is Eunice, I am twenty years old, with 38DD-cup breasts and a tanned, toned body.
I keep my mound clean shaven.
  Natalie is my eighteen year old stepsister.
She has never had a lover, I am her first.
Her mound is clean shaven and her 36C-cup breasts just arouse me every time I see them.
  ***   After another night of unbridled love making, Natalie and I take a quick shower as I have a whole day planned for her.
This is a special day for Natalie, she is going to experience her first real cock.
  “Go to your room Natalie and put on something that will say, fuck me.
” She sashays down the hall, shaking her tight little butt.
I go to my room and stand in front of the full length mirror.
My nipples are still hard and my pussy juice is trickling down my inner thighs.
 Taking my hand, I wipe the juice from my thighs and watch my reflection as I seductively lick my hand clean.
“Ahem! And what do you think you are doing?” I see Natalie’s reflection in the mirror, she is walking toward me.
Dressed in a baby blue crop top, her protruding nipples are clearly visible through the very tight top that reaches slightly below her ample bosom.
The dark blue plaid skirt reaches mid-thigh.
Natalie’s blue/white saddle shoes and white bobbie socks finishes her outfit.
“I-I am still turned on, Natalie.
Now that outfit says, fuck me.
” Natalie is now right behind me, we are both looking at the mirror.
Natalie brings her hand up and puts on her oversized black framed glasses.
She then presses against my back, reaches around and cups my breasts in her hands.
“I am still turned on too, Eunice.
Now get yourself dressed.
” Natalie kisses my neck as she gives my tits a quick squeeze.
She walks over to my bed and sits on the edge.
“You look so hot, in what I would call a school girl outfit.
”  “That is the look I was going for.
”  Natalie watches as I put my hair up in a ponytail, then go and pick out a yellow crop top and matching thong.
I go over to Natalie with the top and thong in hand.
“Here sweetie, dress me.
”  Natalie takes the thong and kneels in front of me.
She slips the thong over my feet and up my legs.
Her fingers move across and around my mound, adjusting the fabric.
When Natalie is satisfied that the thong is in place, she kisses my slit through the fabric.
  “Mm mm, more.
” I moan as Natalie rubs her nose along my mound.
  “Later, Eunice.
” Natalie says as she holds my hips in her hands and turns me away from her.
  Natalie then runs her hands lightly over my ass as she adjusts the string of my thong in the crevice separating my cheeks.
Satisfied, Natalie stands and turns me so that I am facing her.
Taking my crop top, she holds it up as I slip my arms in the sleeves.
Natalie pulls the top over my head, down over my breasts and smooth’s it out.
The top reaches slightly below my breasts.
Pulling her close, I kiss her then turn and walk back to the closet.
I decide on my gray pleated mid-thigh skirt and slip it on.
Watching Natalie as I go sit on the chair, she is rubbing her nipples through the fabric of her top.
I sit and slowly slip my knee high socks on, then my white athletic shoes.
“Okay, let’s go Natalie.
” Natalie comes over and I take her hand as we walk out my bedroom and out to the car.
I open the door for her and Natalie slips into her seat.
I go around and opening the door, slip in behind the wheel.
  “Where are we going, Eunice?”  “We are going to meet Brett, for lunch.
” “I take it that, Brett is the man you were telling me about yesterday.
”  “Yes, he is Natalie.
Brett is twenty-five years old, six feet four inches tall and weighs one hundred seventy-five pounds.
He has a toned body with an overall tan.
He has short, black hair and brown eyes.
”  “I look forward to meeting him, though I am a bit nervous.
”  ‘It will fine, Natalie.
If for any reason you feel a change of heart that is okay.
I will understand as will Brett.
”  “That is reassuring, Eunice.
Thank you, I feel better knowing that.
”  “Look Natalie, we are here.
”  Getting out of the car, I go around to the passenger side and open the door for Natalie.
Taking her hand, Natalie exits the car and we walk hand in hand to the restaurant.
Upon entering I tell the hostess there will be a third person joining us.
She escorts us to our table and gives us each a menu.
  “Enjoy your meal, ladies.
”  The hostess walks away and stops to talk to a waitress.
  The waitress comes over.
“May I get you anything to drink?”  “Yes, a bottle of White Riesling would be nice.
”  “I will need to see your friend’s id, please.
”  Natalie hands the waitress her id.
She scrutinizes it for a moment, looks at Natalie and hands it back to her.
  “I’ll be right back with the wine, ladies.
”  We look at each other and giggle.
Natalie leans over and lightly kisses my cheek.
  “Brett will be here soon, Natalie and I feel you are going to like him.
”  Our waitress comes back with the wine and fills our glasses.
  “I will be back, when your other party arrives.
”  I thank the waitress and she leaves.
We both look over the menu for a few minutes.
  When I look up, there is Brett talking to the hostess.
She points in our direction and Brett walks over to us.
I whisper to Natalie, “Brett is here.
”  Natalie places her menu down and I hear a soft gasp.
Natalie whispers, “You did not tell me how gorgeous Brett is.
”  “Hello Eunice, it is so good to see you.
It has been a while.
” “Hello Brett, it has been a while.
” “This must be Natalie, it is a pleasure to meet you.
Eunice, you did not tell me how beautiful Natalie is.
” “Thank you Brett, it is nice to meet you.
”  Brett sits down across from us and pours himself a glass of wine.
  “A toast ladies, to two beautiful women and whatever the day may bring.
”  Our waitress comes back to take our orders.
I did not say much as I let Natalie and Brett become acquainted with one another.
Our meals arrive and the conversation turns toward the reason why Brett is here.
  “Natalie, I understand you would like to experience sex with a real cock.
”  “Eunice, y-you told Brett?” Natalie’s face turns red from embarrassment.
  “It is alright Natalie, I asked Eunice.
It is best for all of us, that we know what may happen later.
There should not be any surprises.
Natalie, what is it that you desire? ”  “I want to know how a real cock feels inside me, I want to taste what a cock has to offer.
I want to experience an orgasm and see if it is better than the ones I get with my toys.
”  “Well you certainly have gotten my cock rock hard and your nipples too, Natalie.
”  “Brett, Natalie is wet.
” I bring my hand up which had been resting near Natalie’s pussy during the conversation.
  “Eunice, your nipples are hard too.
” Brett says as he takes in the sight of us both.
  Just then our waitress comes over.
“Will there be anything else?”  I say to the waitress, “No thank you, just the tab please.
”  The waitress goes and rings up the tab, she returns and says, “Thank you for coming, have a wonderful day.
”  All of us chime in and say, “You have a wonderful day too.
”  While I pay the bill at the cash register, Brett is holding Natalie close, with his arm around her waist.
When I join them, Brett puts his other arm around my waist and we exit the restaurant.
Both Natalie and I kiss Brett on the cheek and I tell him to follow us to the house.
As Brett follows us, Natalie and I cross a set of railroad tracks just before the gates go down.
The gates come down before Brett can cross and I have Natalie call him on the the cell phone.
“Hi, Brett.
” “Hi, Natalie.
” “We will meet you at the house, Brett.
” “See you soon, Natalie.
” Arriving home, I tell Natalie to wait downstairs and wait for Brett.
I go upstairs to Natalie’s room, close the shades and place a few candles around the room.
I move her chair to a corner of the room, facing it to the bed so it is in the shadows.
Leaving the room, I keep the door open and return downstairs.
“Okay Natalie, I have candles lit in your room.
I will be sitting in your chair in the shadows when you and Brett enter.
I will be silent as the two of you pleasure each other.
If at anytime you want to stop, I am there and Brett will respect your decision.
” “Thank you Eunice, I am a little nervous.
” “Brett is a wonderful lover, you are going to be in good hands.
” I give Natalie a wicked smile and she giggles.
A few minutes later the doorbell rings.
” Online Now! Lush Cams VanessaFlowerss “Dong.
” “Ding.
” “Dong.
” “Answer the door Natalie, I am going upstairs.
Take a deep breath and follow Brett’s lead.
” “Eunice, if Brett asks where you are.
” “Tell him, Natalie.
” I kiss her on the cheek and go upstairs.
I hear Natalie open the door, their voices are faint.
I can make out that they are conversing as the door closes.
They continue conversing a while longer, then I hear soft oohhs and aahhs coming from Natalie.
I feel my nipples stiffen and my pussy tingles in anticipation.
Natalie enters the bedroom with Brett close behind.
He closes the door as Natalie turns, facing him.
Brett approaches her and takes Natalie in his arms.
He kisses her lower lip and then Natalie’s upper lip.
Brett places his hands on Natalie’s ass, pulling her to him.
A soft oohh is heard as Brett kisses his way down Natalie’s neck and his cock presses against her.
Natalie leans back, offering her luscious breasts to Brett.
He sucks on a nipple through the fabric of her crop top as his fingers tease Natalie’s other nipple.
“Mm mm, Brett.
” I am rolling and pinching my nipples through my crop top, watching the two lovers.
The moistness is building between my legs.
I resist the temptation to touch my slit as I run my hands over my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them.
Brett leaves a trail of kisses from Natalie’s breasts to her stomach.
He licks and then sucks her cute innie as his hands glide along the back of her thighs.
Brett’s hands stop upon reaching the hem of her skirt.
Natalie takes in a quick, sharp breath as he slides his hands under her skirt.
I cup the undersides my breasts and lift them to my mouth.
Watching Brett kissing his way down to her thigh.
I suck on one very stiff nipple, flicking my tongue all around.
The moistness continues to build between my legs as I watch Brett’s head disappear under Natalie’s skirt.
“Ooohhh that feels so good, Brett.
” Natalie reaches down and places her hands on Brett’s covered head.
I watch as she moves her hips in response to Brett’s tongue.
“Oh yes, suck my clit!” Natalie cries out as she takes her one hand and returns to teasing her nipples.
My hands instinctively reach down and wipe the vaginal juice which has trickled from my slit, onto my inner thighs.
Bringing my hands to my mouth, I curl my tongue around my sticky fingers.
I lick the cream from my fingers and then my hands as I watch Natalie tremble at Brett’s touch.
Natalie has both hands on Brett’s head, “Aarrgghh,” she moans over and over as she comes.
Brett moves from under Natalie’s skirt and holds her just as her knees weaken.
He helps Natalie to the bed, sitting her on the foot of the bed with her feet touching the floor.
Brett lifts first one foot then the other, removing Natalie’s shoes and socks.
Kissing the tops of her feet, Brett sucks on each toe as his hands glide up and down her leg.
He takes her other foot and sucks on each to as his hands glide up and down her leg.
Natalie reaches out and unbuckles Brett’s belt and pulls the zipper down slowly.
“I want to taste you now.
” Brett reaches down, taking Natalie’s face in his hands he leans down and passionately kisses her.
Natalie tugs on his trousers, letting them drop around his ankles.
“Mm mm, commando and clean shaven.
Very nice.
” Natalie wraps her delicate hand around Brett’s thick cock.
her other hand is fondling his ball sac.
Her mouth moves closer to the hard cock before her, Natalie gently exhales.
Her warm breath moving up the length of Brett’s shaft has him groaning.
” Bret places his hands on Natalie’s head, pulling her closer.
I watch Natalie take her first taste of a real cock.
She licks the large mushroom shaped head while her hand milks Brett’s shaft.
Her hand turns as she strokes him, Natalie’s tongue swirls over the cock head.
I can see precum oozing onto the head as she licks his shaft, down to his ball sac.
“Oohh” Brett moans as Natalie sucks one ball into her mouth.
Sucking and swirling her tongue over his cum filled ball, Natalie releases it and sucks in the other one as her hand moves up Brett’s shaft.
When she touches the cock head, she lets the ball in her moth slip out and slides her tongue up his shaft.
Watching Natalie taste precum for the first time as she licks Brett’s cock head has me so turned on.
I cannot resist the temptation to touch my slit and I reach down, pull my skirt to my waist and stick two fingers in my wet slit.
“Mm mm,” both Natalie and I moan.
Brett looks in my direction, smiles and blows me a kiss just as Natalie slips her mouth around his cock head.
Her hands are pumping his shaft and squeezing his balls.
Brett pushes Natalie further down his shaft, forcing Natalie to remove her hand.
  Brett briefly holds her at the base of his cock, then releases his grip on Natalie’s hair.
Natalie slowly slides her mouth up the shaft, then back down to the base.
 Her tempo quickens as Brett’s breathing quickens, signaling his impending orgasm is near.
Watching the two lovers in the soft glow of the candles, I thrust my fingers in my pussy faster and faster.
I want to come with Brett, whose moans fill the bedroom as he is about to come.
Aahh, I’m cumming!” Brett moans as he clenches two handfuls on Natalie’s hair.
I hold back my moans as I come with Brett, soaking my fingers with my cream.
I watch Natalie squeeze and fondle Brett’s ball sac, coaxing the cream up his stiff shaft.
Brett’s cum fills Natalie’s mouth as she swallows his cream until she milks his balls dry.
She lets the cock head slip from her mouth and rises to her feet.
“Fuck me, fill me with your cock,” Natalie whispers as she unbuttons Brett’s shirt, slipping it from his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor.
Natalie lies back on the bed, pulling her skirt up to her waist.
She parts her legs for her lover.
Brett moves up her body, resting the tip of his manhood against her slit.
“Oh Brett, give it to me now!” Brett pushes himself forward until his cock is deep in Natalie’s pussy.
“Natalie, you feel so tight.
” Brett begins to slowly slide his cock back and forth in Natalie’s wetness.
“Oh God, you are so big!” Brett moves faster as Natalie locks her legs around Brett.
He pulls her crop top above her breasts and sucks a nipple into his mouth.
Natalie pinches and twists her other stiff nipple.
Watching them, I remove my crop top and pinch my nipples.
Brett is moaning as he thrusts faster and harder, Natalie is screaming out with each thrust of Brett’s cock.
Natalie puts her arms around Brett and pulls him to her.
Brett rolls onto his back, Natalie sits up and rides his cock as they both knead Natalie’s breasts.
“Aarrgghh!” Brett grunts as his cum fills Natalie’s pussy.
“Oh God, I’m cumming!” Natalie screams out.
Natalie collapses on Brett and he wraps his arms around her.
The lovers tenderly kiss and caress each other until Brett’s cock softens and slips from Natalie’s pussy.
“Oh Brett, that was better than I could imagine.
” “I am happy to hear that, Natalie.
” Natalie reaches down and runs her hand all around Brett’s cock.
Brett licks and sucks Natalie’s stiff nubs as I remove my shoes and socks.
Rising from my chair, I pull my skirt and thong off while making my way to the lovers.
Natalie kisses her way down Brett’s body and moves onto her knees.
I climb on the bed and take Natalie in my arms.
“Thank you, Eunice.
I am glad you are here.
” “Sweetie, no need to say anything.
” We kiss, as I pull Natalie against me.
Brett watches as Natalie and I rub one another’s clits.
Both of us are so aroused, that we come in a matter of minutes.
I rub my cream covered finger across my lips, Natalie takes her finger and rubs her cream covered finger across her lips.
We kiss passionately, tasting one another’s cream.
Moving apart, I straddle Brett’s face and bring my pussy to his waiting mouth.
“Mm mm, yes,” I moan as Brett’s tongue glides along my slit.
Natalie lays on her stomach, between Brett’s splayed legs.
She licks his ball sac as her hand strokes the growing shaft.
I move down and lick the precum from his knob as Natalie licks her way up the hard shaft.
Our tongues touch as we both lick Brett’s manhood.
Natalie and I kiss as.



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