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I slouched down in my plush couch and studied the numerous bright video monitors around me.
They showed scenes of the shopping mall around me, scenes of young, old, men and women all walking around happily, entranced by the sights and sounds around them.
I saw them through the video feed, but even without that, I knew what they were feeling, I could feel it like a warm breeze slowly pushing at me.
It was intoxicating, I could feel their stimulation, their desire, their greed for the sights around them.
I knew that they were feeling this way for a while, but it had been a while since I had seen them.
I had been asleep for three years.
That part might need explaining: I am an entity who has been alive for eight thousand years, I am getting a bit less active than I was.
For all that time, I have feasted on the emotional energy of people, especially their emotions of lust and desire.
In ancient Mesopotamia, I would inhabit a temple where young women came to be deflowered, feasting in the shock of discovery as they first took a man inside of them.
Over the years, as society changed, I migrated, finding my sustenance in everything from Roman orgies to the brothels of the Old West.
But I am not just about sex, I am about the entire human experience of desire.
That is why I live in a mall, in a special chamber built deep inside, where the psychic energy of people— mostly women— seeing objects of their desire feeds me.
Every day, thousands of women will come to this mall, to look over clothing and other objects, and to, however faintly, reflect on the lust inherent in them.
Everything from the older woman shopping for an elegant expensive necklace that will subtly call attention to her cleavage, to the college girl looking at a short skirt, knowing it will make boys notice her butt wiggle.
All of these dreams of lust feed me, as I sleep in my chamber deep below the mall.
But every once in a while, even at this age, I need more direct sustenance.
Which is what I was doing today, looking on the monitors for a woman to satisfy my lust.
And what a show it was.
young college women, just discovering sexuality.
Women in their prime, who know how to dress and flirt and play men for their own pleasure, and maternal women, with nice soft curves and somewhat prim expressions on their face, who usually knew more about sex than any of the others.
I saw their struts, their swinging hips, and the clothing draped softly off their bodies through the monitors, and I felt their emotions as well.
Finally, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a woman who I wanted to follow, and the more I followed her, the more interested I became.
She was smartly dressed, in a black skirt that was on the exact cusp between classy and suggestive.
She had on a white sweater that seemed modest but also showed the curve of her breasts underneath.
Her straight brown hair was long, to her midback, and wisps of it framed her face invitingly.
She had freckles and a snub nose that made her look cute and innocent, but a slight gleam in her eye that made me think she wasn’t totally inexperienced.
So I begin to call out to her, gently at first, and I could feel her thoughts resonate back, a slight shortness of breath and twitch to her hips that let me know that her mind was as sexy as her body, although again.
not too obviously.
Over the centuries, I knew some women who would have came from the touch of my mind.
How she reacted was certainly interesting: she walked to the mall’s food court, bought a sticky sweet pastry, and sat down and begin to languidly eat it.
Online Now! Lush Cams Drago_Pervert Watching her mouth bite into it, then softly chew it and swallow it was an unexpected reaction, but hardly an unwelcome one.
But her attempting to whet her appetite with food was unsuccessful, and I knew that whatever undergarment was underneath that skirt, it was by now as messy as her lips after eating that cinnamon roll.
And I kept calling.
And she responded, walking towards my chambers with a languid stride, almost in a trance.
Not that I was hypnotizing her.
I was just calling her, and she was just responding.
By the time she had opened the door that led down to my chambers, she had unbuttoned her sweater and was undoing her bra.
She stepped inside and said “I have no idea what is going on, but I need to get fucked”.
Her voice was melodic and soft, but roughened with lust.
She had her sweater off, showing that she was wearing a black lacy bra over small but lush breasts.
She flipped up her skirt, showing matching black panties that were very soaked.
She didn’t bother to remove them, just shoved them aside, and said “in me now”.
This is what I had planned for, so I didn’t waste time.
Part of my powers was that I could take any form I wanted, and for this time I was a tall muscular man with Italian features.
I hadn’t realized it until she was like this, but she was quite petite, maybe 5’2″ and 100 pounds, and it almost seemed I might break her.
But she was desperately flicking her clitoris, and her eyes were half-lidded with lust.
I took out my thick cock and lined it up, and drove it home.
She shrieked so loud I thought that people would hear us through all the soundproofing in my secret chamber.
I don’t know if she was totally a virgin, but she was close to it.
She was wet and swollen and despite her pain, rapidly bucking her hips up to meet me.
She came right away, and bit my neck, hard enough to break mortal flesh.
I was the seducer, I was in control, but now the sheer lust of this young woman underneath me made me lose control, and I was as lost as she was.
I came immediately, pumping amounts of sperm into her that no normal man could do.
And also, I kept my erection (benefits of being a supernatural entity), and kept going at her.
After a while, she regained a small amount of her composure.
“I still don’t know who you are.
or what this is.
but it feels so good”, she gasped out between my thrusts.
“But let me get on top”.
I was a little surprised.
most women at this stage were confused and besotted with lust, but I didn’t object.
I did what she said, and watched her confidently straddle me, easing my cock into her.
She rocked back and forth on it, and then I saw her use her abdominal muscles to milk me deep in her, and we both came again, with us both shrieking.
We rolled off of each other, I was actually, for the first time in centuries, spent, but looking at her nubile body and the gleam in her eye, I got the feeling that I wouldn’t be for long.
Even stranger to me was that, despite her lust, she seemed lucid.
The innocent girl who I was planning on using for a boost of energy had surprised me, and for a moment I wondered if I had become domesticated, after almost 10,000 years.
Would a girl take ahold of me? We did many other things that day, and many other things would follow from that day, but that is a story for another time.



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