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Late shift surprise It started out as any other shift my partner and I were on patrol for our last shift before a 7 day stretch off.
  Which we were both looking forward to, a little rest and relaxation.
I guess I should tell you a bit about myself, I’m a 22yr old 6’2″ Brown haired rookie cop who got lucky enough to be the youngest officer on the force to ever make it onto the forces Canine Unit.
That’s right my partner is a 1yr old German Shepard named “Tank” Tank and I had already tracked down an armed robber, and cleared a house during a drug raid so thus far it had been a successful night on the books.
We were cruising down the highway when the idea hit me to swing past a local spot where the kids liked to park and smoke up, drink and fool around.
As I took the suburban down the dirt road I killed the lights as it was almost dusk out so if their was anyone at the end of the road they wouldn’t see them on the way in.
Pulling off into a clearing just before the bottom I spotted a rust colored Hyundai parked off to the left, I parked the truck running the license plate on my SAM unit(in car laptop) and found out why I had thought the car looked so familiar.
It belonged to my ex girlfriends mother.
As I stepped out of the truck, closing the door softly I circled around and came at the car from the back noticing on the way up that the windows were down.
As I got up beside it I was shocked at the sight inside there was Laura my ex leaning back against the rear passenger side door naked as the day she was born.
With another girl I didn’t recognize buried face deep between her legs.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, neither girl noticed me as Laura had her eyes shut panting and moaning as the other girl continued to eat her out.
I was about to clear my throat, when Laura opened her eyes and saw me standing there.
I’m sure she would have said something if her body hadn’t been over come with the pleasure of the orgasm caused by this gorgeous red head.
As Laura came down from her orgasm I called out announcing my presence.
“Police, exit the vehicle with your hands up” The red head jumped startled by the sudden break in silence realizing for the first time they weren’t alone.
They climbed out of the car trying to cover their bodies with their hands, I repeated the command to put their hands in the air.
Laura didn’t seem to want to acknowledge that she knew me so I played along.
“what are you ladies doing out here this evening”  The red head blushed as she looked down at the ground appearing embarrassed.
Then finally answered “were.
were just you know hanging out and fooling around” I told them to both turn and face the car as they did I stepped up behind them reaching behind my belt and taking out my hand cuffs.
I told them that until my investigation was complete they were being detained.
Once I had them both handcuffed I told them to stay put while I went back to the truck to run their licenses.
Turns out the red heads name was Kristi she had just turned 18yrs old on Monday and had no priors in the system.
Laura’s information came back much as I expected 20yr old female, blonde hair, 4’11” and green eyes.
What the system couldn’t tell me was how great her body still was.
Luckily for me I was getting to see that first hand.
She had always been gorgeous but this was the first time I had seen her naked.
You see shortly after we had started dating Laura came out of the closet, not that she hasn’t fooled around with a guy or two before but she had suddenly realized she would rather have pussy instead of cock.
I walked back to the car eyeing both of the girls thinking this situation through here I was in the middle of the woods down a dirt road with 2 gorgeous females that I had just found in the throes of lesbian love.
When I got back to the car Kristi started begging me to let her get dressed and let her leave.
“please sir, just let me go I have to have my car back to my parents before 9 or I won’t be able to borrow it again.
” I looked at Laura and back to the car ” Well kristi I would be tempted to grant your request however you can’t convince me for a second that this is your car.
Online Now! Lush Cams ElektraBlack I know for a fact it belongs to Laura’s mother” “No sir my car is at the bottom of the road, we didn’t come out here together we just met up out here, please sir.
” I knew I had pushed the boundaries already having detained the two ladies with out letting them get dressed.
I decided to let her go.
“Ok Kristi I will let you go this time with a warning but if I catch you out here again there will be consequences, now get dressed and get out of here while I deal with Laura” As soon as I had taken the handcuffs off of her Kristi quickly started grabbing cloths out of the car sliding them on and disappeared down the road.
Moments later a ford super duty truck took off up the road.
I turned to Laura and asked: “why didn’t you acknowledge that you knew me earlier?” “I don’t know, I wanted to see how you were going to deal with this all first.
I got kinda turned on even more when I opened my eyes and saw you watching” I turned her around and pushed her up against the hood of her car, bending her over it, telling her to spread her legs.
I slowly bent down sliding my hands up her right leg caressing it on the way up acting as if I was searching her for weapons, I switched across to her left leg teasing her, trailing my fingers up her tender flesh.
Sliding my hands up her sides along her ribs reaching around to grab her beautiful tits, tweaking her nipples as I kissed the side of her neck.
Laura moaned as she pressed her ass back into my crotch grinding against me.
“I thought you didn’t like the cock anymore babe” I whispered into her ear.
Her response was muffled as she bit her lip.
My fingers had made their way back down to her slit slowly teasing her folds feeling her start to get wet again.
Grinding harder against my crotch she begged me to take her right there on the hood of the car.
I kept teasing her slowly rubbing my thumb across her clit as I slid the first finger into her.
I hadn’t expected her to be so willing after not having gotten anything out of her during our relationship.
I reached down to my belt, grabbing my key to take the hand cuffs off her I spun Laura around lifting her up onto the hood of the car leaning down brushing my lips against hers, parting them with my tongue.
Laura reached down and started undoing my belt, fumbling with the clasp I reached down to help her sliding my gun belt off and setting it on the ground.
She quickly slid off the hood of the car kneeling down and unzipping my work pants, I leaned back against the car watching Laura pull my cock out of my pants still in disbelief that this was happening.
She started jerking me off starring up at me with her green eyes smiling knowing the pleasure she was giving me.
Slowly leaning in she took the tip of me into her mouth sucking down continuing to jerk me with her hand licking the sides of my shaft.
I reached down to her chest taking her tits into my hands wondering if I was dreaming and about to wake up.
Laura kept alternating between licking my shaft and slowly Taking me into her mouth going deeper with each stroke.
Stooping down I picked her up and carried her over to the tailgate of my truck flipping it down I laid her back.
Kissing my way down her neck, grinding against her teasing her, slowly making my way down to her left tit taking her nipple into my mouth biting down gently tugging at as I found her clit again with my right hand.
Feeling her body buck beneath me, I continued my way down her stomach kissing her softly, reaching her pelvic bone taking in her scent.
Kissing my way down teasing all around her clit as she continued to moan, panting for me to stop fooling around and just fuck her all ready.
Suddenly with out warning her I started flicking at her clit with my tongue feeling her hips again buck off the bed of the truck as she came hard loosing her breath as her whole body tensed.
Just as I lined my cock up to her waiting pussy about to slide in my radio crackled to life with a priority tone.
*** beeeeeepp K9-7272 respond for an intrusion alarm at 2762 Lincoln Street** To be continued, depending on reviews, comments and suggestions.



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