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Latest stories Taboo Having Sex With My Boyfriend And Ms Robinson

“You never told me that you were shadowing Ms.
Robinson, Abby.
” My boyfriend Jake moaned as the floor became soiled with his cum.
With widened eyes and a beating heart, I leaped up and rushed to him.
My arms wrapped around him as tears were shed.
“I’m sorry, Jake, it was just a fantasy that came true.
I didn’t mean to cheat.
” Tears flushed out of my eyes.
Chuckles exited both of their mouths as his hands moved to my butt.
“I’m not mad, Abby.
Robinson was my favorite teacher too.
” His eyes shirted to her.
“I lost my virginity to her when I was eighteen.
She is a sexual goddess that can’t be stopped.
” Our bodies departed about a foot as a weird look appeared on my face.
“Really, you lost it to her? I didn’t even know you had her for math.
” Ms.
Robinson jumped up, zoomed right to us and her lips went to his.
My eyebrows limped down as I glared at them.
“Hello, your girlfriend is standing right here.
” They both looked my way as they kept their lips together for a full minute.
Then their lips separated.
“Oh, I missed you, Jake.
I had no idea you were dating her, you certainly know how to pick your ladies.
You care to join in for old time sake?” Her knees immediately dropped to the floor and her hands headed straight for his cock.
She took it right into her mouth and his left hand came to my right hand.
“Yes, old time sake.
” He pulled me towards him and his eyes came to mine.
“Oh, did you fuck her when you were eighteen too?” My head just shook no and his lips came to mine.
His hands found their places right on my boobs and grasped them a bit too.
Hand sweat transferred to my boobs as we both had our eyes shut.
My right hand blindly made it’s way onto her head.
His lips departed from mine.
“That was so hot seeing you with her, will you please get down there and have some more fun with her?” “You are not mad at me?” I backed away slightly.
“I could never be mad at the most beautiful woman alive for fucking another hot woman.
” My feet led back to him and my lips smooched his again.
“You are lucky I love you.
” My knees met the floor too.
Her eyes met mine and his cock slowly spilled out of her mouth.
A lusty smile shot my way and then her lips came together with mine.
“You don’t mind sharing, do you?” I remained silent for a minute as the math was done in my head.
“No, not at all.
” My soft lips traveled right to his cock and rubbed onto it as I went all the way back to the base.
“Oh, yeah, Abby.
You are the queen.
” She got up, traveled over to the door and sounds of the door locking entered the airwaves.
“Now, I can be alone with my two favorite former students.
” She ambled back to us.
Her right hand landed on the back of my head.
No pressure was put on me, but it guided my head as I began thrusting my mouth.
“Suck that cock and make him cum all over your face.
You know you both desire it.
” My right hand made it to my wet cherry and I began rubbing it.
My other hand met the floor so I could support myself.
“Rub that pussy and that let that lady juice come out.
” As my mouth kept thrusting, my tongue entered the pleasure equation as it circled his cock.
His hands zipped down to the top of my head and they became wet with perspiration.
My other hand was captured by her and transported to her clit.
“Get three people at the same time, Abby.
Let us both know you want us to cum rivers.
” My fingers went right in between her pussy lips and massaged her clit.
In my slit, my fingers were on a thrusting adventure going in and out about halfway.
My delicate lips were going down about three quarters of the way down his eight inch cock.
My eyes glanced up towards his face, but his head was leaning back.
So my left eye took a peak at her and her mouth was wide open as her mouth was positioned mere inches away.
Jake became weak as a series of twitches commenced.
“Fuck, my sweet queen.
” “He’s losing it, go in for the kill.
” Her entire sexy body got closer to me too and made it difficult to keep fingering her.
Her boobs were pressed against my arm and her lady juice was flowing out at an alarming speed.
I felt her breath on me and I swear her heartbeats were felt in her throbbing pussy too.
Her lips came in contact with my cheek several times as my tongue landed right onto his dick hole.
“Oh, fuck, Abby!” He yanked his cock out of my mouth, but stopped only a few inches from my face.
His right hand held it tight as it spewed five good shots of cum all over my face.
Starting at the top and working his way up into my hair.
He immediately fell back and she came right around me.
My hand came off her slit, but as I found her in front of me, she pulled both of mine and placed them on her twat.
“Did you like that? Would you say that was the hottest sex you’ve had with him?” My head nodded as I was out of breath.
Her tongue buzzed over to my chin.
It landed there and slid all the way up to my forehead in slow motion.
“Oh, fresh cum, I love it.
” Her tongue left several additional lines of saliva on my face.
Her head moved to him to see him enjoying the show.
She crawled to him and lifted her left leg over him.
With his cock right under her pussy, her right hand went to his balls and her left hand reached his cock.
She guided it right into her snatch.
“I really missed this.
” His cock was swallowed whole.
“Shit on a stick.
” “Put your hands on my tits, Jake.
Do it and make me love it.
” His hands gravitated to her boobs.
I received an eyeful of them for a minute before my fingers slithered their way up into my cherry.
They dug deep up in there as my mouth opened widely and I stood less than a foot away.
“Ow, fuck me.
” Pain already soared through my wrist.
The sight in front of me was still masturbation worthy, even as I had no idea they had history and my hand felt as if it was gonna detach.
Her hand seized my arm.
“Come here, Abby.
” My knees moved towards her and her mouth came to my ear.
“Put those nice tits right over his mouth and let him suck those nipples until they turn purple.
” So I crawled over to him and my decent sized boobs made the trip over to right above his mouth as my head was towards her.
They dangled around, as my back began moving from right to left numerous times.
His tongue slithered out and attempted to catch them.
“Yes, tease him first, make him want those tits.
Don’t just give into his desires right away.
” So my tits continued to shake, but his tongue continued it’s mission.
Even as she rode him, he was on the hunt to catch one of my nipples.
His neck zoomed all over in a 360 degree circle.
“Come on, you can catch them.
I know how much you love my boobs.
” Then his hands departed from her boobs and went to mine.
“Hey, no cheating.
Satisfy your girlfriend by doing the work.
Make her love you in ways that’ll make her weep every time she sees you, Jake.
Have her sit right in the palm of your hand and never let her go.
” So my tits began gyrating as it seemed his tongue was following both of them.
The sight of him working so hard to get my nipples never entered my vision before which caused a big teeth showing smile to appear on my face.
My head leaned up towards her to see her trembling nonstop.
His pussy kept covering and uncovering about half his cock with her boobs were flopping around too.
My eyes stayed right on her and then I found his tongue on my right nipple as I stopped shaking.
“I know, I dazed you.
” She was breathing heavily.
He took out his work out aggression right on my right nipple.
He took the whole thing right into his mouth and sucked on it with the heavy passion that only came out a handful of times before.
I felt his teeth working on it too as his lips stayed on my skin.
“Oh, Jake.
Please don’t stop.
” My hands ventured to his neck.
My eyes were still on her, but they were just starring off into space.
His hands came both of my boobs and held them tight.
Then his mouth traveled to my left nipple and began violating that one with his tongue with quick, but pleasurable licks.
My body shifted to ‘Freeze’ mode as her lips came towards mine.
She kissed me, but my lips failed to respond.
My breaths were very little and infrequent, until his tongue departed from my nipple.
“Shit, Ms.
Robinson!” “Cum inside me, Jake, just like old times.
” His entire body vibrated as they both moaned.
‘Freeze’ mode flipped off and my face moved over to his.
My lips left many imprints on his shaky face as a very deep breath was taken in by him.
Once he was ready to shoot, a deeper exhale was performed.
“Fuck yes.
” His hand ran across his forehead.
His stomach was on the move as his cock slowly slithered out of her twat with her lifting herself up.
Our eyes went to her pussy and got a great view of his cum flowing right out.
It hit the floor and then drool from my mouth did too.
With any other woman, I’d be enraged, but for the sexy teacher I was shadowing, it got every single ounce of my sexual juices flowing like a current in the water.
The experience of having his seed shot inside me never happened, for worry that I’d get pregnant.
“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill, Abby.
Now show him what you learned in class today that wasn’t math related.
” Her body fell to the ground as a big grin came across his face.
“I’d love to see that.
” His body leaned up with me.
His lips got a visit from mine and our arms went around each other.
The visit lasted for a couple minutes as tears ejected from my eyes.
We released each other and our heads were inches away from each other.
“You are not mad that I cheated, are you? I don’t want to lose you, Jake.
” My head aimed down slightly.
His facial muscles were worked out as the went up as far as they could go.
“Did you see me fuck her just now, I think we’re even.
Now let me see what she taught you today.
” A smile from my face entered his vision and thoughts of our relationship changing set in my mind.
I lowered myself onto my knees and leaned down to her wet pussy.
Nervous, but eager to please, my tongue slowly slipped right in between her pussy lips.
“Get down with her, Jake and get a closer look.
” As his body positioned closer to me, my fingers took place in her slit as well.
They brought fourth her clit, so I could suck on it.
“Oh, that’s it, Abby.
Make this cougar purr and feel the pleasure to get your cum reward.
” Her entire body fluctuated, as more passionate moans escaped her mouth.
His left hand occupied his cock as he stroked it mercilessly.
“Get even closer, so your cock will be right on her butt.
Kiss her cheek and tell her how much you love her.
Let her know you’ll do anything for her and you’ll never ever leave her.
” He positioned himself right on top of me, but didn’t put all his weight on me.
“I love you, Abby.
I wanna be with you forever, as I never stop pleasing you.
” He kissed me on left my cheek.
No response came from my mouth, but from the one eye he could see.
My tongue wasn’t visible to him, but her cherry felt it moving insanely quickly.
Her right hand zipped over onto my head, her eyes went to him.
“Put your other hand on her head, Jake, but don’t pressure her.
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” His butt met the floor and his left hand continued his stroking session.
His other rushed onto my head.
“I don’t care what she says, shove my face in her pussy.
I want it to be drenched.
” Laughs escaped both of their mouths, but then the pressure came from both of their hands.
“You want Ms.
Robinson’s pussy, well you got it, sweet lady of mine.
” As lady juice zoomed out her slit, my eyelids had to shut.
My tongue couldn’t maneuver as quickly as I desired, but I still managed to get her off.
“You like seeing her eat my pussy, Jake?” “Yes.
” “You need to pleasure her too.
Get behind her now and stick that cock inside her.
Shoot your load inside her, because she wants to feel it too.
” Her orders were followed yet again and his knees preceded right behind me.
The head of his cock caressed my smooth butt for a few seconds first.
“Yes, tease her some more.
” My face and fingers remained in her snatch.
The sensation of his cock being present inside me was experienced.
“Oh, fuck, Jake, I love you.
” “Lean your body on top of her and tell her you love her too.
Otherwise, I will fail you.
” I found his sweaty body sliding on top of me with his entire hard rod using my pussy for shelter.
“I love you, Abby and I mother fucking love this new side of you.
It’s so hot.
” My tongue took a leave of absence from her slit and my head turned.
“Really?” “Yes.
” Loving smiles appeared on our faces and then his lips came to mine.
We both leaned up and wrapped our arms around each other with our eyes closed.
After a full minute of passionate making out, our lips departed.
“Enough teasing me, make her cum all over your face.
I want it imprinted in my mind forever.
” He turned me around.
My evil grin was shot at her and my tongue went back right into her slit.
Her g-spot was my target and Jake made sure to get a close look.
His chest met my back again as his chin found a place on my left shoulder.
“There you go, Abby.
You got it now!” My eyes closed as my face inherited all the pussy juice loving glory.
Before it could even start to dry, his cock began jamming up in my pussy right before his hands felt my butt.
“Cum inside my womb, Jake.
Get the woman you love knocked up.
” “I will.
” “Transform her pussy into a cock throbbing machine, Jake.
” My long blonde hair hung over my head and went towards the ground.
I put my head down, so my face could see right under my body.
My eyes viewed just how hard his legs had to work to pleasure me at those limits.
His hands began spanking me.
“Yeah, you love it when I spank you, woman.
” Spanking sessions were only broken out on kinky sex occasions.
“Oh, Jake.
” I couldn’t concentrate on eating her snatch.
She just laid on her back, watched us and played with herself while a sexy smile was maintained.
I watched her caressing her cherry as my head kept moving nonstop.
Dizziness spun around in my head and the room was spinning.
“Jake, slow down for a minute.
” I breathed insanely heavily as my right hand landed on my stomach.
His chest leaned onto my back and his arms wrapped around me.
His hands landed on my boobs as his thrusts became nonexistent.
Hot breaths were pushing onto my neck and left shoulder as his face rubbed right onto them.
“Abby, I.



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