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Walking into my room, I see you waiting for me.
As commanded you are bent over my bed, naked, presented, and rubbing; the moisture visibly running down your thighs from the work of your busy fingers.
I was a little later than I expected, and I wonder just how long you’ve been like this, exposed, vulnerable, and eager for my touch.
I see your legs trembling and I have my answer—it’s definitely been a while.
I can see that you’re close to the edge but I know that you’ll follow my rules and won’t let go until I’m inside you.
I undress slowly, loving both the tease and the contrast between the tender bare skin of your body and the rougher formality my business attire.
I walk around you silently studying the curves of you; your pendulous breasts rising and falling with each ragged breath, the arch of your curved back blending smoothly to the rounded globe of your upturned ass as I lay my tie over the chair and start to unbutton my shirt.
You look up at me and give me your irresistible “fuck me” eyes and I grin in response, a slight evilness the corners of my lips.
I know I won’t resist you for long, but I’m savouring your need: a very tasty appetizer to the meal I will make of you.
“Well, this is a nice surprise” I say, as I undo the last button of my shirt.
“Did you miss me?” “Yessss,” you hiss in reply.
The excitement of knowing what’s coming and the frustration of not being allowed release is plainly audible.
You reach to pull me onto the bed but I back away.
No, not yet, my pet.
Keep rubbing like that; you’ll get your reward soon.
” You’re self-consciousabouthaving me watch you in the bright light of the room.
You feel so exposed and slutty performing for me.
But you do as you’re told and continue your desperate rubbing, fanning the flames even higher.
“Careful pet.
you know the rule!.
” You whimper at this; both at the tease you’re giving yourself and the anticipation of the fucking to come.
Thinking of the feeling of my cock filling you, you almost lose it; your insides clenching but you manage, barely, to maintain control.
Your focus turns back to me and you see my shirt is now gone and my pants are falling to the floor under the weight of my smooth leather belt.
My tight black v-neck undershirt highlights my athletic body, but it’s the large bulge in my black briefs that’s drawing most of your attention.
Seeing your gaze locked on my cock, I slowly rub along the length of it, making sure to push the fabric down to make it stand out in stark relief through the stretchy cotton.
You can see how it’s pushing hard, pulsing for escape as my fingers tease it and you grin at the sight of the darker damp spot at the tip.
“I want you” you beg, knowing how weak I am to your begging.
I tease the edge of my head a bit with my fingertips.
My eyes partly close as I lose focus for a moment, lost in the sensation, but pull myself back to the incredible gift in front of me.
My left hand is smoothing the bottom of my undershirt upwards, showing my firm stomach and the first hint of close-trimmed pubic hair above the waistband.
“Is this what you want?” I ask, breaking your attention for a moment.
You look up at me quizzically, not quite registering what I said.
Getting your bearings, you lick your lips and mutter, “Yes, that’s what I want.
” I play dumb.
“Hmmm, so you want my hand huh?” “No… I want your hard cock.
” I pull my shirt over my head, leaving just the tight tiny underwear struggling to contain me “Ah, that’s more like it,” I say around my grinning.
“Take the underwear off already! Please?!” You beg.
I smile wider as I remind you to “Keep rubbing pet, make it all nice and wet for me.
” I move up into a kneeling position on the bed.
Still rubbing slowly, I approach you slowly.
Your field of view is filled with the sight of my black cotton-clad cock, so very close, so very hard, and so very thick.
I note that you’re licking your lips unconsciously and reach one hand in to grab hold of my shaft, I continue to tease the edge of my cock head with my fingertips of the other hand over the fabric.
I slowly pull it out starting at the base, pushing the garment out of the way with the back of my hand as I slide towards the head.
Finally, my cock springs free; swinging forward and upward, thick, hard, and pulsing with the pressure.
You see the head is slightly shiny and I take hold of my cock at the base and squeeze, making the head swell and darken a bit with the pressure, giving it the “angry” look you love so much.
I slide my hand up my shaft and you see a pearly drop of form at the tip.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wow_Kris_Wave I use my fingertip to collect it, making my fingertip wet.
Your tongue darts out to taste my finger before you lunge forward and suck it into your mouth.
You bob up and down on it, tasting me as you suck.
It is a terrible tease for both us: you giving my finger a world-class blowjob while my cock bobs mere inches from your hungry mouth.
I lean in and whisper softly, “Ready to get fucked?” “Fuck Yessssssss!” You respond eagerly.
I slide back off the mattress and stand behind you.
Watching your fingers still working your clit, and seeing your hips move in circles of pleasure, I’m in no rush.
I can’t help but enjoy this view of your primal hunger.
I put my fingers on your nether lips and part them, getting a clear view of my prize within.
I can see the clenching and unclenching of you as you anticipate what’s to come.
I dip my fingers in and feel the silky wetness clamp hard around them.
A moan escapes your lips at this first penetration and you buck almost imperceptibly, barely hanging on to the edge of orgasm.
I take your wetness and spread it on the throbbing head of my cock, the loss of my fingers leaving you feeling empty.
The cool air of the room touches your warm pussy, making you feel all the more exposed with your lips spread.
I place the hot velvety head against your fingers, letting you feel it, then sliding it up between your lips to your opening.
Centering myself, I push just slightly in and then stop, the head of my cock just at your opening.
I put my hands high up on your shoulders and use my fingernails to scrape slowly and deliciously down your back.
You arch and impale yourself onto my cock unconsciously as my hands rake down your body.
You’re filled completely by the hot fleshy hardness and a loud moan fills the room I take hold of your hips and hold myself deep inside you, feeling your body struggle to claim me and shaking after the long tease.
Suddenly sliding quickly out, I thrust back in HARD to full depth and am rewarded with a whimper of bliss.
Your whole body is tingling from the deep insistent grinding and the strong grip of my hands holds you fast, making you mine.
I feel the backs of your fingers on my smooth balls as they strum furiously against your clit, the movement unconscious now, and driving you mad with pleasure.
Changing to long deep thrusts, I push hard and deep against you with each stroke.
I feel you shaking and losing control as I piston in and out of you; wet gushing noises accompanying each thrust but you register nothing but the thrumming of your body and the relentless pounding of the cock that’s commanding all of your attention.
Your world turns to jelly, dissolving around the hard organ that defines the center of your world.
Your eyes close, the black in your vision is filled with the static of tiny stars and as you hang on the edge of what you know will be a huge release.
You have that moment of fear, need, tension, and almost painful anticipation as the point of no return approaches.
Finally, it consumes you.
You fall, the black exploding into colours and waves as your body shudders in orgasm.
“YES!!!!” You moan in pure pleasure.
“YYYYyyyeeeessssSSS Everything is soft and quivering; all but the cock that continues to pound you; one point of hardness in a world gone liquid The rapid clenching and quaking of your body is too much for me and, with a guttural roar, I thrust hard into you and hold on to your body for support as I buck and cum inside you.
My orgasm sets off another wave of pleasure in your body and you wonder if you can take any more.
The room is filled with the wild animal noises of sexual abandon, but neither of us even registers them.
Both of us dissolve, mind and body, into puddles of wet pleasure.
Ripples of ecstasy radiating out from little centres all over our bodies.
As the storm passes, my legs start to buckle and I push you down onto the bed, popping out of you as I collapse on top of your hot naked skin.
I kiss your neck softly while your body cools and tingles under my weight, both of us breathless.
Rolling off and pulling you up onto my chest, I wrap my arms around you, nestling you into the nook.
You hear my heart beating quickly and then gradually slowing as you snuggle in.
Feeling my breathing returning to normal, I kiss your head softly and squeeze you against me.
“Now THAT is what I call a welcome!” You giggling with me as I say it.
You smack my chest playfully and chuckle softly as we settle in for a long quiet cuddle.



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