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Latest stories Straight Sex Vacation while on Vacation

“Meet us back in the room at 5,” my mum called as she walked away from our lounge chairs.
“No problem,” I thought to myself.
It was noon and the guy across the pool would not stop staring at me.
I waved my mother off and winked at him, biting my lip slightly.
His face flushed red.
I got up to go order another drink, but not before quickly scribbling my name and room number onto a napkin.
Walking past him and towards my resort building, I placed the napkin in his open palm from behind his chair and whispered into his ear.
“Only if you’re brave enough.
” Ditching the idea of the drink, I decided just to go up to my room.
Once I was up there, I called to make sure the coast was clear.
Once it was, I left the door open slightly and stripped down to just the bikini that pool-boy couldn’t stop staring at.
Just the thought of him looking at me was making me tingle.
God, I hope he’s brave.
I sunk into our room’s jacuzzi and flipped on the stereo, waiting, hoping he would be brave enough to come up here.
My mind started to turn with what could happen.
I had lusted over this guy for the four days I was here, coming up with different scenarios each time I had thought of them.
None of them failed to make me have to take care of myself, the wetness consuming me until I had no choice but to touch myself.
Sliding my hand into my bikini bottoms and over my freshly shaved vulva, I started circling lightly over my clit, biting my lip and moaning a sigh of relief.
Fire was already building inside of me and I knew it wasn’t going to be very long until I unravelled.
The door clicked and I stopped my ministrations, opening my eyes slightly to see who was there.
“Jacuzzi!” I called cautiously, footsteps now making their way towards me.
“Drew,” he said, as he walked into the master bathroom.
“My name is Drew.
” “Anna,” I introduced, reluctantly removing my hand from my bikini bottoms.
“Join me?” I offered, moving some of the bubbles around.
He smirked, leaning down as if he was going to get in, but suddenly he grabbed me, picking me up and holding me in his arms bridal style, muscles flexing deliciously on my back.
I was breathless as he held me, throwing my arms around his neck.
Stepping over my strewn clothes, he walked us over to the master suite, never breathing a word.
Without warning he dropped me on the bed and quickly clambered on top of me, kissing me hard and passionately, nipping lightly at my bottom lip.
My fire was burning hotter now and so was his, judging by the feeling of his hardening cock against my abdomen.
I dragged my nails down his back, shifting them around to his chest, my mouth never leaving his.
Slowly tracing my fingers over his washboard abs, my fingers became adventurous and dove into his swim trunks, grasping his hardening length and pumping slowly.
He moaned into my mouth as I felt him getting harder in my hand.
Biting his lower lip, I moved my other hand into my own suit bottoms, gently circling my clit again, the wetness from earlier still remaining.
“You don’t realize what you do to me,” I whispered hotly to him, bringing my hand up from my bottoms and putting it between his lips and mine.
Drew didn’t hesitate at all to turn my hand toward his lips, sucking my juices off of my fingers enthusiastically.
Online Now! Lush Cams Alex_Gabino I shivered underneath him, getting wetter by the second.
“I’m sure I have a slight idea,” he whispered back, that award-winning smirk back on his face.
I moaned as my fingers left his mouth and he gasped as I took my hand from his shorts.
I sat up claiming my mouth with his again, but reaching back to untie my bikini top.
His hands were on my breasts, pinching and rolling my hard nipples between his fingers before the top even hit the floor.
I hit the back of the mattress hard as his mouth worked down my neck, teeth grazing and lips sucking, leaving little reminders.
I couldn’t stop the moans escaping my lips, some which even included his name.
His lips found my hardened rose buds and he swirled them with his tongue, flicking and nibbling as I moaned and writhed beneath him.
“Fuck me,” I panted, my hands lacing into his hair.
“Fuck me right now, Drew, oh my god,” I moaned, pleading, scratching every inch of his skin I could reach.
“Patience, Anna,” he growled, sending shivers down my spine, almost right to my clit.
His lips left my nipples and travelled down my stomach.
Soon my bottoms were down as well.
He kissed the top of my warm, wet folds before diving in, his tongue lapping and swirling around my clit.
I jumped from the contact, bucking into his mouth.
His muscled arm held my hips down but I couldn’t stop bucking my hips, desperate for release.
“Don’t stop,” I panted, lacing my fingers into his hair, giving a slight tug, “Oh God, never stop!” My release was coming quickly and I needed his incredible length inside of me.
As if reading my mind, he quickly threw his shorts down, his fully hardened length springing free.
He guided my eyes to his as he guided himself inside of me, both of us moaning with the intensity and pleasure.
“Eyes open,” he growled, his hand lacing into my hair.
I fought back moans as I fought him to position myself on top of him.
Balancing on his chest, I bounced quickly on his cock, our skin making deliciously slick sounds as we moved.
His eyebrows furrowed and abdomen tightened and I could tell he was close.
I reached behind me and grabbed his balls, fondling and tugging lightly as I rode him, finding the perfect angle for him to hit my g-spot.
I bit my lip hard, feeling it swell between my teeth.
His jaw dropped and he moaned loudly, a moan spilling from my own lips.
The first wave hit fairly soon, my head throwing back and jaw dropping open.
“Oh my god,” I moaned loudly, balancing myself back on his chest, picking up the pace.
His stomach tightened and he came, back arching and my name spilling from his lips in a drawn out moan.
I wasn’t far behind, my inner walls clenching around him, squirting onto his cock, soaking his stomach and the sheets below him, moans like half strangled cries erupting with me.
I collapsed onto his heaving chest, breathing heavily and slowing my pace on his length.
I took a deep breath and he kissed the top of my head, his breathing still laboured.
“Holy fuck,” he breathed into my hair, tracing lazy circles into my back, his cock still inside of me still sending post-orgasm shockwaves through my body.
“Well worth the four days of eye-fucking we’ve done,” I breathed, reaching up and kissing him once more.



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