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Latest stories Supernatural The Presence Of The Unexplained

I am five feet flat, I have double D breasts and curves in all the right places.
It all started June fifth, 2011 when I first felt “its” presence.
It was a wonderful feeling.
I knew why “it” was here.
It wanted what I had and I had the intention to give it away.
The next few weeks were normal.
I would get up and feel “it” drift by.
It was on November of that same year that I finally found out what “it” looked like.
“It” started to form in front of me, which presented me with the fact that “it” was a he.
He was well built.
He pulled me closer to him.
I could feel his warm breath on me.
He stood over me by about a foot.
I could feel his bulge pressing against his newly formed clothes.
I could feel my wetness start to soak through my panties.
My pussy ached for his member to penetrate me.
I couldn’t wait any longer, but it was like somehow he was holding me back even though he had the lightest touch.
I let him lead since I was basically helpless.
He slowly pulled off my shirt and started to caress my breasts.
He let me unclip my bra.
My bra fell to the floor giving him full access to my breasts.
His mouth went to work making me shudder at the way his tongue whipped around them.
He had to hold me up because his touch was making me unable to stay standing.
He laid me down on the couch and started to kiss down my stomach.
His warm breath kept hitting my stomach making me wetter knowing what was about to happen.
His hands grabbed the waistband of my pants and pulled them off, panties and all.
He went down on me and his magical tongue went to work on my clit.
As I said before, his tongue is the most majestic part about him.
As he worked me closer to my orgasm he caressed my tits, which only brought me closer.
I was almost to my orgasm when he stopped.
His mouth pulled away so suddenly, it actually frightened me.
I went to go finish my self off, but he did that weird thing where his light touch kept me from moving.
Online Now! Lush Cams babbyhornny He helped me up on my knees and I started to take off his jeans.
His hard length was urging to be released.
As I pulled his jeans and underwear off, his member flipped out in its full length.
It was about eight inches long and two inches in girth.
As I wrapped my mouth around him, he grabbed the back of my head and lead my mouth more and more on.
I had was able to take down seven inches before stopping, then it happened again.
He used his soft touch to freeze me.
He was able to put the last inch in without any pain on my part.
I took it and I was able to take all of it without any more problems.
Once he let go of me, I kept sucking him down to his balls, taking everything in.
I started to feel his balls slap against my chin.
His pace started to quicken.
He started to go faster and faster, but he stopped by what I could tell was as close to his orgasm as he could get without letting go.
 He pulled his dick out of my mouth and started to push it into my pussy.
He slowly pushed it all in and I almost came right at that point.
He started to pump his member into me.
Faster and faster he got, each time hitting my sweet spot.
This time I didn’t want him to stop.
This time he didn’t stop.
As he came down with one more swift, hard pump, we both came.
It was the best orgasm I had ever had in my life.
It felt so powerful and the waves of pleasure hit me every time I felt his member pulse inside of me.
After we collapsed onto each other, he looked me in the eyes and said, “Thank you for letting me complete my life.
” And with that, he evaporated.
I woke up the next day fully clothed and said to myself, “Was it just a dream or did the ghost of that man really fuck me?” I would never know until I met a familiar face the next day.
This is my first story and I hope you like it! There will be more parts to this.



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