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We’re lying in bed together.
I’m on the side closer to the wall and he’s on the outside, the better side, to be honest.
So we’re lying there together, my head on his chest, and I start to feel a bit playful.
I very slowly start rubbing his lower stomach and his thighs, making my way to his cock.
I can feel a change in his breath, and I slide my hands up a little and slip them into his pants.
I don’t even bother to turn around and look at him.
 I just grab his cock and start rubbing before I begin jerking him off, but it’s awkward with his jeans on.
I lean up a bit and unbutton them, swiftly pulling out his cock without even taking his pants off.
I know he’s probably expecting me to keep jerking him off, but instead, I take him in my mouth, slowly, all the way down my throat until I reach his balls.
I stay there for a few seconds, leaving him down my throat.
When I come back up he lets out a breathy moan, and I look at him.
He’s smiling, clearly enjoying this.
We haven’t said a word to each other the whole time, and I just smile back and run my tongue all the way from his balls to the tip and then take him all the way down again.
At this point, he’s fully hard and I increase my speed, taking his cock down my throat faster.
I even stop from time to time to jerk him off while I lick and suck on his balls.
His breathing gets quicker and shallower when I do this, and I can tell he’s loving it.
When I go back down on him he grabs a fistful of my hair.
I sense that he’s going to get dominant and aggressive, which just makes me throb between the legs.
He pushes me down onto him, then leans up a little and starts thrusting into my mouth.
I begin to gag but I can handle it.
My saliva is getting everywhere and I can hear him under his breath, saying, “That’s right.
Take it, you little slut.
” When he finally pulls me up by the hair, letting me take a breath, my face is wet with tears and saliva.
“You’re such a pretty little whore with tears streaming down your face,” he says and then shoves me back down onto his cock, thrusting upwards into my mouth, taking full control.
I’m moaning through his thrusts, going, “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” with each breath.
He then pulls me up by the hair and pushes me down onto my back, hard, with my head by the end of the bed.
He gets up and stands in front of me and pulls my body forward like he owns me.
Now he takes his pants off, and with my head hanging off the edge of the bed he starts fucking my throat.
My gagging noises begin again.
I try to keep it under control as he goes, “Ooooh yeah.
Fuck yes.
Swallow my cock you little whore.
Take it down your throat, worthless slut.
” His thrusts become faster, rougher, as if he’s drilling my pussy.
Each time he pulls out to let me breathe he slaps me hard across the face, reminding me that I’m nothing but a cock-serving whore.
“You look so sexy with those fucking tears streaming down your face and my fucking cock down your throat, you know that, Princess?” I try to reply with a, “Yes, Daddy” while he fucks my mouth, but it just sounds like a muffled mess.
He pulls out.
 “What’s that, Princess?” “Yes, Daddy,” I say, the exhaust apparent in my voice.
He smiles.
Online Now! Lush Cams LolaLenno “Stick your fucking tongue out, whore,” he demands.
I do as I’m told and he slaps his hard dick onto my tongue, repeatedly.
He then pushes his cock all the way into my mouth and pulls it all the way out.
All the way in, all the way out.
He does this for a few minutes, teasing me.
Eventually, I’m desperate, begging, “I want you down my throat, Daddy.
” “What’s that, slut?” he asks, although I know he heard me correctly.
“I want you down my throat,” I repeat.
He hits me hard across the face, leaving a big red mark, and says, “ It doesn’t matter what you want, whore.
” At this point I feel crazy, so turned on by his words and the way he’s treating me.
I lose all of my pride and just beg.
“Please, Daddy! Please stick your cock down my throat! Please fuck my mouth! I live to serve you, Daddy!” He pauses, for a moment, as if he’s considering what I just said.
He lets out a long breath and quickly shoves his cock all the way down my throat.
I expect him to start fucking my face, but he stays there.
“Is this what you wanted, whore? Is this what you fucking wanted,” he asks, slapping my cheek softly.
I moan with his cock down my throat, trying to say anything, really.
He just whispers to me, “Lick my fucking balls, baby.
Lick my fucking balls with my cock down your throat, slut.
” I try to lick his balls, but I know I’m not doing it as well as I should.
He gives me two quick, swift slaps on the cheek and says, loudly, “Do it, whore!” I swirl my tongue around his balls as best as I can from the awkward angle, afraid I’ll choke on his dick.
I hear him going, “Mmmmmmm, mmmmm, yes.
Good girl.
” He pulls out, gives me just a couple of seconds to breathe, then begins to fuck my throat, hard.
 “Worthless fucking bitch,” he says, through his breaths.
“Desperate little cock slut.
” I’m moaning through his thrusts, and I can tell he’s going to come.
I get ready to swallow but he pulls out and slams his foot on my cheek, pushing my head into the bed.
He jerks himself off until he’s moaning, spurting cum all over my face.
“Oh yeah, look at you.
You look so fucking beautiful like that, so fucking beautiful with my cum all over your face, slut.
” I look up at him, and he says, “This is who you are, Princess.
This is who you are.
A cock-serving whore.
” I feel so degraded, so worthless, so good.
  After his breathing calms down a bit, he gets some cum with his fingers and says, “Suck it off, Princess.
” I suck the cum off his fingers until it’s all gone, and he whispers, “Good girl,” clearly exhausted.
He collapses onto the bed beside me.
I readjust myself, laying my head back down onto his chest, feeling his heart rate go from hard and fast to soft and slow.
“I love you, Daddy,” I say.
He puts his arm around me, lovingly, kisses me on the head and says, “I love you too, Princess.



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