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Sarah went into the kitchen, washed her hands, then took out from the refrigerator lettuce, broccoli, a green pepper, a cucumber, a jar of Greek olives, a small ceramic container of cheese, then from the basket over the counter, a red onion and a big tomato.
Angelo came in with a bottle of red wine and Sarah handed him a cork screw and, with her eyes, told him to open the wine, then reached for two wine glasses.
“ Hope you like a Greek Salad with homemade feta cheese.
” “ Homemade?” “ Yes from the goats.
My granny showed me how to make it and some other cheeses.
” She held out the two glasses while Angelo poured.
They clicked glasses and Sarah said, “To fun and freedom!” “ I’ll drink to that.
” “ Mmmm nice wine.
” She took another sip and another and put down the half empty glass.
“ So, you live here all alone,” he asked, leaning against the counter while she assembled the salad.
“Do you ever get lonely, a pretty girl like you.
” “ Sometimes.
I’ve been thinking of hiring a farmhand.
I’m a writer and the chores take a lot of my energy and time.
” “ Oh, you’re a writer? What do you write? “ Romance novels.
Love stories.
” Sarah took another sip of wine, faced him and, wondered if she could entice him if she told him what kind of romance stories she wrote, then, smiling into his eyes, said.
“They’re very erotic.
” Angelo nodded, gazing into Sarah’s eyes, “Are your stories based on reality or are they fantasies?” “ A little of both,” she said, a slight smile on her lips, and finished her wine.
“How about pouring us a little more wine and we can eat.
You look like a man who likes to eat.
” He poured each of them more wine while she sprinkled the feta cheese on the salad, poured her homemade dressing over the vegetables and cheese, tossed it with two wooden spoons, took another sip of wine and moved the large wooden bowl to the round oak kitchen table on the other side of the room and smiled at him.
“Come and get it.
” Sarah knew she was being sexually suggestive by what she said and how she said it, and could see by his smile that he knew what she was doing.
The sexual tension between them filled the kitchen.
She was determined to seduce Angelo and see if she could get him to stay and be her farmhand.
Sherry’s eyes were fixed on Angelo’s while he listened.
The bulge in his red bikini shorts had gotten bigger and seeing its length sent a bolt through her and wetness between her legs, but she was determined not to lose her virginity to this man who seduced young women, abused them, then tossed them aside like trash.
Sherry yawned, placing the back of her hand over her mouth, and said in a weary voice, “I’m getting tired from all the champagne and pot.
I might have to stop and get some sleep.
” “ You can’t stop now.
” “ I have to.
I’m really sleepy.
I can tell you the rest of the story tomorrow.
” “ Tomorrow? What makes you think there’s going to be a tomorrow? Come on, tell me what happens.
I want to know how Sarah seduces Angelo and gets him to become a farmhand.
That’s pretty daring of her.
” “ Am I making you horny?” I asked, glancing at his bulge.
“ Can’t you see?” He rubbed his hand up and down his hardness.
“ Yes, I can see.
Okay, just a little more, then I’m going to sleep.
It’s late and I like to get up early and write before I go to Rosie’s and I want to get my stuff and bring it here.
” “ You’re serious aren’t you?” “ Very.
I like it here and hate where I’m living.
This can be a win-win situation having me stay here and write and we can hang out.
You’ll like it.
I know you will.
” “ I doubt that will happen.
Now, tell me what happens.
” I wondered if I should make the story really hot and get Angelo even more turned on and then stop, or should I keep it suspenseful, making him more and more curious so that he had to wait until the next night to find out what happens.
If it’s too hot, would I be able to resist his actions, would I be testing myself by getting so aroused I’d give in and become another conquest, would I be on the razor’s edge? Before starting, I moved back to one of the huge pillows against the backboard and lay on my side facing him.
When I did that, Angelo, also lay on his side, with his head on his pillow, facing me and started rubbing my thigh.
I have to admit his warm hand felt good, but I lifted it.
“Remember, no touching.
” He grunted softly and narrowed his eyes at me, but removed his hand and I continued.
While eating, Angelo commented on how delicious the salad was and Sarah said she loved to cook and how much she loved growing as much of her own food as she could and how much she loved writing, but she might need to hire a farmhand to help with the chores, and the pasture fence needed mending and firewood needed stacking and it was taking too much time from her writing.
“ Well, if you sell to me, you would have plenty of money and you’d be able to write and not worry about all the work.
” “ I told you I’m not selling.
So you can forget that idea.
” After they finished eating, Sarah cleared the table and took the plates, and empty salad bowl to the counter while Angelo sat back on his chair with his legs stretched out towards her.
When she turned around to face him, she saw her chance to make something happen and said, “Wanna get high.
I grew some dynamite weed this summer and just harvested some and it’s ready.
” “ Sure, I’d like that.
You’re a resourceful young woman, aren’t you? “ I am.
Have to be if I want to be independent.
” “ So being independent is important to you.
” “ Very.
That’s why I’ve been reluctant to hire a farmhand, but if I can find the right one, someone who loves the farm as much as I do and can work hard, I might change my mind.
” Sarah opened up a mason jar filled with buds, placed a few in the small glass pipe that had been on the counter, picked up a lighter and walked over to Angelo, lit the pipe and took a deep puff before handing it to him.
While he took a hit, she hovered over his outstretched legs, straining her tight faded jeans.
When he handed the pipe back, she closed her eyes, savoring the taste and sensation that rose through her body, then, gazing into his eyes, sat down on his lap and started grinding herself against Angelo’s bulge.
As the growing lust between them grew in intensity, he grabbed her ass, and, remembering how she felt riding Ginger and rubbing herself against the pommel, started grinding harder, sliding up and down, her breathing heavier, moving faster, her body tensing, getting closer to exploding in a huge orgasm, the first of many she wanted, and shouted, “Oh my God” as her body moved faster, harder, “Ohhhhfuck! I’m cumming!”She rode him faster, harder, then shuddered as an overwhelming orgasm swept through her.
She came hard and collapsed on Angelo, crushing her breasts against his chest, but knowing she had to do something more to turn this rich man who wanted to buy her farm, into her farmhand, slid off his legs and onto her knees, then lowering the zipper on his slacks, pulled out his hard cock and smiling, said, “I want some dessert.
” I stopped when Angelo rolled onto his back, spreading his legs and started moving his hand up and down his bulging cock which made me know my story was getting him where I wanted him, and knew this was my chance to escape his lust, though I have to admit, watching him turned me on even more than my story.
“You like my story, don’t you?” “I’m so fucking hot I can’t stand it.
” He reached for me but I slapped his hand away and said, “Good.
Jerk off for me.
I want to watch!” When he lowered his bikini underwear and his hard cock stood straight up and she saw how large it was, it was all she could do not to lean over him and swallow it, but resisted and watched his hand move faster and faster, his eyes closed, his body tensing, but then he reached for her and tried to roughly push her onto her back.
“No,” I shouted and pushed him away.
“Keep going.
Jerk of for me.
” Watching him, I moved my hand between my legs and shoved two fingers into my wet pussy and within a minute of intense thrusting, our eyes fixed on each other, we both exploded, his body shaking, then stiffened as white gobs shot out of him into the air and onto his stomach, while I convulsed in a huge orgasm, screaming, then smeared my breasts with what poured from me.
I lay back on the pillow and looked up at the billowing cloth above me, panting and thinking, wow that was hot, glad that my story had accomplished its goal and I’d be able to sleep.
“Let’s get some sleep,” I said, facing him and saw his chest heaving, his eyes closed as he came down.
“Damn, that story got to me.
You’re a wild story teller.
I like that.
” “You ain’t heard nothing yet,” I said, between breaths.
“I’ve got a wicked imagination.
” “You do, do you?” he said.
I moved towards him and kissed his cheek, his forehead, his ear and whispered, “You’ll find out how wicked I can be if I stay here and write.
Now let’s get some sleep.
” I couldn’t believe this was me talking and behaving like this, but I was enjoying the excitement and was also determined to show him, I wasn’t like all the other women he had fucked or abused.
I wanted to hurt him, torture him and maybe, even break his heart.
The next morning, I made sure to wake up before he did and watched him sleeping, glad that he didn’t snore.
Seeing him with his eyes closed, his gentle breathing, I wondered what it was that made him so cruel to the young women he seduced, what pain, what anger? Was it revenge for some hurt? My writer’s mind wanted to know what made this handsome man, so vile.
It was chilly so I put on his white shirt over my peasant blouse, and tiptoed into the other room.
I glanced at my sneakers and wondered if I should leave and show him I wasn’t a captive, but decided there was more I could do to convince him he should let me stay and write.
I’d go home later and pack some clothes, get my laptop and come back here after Rosie’s.
I went into the kitchen that looked untouched, and, seeing his French Press, decided to make some coffee.
I opened a cabinet and found a bag of coffee, put on the teapot and explored the nearly empty refrigerator but found a dozen eggs, a carton of milk, which, when I sniffed, knew wasn’t sour, a package of cheddar cheese wrapped in plastic and a package of bacon.
In the freezer, I grabbed the bag of bagels.
Great! He likes breakfast.
Now if there’s some butter, I’ll make him an omelet that will make his tongue throw a party for his mouth.
I found an onion in the vegetable bin and wondered why he even had an onion.
It looked like he didn’t cook much.
I loved to cook and remembered my mom saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
” No wonder my dad had such a pot belly.
The smell of bacon must have wakened him because he came in wearing a short silky maroon robe over his red bikini underwear and saw what I was doing.
“What do you think you’re doing?” “What does it look like I’m doing?” Then added, “How about slicing the onion for me.
” Though his startled eyes widened, I handed him the knife I was about to use, then found some salt and pepper to add to the egg batter.
“You want me to slice an onion?” “Yes.
I want to make you a good breakfast, but I’m not a slave.
By the way, how come you have an onion.
It doesn’t look like you cook much.
” I like making breakfast, but then I eat out a lot.
I don’t have time to cook or shop.
” He reluctantly started slicing the onion.
“I hate cutting onions.
They make my eyes burn.
” When I saw his eyes tearing, I said, “Go sit down and I’ll finish.
” When he sat down at the small white kitchen table with two chairs, I chopped and sauteed the onion, and added them to the egg batter that was already in the frying pan, then the cheddar cheese.
When the two bagels popped up in the toaster, I buttered them and placed them on two white plates just as the perfect omelet was ready to serve.
“You look pretty hot in my shirt,” he said, looking me up and down.
I brought breakfast to the table and glanced down at the bulge in his underwear as his robe hung partially opened, also revealing his hairy chest, flat stomach and legs.
“You look pretty hot yourself,” I said, knowing he saw where I was looking, then added, “I hope you like my cooking.
Maybe on the nights I’m not working, I’ll make you dinner and you’ll be glad I’m living here.
” “I didn’t say you could live here.
don’t get ahead of yourself, miss.
” “Well, if you want to hear the rest of my story and have a someone like me to enjoy, you’d be nuts to not let me stay here.
” While we were eating, I couldn’t resist lifting my leg and placing my foot on the bulge between his legs while I chewed a piece of my bagel, my eyes fixed on his.
“Isn’t this a nice breakfast,” I said, rubbing him with the arch of my foot and felt him getting harder.
“I think you’ll like my cooking and me giving you something delicious to eat.
Wouldn’t you like something delicious to eat?” He swallowed and pushed himself harder against my foot.
“How about it? Let me stay here and write and you can hear the rest of my story.
I can entertain you in ways none of your other little girls can.
” I’m not sure why I said little girls, but I was following my intuition about him and knew he liked his power and control, liked making young women submit to his lust, liked hurting them and I wanted to show him he couldn’t do that to me.
I wanted revenge for all the women he used, his sluts, and saw my chance to have a cool place to live, even though I knew I was taking a chance and remembered Mindy’s words, watch out, he’s dangerous, but the writer in me also wanted adventure.
I didn’t want to just write.
I wanted to live and write from experience.
“You like teasing me, don’t you?” He bit his lower lip as he savored my foot pressing against him.
“Yes, and as you know, I have a wicked imagination.
I can tell you stories that will enchant and tantalize you.
” I have to admit, his hardness against my foot was arousing me, but I knew I had to control the situation, make him know he had met his match, so, I moved my foot away, picked up our plates and mine and started towards the sink.
When he grabbed my wrist and forced me to sit on his lap, his hardness on my ass stunned me.
Damn he’s hard, but I was holding our plates and stood up, looking down at him, then leaned over and kissed his forehead.
“Is this how you treat all of your waitresses?” That surprised him and me.
I walked to the sink, swaying my hips slightly, and turned back to him the way I did when he looked at me at Rosie’s the other night.
“Hey, mister, are you checking me out?” I knew he knew what I was doing.
I wasn’t sure what I was doing but the idea of role playing, and acting out stories might really do the trick.
It would add another dimension to my story telling that would have him wrapped around my little finger and that’s where I wanted him.
“I couldn’t help it.
You look so delectable,” he said, then turned and stretched out his legs letting his robe fall open to reveal his hardness bulging in his red bikini shorts as if tempting me.
The sight immediately got me tingling and I swallowed, trying to ignore what was happening.
“I bet you say that to all of your waitresses.
I’ve seen how you look at the waitresses at Rosie’s even when you’re with one of your slut girl friends.
Guys like you are jerks.
I ignore guys like you.
” “Yeah, but I see where you’re looking, miss.
” “So what.
Don’t think showing me your ammunition is going to get you in this waitress’s pants.
” Finding us suddenly role playing was unexpected, but I could see this could be fun.
Would I be able to control him? And what about me? I turned on the water and started washing the dishes, ignoring him.
He came to the sink and stood behind me and put his arms around my waist and pushed himself against my ass.
I bucked him away.
“Listen, mister, I’ve got work to do.
” “Yeah, well, I’m a hungry customer.
I’d like some service around here.
” “Sorry.
I’m closing up shop.
I want to get these dishes done so I can get out of here.
” “ But I want something more to eat.
” He turned me around and got down on his knees and I knew what he wanted to eat, but I placed my fingers on his chin, lifting his eyes to meet my eyes.
“Sorry, mister, the kitchen is closed.
Now how about leaving so I can get out of here.
” Then I stopped the role playing.
“Listen Angelo, let me finish up here, then go and get my stuff and I’ll come back after work tonight and you can hear the rest of my story.
” He huffed and stood up.
“Sherry, I didn’t say you could stay here.
” “I saw how my story got to you, last night.
Don’t you want that to happen again and we can add a little more role playing to the story if you want.
Tell you what–if my story tonight doesn’t make you hot, I’ll pack up my stuff and leave.
” “Okay, one more night.
” “Cool,” I said.
“You’re a smart man and a good looking one.
This will be fun.
” At work, as soon I showed up, the other waitresses wanted to know what happened when I left with Angelo and I told them I had fun, we messed around and said, I’m going to be staying there.
“You are!” Carrie said, shocked.
“Are you crazy?” Molly asked.
Mindy took me aside while we folding napkins.
“I’m worried about you, Sherry.
He’s a cruel man.
” “ I have everything under control.
I have to get out of my house and he’s got a really cool apartment and I want to teach him a lesson.
Nothing I don’t want to have happen, will happen.
” She gave me that look, then said, “I hope you know what you’re doing, but I won’t be surprised if I see you bruised like Renee and you quit working here to stay away from him.
” “ I’ll be fine, Mindy.
I know what I’m doing.
” I tried sounding strong, but a part of me wasn’t so sure and realized how strong he looked, what good shape he was in and I’m a little over five feet tall.
I asked myself, Why am I doing this? Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing.
I had my suitcase with a few changes of clothes—some for work, but a few for our evenings of story telling and role playing.
I had my laptop and a briefcase filled with my stories and a new one based on the story I was telling Angelo.
The idea of living there was exciting and dangerous, but I was so drawn to wanting to be there and show Angelo I was not one of his sluts and could ultimately make him suffer in a way he never imagined.
My desire for power over him surprised me and made my heart pound and my mind swirl.
It was a busy night and, feeling energized by what was happening, really got into giving good service, kibitzing with the customers I had been serving for over a year and secretly smiled, when one asked, “So, what’s new, Sherry?” and I said, “nothing much.
just writing and stuff.
” But inside, I was bursting with what was happening.
Bursting, that is until Angelo walked in with one of the girls I had seen him with before.
My bubble suddenly dissolved into a puddle.
I tried swallowing but my throat tightened, stunned.
When I caught my breath and approached his table, I had to pretend I didn’t care.
“Good evening, Angelo, would you and your date like to try the new house wine we’re serving?” I was wearing my new skinny jeans and a black tank top and got the usual up and down look from him.
When the busboy brought over the bread and olive oil, I stepped aside and watched him take his date’s hand and nod, “Yes, we’ll have the new house wine.
Thank you, Sherry.
” Serving him that night was torture, but being a good waitress is a performance, and I did a good job asking how everything was and did they need anything else, but here I was with my suitcase, laptop and shattered expectations.
Now what? It was hard walking back and forth to the kitchen with him sitting with this gorgeous blonde, but I could feel his eyes on me and a few times our eyes met and I wondered, how can that jerk be flirting with me while he’s with his date, but knew I was jealous and tried to shake that emotion away.
Why am I jealous.
What’s going on? When he handed me the leather bound credit card holder and stood up to leave, he whispered, “See you later.
” I didn’t know what he meant until I opened up the leather holder and saw a note written on the receipt.
“I want to hear the rest of the story.
Come after work.
” Instead of sitting down for a meal after we were finished serving and setting up for the next day, I got my suitcase, laptop and took off.
No one asked why I had a suitcase but Mindy knew and her eyes again told me watch out .
The door man recognized me and bowed when he opened the door.
I was the only one in the elevator as it rose to the thirtieth floor, wondering about his date, would she be in his apartment, but when the door opened to Angelo’s vast apartment, he greeted me with a glass of champagne and when I saw the other woman wasn’t there, I wondered what happened to her, but also felt myself becoming the the woman determined to have a swanky place to stay, write and make Anglo know he had met his match.
“So, are you going to let me stay here?” “I’m considering it.
” He glanced down at my suitcase and laptop.
“Let’s take one night at a time.
” “Cool! I can handle that.
” “Good.
” We clicked glasses and sipped our champagne.
I took off my shoes and walked barefooted across the plush carpet to the other side of the apartment and looked out at the city lights.
He followed and I knew he was looking at my ass in the tight skinny jeans.
Little did he know what other clothes I had in my suitcase to use for our role playing and wondered what stories I would tell after the one I had started last night.
To say I was winging it was an understatement.
He stood behind me with his arm around my waist.
His cologne and the feel of his body holding me was soothing.
I closed my eyes and savored how it felt to be standing there and, for a moment, forgot how dangerous he was and how romantic it felt to be in his apartment looking out at the city and drinking champagne.
He kissed my throat just above the collarbone and a shiver went through me.
I took his hand away and, facing him, smiled into his eyes,“So do you want to hear the rest of my story? ” “ Sure, why don’t we get a little more comfortable in my bed?” I finished my champagne and handed him the glass.
“How about a little more champagne.
” He poured me and himself another glass and I took his hand and led him into the bedroom, but then remembered my suitcase and knew I had something I wanted to change into before I told him the story.
“ I’m going to change my clothes, Angelo, then finish the story.
Why don’t you get undressed and put on that sexy robe you wore this morning and I’ll be right back.
” In the bathroom I squeezed myself into the cut-off jeans I’ve had since I was fourteen.
They were so tight I could hardly button them and so short I knew my ass cheeks showed, but I knew they would make his eyes pop out.
I kept the black tank top on, but took my bra off then put on the cowboy boots I had squashed into my suitcase.
I tied my wild hair in a ponytail and became a farm girl.
When he saw me in the tight cut offs, ponytail and the cowboy boots, his eyes looked up and down my body.
“ You’re some storyteller,” he said.
“ Thanks.
You’re going to like the rest of my story.
” I have to admit I liked how he looked at me, but I was determined to stay out of his clutches and entice him to let me stay.
I walked around to the other side of the huge king-sized bed and crawled towards him on my hands and knees, knowing my breasts were showing, then moved to lay next to him with my head on the plush pillow against the backboard, loving the feel of the black silk sheets, then I leaned up on my elbow and looked down at his grinning face.
“ Why are you grinning?” I asked, curious.
“Because I think you’re funny.
” He had a smirk on his lips.
“Funny? Why do you think I’m funny?” “Because you think telling me a story and dressing up like a little farm girl while you tell me a hot story is going to make me let you stay here past tonight.
” “That’s right and you’re going to like my story so much you won’t want me to leave.
” “We’ll see, won’t we?” he said, and reached for his gold cigarette case, took out a joint, lit it and handed it to me.
”Here, this will help your storytelling.
” I took a hit, inhaling and handed the joint back to him and felt my body responding to the pot, my whole body loosening, and that tingle between my legs warning me I’d better be careful.
I took another hit and closed my eyes to find my way back to the story I had started last night.
Kneeling between Angelo’s legs, Sarah unzipped his slacks and smiled up at him while she placed her hand around his hard cock, then started licking the head, while gazing into his eyes.
Online Now! Lush Cams kate_eyesQUEEN Angelo lay back in the chair and stretched his legs on each side of Sarah and gave into the pleasure of her warm, wet mouth making soft slurping sounds as she swallowed more and more while making sure her tongue licked the underside of his swelling cock.
Angelo grabbed her hair, wrapping thick strands tightly around his fingers, holding her head still, while thrusting harder, faster.
“Suck my cock.
Suck it!” he screamed, writhing, and within minutes, filled her mouth with his load, then collapsed back in his chair, panting, while Sarah licked the remnants of his cream that dribbled from her lips and down her chin.
Angelo was turned on by my description and I loved seeing the big bulge in his red bikini underwear, loved how my words excited him, loved the power my words had.
“Do your girlfriends give you blow jobs like that?” “Yes, but Sarah seems like she’s trying to lure that man who wants to buy her farm and make him her farmhand.
How does she do that?” “ You have to be patient and listen to the story, if you want to find out.
” “I’m not a patient man, Sherry.
” “I know.
I can tell by the different women you come into Rosie’s with every night, you like variety, don’t you?” “Yes, I like my little pets, but I get tired of them and when they get too clinging, I dispose of them.
” “Dispose of them.
What do you do?” “You don’t want to know what I do.
” “Yes I do.
Tell me.
How do you dispose of your women?” I couldn’t believe I was probing like that, but when he said, “You might find out,” I wasn’t sure what to say, but surprised myself when I said, “I’m not afraid of you.
” He smiled at me and reached for my pony tail and pulled.
“You should be.
” “ Maybe you should be afraid of me,” I said, taking his hand from my hair.
“ Really.
” He smiled and shook his head at me as if I was a fool.
I shifted and squirmed away from him and facing him, lifted my leg.
“ Take off my cowboy boots.
” “ You want me to take off your boots.
” “ Yes, please.
I want them off.
Take them off for me, then I’ll continue the story.
” He took one boot off and tossed it on the floor next to the bed and rubbed the bottom of my foot then kissed my toe and licked my ankle which send shivers through me.
I lifted my other foot and he took off the boot, kissed my toes, and smiled at me while he placed the boot on the floor.
I knew what he was doing, but enjoyed it.
“ Thanks.
I love being bare footed.
” He started moving his hand up my bare leg while his tongue continued licking and tickling the arch of my foot which caused me to writhe from the sensation.
My tight cutoffs were pressing against my pussy, but then I realized I can’t lose control and rolled away from him and sat up.
“Story time,” I said, catching my breath and saw how hard he was.
Though turned on, I swallowed and somehow continued.
Sarah stood up and took Angelo’s hand and said, “Come with me.
” She led him up the stairs then down the hall to her bedroom and knew she wanted to take advantage of having this handsome man who wanted to buy her farm.
Standing in front of him, she placed her hands between his legs and grabbed his balls.
“I want you to fuck me!” He placed his hand between her legs and cupped her mound through her tight jeans.
“I like a woman who knows what she wants.
” “ Well, I know what I want and what I don’t want.
” She kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue then slid it into his warm mouth and swirled it around while his tongue did the same to her mouth.
She tightened her grip on his balls and he tightened his grip on her crotch, and rubbed her.
He took his mouth from hers with a gasp, “And what is it you don”t want?” “ I don’t want to sell my farm.
” “ And what do you want?” “ I want you to be my farmhand.
I need a guy like you to work for me.
” “ What makes you think I’d ever want to be your farmhand when I want to own it?” “ Cause of me.
” Sarah stroked his hard cock.
Angelo reached around and grabbed Sarah’s ass and pulled her against his bulging cock forcing her to spread her legs and slide up and down, savoring the intense sensations rippling through her.
“ Cause of you?” he chuckled as he moved his bulging cock up and down Sarah’s jean covered pussy.
“ Yeah, you’d like having me for a boss.
” “ That isn’t going to happen.
” “ We’ll see” Sarah said, smiling into his eyes,“but right now let’s fuck each others brains out.
” My eyes closed while I told the story and felt aroused by my description, when Angelo grabbed my hand and startled me out of the story.
He tried pulling me on top of him, but I shook my hand loose and said, “I told you not to touch me while I’m telling you the story.
” “ I know what you told me, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to listen.
” “ Well, then I think I’ll leave.
” I shook his hand away, leaped up off the bed and, picking up my boots, ran out of his room and down the hall and knew he would follow me.
I ran to the front door just as he caught up with me, but I pushed him away by butting my head against his chest and dashed into the kitchen which was a mistake because now I was trapped, but just as he reached for me, I ducked under his arms and ran into the living room, jumped on the couch and leaning my ass against the back, my tight cut-offs pressing against my crotch, kicked him away when he tried to grab me.
“Stay away from me,” I yelled and leaped from the couch and ran across the plush carpet, down the hall and just before I reached the bathroom to lock myself in, he tackled me and pounced on my back as I tried to crawl away.
His weight on me made it impossible to move, though I squirmed and felt his hard cock against my ass.
Somehow I found the strength to buck him off of me and crawl away.
He grabbed my ankle and tried holding me, but I squirmed away, out of breath and frightened, found the strength to laugh.
I don’t know how.
But he laughed, too.
“ That was fun, wasn’t it?” I said, suddenly changing the mood.
“ I’ve never met anyone like you,” he said, gasping for air.
“ You never will.
that’s why you should let me stay here.
It will be fun and I can tell you stories that will blow your mind.
Don’t you want to find out if Sarah makes him her farmhand?” Just then, he stood up, reached for my ha



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