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Latest stories Supernatural My Ghost House, ch 6

Kari heard the knock at the door.
Wondering who it was, she went to answer it and was floored by who was there.
Standing on her door stoop was someone she hadn’t seen in months.
“Victoria, what are you doing here?” she asked.
Victoria was Trina’s older sister.
More powerful and higher ranked than her sister, Victoria was the head priestess over a large Voodoo congregation.
She rarely left the Bayou to go to New Orleans, much less travel all the way up here.
“Kari, I had a vision.
The Loa spoke to me.
They told me to come here,” she told the other woman.
“I don’t understand.
Why would they tell you to come here?” Kari told her friend.
“The Loa, they were called upon to do a task, which they did.
Now, they want payment,” Victoria replied.
Kari knew that the Loa did not work for free.
Feeling dread in her stomach, she waited for Victoria’s answer to an unanswered question.
What did the Loa want in return for their help? “In my vision, I saw an evil force playing havoc on the ones living here.
His soul was black.
He harmed my sister.
You tried to restore goodness here, but you have unbalanced the scales, which need to be equal,” Victoria explained.
Kari watched, as Victoria set up her alter.
She was simplistic in her doings.
When her items were arranged to her likings, she chanted a spell, hummed a moment, then sat back.
This ritual, clouded in mystery, was over in a shorter amount of time than it took to set up the alter.
Kari looked at Victoria with many questions in her eyes.
Taking her time to recover, Victoria sat back in her seat and began to explain.
“You see.
in your attempt to cleanse your house of the evil that resided here, you meddled in the affairs of nature.
There can not be light without dark, good without bad, day without night.
You called on the Loa to destroy an evil force, which they did, and now, a good force is left.
I was called upon to equalize this situation,” she said, matter factly.
It dawned on Kari what was happening.
In her effort to get rid of Beau, she got rid of Colt, too.
She was utterly devastated.
She had hoped that with Beau gone, she would be able to spend more time with Colt.
Emily gave up her life force for nothing.
Victoria gathered her things and turned to leave.
When she reached the door, she turned around to face Kari and said, “Believe in faith.
Believe in yourself.
It is your beliefs that will overcome all.
” Having said that, she shut the door behind her, leaving Kari standing alone in the parlor.
Kari’s world was bleak.
She had not realized how much she missed Colt, even though they had known each other only a very short time.
“What have I done?” she whispered to herself.
Mind frozen and body numb, she shuffled upstairs to the blue room, Colt’s room.
Curling up on the bed, she hardly felt the tears run down her cheeks.
Her heart actually hurt from the intense emotions going through her.
She felt empty.
For days, she lay in that room, ignoring phone calls and knocks at the door.
She called in sick to work, hardly ate, and barely slept.
It felt like she was dying from heart break.
The following Saturday night, she sat by the window, looking out at the inky darkness.
The night was bright from the full moon.
Any other night, she would have been fascinated by it’s beautiful brightness, but tonight, it seemed dull to her.
Staring at the black expanse, she was distracted by a sudden movement on the ground below her.
What started out as a faint glow, it gradually grew in size and strength.
Sitting forward, she watched the light form into the shape of a man.
Cocking her head to the side, she watched as the man shape took form.
It solidified, dimmed, then fell to its knees.
She could see how heavy the phantom man was breathing, and it looked as if he was in a great deal of pain.
Jumping up, she ran downstairs.
Something told her that this person might need her help, but in the back of her mind, she could not help but wonder if she was losing her mind.
She was betting that when she got out to the site, there would be no one there.
Contrary to what she was thinking, when she got outside, there was a man on his hands and knees, breathing heavily.
He looked stronger, no longer in pain, but still a bit weak.
Tentatively, she approached the strange man.
are you alright, sir?” she called out to the man, from a safe distance.
No response came from the guy.
In a way, he looked familiar to her.
His hair was black, the same wavy black that Colt had.
His body was built the same, as well, but Colt was a ghost.
It could not be.
Kari took a few steps forward.
His breathing had slowed down to a normal rate, but he remained on his hands and knees.
Kari noted that he was nude.
Not a stitch of clothing covered his muscled body.
She inched closer, and he looked up at her.
Even in the pale light of the night, she could see that his eyes were bright green.
It was Colt.
She was frozen on the spot.
He sat in that crouched position just staring back at her.
Suddenly, he launched himself up.
Grabbing her by the arms, he crushed her mouth to his in a soul searing kiss.
He rained furious kisses all over her face and neck.
Returning to her mouth, he forced her plump, pink lips open with his tongue.
Darting in and out of her sweet mouth, he was literally sucking her breath from her lung, leaving her breathless.
His hands, on either side of her face, held her immobile, so his lips and tongue could invade her senses.
Without breaking contact with his lips, he reached down and ripped her nightgown down the front, baring her naked breasts to the night.
Finally breaking that scorching kiss, he leaned down and captured her erect, rubbery nipple.
Using his teeth, he pulled on her nipple, then let it snap back into place.
Kari gasped.
Colt had always been the gentle, teasing lover.
It was like he was starving for attention, impatient.
With his hard sucking, her nipple felt like it was attached to her pussy.
The harder he sucked, the wetter she became.
The sheer urgency of this was so erotic.
Holding her close to his body, she was able to feel the hard line of his shaft pressing against her panty covered pussy.
He ground that steel rod against her, and she felt a gush of fluid escape her pussy, making her panties wetter than before.
Colt growled at the barrier that her panties provided, reached between them, and simply ripped them off her.
Kari could feel the scalding heat of his cock, now nestled up close to her bare, slippery pussy.
He reached behind her, grabbed her ass cheeks, and lifted her up.
Impaled on his cock, she cried out loud.
Although she was wet and horny, her pussy was still tight, not quite ready for penetration.
She felt him sink all the way inside her, until his ball sac was touching her ass.
Kari wrapped her legs around his waist and let him pump his dick in and out of her cunt.
Within moments, she was moaning and gasping, as his hips pumped her hard.
Online Now! Lush Cams Jacob_Miiller His mouth, still on her nipple, sucked in rhythm with his cock.
She felt weightless.
Without missing a thrust or suck, he practically ran to the house.
Stopping every few feet, he paused to pump her hard.
When they made it to the porch, Colt stopped at the railing.
He pulled out of her pussy, and his dick was coated in her pearly juices.
He forced her to her knees.
Colt grabbed the base of his cock and guided it to her lips.
Grasping her hair, he pulled her head back and forced her lips open with the head of his cock.
Not needing any encouragement, she wrapped her tongue around the blunt tip.
Tasting her own pussy, she eagerly licked the shiny essence off his shaft and balls.
He pushed his cock back into her mouth, trying to get as much of it in her mouth, as possible.
Grabbing her head, he fucked her face faster.
With each progressive stroke, he got deeper and deeper, until his cock was going down her throat.
Kari’s eyes were watering, as she felt him in the soft part of her throat.
She gagged a bit, before trying to catch her breath.
He pulled out of her mouth, letting her get some much needed precious air.
Pulling her inside the house, they made it to the staircase, before he pushed her to her knees.
Comfortably settled on the stairs, Kari felt him enter her from behind.
Colt grabbed her hips and slammed into her.
She shrieked with every hard and deep shove.
Colt fucked her furiously.
The blunt tip of his cock butted her cervix with each push.
He reached around and pinched her swollen clit.
It was almost too much for Kari.
His constant strokes in and out of her wet pussy, combined with the excitement of seeing him, caused her to cum almost the instant he touched her.
Colt felt her pussy milk his cock and pulled out of her, before the pulsing motions made him cum, too.
Before the contractions in her pussy were even finished, Kari felt herself being lifted and carried up more stairs.
They made it to the second floor landing, when he pushed her against the wall.
Lifting her leg up and propping it on a nearby table, he knelt before her.
In this position, her pussy was open wide and looked so inviting.
Colt pulled her lips open wider.
Her pussy was so beautiful, so pink and wet.
He could do nothing but stare.
Kari’s lightly furred outer lips were swollen.
The hair on them matted to her lips, from all the juices flowing from her pussy,while her delicate inner lips were a dark pink.
Her folds were dewy with moisture and puffy from his earlier brutal fucking.
Colt ran his finger around her hole, as if tracing it.
He explored every inch of her pussy, committing it to memory.
When he finally reached her clit, it was visibly pulsating.
Kari’s breath was rapid, as he sucked that nub into his mouth.
Colt licked and tongued her clit, with the finesse of player.
Although she had just came, she could feel the contractions beginning again.
When he slipped his finger into her slippery canal, her legs buckled, and she felt herself falling to the floor.
Before she hit the ground, he caught her.
Lifting her up into arms, he carried her the rest of the way to the bedroom.
Laying her on the bed, Colt started to get on top of her, when she pushed him to his back on the bed.
Kari climbed on top of him.
Sitting astride this hot man, she rubbed her open pussy up and down his shaft.
His hard cock was perfect for grinding her throbbing clit on, which she decided was a perfect thing to do.
Colt could not take anymore.
His lady had already came once, nearly twice.
His balls were aching, and he needed to cum, badly.
Lifting Kari up, he slid his hard cock up inside her.
Taking the reins from him, she began riding him.
Bracing her hands on his chest, she pumped her hips back and forth.
Her pussy sliding up and down his pole.
Kari rode him hard.
Colt, wanting an orgasm, bent his knees and pushed his hips up, as she pushed down.
They established a rhythm that was bringing both of them to the stars.
His grunts and her moans mingled.
Kari felt a buzzing centered in her clit, and gradually, it expanded wider.
Her pussy was vibrating.
She was gonna cum.
Her thighs began to tremble, just moments before she melted with an earth shattering orgasm.
Colt, feeling Kari’s pussy milk his cock, started pushing deeper.
He felt the urge to get as much of his cock deep inside her.
His balls were contracting up close to his body, as his shaft got harder.
When Kari came all over his cock, her fluids gushed out of her pussy and soaked his thighs and balls.
His fingers dug into her hips, as he felt his fluids rush up his dick and flood her.
Kari felt the warmth of his cum fill her.
He thrust into her several more times before relaxing.
Rolling her over to her side, he kept his cock nestled deep inside her lightly throbbing pussy.
Both could feel his cum draining out of her pussy, forming a wet spot on the bed.
Colt kissed her neck, lightly.
“Help me understand,” she simply said, breathless.
“I don’t fully understand myself,” he replied.
They lay in silence.
“I know a little of what you went through, Kari.
I am deeply ashamed that I could not help.
I could hear, but not see.
It was so dark and cold,” he said, softly.
Kari listened, quietly.
“It was like Beau was controlling where and when I could manifest.
He let me see how he fucked you in that machine.
It hurt me to see that.
I wanted to kill him.
I tried.
really tried to come out, but once he fucked you, it was like I was banished,” he continued.
Kari turned in his arms to face him.
Not saying a word, she ran her hand down the side of his face.
He covered her hand with his own.
“You look so much like her.
I loved Emily, really I did.
She was my life, but I would have gladly given her up for peace.
I never wanted to hurt Beau,” he mused, “I will NOT give up you.
” With tears in her eyes, Kari opened her mouth to say something, when he put his fingers over her mouth silencing her.
“I’m not done yet.
Emily gave her life force, so that Beau could be banished.
You friend, Trina, was mortally injured.
I could nothing to help.
I am so sorry,” he whispered.
She nodded.
“I don’t know how I got here.
It was all darkness, but I started to feel something.
I can’t describe it.
Don’t ask me to describe it.
The pain was horrible.
The confusion was crippling, but I am here now.
I am not going anywhere.
I love you, Kari.
I have always known that you were Kari, not Emily.
You are part of my life now.
Our life forces are combined,” he said, bending to kiss her.
Kari, through her tears, kissed him back, then settled into his arms.
Drifting off to sleep, the new lovers dreamed of weddings and children.
Unknown to both, that if Colt could come back, so could Beau.
Watching from the shadows, a malevolent force watched the house.
Cold blue eyes, filled with hatred, planned his next move.



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