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Latest stories Straight Sex Lenny’s Roots – Chapter 2

I was a long way from the roach-infested tenement back in the Big Apple, sitting on my thirty-something ass in an always open waffle house just off the Las Vegas Strip.
I was looking for the lo-cal blueberry syrup because my selection of well-pressed trousers was getting a mite tight around the waistline and I was starting to feel sluggish and slow in the early morning hours.
Of course, nobody that lived in Vegas, including yours truly, ever thought of silly concepts like the time of day or night because the place was never really a morning, noon or nighttime thing.
I could be eating waffles at six AM or at midnight and never know the difference.
I had started keeping Ramon, my combination driver and bodyguard close to me at all times except when I was screwing one of the bimbos that impressed me as getting younger every day.
In the back of my mind, I accepted the fact that it was probably me that was getting older rather than the pretty young things getting younger.
In my case, it didn’t really matter because I was at that stage in my life when I was obsessively attracted to older women and found the younger generation to be a bunch of strange thinking alien lifeforms from another planet.
Ramon was really on the payroll of Don Leone and the boys back on the lower East Side, but he was comped to me for the duration of my Las Vegas chores getting the escort business back on track and out of the headlines.
It was one of the most lucrative areas of the Leone Empire and normally flourished in any big urban area, especially places like Las Vegas or Miami Beach.
Earlier that morning, I had looked in the mirror on the twenty-ninth floor of the Majestic Hotel and Casino complex and had to admit I didn’t like what I saw.
I still had the unmistakable traces of a black eye from the altercation out at the airport when Ramon and I got tangled up with the security guards for Lady Glamour and her entourage from Hell.
I was only doing my job of keeping the sensation seeking immature bitch from making more problems for the organization with her constant drug-addled scrapes with the law or rival competition.
         I suspected the vinyl sheathed piece of ass from good old Brooklyn, USA and now labeled Lady Glamour was fully aware that she was messing with Tony Sorrentino.
  She certainly knew that I represented the interests of our mutual boss, Don Leone and the rest of the connected New York family that had boosted her into fame and fortune.
I figured it was likely she remembered that I had taken advantage of her indebtedness to the family and had pooched her pretty ass in the back seat of an armor-plated limo taking us to a concert over in New Jersey.
I didn’t regret giving it to her back there in tight quarters, because I liked doing that to any female that knew what side her bread was buttered on.
In all honesty, I have to admit it made me feel like I was in control of the situation.
I knew right away that she was surrendering her sweet rear-door hole to me because of my role as her mentor in the current campaign to put her in the spotlight and not because she had a yen for my out-of-shape body that was in dire need of a personal trainer with a no-nonsense approach to fitness.
Ramon and I were outnumbered by the half-dozen or so young lions from the shake-your-booty brigade and we retreated quickly to retain what little dignity we still held, despite our pathetic losing efforts.
I saw Lady Glamour’s sleek cheeks all gussied up in the black vinyl swishing into a town-car with Nevada plates and remembered again the last time I had her in the back seat of a limo; I had shamefully yanked down her French undies and reminded her that she was still Connie Malloy to me.
We had grown up in the same neighborhood and I had dated a couple of her older sisters before they passed me on to the youngest one in the brood and told her to keep her eye on me because I liked all girl’s asses far too much for decent dating.
I knew my Connie was a depraved anal bitch.
 I was just proving that the upscale Lady Glamour was just the same as her before-she-was-famous original edition.
The whole anal thing was a weakness with me and I knew it was time for me to grow up and get away from the fetish-related fun and games that only robbed me of my self-respect.
Besides, my obsession with stretching girl’s tight little sphincters might be interpreted by some quarters as an unnatural hobby for my macho image.
To make matters worse, my old pal Lenny Mazurka was headlining at the Luxor and my hours were filled with keeping him out of trouble related to teenaged girls, overdoses and excess gambling at the tables down in the Casino.
I told the manager that anything he won would be reimbursed by Don Leone and anything he lost would be best written off as a cost of doing business.
That all seemed to be kosher from their point of view.
At least, it worked as a makeshift plan, until he gave the daughter of the Casino manager a hit on some potent Colombian snow that rendered her resistance-free for the remainder of the evening.
Lenny had introduced the nineteen-year-old University student to some rarely attempted erotic positions and taken photos of her being taken from the rear by most of his male entourage.
His album of her around the world videos in full naked splendor was the kiss of death as far as her father was concerned.
She was a sweet kid and I thought it was low even for the depraved Lenny with his take no prisoner’s attitude when it came to finding pussy.
I knew when I saw Lenny and Lady Glamour together at the Luxor Casino bar that things were about to get a lot hotter and I put the Casino manager’s daughter thing on a back burner to make certain the pair of them would not be starting any fires I couldn’t put out.
I see now that was a big mistake, but sometimes it is hard to think straight when Lady Glamour’s vinyl-coated backside was perched up high and tight and within reach of Lenny’s inquisitive hands at two AM in the morning and me with no back-up except Ramon to give me juice.
I must hasten to add that Ramon was a tough piece of work, but he was a sort of toothless tiger, never gaining any skills with the use of firearms or blades to make a point that was impossible to ignore.
I really kept him close because he was quick to agree with me even when I knew I was wrong and that fed my ego in a way that helped boost my confidence in a losing situation.
Online Now! Lush Cams NezukoJapan Neither Ramon nor I had ever packed heat anywhere near one of the casinos and we only kept a secret little arsenal in the trunk of the limo in case we got in a real firefight we couldn’t run away from with any degree of success.
The Clark County guys had merged in recent years with the Las Vegas Police Department in a cost-cutting move that made them big time law enforcement.
Strangely, they were pretty much straight shooters not looking to make a fast buck under the table like the twisted cops in L.
or San Francisco.
A lot of them were prior California law enforcement from big cities and places where a quick draw was more important than knowledge of legal niceties.
Ramon and I played up front with them on our stash and they pretty much left us alone knowing we were low-key types just doing a job very similar to theirs.
Lenny was his usual double-dealing nasty fucker self and it looked like Lady Glamour was eating it up like a typical cock-fixated cunt with an out-of-control forest fire building up inside her fancy panties.
I knew from other situations that she would wake up in the morning with that what-did-I-do-last-night feeling and the tingling taste of cock in her mouth.
In a way, I was glad she had her entourage with her because sometimes Lenny could play it rough and she might get a little marked up.
Maybe a little slap and tickle in Lenny’s penthouse suite would take the edge off her queen-bitch attitude and she would get her mind back on the tour and boosting her new release on the charts.
Unfortunately, the mistreated daughter’s father took things into his own hands and shot Lenny three times for good measure coming in out of the rain like he was some kind of contracted assassin for the mob.
Lucky for Lenny, it was not a professional job and instead of one in the head and a double tap to the chest, he got hit in his left elbow, his right knee and a nasty flesh wound right in the center of his overrated ass.
Ramon told me all this as I was hitting the free breakfast buffet.
He was laughing so hard that the other early risers looked at us like we were a couple of limp-wrist dicks getting ready to do something sexually illegal right out in public.
I worked up a story to tell the boys back east and hoped that they wouldn’t send any of the emotionless enforcers out to set things right.
That always seemed acerbate a situation and generally made matters a whole lot worse.
Besides, it would mean I wouldn’t be in charge any more and that would bother me a lot more than getting demerits in the family-owned pizza parlor back home.
Well, you don’t always get what you want and when the Tortellini brothers showed up with no advance warning, I knew things were either going to get settled in a big hurry or we would all be setting up residence in the Clark County Detention Center waiting for some of that uncertain Nevada justice that baffled most casual observers.
The Lady Glamour entourage got real nervous when they got wind of the situation and she suddenly found herself without bodyguards or hairdressers in a dangerous time and place.
I convinced her to set up residence in my front bedroom for the duration and she did it reluctantly.
 I was certain it was because she remembered how much I had enjoyed making her take it in such a humiliating fashion, way back when.
In a way, I regretted my youthful excesses because she was sort of exciting looking in her smooth vinyl skirt and vest of contrasting shiny colors.
It made me want to bend her over so bad without permission that I could almost taste it.
“Tony, you don’t have to stand on formality with me.
I know you want to hump me and in all honesty I don’t mind because I appreciate you helping me out right now.
I am a little scared because I saw Lenny get shot right in front of me and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.
In fact, I was afraid that madman was going to shoot me next if he had gotten a chance.
” I knew she was referring to the fact that the father’s gun had jammed and he didn’t have the expertise to get it to function again.
That led to her bodyguard members of her entourage disarming him and turning him over to the cops whilst the 911-dispatched ambulance whisked our Lenny to the emergency room to remove the one bullet lodged in his ass.
The other two rounds had only grazed his arm and leg and the bullets were dug out of the solid wood bar-stand installed in all the upper floor suites.
I did my best to get Lady Glamour out of her confusing thoughts and put her ass in gear.
“Go get yourself a nice hot shower, Connie and try to put it all out of your mind for now.
That guy had a valid gripe against Lenny and you just got caught in the crossfire.
Focus on the concert and we will all go back east for the holidays and put all this crap behind us.
” Lady Glamour aka Connie started shucking her vinyl latex gear and I got a good peek at her expensive undies that were personalized with her signature instead of just her initials.
The red-hot embroidery was located right above her pubic area and was decorated with a tiny red bow to draw attention.
I figured she thought it would be a good conversation piece in some late night bedroom festivities involving a lot of poking and grunting.
She looked up at me with those inscrutable almost oriental eyes and whispered, “I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to make me take it the same way you did back in the limo a long time ago, Tony.
I never told you I was an anal virgin then and you busted my ass cherry so bad that I couldn’t sit down comfortable for three days.
I brought my special lube with me, if you wanted to give it a try right after I take a nice long shower.
” It was an offer that I couldn’t possibly refuse and she knew it.
When she got into the ass up and face down in the pillow position, I fed it to her nice and slow and she groaned and moaned and whimpered until it was all the way in and she was stretched wide open to take it all inside.
Connie looked at me over her shoulder and I knew she was feeling it real good from the way her mouth had fallen open and her pretty red tongue was just sticking out like it was looking for a place to lick or suck.
I knew we would get to that sooner rather than later.
I guess she wasn’t really all that mad at me after all.



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