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Latest stories Taboo Emma and Symon’s first time

Symon was lazing in one of the recliners looking across the family room at Sarah making a snack in the Kitchen.
They were half way through watching Blue Lagoon, an old movie about two children stranded on a desert island and their subsequent coming of age.
Sarah had found it and thought it would be romantic to watch it considering their current situation.
Symon never tired of admiring Sarah’s lithe form.
She had such natural grace in the way she carried herself; ‘poetry in motion’ went the song.
By the time she came back with a plate of biscuits and cheese Symon was sporting a very handsome erection.
Sarah paused at the edge of the recliner and assessed Symon’s state of arousal.
She smiled a wry smile and said “Is that for me?” then placed the plate on the adjacent table and promptly slid herself backwards onto the recliner kneeling with her legs either side of Symon.
Deftly she reached between her legs and taking Symon’s cock in her hand impaled herself on it giving her bottom a little wiggle as she rested on his lap.
She snuggled her back into Symon’s chest and calmly reached for two biscuits passing one back to Symon and picked up the remote to resume watching the movie.
Every so often Sarah would adjust her position and Symon would enjoy the sensation of her tight vagina enveloping his cock.
Sometimes she would lift herself right up and plunge back down extracting a contented moan from Symon.
Symon in turn enjoying the game play that developed between them would push his buttocks back into the lush cushions and thrust up into her educing a similar response from her.
All the time in between, his fingers would play with her labia and clitoris.
When the film was finished, Sarah lifted herself off and selected a video from the DVD rack; put it on and then returned to her position.
Symon placed his hand back between her folds and resumed his caresses.
It wasn’t long before Sarah was experiencing a deep electric orgasm that pulsed through her entire body.
She stretched her legs out straight and curled her toes then sank back into Symon.
“That was yummy’ she purred.
‘It just went on forever; you’re so good to me.
I’m really tired now though, I’m going to bed, are you coming?” “Not yet, a bit later” “ Oh,OK” Sarah replied somewhat disappointedly.
“You can do me whilst I’m sleeping then, it’s so nice feeling you slip into me like that when I’m dreamy” With that, she slid herself from him and giving him a kiss, wafted off to the bedroom deliberately swaying her hips seductively like a Tahitian maiden in one last attempt to lure Symon from his comfortable resting place.
Symon was still contemplating Sarah’s invitation when over at the opposite hallway to the other bedrooms Emma had been covertly watching this sensual scene of coitus and Sarah’s subsequent orgasm.
Symon was now about to experience another challenge to his new plan and again as with Sarah, he would find he just had to accept the will of the young women of his new tribe.
Before he could fully register what was about to happen, Emma had whisked across the room and leapt into his lap.
In an instant she had plunged herself onto Symon’s cock and began rhythmically riding up and down holding onto his shoulders for support.
“Emma!!” was all Symon could utter in complete shock at this sudden interruption.
“Oh no! Don’t stop me now! It’s my turn! Sarah shouldn’t have all the fun!!” Emma virtually screamed.
“But, but, Emma!?” “Hey buster, no ‘buts’!” Emma gasped as she plunged her hips up and down on Symons crotch.
Emma’s breasts were significantly more developed than Sarah’s even though she was almost a year younger and her magnificent orbs were bouncing rhythmically to the tempo of her thrusts onto Symon’s cock.
Symon could do nothing but lie back and watch.
There was no let-up in Emma’s onslaught on his cock, she was a pocket dynamo in everything she did and so, despite the initial shock it was no surprise to Symon that she would be the same when it came to sex.
“Oh, my God, Oh my God I’ve worshipped your fucking dick soooo much!” Emma almost screamed as she thrust her hips relentlessly against Symon’s crotch.
Eventually and to Symon’s relief, Emma began to tire and slow; Emma leaned forwards more, grinding against him.
Her breathing quickened and as she came she let out a deep guttural contented sigh.
“Oh boy, is that what I’ve been missing out on?” She exclaimed as she rested her palms on Symon’s broad chest and rocked her torso gently to and fro.
Symon by now was completely lost in the act; he reached down for the recliner lever and retracted the foot rest.
Next he stood with Emma still impaled on his cock; he turned around and managed to lay her down onto the recliner without fully slipping out of her.
Symon began frantically plunging quickly and deeply into Emma, her breasts again rocking back and forth at each thrust.
She grunted at each new push until Symon exploded into her and collapsed over her body, both of them bathed in sweat.
Gradually the reality of what had just happened began to replace the animal urgency driven by Emma and Symon rolled off her petite body to the edge of the recliner.
“Oh Emma” he gasped, “How am I ever going to be able to explain this to Sarah? I can’t have sex with the both of you?” “You’re just going to have to Mr Fuddy Duddy!” Emma grinned like the cat that got the cream.
Emma felt between her legs and brought some of Symon’s cum to her face letting the viscous fluid drip down her fingers.
She licked her fingers clean as a cat would its paws.
“Big cummer too” She giggled mischievously before throwing her arms out like a victor over the vanquished.
No condom! Symon panicked.
If dealing with Sarah’s reaction wasn’t problem enough the ramifications of Emma getting pregnant was manifold.
“Emma, when was your last period?” Symon blurted out frantically.
“Last week, up to Friday I think” Emma replied dreamily basking in the afterglow.
Symon was now desperate with worry.
He jumped up and began pacing in front of Emma still sprawled contentedly on the recliner.
“You can’t get pregnant, you’re too young! I hadn’t planned for any of this, god I’m an idiot! We’ll have to hope you aren’t ovulating and get you some contraception straight away” Symon paused and looked down despondently at Emma; a look of guilt was now forming on her face.
She had compromised Symon’s plan, she had fucked up; literally! “Oh! Emma, I’m sorry, you shouldn’t feel bad or guilty, this was your first time and you should have only good memories, no matter what happens” Symon assured her hastily.
Tears were forming in her eyes; Symon scooped her up in his arms and hugged her to his chest.
He stroked her hair and gently swayed her as with a crying baby trying to soothe the tears from her eyes and caressed her face wiping her tears as they formed.
“It’s OK; it’ll be fine no matter what happens” He reassured her.
Symon carried Emma to her bedroom and an impish smile began to form on her lips as she nestled her head against his chest.
Emma’s nature had always been impulsive and she almost never failed to take advantage or make the most of any situation.
Her initial guilt was now all the more quickly being supplanted by the pleasure of the warmth of Symon’s strong arms cradling her as he carried her.
The sound of his comforting words provided succor for her desire to share Symon with Sarah.
‘Fuck it Sarah’ Emma thought, ‘You have to share him with me, you don’t know how hard it’s been watching you together all lovey dovey.
Gawd! I’ve so missed having a cock inside me; I’ll go nuts if Symon doesn’t keep fucking me’ These were her thoughts alone; Symon never imagined having a sexual relationship with one of the girls let alone two yet his compassion for her rather than chastisement signaled a new era was unfolding.
Symon, she determined would just have to get used to the idea of having two females to look after.
When Symon had settled Emma under the bed sheets he kissed her forehead and smiled as he said.
Online Now! Lush Cams Lucy_and_rick “What am I going to do with you?” As he was leaving she said “Symon, I’m really glad we did it.
I’ve wanted to for a long time.
You don’t have to worry, I can look after myself” “I’m sorry Emma; I should have shown more strength.
I know that you all see me as a savior and there’s a lot of responsibility with that.
I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you whether you wanted to or not” Symon had almost reached the door when Emma’s urgent voice stopped him.
“Symon, please, don’t go yet.
I want to keep doing it with you.
It wasn’t a mistake, not for me anyway and you I bet.
You could have stopped but you didn’t cos you wanted to fuck me.
And Sarah and me, we already talked about it.
She knew I wanted to fuck you” Emma’s straight talk never failed to surprise or shock Symon but now he stood transfixed as Emma made her pitch for a share of him.
“She’s OK about it; she’d rather have you all to herself but she understands more than you think.
You created our new world, you taught us about the Tahitians and how free they were and no guilt and all that other fucking shit.
You can’t just stand back and watch what happens to us, you’re part of it too y’know; you’re part of us” “Emma?” Symon implored still racked with the guilt that he’d being trying so hard to banish from their new world.
“No, please let me say what I want to say.
Sarah was all gaga over you long before you did it with her.
She was too scared to ask you until she couldn’t wait any more.
It’s what you’ve taught us that it’s natural.
Now there are no rules to say it’s wrong anymore; we can do what we feel.
Something that feels that good can’t be bad or wrong or sinful, you said so!” “But….
” Symon interjected.
The urgency in Emma’s voice intensified.
“Symon you can’t just fuck me once and say it was a mistake.
It was fucking awesome and normal and natural.
I want to keep doing it with you, gawwwdd, I need it!! Please don’t say no Mr Fuddy Duddy!” She pleaded.
“Emma, I don’t know what to say right now; there’s still Sarah’s feelings, and I keep thinking that it’s wrong to be sleeping with her” “Oh shit, listen to yourself!” Emma was now becoming frustrated with Symon’s piety.
“You’re still stuck in the old world and that’s gone and good riddance I say! Everything you have done for us makes sense.
This is the way it’s supposed to be even though you didn’t expect to be a part of it.
You have to say you’ll keep fucking me, you just have to or I’ll go crazy.
You must have noticed how moody I’ve been, it’s because I see you going to bed with Sarah every night and doing it with her and I see the look on her face every morning.
I don’t even need to look at her face I can smell you on her.
I get so horny just smelling your fucking it’s all I can think about sometimes” Symon stood still looking at the desperation on Emma’s face.
Her candor had split the atmosphere in the room and suddenly he was acutely aware of the musky scent of their frantic coupling hanging redolent in the air between them.
He walked slowly to her and sat on the edge of the bed.
Emma sprang forward and threw her arms around him almost squeezing the air out of him.
Symon once more put his strong arms around her and as she cradled her head against him all at once every one of his senses joined as one.
Strangely although often not for Symon, his thoughts briefly went to one of the tedious work place conferences he was obliged to attend and the silly role playing feel good exercises some psychology major had dreamed up.
One in particular where they were required to lay on the floor and relax and ‘Allow all the energy to flow from their bodies’ and imaging they were floating light as a feather before focusing on every part of their body from tip to toe.
Symon’s thoughts then returned to his current situation.
He felt every fibre of Emma’s body as it pressed against him.
Each strand of her soft hair brushing his flesh as she gently moved her head.
He noted every gentle breath as it glided over his shoulder.
Then those perfect firm breasts and their hard nipples pressed into his chest.
He felt her heartbeat pulsing impossibly fast and even heard the faint sound of its beats.
He drew in her scent, the perfume she liked to wear and the scent of their recent coupling; how powerful that was; stronger than any artificial concoction; strangely stronger than Sarah’s.
This aphrodisiac alone had Symon’s loins stirring and an almost smug Mona Lisa smile formed on Emma’s face as she felt him rising between them.
‘How easily man is seduced by the female body’ Symon thought.
‘Am I just as base as the men at work, standing at the bar on a Friday night, ogling the women as they came and went; talking about what they’d do to the hot blonde in the tight black dress if they got the chance’.
Emma drew her body away from Symon’s and she lay down and held her arms out to him beckoning him like a Tahitian temptress as she parted her legs leaving no question as to what she wanted from him.
Symon almost in a trance, hypnotized by the allure of the gorgeous young woman lying beneath him, and looking down at the result on his manhood, obeyed the call and slid effortlessly into her soft folds watching as her flesh responded to his quickening thrusts.
A small tear of joy trickled from the corner of Emma’s eye and she let out a little grunt as each thrust hit its hilt.
Symon stared into Emma’s deep brown eyes returning the broad smile before him and he quickened his pace.
Emma’s grunts became sharp truncated squeals urging him on to his climax.
Symon himself let loose a deep moan of satisfaction as he came once more inside her and gripped her buttocks forcing his cock as deep as possible until its pulses subsided.
He lay over her then rolled their bodies together so that Emma now lay on top with Symon still buried inside her.
“See” Emma gasped as she snuggled against his chest.
“You just have to keep fucking me.
Sarah will just have to share you with me.
I know you wanted me first and you know it too, you can’t deny it on a stack of bibles.
I’ve seen you watching me y’know like longer.
I know I’ve got a hot body and great tits and I liked that you were enjoying looking at me.
It’s OK, it’s normal, it’s the way it’s supposed to be; you said so” Before Symon could respond she suddenly lifted herself and keeping Symon inside her began rubbing her crotch in short gentle strokes over his.
Soon she was experiencing a deep orgasm and Symon saw her entire body shiver before she collapsed back onto him exhaling a breath of deep satisfaction.
Emma lay there for a while with her head on Symon’s chest playing with his chest hairs.
“You don’t have to say anything Symon; you know you can’t stop now.
I have the power over you!” She eventually said in a mock horror voice.
Symon gave her buttock a sharp smack causing her to let out a wicked giggle.
They stayed like this until Emma had contentedly fallen asleep.
She stirred briefly as Symon rolled her off him and he slid quietly from her bed.
As he reached the door he turned back and eyed Emma’s deliciously nubile form.
Was she right? She was right, he had enjoyed watching Emma; raw sensuality emanated from her every pore.
Symon had tried to justify it.



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