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I was squeezing the ass of a blond haired girl that I recently picked up after going to a bar with a couple of buddies.
The blond made me hard right then and there, as she flashed her brilliant white teeth at me.
She told me her name was Amy.
I reacted immediately with common pick up lines that chicks drooled over and she bought it.
Then the minute she looked down at my pants she grinned and I knew what that meant.
I do not remember much else that happened afterwards other than the fact that once I got to my apartment door and fumbled with the key to get inside, the blond was clinging on to me.
I pushed her through the door and threw her on my couch that was nearby.
Then our cloths came off somehow.
Amy was riding my hard dick as her hands gripped the top of my shoulders.
Her hair rained down in front of her face, hiding her crystal blue eyes.
I gripped my hands around her small waist as I forced myself deeper inside of her.
She let out a long moan and her head fell back.
Then her arms started to weaken as she was reaching her release.
I glided one of my hands up her back to support her body.
 Her tits were perfectly round and I began nibbling on one of them that was dancing in front of my face.
That seemed to do the trick as I suckled her because her body shook repeatedly.
She let out a loud cry of pleasure as she came.
I started to pull out of her because I was not done yet with my release.
I lifted her off of me and shifted her body so she was lying on the couch.
She smiled up at me silently begging for more.
I tauntingly traced her legs with my fingers.
She puckered her lips out and whined.
I smirked at her pouting.
“Please,” She said gritting her teeth, then gave out a long sigh.
I grabbed her hips and yanked her closer to me as a response to her pleading.
She started to giggle until I went down on her and started to lick her wetness between her legs.
She gasped at the sensation.
I plunged my tongue at her entrance and slowly tasted her, going deeper.
I splayed my hand out on her front and started to rub her clit with my thumb.
Amy began to grind my face as she was reaching another orgasm.
I quickly stopped licking her and pulled my face away.
She was still thrashing her hips up in the air, causing me to smirk at her.
“All in good times, baby,” I said enjoying her little fit that she was having.
“You’re no fun,” Amy said sounding like a little girl.
She crossed her arms over her chest, causing her tits to push upwards, making my mouth water.
“Are you sure about that?” I said and quickly, getting on top of her.
Then I pushed my dick inside of her.
“Oh my god,” She moaned.
“That’s what I am baby,” I said with staggered breaths.
Amy did not have time to react to my comment because I quickened my pace of ramming inside her.
I started to hiss through clenched teeth.
I banged her harder and harder, while her hands were clawing at my back.
I did not feel the pain because I was too involved with fucking her wet pussy (I’m sure there will be scratch marks when we are done screwing).
Then I finally found my release and crashed on top of her.
Online Now! Lush Cams SlimPleasure Then I shifted her to my side so my weight was not crashing her small figure.
“We should do that again,” Amy said laughing.
“Anytime,” I said smiling.
I pulled myself off of the couch, away from Amy and slipped into my boxers that were littered on the floor along with her clothing.
I pulled the condom off of my half hard dick now, and made sure it was secure with a knot before I threw it away in the waist basket, in the bathroom.
Then I grabbed a wash cloth in one of the drawers in the kitchen and dampened it so I could clean up my mess.
Then I rinsed the wash cloth out and handed it to Amy who was still on the couch in her naked glory.
“Would you help me,” She said in an innocent voice.
“Certainly,” I agreed, giving a small smile.
I took my time cleaning her pink flesh.
Then I rinsed the wash cloth out again.
Then I put it in the laundry room that was across the hall from the kitchen, next to the bathroom.
When I came back into the living room, Amy was getting dressed and she already had her thong and her bra on.
She was getting ready to pull her skirt up her fitted legs when she saw me.
“I usually don’t stay after sex,” She said in a professional way, indicating like she has done this before.
“The door’s open, you don’t have to stay,” I said matching the same tone of voice she used.
Then I could not keep my mouth shut, so I questioned, “Then why say we should do that again?” “It was in the moment.
I had fun.
” She said not looking at me and gave out a fake laugh.
“Doesn’t sound like it now.
” I muttered.
Was she being serious? She calls it fun when clearly she wants to leave.
I don’t expect girls to stay, but I won’t kick them out of my house right after we get done fucking and she is acting like I am.
Her mood had instantly changed the minute we got done screwing each other and now I wanted her out of my house because this was complete bullshit.
I hated being an asshole even to sexy girls that turn into a bitch after you screw them.
“Look, cuddling and shit isn’t my thing,” She said glaring at me.
She was completely clothed and I was just standing there in my boxers wondering what the hell just happened.
“Clearly,” I said, then opened my mouth to say something else but stopped because this bitch was insane.
Then I said, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out,” being a complete ass.
The blond rolled her eyes at me and shook her head (see, I already forgot her name).
She walked out the door and slammed it shut behind her.
I start laughing uncontrollably.
I was being erratic now.
And the next time I screw someone it is going to be another blond, a redhead, or burnett, or maybe even someone with mile high legs and tanned skin, or someone who has the curves with short legs… It is the inevitable.



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