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The plan was hatched a few weeks after Candi and Linda heard Howard’s idea.
He was to alert the girls when his company’s clients were in town, and where they would be dining.
They were to make themselves available without Howard being directly involved.
Howard’s message was simple.
“Trattoria Capri at nine thirty.
” The summer night was warm with a pleasant breeze when the girls sat at a table visible from the bar.
They arrived early.
It was nine o’clock and they ordered pizza.
The girls wore schoolgirl clothes with slightly tight tank tops and short pastel summer skirts reaching half way to the knees.
Howard and two men, one black, the other white were seated at a table discussing business.
After the waiter cleared their dishes, the businessmen went to the bar with Howard making sure they passed the girl’s table.
The girls gave them a friendly smile as they went by.
It wasn’t long before the men’s conversation turned to women.
The white guy by the name of Bob said, “God those two with the pizza are cute.
Take a look at those legs and the tits on that one, wow.
” Sam, the other man agreed.
Then he asked, “Ya think we could pick ’em up?” “I doubt it, Sam.
They’re kind of young, maybe jailbait.
” “How old do you think they are?” “I don’t know.
Why don’t you go over and find out, Sam? You’re good with the blarney.
” “Maybe I will.
I could use some trim.
” “Me too, Sam, but my wife wouldn’t be in favor.
” Howard who had been paying close attention laughed.
“Look, Bob,” Sam was saying, “we’re five hundred miles from Omaha.
You’re not gonna have to worry about a curfew tonight.
” Sam finished his drink and ordered another round.
“Okay guys, I gotta go take a leak.
I’ll check out the girls on the way back.
” Returning from the washroom, Sam stopped to say hello to the girls.
“Hello, girls.
How’s the pizza tonight?” Linda answered first.
“Hello, sir.
This is the best pizza in town.
We come here just for the pizza.
Have you tried it?” “No, we’re just visiting.
My pal and I are on a business trip.
” Candi asked, “What’s your name? “I’m Sam Jones.
” “Nice tie, Mr.
Who’s your pal?” Sam pointed to Bob and said, “The guy on the left is Bob Smith.
The guy next to him took us to dinner.
We’re his customers.
By the way, can we buy you, girls, a drink?” Candi looked at Linda, then said, “We’re underage.
You have to be twenty-one to drink alcohol in here.
” “How old are you?” Linda lied, “We’re twenty,” “What are your names?” The girls introduced themselves, then Sam said, “Let me introduce you to my buddy.
” He waved Bob over to the table.
“Bob, I want you to meet Linda and Candi.
This is Bob,” and they all shook hands.
The four of them spent some time with small talk when Bob said, “Look, we have adult drinks at our hotel.
Care to join us?” There was complete silence while Candi and Linda looked at each other as if they couldn’t decide.
Finally, after a long pause, Candi said, “Maybe we shouldn’t.
You look like nice guys, but we don’t even know you.
” “There’s no better way to get to know us than over a couple of drinks,” Sam replied with a gracious smile.
“Let me finish my drink at the bar and we’ll check with you later.
” It must have been a half hour later when Bob went up to them and said, “Well, ladies, ready to party?” Linda said, “Okay, but not too late.
” The four piled into a taxi stopping at the Crowne Plaza.
The elevator took them to the sixth floor.
Sam offered them a drink.
“We have bourbon or gin.
What would you like?” Both girls chose gin and tonic.
The men had bourbon on the rocks.
Bob and Sam had been drinking since seven that evening, and were more aggressive with their language.
“What the fuck? Let’s see what’s on the TV.
” It was no surprise that Bob dialed the adult entertainment channel.
“Do you girls like porn?” he asked.
“Who doesn’t?” Candi replied rhetorically.
“My wife doesn’t,” Bob said.
Linda asked, “Then both of you are married?” The men nodded, yes.
“So this isn’t fair to your wives, right?” Sam answered, “They’re probably fuckin’ their brains out back home.
They go to a bar and pick up some guys when we’re on a business trip.
It keeps ’em happy.
” Neither of the girls commented.
They turned to look at the video and Candi threw her hands over her eyes and said, “Jeez, that guy is big.
” “Look,” Sam said.
“Let me show you something that’s really big.
” At that, he unzipped himself and proudly displayed Exhibit A.
He was not exaggerating.
He was the owner of a penis the size of a garden hose.
The girls shrieked, but it was all part of an act.
Linda said, “By god, that is big! Can we touch it?” Sam came closer to the girls seated on the couch.
Linda took hold first.
“Gosh,” she said, “you gotta feel this, Candi.
” Candi stretched her hand out and wrapped her fingers around his Goliath of a cock.
“How big does it get?” she asked almost as if she didn’t want to know.
Candi was beginning to be a very accomplished actor.
“Bigger, much bigger,” he said.
“I’ll show you in private,” He took hold of Candi’s hand and escorted her across the hall to his room.
Bob and Linda were left alone together.
“Ya know, Linda, I think your friend Candi is going to get more than seeing how big he gets.
” “What do you mean?” she said as naively as she could.
Linda was adept at pretending to be an innocent school girl.
“He’s gonna fuck your girlfriend.
” “Oh no, Mr.
She’s not that kind of girl.
” “Are you that kind of girl, Linda?” “Are you asking if I’ve had sex before?” “Have you?” “Only a few times with my boyfriend.
” “Look, you have a beautiful body.
I’ll give you fifty dollars to show me your tits.
” She pushed her chest out and said, “Like that?” “No, with your top off.
” Linda pretended to be uncertain.
 “Okay, for fifty dollars I can do it,” and she took off her tank top.
“No, I mean without a bra.
” She stared daggers at him and shook her head.
“Okay without a bra I’ll give you another fifty,” he offered.
“Show me the hundred and I’ll do it.
” Bob reached into his wallet and took out a hundred dollar bill and laid it on the table next to her tank top.
She unhooked her bra and let it drop onto her lap.
“Holy smokes, Linda, those are incredible tits.
I’ll give you another fifty if I can suck them.
” “Okay, put the money on the table.
” He kept sucking her nipples until his hand moved to her thighs.
“No Mr.
That’s not part of our deal.
” “How about another fifty to let me see your pussy.
” “After the money is on the table,” she said.
Linda was now more bold, sending an obvious signal to Bob that she was willing to do anything for money.
His wallet was getting thinner but his dick was getting fatter.
She pulled up her skirt and pulled off her thong.
“I like a girl that is shaved like you.
How about another fifty for eating your pussy?” “Okay, fine,” and he paid up.
Bob was getting recklessly horny and Linda knew she could milk him for a lot more cash.
“Since we’re doing this à la carte,” she said, “how about a hundred if I give you a blowjob?” “Okay if you deep throat.
” He put his wallet on the table, pulled down his pants, and sat on a chair with his legs apart.
Linda was down on him in seconds.
After some preliminary strokes, he was down her throat.
Bob was panting when he said, “A hundred for a fuck.
” She gave him the middle finger with her mouth full.
“Okay, two hundred.
” She looked up at him and said, “Five hundred.
” He said, “You’re crazy.
I’ll give you two hundred.
That’s my last offer.
” She said, “Bareback for three hundred.
” “Okay, then it’s three hundred, and I get to cum inside your cunt.
” He took her to the bedroom and fucked her once sitting on the edge of the bed, but he was not done.
Twice was nice in doggie and the third time was with her tits jiggling in cowgirl.
Meanwhile, in the other room, Sam was fucking the lights out with Candi.
Theirs was a full course entrée rather than à la carte.
She told him that she never had sex with a stranger before but she needed money.
Could he help her out she pleaded? “How much do you need?” Sam asked.
“I need six hundred to pay back a guy that is blackmailing me.
He caught me stealing a diamond bracelet.
He said he’d go to the cops if I didn’t pay him.
” “Listen, I’ll give you four hundred for a blowjob and a fuck.
” “No, I need six hundred.
” “Five hundred and no more.
” She wept with crocodile tears and said, “Okay.
” Sam sat on a chair and watched her strip, then she came over to him to pull down his pants.
There was no way she was going to get all of him in her mouth.
She did the best she could.
He unbuttoned his shirt and they slipped into bed.
He was right by bragging that his cock could get much bigger.
It wasn’t going to fit in her pussy easily.
Sam was gentle and patient.
His mammoth hands pulled her thighs apart.
His huge fingers penetrated her pussy until she was ready to accommodate his size.
Even though Candi couldn’t wait to feel him inside her, she could only take him part way.
There were two inches left when he banged up against her cervix.
She was plenty wet and horny enough for the two of them to get along really well.
He screwed her in three positions before dumping gobs of thick cum that began squirting out of her like from a can of shaving cream.
It was the best fuck she had ever experienced, yet she had never been more sore.
Size does matter, she decided.
The girls cleared over a thousand dollars that night.
Candi was ecstatic and phoned Howard the next morning.
“Howard, we’re rich! We made a lot of money last night.
We’re so happy.
Thanks for helping us!” Over the next six months, history repeated itself.
Howard would bring clients to a bar, the girls would take their money.
Candi bought a car and other girls noticed.
This brought Howard to the next item on his bucket list.
It was an almost endless variety of fresh pussy to fuck.
Candi and Howard met for lunch.
She said, “Some friends of ours have talked about joining Linda and me.
What do you think?” “It’s a tough call, Candi.
Some of the girls want to have a nice car like you, but don’t want to put out to earn it.
Others are just there for the excitement until they realize what they are doing.
Most girls really don’t fully understand what’s involved.
They think it’s as simple as fucking their boyfriend.
” “You’re right and I thought of that.
I want to let you in on our little enterprise.
Online Now! Lush Cams ChanelSantana You’ve been so kind and have asked nothing in return.
Here’s the deal.
When we have a girl who is serious about being an escort, I’m going to turn her over to you for an audition.
You process her, then tell us if she is the right kind of girl.
” “So I get to fuck her as a favor.
” “You can look at it that way.
It also helps us.
You need to give her a tip, say $50 or $100 as an enticement.
” “Okay, do you have anyone in mind?” “Yes, Maureen.
She’s a junior this year.
I don’t know if she’s a virgin, but then you can find out.
She has small tits but a nice ass.
I’ll set you up.
Take her like you did me.
I hope she works out.
Maureen is a very sweet and giving girl.
” “Where do I meet her?” “Pick her up at the McDonald’s near the library.
She’ll be there at four after school.
I’ll tell her, you drive a Lexis.
” Maureen was there.
She recognized Howard’s car.
“Are you Mr.
Howard?” she asked when he rolled down the window.
“Yes, get in the car.
” “I’m really excited about this, Mr.
My friend said you needed to be cheered up.
” “I see.
Your friend is right.
I could use some cheering up.
” “Mr.
Howard, I love making people happy.
“Yes, I see.
Show me your driver’s license, Maureen.
” She had turned sixteen over the summer, and he was about to get happy in a few minutes.
Howard took her to the same motel as when he first met Candi.
She stripped while he watched from the bed.
She maintained a smile without a hint of being inhibited.
Finally, only her tennis shoes remained.
Her body was lean with small mounds for breasts, exactly what would be expected on a teenage girl.
Her pussy was hidden in a forest of blond hair.
“Maureen, are you still a virgin?” Howard asked.
Maureen sat next to him on the edge of bed opening her legs saying, “No, here I’ll show you.
” She spread her pussy lips to show him the evidence, then put two fingers inside.
“I hope you like my little cunny, Mr.
” “Yes, it is very cute.
How about showing me what you do with your boyfriend.
” Maureen continued to smile and said, “I really don’t have a steady boyfriend.
It’s better to be friends with everyone, Mr.
” “Do you make them happy with a blowjob?” “Yes.
It’s the least I can do for them.
“Show me, Maureen.
” Even with him in her mouth, she seemed to be smiling.
She was wet and accommodating.
Her joy was evident when he banged into her.
She let out a squeal of pleasure like a schoolgirl opening a favorite birthday gift when she felt him spurting inside her.
When it was over, she hugged him and said she was so happy he didn’t pull out like another man she knew.
Maureen said she hoped she had made him happy.
He was.
Driving Maureen back to McDonald’s, Howard asked her to tell him how she makes people happy.
She began by saying, “Mr.
Howard, I made my step-brother so happy when I gave him a blowjob.
 It made me happy too.
He said if I kept doing it, he’d give me five dollars.
I didn’t need the money.
I just wanted to make him happy.
He even gave me ten dollars the time I swallowed for him.
“Then there is Mr.
Samuels across the street.
He told me how he was ready to burst inside and asked me to help him.
We had sex the night he drove me home from band practice.
He sure was bursting like he said.
I didn’t want him to pull out but he did, and his stuff exploded all over me.
Samuels gave me twenty dollars to keep it a secret.
“Uncle Jim, my mom’s new husband, was really glad when I said we could sleep together when Mom was away.
I could tell he was overjoyed by the sounds he made when he had sex with me.
He was my first before Mr.
Uncle Jim makes me happy too.
Don’t you see? When you make someone else happy, you make yourself happy.
It’s like a calling for me.
“The thing is, Mr.
Howard, I told my girlfriends what I’ve told you and they said I could make people happy and get a lot of money doing it.
Then they suggested I meet you.
If I made you happy, they wanted me to be part of their friendship circle.
How much do you think I could get for doing what we did this afternoon?” “Oh, I don’t know.
It depends.
Ask some of the girls in the friendship circle.
Here is fifty for making me happy today.
” “Gee thanks, Mr.
Howard,” and she trotted off down the street.
“Candi,” he said on the phone.
“I’m not sure you should take a chance with Maureen.
She’s kind of kinky in a different kind of way.
She has a missionary zeal to help men that are unhappy and lonely.
She wasn’t a bad fuck, but she’s much too immature.
Wait a year with her.
You need someone a little older and more seasoned.
” “Okay, Howard.
I think we’ve found just that kind of girl.
Her name is Tracy.
” “When?” “Next week at Walmart.
She works part time at Walmart.
Pick her up after work.
” “How old is she?” “She graduated last spring.
I think she was eighteen this year.
” “Okay, does she know the deal?” “Of course.
She’s like Linda and me.
She wants to make money doing what she loves.
” “Fine.
What time?” “Tuesday at eight thirty.
” “Okay, I got it.
” Tracy was a different breed of girl.
She was all over Howard in the car.
She was sucking his dick before they got to the motel.
When they were both nude, her body was that of a twenty-five-year-old woman, not an eighteen-year-old school girl.
Tracy knew all of the positions and how to fuck front ways, sideways, and every other way.
Tracy wasn’t satisfied having Howard cum once or twice.
She wanted it again.
He finally said, “That’s enough Tracy.
I can’t do it anymore.
” She kissed him and said, “Did I make the cut?” “You sure did, Tracy!” Weeks later, Tracy and Howard met again at a business conference.
Candi had her girls working the event.
“God, Tracy, it’s great to see you again.
How have you been?” “Busy, Mr.
Howard? Thanks for getting us passes for the conference.
Candi and Linda are upstairs right now with a couple of guys.
” “Hey, can we have dinner tonight?” “Sorry, I have two customers.
I’m totally busy all night.
” “How about tomorrow?” “Howard, I’m booked solid through the exhibition.
How about next week?” “Okay, call me when you are free again.
” Thursday she called.
“Howard, it sounds like you are really anxious about something.
You nearly attacked me at the exhibition.
What can I do for you?” “I need you, Tracy.
I really do.
” “You know I cum at premium prices these days.
” “I know.
When are you available?” “Tonight.
” “How much?” “For you, I’ll make it half price, four hundred.
” “No Tracy.
We’re friends.
Two hundred.
” “I don’t like making that kind of discount but as you say, we are friends.
Okay, when do you want me?” “I’ll take you to dinner.
I’ll pick you up at seven thirty.
” Dinner was at the Capri.
They ordered the famous house pizza and a glass of wine.
“I’ve got to get this off my chest, Howard,” she said before the pizza arrived.
“I lied to you about my age.
I’m really twenty-one.
The other girls said you only liked fresh pussy, and I had to pretend to be younger.
” Howard smiled and said, “I’m not surprised.
She went on with her revelations.
“I have a daughter four years old.
She was born before my senior year.
My mom took care of her until I graduated.
So you can see, I need the money.
” “Wow! That does surprise me.
” “Hey, the good thing is, after my daughter was born, my boobs grew from a 34C to a 38D.
” “Yeah, Tracy.
They are gorgeous.
Your tits match your fabulous ass.
Anyway, I have some news as well, and that’s one reason I wanted to see you.
 You know the other reason.
“Three of the guys at the conference are in the adult entertainment business.
They are moonlighting with what they say is their hobby.
They even hope to make it a full-time business.
They asked me if I knew a girl that would do a threesome on film.
I said that in customer relations, I meet a lot of people but supplying a girl for porn films was a little beyond my reach.
“We had dinner that night and the topic came up again.
I said there was a girl I had dated months ago who posed nude for men’s magazines, but I couldn’t say if she did video work.
They asked me to check with her.
Now, I’m checking.
” “So I’m supposed to be the girl who did nude photos? Good one, Howard,” and she giggled.
“Ya know, I thought about getting into porn if the opportunity came up.
Of course, I’ll do it if it pays well.
” “I can’t say.
Have you done a threesome before?” “Occasionally, at frat or bachelor parties.
I actually like doing three guys together rather than making three separate appointments.
” “So it’s a GO.
 I’ll give them your phone number, okay?” “Yes.
Go ahead and let them know I’m available.
” “This whole conversation is turning me on, Tracy.
I really need to get laid.
Let’s take the pizza ‘To Go’.
” They ate cold pizza after two rounds in bed.
“When was the last time you had sex, Howard? You really needed it tonight.
You came twice in less than a half hour, and they both were full loads.
” “I don’t know.
I’ve been busier than a one armed paper hanger at work, and Candi hasn’t asked me to break in a new girl for a long time.
Most of the time I’ve been setting up situations like at the conference but without getting laid myself.
” Howard handed her the two hundred as she left.
Tracy said, “Howard, I really hate to take this but you know how things are.
” “Yes, Tracy, I know.
It will go on my expense account.
” Months later, Howard got a call from the video entrepreneurs saying Tracy was spectacular, and they were sending him the completed video.
She was indeed spectacular but it wasn’t a threesome.
Tracy was perfect for the part and a natural actor.
She serviced three well-endowed studs with a willing smile the entire time.
The movie was about a high school reunion.
In scene one, the men talked her into the bedroom.
She pretended to object but when they began to undress her, Tracy seemed to enjoy the attention and held two hard cocks while the third was licking her pussy.
They took turns with her at first, then triple teamed her with a DP and blowjob.
  The best scene was when she was screwing one guy giving another a hand job with his dick on her face.
The guy in her pussy finished with cum oozing from her cunt that Tracy was happily scooping up and licking off her fingers.
Tracy continued with the handjob until he ejaculated in her mouth when a third guy went in her cunt for sloppy seconds.
It just seemed so natural and the thing to do when four friends got together.
NEXT: Howard meets a glamorous beauty queen and has a part in a porn video.



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