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I was eighteen and in my senior year of high school.
That entire first half of the year was all about my girl friends talking about all of the hot looking boys on the football team and how my friends would want to date and have sex with them.
Towards March, several rumors started to circulate around the school that the three most popular football players had dumped their girlfriends.
My girlfriends wasted no time, and took this as an opening to get the football boy’s attention.
Me on the other hand, went along with their chatter, but secretly, I desired older men.
In particular, I dreamed and fantasized about my parent’s best friend John.
John was a very handsome man.
He kept his forty-three year old body in excellent shape.
When he was younger, I am certain he could have had any woman he wanted.
John was my desire, and not those boys in high school.
The only issue, I could never have him.
He was my parent’s best friend and happily married to a very beautiful and voluptuous woman.
All throughout my last year of high school, I avoided all the boy’s advances toward me.
I was so looking forward to summer and getting away from them in hopes I would meet an older man when I went to college.
Just prior to graduation, my mother and I went shopping for summer clothes.
When we go shopping, we are frequently confused as sisters, as over the years, age has been very kind to my mother.
Even though in her forties, she frequently gets hit on by men in their twenties, and people think of us as twins.
In fact, our height is identical, we both like the same clothes, our body shape is the same, and we even wear our hair the same way.
What makes it so great is that we can wear each other’s clothing or shoes without issue.
This particular shopping trip was our focus on our summer wardrobes.
During our shopping, we got some nice summer dresses, cute daisy-dukes, and then came the swimsuit.
Both of us immediately gravitated to the same bikini swimsuit.
It was tasteful yet sexy all in the same package.
We had never bought the same swimsuit, but this time would be different.
Both of us wanted it, and we agreed there was only one option.
We both had to buy own one.
It is important to know that summer is my favorite time of the year.
My family has a beautiful back yard with a nice swimming pool.
It was the place that I had spent the vast majority of my summers while growing up, and it was going to be my place to hang out this year.
I’d get a nice tan, enjoy my friends, and look forward to college where I had the potential to meet real men.
Little did I know what was in store for me this summer.
My father, who is really my step-father was very protective of me.
My mother married him when I was in my early teens.
I can remember fighting with him all the time as I was insisting he was trying to replace my father who had walked away from my mother and I.
About two years ago, I realized my real father was never going to contact us or come back to make amends.
At that point, I was starting to mature and desperately wanted a father figure in my life.
So I looked to my step-father.
We grew a very close bond with each other as step-father and daughter.
He started to take notice that older guys would cat call or ogle at me when they walked by.
Any time men ogled too long at my beautiful body, he’d give them a stern don’t mess with my daughter look.
Summer was uneventful for me as I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool and talking to my friends.
The boys from my school would constantly try to seek my attention to no avail.
I have to admit that they were getting on my nerves.
I kept thinking to myself, only one more month until college to get a real man.
But it was mid-August when that fateful day came.
I had walked out of my room that day all dressed in my bikini swimsuit when my mother stepped in from the pool area.
She was also wearing the same swimming suit.
“Jessie? I need to go to the store real quick.
We ran out of wine.
Can you do me a favor and get the chicken ready for the grill? I need six chicken breasts.
” I replied, “No problem mom!” With that, my mother walked out to the garage, and I heard her car drive away.
I casually walked into the kitchen to do the chicken as my mom requested.
I got the chicken out of the refrigerator, and turned to the sink.
It was there, that I got the shock of my life.
I saw my step-dad kissing John’s wife Kasey, and John was nowhere to be found.
I sat there mesmerized at the scene unfolding in front of me.
It looked like Kasey was returning the favor to my step-dad and they were soon making out at a frenzied pace.
I wanted to stop them, but I just couldn’t move.
As I was continuing to watch the scene unfold, I never heard the patio door open.
Instead, I stood motionless as I watched my step-dad and Kasey strip off their swimsuits.
Kasey wasted no time in wrapping her beautiful lips around my step-dad’s cock.
Her head was bobbing back and forth.
I was so engrossed at the scene in front of me, that I didn’t initially feel a pair of hands rest themselves on my hips.
I could feel the light breeze as a pair of lips nibbled at my ear.
It gave me quite a chill, but it was one of pleasure, not repulsion.
I heard a voice whisper into my ear, “Tracy, you are so beautiful.
Please let me show you the love that I have for you.
There is no need to worry.
You can see that your husband and my wife are busy expressing their lust for each other.
” Tracy? My husband? Really? Could this really be happening to me? An eighteen year old woman who has fantasized about John for the last year is now right behind me, and he thinks he is seducing my mother.
John placed his lips at the nape of my neck and started kissing me.
Very light kisses that gave me the shivers, and started making me moan with desire.
His kissing progressed to my left ear where he nibbled on it just a little.
More moans escaped my lips.
He then whispered, “Tracy, I’ve been wanting to make love to you ever since we met.
I have loved you and fantasized about you over the last two years.
There is no need to worry about your marriage or mine as my wife and your husband also wanted this to happen.
” I looked outside the window to see my step-father and Kasey having sex at the edge of the swimming pool.
His cock was thrusting in and out of her, and I could see the reaction of pleasure on Kasey’s face.
I should have been furious at my step-dad for even considering having sex with Kasey.
I should have been even more furious at my step-dad for allowing John to make love to my mother.
But with John’s continued nibbling of my ear lobe coupled with his hands moving up to my breasts had me melting like butter.
John’s hands finally met my bikini clad breasts.
He wasted no time in lifting the top off of them so my breasts hung free.
Very light touches on my nipples, followed by caresses and light squeezes of my breasts made me moan.
The crotch of my bikini was also starting to get hot and wet from all of the attention I was getting.
I was so hot for this man, I didn’t care what he did to me.
I just wanted him.
I wanted him bad.
While John continued to play with my breasts and nipples, my right hand went behind me, and I found his patially swollen cock.
The majority of it was still inside his swimsuit.
But as I traced the length of it, I felt the head of his cock just protruding from the top of his suit.
John whispered in my ear, “Oh Tracy, that feels so good.
I am so glad you chose to want to make love.
” I couldn’t believe this was happening.
John’s rapidly swelling cock was just inches from me.
His fingers were doing a number on my breasts.
Online Now! Lush Cams GwenBerr His hot and sensual voice, whispering how bad he wanted to have sex with my mother.
All of this was driving me to the edge of orgasm.
John finally lowered his left hand to my crotch.
He definitely could feel the wetness and heat emanating from my nether region.
I moaned as his fingers traced the lips of my flower.
I so badly wanted to turn to kiss him, but I was afraid that if he knew I wasn’t my mother, this whole situation would rapidly come to an end.
I just couldn’t have that.
Not now, not ever.
To encourage him further, I started stroking his cock from behind me.
The encouragement worked.
He brought his right hand down from my breasts to my bikini pants.
With one swift motion, he was able to lower it off of my hips and it fell to the floor.
Next he inserted a finger in-between the lips of my pussy.
He quickly found my clit and started rubbing it.
My legs were starting to get weak.
After a minute or two, my legs and body started shaking, and I was moaning loudly as an orgasm was starting to overtake me.
When it finally did, my pussy leaked with my orgasmic juices all over his fingers.
He removed his fingers and brought them to my mouth.
A sensually as I could, I licked my own juices off of his fingers.
That was all it took for John.
Next thing I know, John stated, “Tracy, I am ready to make love to you.
I want us to feel connected.
I want us to cum together.
” He pushed my head down, and spread my legs a little.
I could feel the head of his cock starting to make its way to my pussy.
Years of lusting after John, and it all came down to this one moment.
The head of his cock slowly parted the lips of my pussy.
I knew there was no turning back.
The tip of his cock found the entrance to its resting place.
John slowly pushed his cock into me.
I could feel my pussy stretch from the size of his cock.
It was a little painful, but I didn’t care.
I moaned as the entire length of his six to seven inch cock finally made it all the way inside my pussy.
For encouragement and effect, I shook my nice little ass back and forth on his cock.
John slowly slid his cock out, and then pushed it back in.
Oh god this felt so good.
I never wanted John’s cock to leave me.
I wanted him inside of me all the time.
I wanted to feel every vein and the contour of his cock inside of me.
As we developed a rhythm, I looked outside to see that Kasey was on her hands and knees while my step-dad was behind her.
The look on my step-dad’s face clearly indicated that he was in the middle of his orgasm.
I lost focus on what was going on outside when John picked up the pace.
I started moaning and then all hell broke loose.
“Fuck me John! I am going to cum! Fuck me! Oh yes!” I couldn’t believe how dirty I was talking.
I couldn’t believe I spoke those words.
I couldn’t believe that John didn’t catch on that my voice was not my mom’s.
John exclaimed, “Oh god your pussy feels so good and tight! I haven’t been this close to cumming this quickly since I was in my early twenties! Ohhh!!!” The sliding glass door opened up, and my step-dad and Tracy walked into the kitchen.
“Oh, Baby! I want your cum! I want you to shoot it deep inside me! I want to feel your cock shoot its load inside!” John yelled out, “I’m cumming!!!” I moaned in orgasm as John pounded my harder and harder.
Suddenly one last hard thrust and he kept it inside me.
My pussy clamped down hard on his cock as I had an orgasm I had never experienced in my life.
His cock throbbed inside of me as he unloaded all of his semen inside my pussy.
John collapsed on top of me for a moment as we finished our orgasms.
Sadly, John’s cock started to shrink inside of me which meant he would no longer stretch my pussy and give me such a good feeling.
He pulled his cock out of me and left me there.
I thought it was all done.
I was so happy, yet sad at the same time.
The one I had fantasized about for the last year actually fucked me.
I felt a pair of hands trying to spread my legs.
I spread them just enough for a head to get past my thighs.
A nice soft tongue was licking the folds of my pussy.
A combination of mine and John’s cum started to seep out into the folds of my flower.
The tongue was like a humming bird, licking out the precious nectar from a flower.
I started to moan again at this new event.
I was so focused on the tongue cleaning out my pussy that I almost didn’t feel the head of a cock was making its way back to my pussy.
The tongue stopped licking my pussy as the cock got up to the entrance.
John was going to start round two.
Or so I thought.
As a pair of hands grabbed each side of my hips a voice said, “Tracy hun, that was so hot watching John fuck you and fill you with his cream.
I can’t help but to add to that load inside you.
” Oh my god! My step-dad! He was going to fuck me as well! How do I stop this? His cock entered into me.
Do I want to stop this? Kind of.
He entered me fully in one stroke.
Do I want to stop this? Oh god his cock felt so good.
He started stroking in and out of me with wild abandon.
The tongue resumed its licking of my pussy, clitoris, and the cock entering and exiting me.
Do I want to stop this? Not on my life.
The tongue and cock inside of me was too much.
I was already moaning in pre-orgasmic bliss.
“Ohhh god baby! That cock feels so good inside of me!” “Oh god Tracy! Your pussy feels so good around my cock! It was so hot that I got to watch you fuck John.
I want you to fuck him over and over so I can get so horny and ravage your sexy body!” “Tracy? Tracy! That’s your step-daughter Jessie!” The pumping of my pussy stopped.
“Tracy?” my step-dad meagerly replied.
“What the hell Scott!” The cock inside me was rapidly shrinking.
“I thought it was you leaning over the sink! Look at her! She is wearing the same swimsuit.
She has the same hair do, the same body shape, everything about her is just like you!” My mother glared at him.
“Well, since you are fucking MY daughter, and Kasey is eating out MY daughter, I will go off and fuck John! I will fuck him until I am carrying his child! This will forever remind you of what you had done today!” The cock inside me started growing again.
It was clear my step-dad loved what my mother had stated.
My mother grabbed John by the arm and said, “Come and fuck me John.
I’m right in the middle of my cycle.
I want you to get me pregnant.
” My mom and John went out to the patio and started fucking each other in full view of me and my step-dad.
It was clear that the passion and lust in my mother’s eyes as John was fucking her was undeniably real.
It was a moment where my mother would never look back.
She would cuckold my step-dad every chance she got.
My step-dad got so hot from the scene outside, he no longer cared that he was fucking his own step-daughter.
He resumed his pounding of my pussy, and Kasey resumed licking both of us.
My step-dad and Kasey were hitting all the right spots.
I was moaning and begging for my step-dad to shoot his load inside of me.
He saw my mother and John finish off their coupling outside.
It was enough for him to trigger his orgasm into me.
I couldn’t believe the.



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