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Toby’s head swung around when he heard the shriek come from somewhere above him in the tree.
He and Riana had come to the village for the weekend to relax and visit with the other fairies there.
But what he saw happening in the air above him seemed to be anything but relaxing.
Riana was hovering in midair and seemed to be slapping another sprite as hard as she could.
Not just one indignant slap, either.
She was slapping the hell out of the other fairy.
Toby was horrified and flitted up to them along with several other fae men as fast as their wings could carry them.
“Take it back! Take it back or I’ll rip your fucking wings off, bitch!” Riana shrieked, even as Toby grabbed her arms and pulled her away from the fight.
The bitch in question, a fairy woman named Sapphire, was panting as her friends helped keep her aloft.
“You psycho bitch!” She screeched, clutching her cheek, which seemed to be bleeding as it swelled up.
“You’re nothing but a fucking pixie!” The other fairies assembled gasped.
Toby blinked and glanced around, confused.
Though judging by how Riana lunged again at Sapphire and how the other sprites all looked appalled at the accusation, he assumed that calling a sprite “pixie” was a bad thing, not just another term for a fairy.
Chief Dain – Riana’s father – arrived then, assessing the situation.
Toby wondered what he would say.
Riana was his daughter, but she was clearly the aggressor in this situation.
” he began heavily, “fighting within the tribe is strictly forbidden.
You know that.
” “But dad-” Riana exclaimed.
” Dain interrupted, holding his hand up to silence her.
He sighed deeply.
“It doesn’t matter what she said, Riana.
In this tree, we are all one tribe.
One family.
Sisters and brothers.
maybe you need to spend some time away from home to.
to better appreciate that.
” Riana stopped struggling against Toby and froze stock-still.
Her wings did not even move.
Toby quickly adjusted his grip to keep her in the air with him.
please don’t.
” Toby didn’t need to see her eyes.
He knew the tears were there.
“I’m not exiling you, Rianabella.
” Her entire body sagged with relief.
Dain continued.
” Riana looked back up at her father, horrified.
what do you mean.
‘not forever’?” Dain looked like he wanted to cry as well.
you will.
remain in the world of man.
Until the next full moon.
One month.
” Riana went limp.
It was as if the life had been sucked out of her.
Toby fluttered down to the ground slowly and sat her down on a rock.
She never spoke; but the tears streaming down her cheeks did all the talking for her.
Toby stayed silent as well as he carried Riana away from the village, through the portal and back to the mortal world.
He changed back into his human form and carried her in his hands, just as he had done countless times.
The sprite didn’t say a word until they were halfway home.
” she whispered.
Her voice was so soft, he barely heard her speak, if not for the deafening silence in the car.
“Yeah?” he asked immediately, looking down at where she sat in his cupholder.
“Am I.
” she mumbled, “do you think I’m.
a pixie?” Toby hesitated before answering.
He still did not understand what the deal was with fairies calling each other pixies.
He wanted to be supportive of the woman he loved, but he had no idea what would be helpful.
So he decided to go with honesty.
to be honest, babe.
” he began slowly, “I have no idea what that means.
” “Huh?” she looked up at him, wiping her eyes with the heel of her hand.
“The whole pixie thing.
” He said.
“I thought that was just another term for fairies.
” Riana smiled softly, sniffling.
“It’s not a synonym.
It’s an insult.
” “Well I figured that part out, babe.
” “She was calling me a slut.
A shameless, wanton whore who turned her back on her duties as a sprite to satisfy her sexual depravity.
” Riana spoke quietly, but with pain in her voice.
She turned and looked up at Toby, still sitting in the cupholder in fairy form.
am I a pixie?”   He looked into her eyes and felt his heart being wrenched.
“Of course not, Riana.
” Toby smiled and gently brushed his fingertip against her cheek.
“She’s just jealous of what we have.
Forget about that little imp.
” Riana smiled.
“Oh sure, that one you get.
” “I’m gonna’ make this right, baby,” he promised.
“We’ll have the last laugh and she’ll never bother you again.
” “What are you thinking.
?” Riana looked at him suspiciously as she fluttered over to the passenger’s seat, assuming her human form as she sat down.
“Don’t worry about that.
” Toby flashed a wicked smile and patted her thigh.
“I’ll think of something.
” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following Monday, Toby sat in his office, pondering how best to solve the situation Riana had gotten into.
He recalled meeting someone in Riana’s village briefly who was said to be the village apothecary.
He was not sure why the old sprite popped into his head, but after that, he couldn’t stop thinking of the aged fairy.
When he returned home that evening, he asked Riana about the old sprite.
“Huh?” She looked at him curiously.
“Why do you wanna’ know about him?” “He just popped into my head earlier today.
Was just curious.
” Toby shrugged casually as he sat down in his chair opposite Riana, who sat on the sofa.
Setting aside the laundry she had been folding, she leaned back.
“Well, what do you want to know? I don’t know him very well personally, but I’ll answer what I can.
” “Well, who is he? What’s his name?” “Atticus.
He’s a.
well, kind of a shaman.
Not very social, but he’s always been treated with respect.
I’ve never really spent much time with him, but he’s the one who teaches our healers.
” “So.
kind of a ‘medicine man’?” Toby inquired, images of Native American rituals coming to mind.
“Kind of,” Riana replied.
” she trailed off.
“Only what?” Toby asked.
Powerful magic, I mean.
knows things.
I have magic, but Atticus is on a whole other level.
He can make potions and cast spells.
it’s one of the reasons most people don’t know him very well.
It’s kind of.
” Toby let the subject drop after that, but kept wondering about the mysterious Atticus.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Toby stood in the shower later that evening, letting the hot water relax his tense shoulders.
He smiled when he heard Riana climb into the shower behind him.
He said nothing as he felt her soft hands lathering soap into his back.
that feels great, honey,” he moaned appreciatively.
Riana smiled and wrapped her arms around his body, pressing her body against his back.
Her succulent breasts slipped over his wet, soapy skin as her hands caressed his chest.
Toby growled softly in his throat, practically purring as she caressed his skin.
He could feel the blood rushing to his cock as it grew, lifting away from his thigh.
The beautiful fae woman slid one hand down Toby’s soapy skin to softly wrap around his hardening shaft.
Riana’s hand slipped easily up and down his length, rubbing around the head when she reached the end, before slipping back down the long shaft.
He groaned as his lover stroked him, making him quiver beneath the steaming cascade of water.
Toby leaned back against Riana, trailing his fingertips up and down her hip.
He knew better than to try and interrupt her stroking.
When Riana wanted to make him cum, she was a woman with a mission.
“I love you, Toby,” she whispered in his ear.
Riana kissed his neck softly, adding a twisting movement in her wrist as she pumped his rigid member.
” Toby moaned slightly.
“Mmm, I love you too, Riana.
” His cock throbbed in her hand as she worked her magic “That feels so good, baby.
” he whispered.
“Mm, good.
” Riana smiled as she kissed his shoulder.
“Then cum for me, baby.
This is just for you, Toby.
” “Mmm, just keep doing that, then,” Toby’s legs started to tremble as his cock thickened even further and became somehow even more rigid in Riana’s soft hand.
With a gasp, he erupted, pumping his hot cum across the shower against the tile wall.
He shuddered slightly as his legs buckled beneath him.
Riana helped him settle down into the tub, his back against the side as she shrank back into her true form.
Fluttering over to his lap, she changed again and settled herself between Toby’s legs, leaning back against his chest.
Wiggling her fingers at the plug, it sealed the drain, allowing the tub to fill with warm water as they lounged there cuddling.
After a few minutes, Toby spoke.
“Riana? Remember what I said about fixing the problem with you and Sapphire? That I’d figure a way to make her apologize?” “Yeah.
” she replied slowly, her brow furrowing.
“What about it?” “Well, I’ve got an idea about how to do that.
I have the next two days off, so I was thinking that tomorrow, I would go out to the village and gather some intel.
” Riana sat up and turned so that she could look Toby in the eye.
“Intel for what?” “I’m not sure yet,” he replied smoothly, taking her hand in his and kissing the knuckles.
“But I’ll think of something.
I always do.
” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next day, Toby set out for the fairy village.
Upon arriving, he assumed his spriggen form and passed through the portal.
He moved quietly through the bushes to avoid being seen as he made his way to the far side of the clearing.
Finally, Toby found himself standing at the trunk of an old, gnarled pine.
There, amongst the roots, was a round, wooden door.
Toby approached the door and knocked.
After a few moments, the door opened.
Before him stood an wrinkled old sprite.
“Who is it? Aah, the spriggen.
Been wondering when I’d see you again, lad.
” “Atticus,” Toby said, nodding and extending his hand.
“How are you?” Atticus stretched and Toby heard the old fairy’s back crack loudly.
“Tired, mostly.
Late night.
” He grinned a crooked smile.
“Come on in, lad.
Much too bright out here.
” As Toby followed the old sprite into the tree, he noticed how short the old man was; even moreso than the other fairies.
In spriggen form, Toby stood about five inches high, whereas Atticus was only about three and a half inches tall.
He was a stocky little sprite with a big, round belly.
However, he moved fairly well up the stairs, not bothering to use his wings.
In fact, he seemed oddly youthful for looking so old.
Upon reaching Atticus’ living quarters, the old sprite sat down on a comfortable looking armchair and gestured opposite for Toby to have a seat.
Yawning, Atticus scratched his round belly.
“So, what can I do for ya’, Mister Knight of Nature human?” “Well.
” Toby paused, not knowing what to say.
“Hey,” Atticus interrupted, “you mind if I have something to drink? Long night.
” “Don’t mind me.
” Toby mumbled.
Atticus bustled around his kitchen, fixing himself some tea and grumbling about his sore back.
Feeling awkward, Toby decided to ask about that.
what happened to your back?” “Eh? My back?” Atticus blinked.
“Like I said, it was a long night.
I was with a young lady.
” Toby furrowed his brow at the old fairy.
“Seriously?” The old sprite chuckled, a mischievous glint in his dark eyes.
“Don’t think an old fart like me can still catch a lass’ eye, eh?” “Wh- I never said.
that is, I didn’t mean.
” Toby spluttered, trying to save himself.
Atticus just laughed.
“Tell ya’ the truth, lad, I couldn’t without my tricks.
” “Tricks?” Toby echoed.
“Aye, lad.
I’ve got my spells and potions for just about anything.
well, take a look yourself.
” Atticus smirked and jerked his head in the direction of a doorway across the room.
Glancing suspiciously at the old sprite, Toby made his way across the room and pulled aside the curtain enough to peak into the room.
Sprawled on the large bed was a young fairy woman.
Her bare bottom was pointed right at Toby, the sunlight filtered through the window curtain glancing off her smooth thigh.
Her ass was gorgeous, almost as perfect as Riana’s.
Toby could even see the plump lips of her glistening sex, making his cock start to rise as he imagined what he would love to do to her.
“Damn fine, ain’t she, lad?” Atticus spoke quietly, seemingly inches from Toby.
“Gah!” Toby nearly jumped out of his skin.
Atticus grinned again and lead Toby back to his sitting room.
“You’re wondering how I managed to get a girl like that into my bed with my magic, right?” Toby looked at Atticus anew and nodded silently.
The sagely sprite held up a small red pouch, tied shut with a string.
I call it my ‘Love Potion Number 9’.
” Toby cocked an eyebrow, looking at Atticus questioningly.
Atticus chuckled.
“All you do is take a pinch of the powder and blow it into the lass’ face.
When they breathe it in, they’re so overwhelmed with lust, they act like absolute pixies.
Can’t contain themselves for need of sex.
Completely harmless- well, except for the dry mouth.
Still can’t quite fix that little glitch.
” “Wait a minute,” Toby said, holding up his hands.
“You’re telling me that you made a magical aphrodisiac and you use it to hook up with sexy fae girls.
and nobody has an issue with that?” “Well, the girls never complain, do they?” Atticus replied, sitting back in his chair.
“I ain’t as good as I once was, but I’ve got my tricks for that, too.
Instant cures for E.
and stamina for days.
They go home happy.
” He smirked again and winked conspiratorially at Toby.
Toby’s eyes widened as a plan started to form in his mind.
is there any way I could get some of that stuff from you? The ‘Love Potion Number 9’?” “This?” Atticus asked, patting the pouch next to him.
“I dunno’, lad.
Pretty powerful stuff here.
And rather hard to come by the materials.
” “Well.
what if I bought it from you? I don’t know if human money would be any good, but maybe we can barter or something.
” Atticus pondered Toby’s offer for several moments.
” he began, “there are a few ingredients I wanted to try for some new potions.
But I can’t come by them here.
They’re stuff from the human plain and I don’t like to go there.
” “What are they?” Toby asked eagerly.
“I can get them for you.
” “Well, I’m working on a new stamina formula.
The one I’ve got is too difficult to measure out.
Either goes way too long or burns out way too fast.
So I was thinking either coffee beans or human adrenaline.
” “A.
adrenaline?” “Aye, lad.
Surprised Rianabella’s never mentioned it, but we fairies don’t produce it like you humans do.
Not sure how I’d get it, though.
It’d be rather tricky.
” “Well, what if I got myself jazzed up from exercise or whatever and got you a blood sample? Not sure how long it would last, but we produce adrenaline when we exert ourselves physically or when we’re afraid or aroused.
” “That could work.
” Atticus mumbled, his expression a combination of curiosity and excitement.
“See if you can get the sample from an aroused state.
Oh, and get a sweat sample, too.
Should be pretty easy for you with that little minx you’ve got all tucked away for yourself,” he chuckled.
“Bring me the samples and the coffee beans by tomorrow and I’ll give you some of this,” he said, holding up the red pouch.
“Deal,” Toby said, standing and holding out his hand.
They shook and Toby hurried home, eager to set his plan into motion.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When Toby arrived home, he found Riana fluttering around the apartment, dusting near the ceiling.
Rather than interrupt, he stripped down right there in the living room and shrank down to his spriggen form.
He flitted up near where Riana was and just lounged on top of one of the blades of the ceiling fan, stroking himself as he watched her.
He could see her smile, knowing that he was there, but continuing her cleaning anyway.
She did, however, start cleaning in suspiciously provocative positions.
Bending low to clean the top of a cabinet, she had her ass pointed right at Toby.
She was clad in only a thong and tank-top, magically shrunk to fit her.
Wiggling her round bottom as she walked along the top of the refrigerator.
When she reached the chandelier, Toby decided the teasing was over and flitted over to land behind her, placing his hands on her hips.
“Mmm, what took you so long, baby?” Riana crooned, leaning back against him.
“Just enjoying the view,” he replied, pressing the underside of his throbbing cock against her ass as he kissed her neck softly.
Bending her forward, Toby pulled aside her thong and thrust his cock into her slick pussy in one smooth push.
“Ough!” Riana gasped.
“So rough today.
” “You bring it out in me, baby,” Toby grunted.
He continued thrusting, slapping his hips against Riana’s ass.
“Baby, let’s move this to the floor and get big again.
” “Wh-why?” Riana panted, thrusting herself back onto Toby’s throbbing cock.
“Just feel like doing it human-size,” he replied, smacking her round ass.
Grabbing her, Toby carried them down to the floor while staying inside of her, Riana’s vaginal muscles squeezing his shaft.
Setting down, they changed together, Riana just a millisecond slower, to feel Toby’s cock grow slightly faster than her pussy.
She got so tight that for a moment, Toby couldn’t even move.
But after not even a second, Riana had regained human size and he was able to resume fucking the sprite.
” she panted, “why the sudden size change?” “For me to know.
” Toby gasped between thrusts, “and you to find out.
” Reaching over to his briefcase, he surreptitiously pulled out a small vial.
Holding it to his temple, he let sweat trickle down into the vial before replacing the cap.
Not exactly easy to do while thrusting his cock into a woman’s pussy, but Toby made it work.
Toby’s grip on Riana’s hips resumed as his thrusts became stronger.
Riana moaned and squeaked excitedly.
Toby slapped one of her perky ass cheeks and grinned.
“You like that, baby?” He spanked her again, repeating his question.
Riana loved dirty talk in the bedroom, as did Toby.
“Mmm, fuck yeah, I do!” Riana moaned and clenched her walls tighter around Toby’s cock.
She was rewarded by another firm slap.
“Mmm, harder, baby!” Toby thrust his cock harder and deeper into his lover, savoring every stroke.
Riana gasped as her orgasm approached, nearing its peak.
Grabbing another vial, Toby took a deep breathe and bit his bottom lip, just enough to draw blood, which he quickly caught with the small glass tube.
Capping it, Toby continued to thrust, bringing himself and Riana closer and closer to orgasm.
She gasped, clenching tight around Toby’s cock as she came, orgasmic bliss completely overpowering Riana.
I want it, baby.
Give it to me,” she panted.
Smirking, Toby pulled his dripping cock out of Riana’s tight pussy and presented it before her.
She eagerly wrapped her mouth around his cum-soaked member and sucked for all she was worth, savoring the taste of her own cum as her head bobbed up and down his shaft.
Looking up, Riana gazed into Toby’s burning blue eyes and winked.
That was all it took and Toby was groaning and filling her mouth with cum.
Lying together on the couch, Toby held Riana in his arms, savoring the afterglow.
Online Now! Lush Cams MiraElmers Riana turned, looking into Toby’s eyes as she spoke.
“So tell me, what does us having awesome sex have to do with this mysterious ‘plan’ you won’t tell me about?” Toby looked at her carefully.
“It involves Atticus, some powerful fairy magic and making Sapphire eat her words.
” “Atticus?” Riana looked concerned.
what are you and that old sprite up to?” “You’ll see.
” Toby kissed her forehead.
“Trust me, baby.
I’ve got it all worked out.
” Riana was clearly apprehensive, but agreed to trust Toby’s judgement and leaned back against her lover, absentmindedly playing with his soft penis.
Toby smiled, realizing she was working on making him hard again, while pretending to be off in her own little world.
Let the games begin.
he thought, grinning.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next day, Toby returned to the fairy village.
Knocking on Atticus’ door, he waited excitedly.
When Atticus opened the door, Toby grinned from ear to ear.
“I’ve got your supplies.
Mind if I come in?” Atticus grinned, as well.
“Come on in, lad! Let’s see what you’ve got.
” Upstairs, Toby emptied the contents of his bag, shrunk down to fairy size.
Placing the two vials on the table, Toby snapped his fingers and they grew to their original size.
Then he produced the the Ziploc bag of coffee beans, setting it on the floor before causing it to return to its normal size.
“Perfect!” Atticus declared, rubbing his hands together.
“These should all do nicely.
And as promised, one little bottle of Love Potion Number 9.
” He held up the bottle to Toby, who took it carefully, staring at the object in his hands.
“Thanks, Atticus.
You can keep the bag, if you want.
I’ll get out of your hair now.
I’m sure you’ve got a lot of work to get started on.
” After Toby left, he made his way toward the tree, staying out of sight while looking around for Sapphire.
Finally, he thought to himself, spotting the sprite in question sitting on a mushroom beside the creek.
Approaching quietly, Toby saw that she was, mercifully, alone.
“Hello, Sapphire.
” Toby said quietly behind her.
Spinning around, the sprite immediately looked around warily.
“What are you doing here?” She snapped.
“You know that bitch is still banished.
” Toby’s fist clenched on reflex, his teeth gritting to keep from lashing back in Riana’s defense.
Instead, he took a deep breath and evenly said, “I’m aware of that.
I, however, am still a knight in this village and can come and go as I please.
” “So what? You’re here because I got your little pixie banished?” Sapphire looked infuriatingly smug as she smirked in her “victory”.
“You know what I think, Sapphire?” Toby asked lightly,surreptitiously pinching some of the powder into his hand from behind his back.
“I think you say those things about Riana because you’re jealous of her.
I mean, she’s a brilliant sylvan sprite; she makes the flowers bloom and the trees grow.
You’re just a little water nymph who can barely make algae grow on a pond.
She’s the most beautiful fairy in the entire village, whereas you.
” Toby took an exaggerated look at Sapphire before continuing, “.
Practically pre-pubescent by comparison.
” Sapphire leapt from the mushroom upon which she had been perched.
“You little spriggen prick! You have no idea what you’re-!” Her tirade was interrupted by Toby taking a sharp breath and blowing the Love Potion into her face.
Sapphire stopped yelling and froze for a moment.
She shuddered.
Her eyelids fluttered for a moment.
Then she looked into Toby’s eyes as if for the first time.
Her cheeks were flushed and her gaze was hungry.
Toby knew it had worked.
“Sapphire, how are you feeling now?” He asked coyly.
She was silent for a moment.
Toby repeated the question.
” she whispered.
“And wet.
” “You need it right now, don’t you?” Sapphire nodded, her hands already pawing at her own breasts.
“What did you.
do to me?” “That’s for me to know,” he said.
“But if you want some kind of relief, then come with me.
” Leading her around the village’s perimeter, Toby took Sapphire to the human plain.
Assuming his true form, he carried Sapphire through the forest.
By the time he reached his car, the sprite was humping his thumb, desperate for release.
“Please, Toby.
” she moaned, fingering herself roughly as she leaned back against his hand.
“‘Please, Toby’ what?” Toby asked coyly, smirking at how well his plan was working.
“Please take me! Fuck me, whatever you want! God, I need it so bad.
” Toby chuckled.
“Not my call, Sapphire.
You’ll have to take that up with the boss.
” Driving back to the city with a nymphomaniac sprite in the car proved to be a bit tricky, as Sapphire seemed very taken with the idea of taking on a human form and trying to get Toby’s penis out of his pants or his hands into her crotch.
After about the third time of jerking the wheel back to avoid an accident, Toby snapped at her “Will you cut that out? You’re gonna’ get us killed!” “I can’t help it.
” she moaned piteously.
“What did you do to me?” “Opened your eyes,” he answered vaguely.
Reaching into the compartment of his door, he tossed something into her lap.
use that until we get there.
” Sapphire blinked at the dildo, confused.
What is this thing?” “Huh?” Toby glanced at the sprite, her face, which was momentarily more confused than horny.
“It’s a vibrator.
I forgot fairies don’t have that kind of thing.
use it to.
relieve yourself.
Push the button on the end to turn it on.
” Within minutes, Sapphire was moaning contentedly , the sounds of her dripping sex and the buzzing vibrator filling the space around them.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally, they found themselves outside of Toby’s building.
And good thing, too.
Sapphire was quickly getting tired of the vibrator, repeatedly telling Toby how much better “the real thing” would be.
“Change back,” he told her, putting the car in park.
“We’re going inside.
” With Sapphire in hand, Toby hurried inside, taking the stairs two at a time until he reached his apartment door.
He took a deep breath, steeling his nerves and going over his planned speech once more in his head.
Then, he opened the door and stepped inside.
Riana was on the couch, lounging in her pajamas and idly flipping channels on the tv.
“Hey baby,” she said, smiling.
“Where’d you go?” “To see Atticus,” Toby replied calmly.
He knew how to word sticky situations like this one thanks to his experience as a lawyer.
“And to set that plan I mentioned into action.
” “Plan? You mean the thing you mentioned with.
what’s in your hand?” Riana’s tone changed sharply when she spotted the legs wrapped around Toby’s finger, humping away furiously again.
“Stop that,” he snapped at Sapphire, opening his hand to show Riana the tiny naked nymph.
“Payback,” he said with a smirk.
“I think Sapphire needs to understand the difference between a vivacious woman who enjoys sex and a depraved pixie who craves it.
” Riana stared, shocked as Sapphire turned her gaze to the human-sized woman.
“Riana?” Sapphire blinked.
“Sapphire,” Toby interrupted, “would you mind coming up to our level? I think you owe Riana an apology.
” Sapphire complied quickly, once again taking on her human form.
The blonde stood nude in the middle of the room, all long legs and curves.
Toby stepped over to Riana’s side and took her hand, kissing the back of it.
“Is this okay, baby?” “What did you do?” she whispered.
“Nothing permanent,” he replied smoothly.
“Just borrowed a little trick from Atticus.
She’s basically a total nympho right now.
She’ll do whatever you tell her.
” Toby knew his plan had been approved when he saw the gleam in Riana’s eye.
“Sapphire,” she said crisply, “Toby has worked very hard to make this possible; I think you owe him a thank you.
” Kneeling down in front of Toby, she unbuckled his jeans and released his throbbing member.
It bobbed up and down, inches away from Riana’s lips.
Giving the head of his cock a soft kiss, she turned back to Sapphire.
“I want you to get down on your knees and suck his cock.
” She practically threw herself at it.
Wasting no time to stroke, kiss or lick his cock, Sapphire desperately took the head of his cock into her mouth, sucking like a woman possessed.
She deep-throated him and moaned contentedly, her soft lips wrapped tightly around the thick shaft in her mouth.
Toby groaned deeply, savoring the feeling.
He’d been rock hard since getting her into his car and was finally getting some relief.
To his left, Riana was stripping off her pajama pants as she settled onto the couch, spreading her toned legs.
Toby licked his lips as he watched her touch herself, slowly rubbing her clit as she gazed hungrily at him.
Toby pulled his cock away from Sapphire’s mouth for a moment as he sat down on the couch and kicked his shoes and pants off.
Allowing Sapphire to push his knees apart, he relaxed back into the blowjob, his eyes sliding from Riana’s fingers rubbing her wet pussy and Sapphire’s gorgeous eyes looking up from between his legs.
Watching her mouth slide up and down his cock was quickly overpowering him, but he held on, wanting to prolong it.
” Riana whimpered.
“Touch me, baby.
” Toby’s left hand slid up Riana’s soft thigh, brushing his fingertips against the swollen lips of her sex.
She moaned appreciatively, gasping when he slipped a finger into her tight pussy.
He curled his finger slowly, knowing exactly how to touch his lover.
Riana’s hips bucked as her back arched.
Toby loved her body’s reactions to the way he touched her.
Meanwhile, Sapphire was growing ever more desperate.
Still sucking Toby’s cock for all she was worth, she had one hand between her legs, fingers thrusting rapidly into her dripping pussy, the need for release making her head swim.
“Mmm, I think Sapphire wants to cum, baby,” Toby drawled.
“Think we should let her?” Riana looked down at the other woman, need written all over her flushed face.
“Hmm, maybe.
But only after she makes me cum.
” Toby pulled his fingers out of Riana’s pussy and, after licking one himself, presented the other to Sapphire.
She greedily sucked the other woman’s cum off of Toby’s finger.
Toby stood up, pulling Sapphire up onto the couch.
“Do you want to cum, Sapphire?



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