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Latest stories Taboo Exploring With Diane – Part Two

I really enjoyed having anal sex with my stepfather.
I never knew having anal sex could be so pleasurable.
Recently, I went to a local sex shop in my town and bought myself a vibrating anal plug.
I really love the vibrations that I feel in my asshole.
Since Larry showed me how to get off with my vibrator, I’ve been playing with that as well.
My fiancé travels a lot and currently is in China for a few months.
So I’m able to explore with toys and with people.
The only person I’ve had sex with is my stepfather.
Although, we only had anal sex.
I’d be interested in exploring having vaginal sex with him the next time we get together.
I did enjoy oral sex with him.
I loved feeling his tongue on my bare pussy.
I even enjoyed giving him oral too.
My fiancé only will lick my pussy to get me excited and then he usually will just fuck me.
He just likes me to suck his cock to get him hard and then right to having sex.
He doesn’t really seem to be into oral at all.
With exploring with my stepfather, I definitely enjoyed all his oral attention.
In fact, when I gave him a blow job I actually got very aroused and had an orgasm in my panties.
I just loved bringing his hard member down my throat.
I masturbate everyday with my toys.
I just love how easily I can bring myself to orgasm.
My fiancé did buy the wand for me and told me to use it when he’s out of town.
I really love it and play with it a lot.
I just love to get comfortable on my bed and take off all my clothes.
I bought an eight foot extension cord and attached it to my wand and plugged it right into the electrical socket.
I lay the wand on my clitoris and enjoy all the vibration on my clit.
Then I put the curved attachment onto the wand and fuck myself with it.
In and out I bring the toy deep inside my vagina.
I always play with my huge breasts.
My nipples get excited as I fuck myself deep and hard.
I have gotten really good at it and can come in less than five minutes.
I love how wet my pussy gets from fucking myself good and hard.
And for maximum pleasure, I put my anal plug deep inside my ass.
With both toys inside of me, I have learned to have squirting orgasms.
Someday, I’ll show my fiancé and hopefully he’ll find it as sexy as I’ve found it.
I wonder if Jack would think it was sexy.
I wonder if he would enjoy masturbating, while I was masturbating.
I guess next time he’s here I’ll put on a little show for him.
Anyway, today my father-in-law is coming over.
I asked him over for lunch.
My mother-in-law plays bridge on Wednesday’s, so I thought he might like the company.
I’m so attracted to my father-in-law.
I really hope he’ll want to explore sex with me too.
The man is so sexy and I bet he could show me all kinds of interesting things to do.
He’s fifty-eight years old.
He’s 6’3” and weighs probably around two hundred and thirty pounds.
He’s very athletic and runs on the treadmill all the time.
They have a gym in their house, so he keeps up with his fitness.
He’s bald and has green beautiful eyes.
I just think he’s gorgeous.
I know he likes me too, because he’s always complimenting my clothes and sometimes he pats me on my ass when we’re over their house.
He makes little sexual innuendo comments.
I know my breasts excite him.
His wife is small chested and he always says he wants his wife to get implants.
I don’t think it’ll be too hard, to sway him to have sex with me.
I bet he’d love to jump my bones.
I think he might be a little kinky.
I bet he’d love for me and his wife to have sex, while he watches.
I’m not opposed to that at all.
Eventually, I want to have sex with Jack’s mother.
She’s very sexy in her own way.
I’d love for her to show me what it’s like to be with a woman.
I know she has a lesbian lover that is sometimes at their house.
My father-in-law just wants his wife happy.
I know eventually they’ll both want to have sex with me too.
I really can’t imagine having sex with two people at once.
I can imagine having two sets of hands all over my body.
That would be very pleasing I think.
I shall ask my father-in-law about that later today.
I wanted to look really sexy for when my father-in-law comes over.
I decided on wearing a pink tube top, with a short denim miniskirt, no panties, and no bra.
I’m wearing heels.
I put my hair up in an elastic band and did my make-up.
The goal for the day is to get my father-in-law to teach me how to have sex.
I made egg salad sandwiches, potato salad, and Ice Tea.
I made a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
He mentioned once that he really loves egg salad.
So hopefully, he will enjoy the lunch I prepared for him.
Knock, Knock My father-in-law is here.
I hurried to the door.
“Hi, Brian.
How are you today?” “Well, don’t you look absolutely gorgeous, Diane.
” “Please come in.
” Brian, my father-in-law walked in and gave me a big hug.
He also put his hands on my ass.
I knew this would be very easy.
“You look great.
I guess being engaged is making you more pretty.
Your ass looks great in that skirt.
Sorry, you know I’m just teasing you.
I’m a horny old bugger.
” “Thank you.
You’re so funny.
You’re always giving me wonderful compliments.
” “Honey, with that body you should have compliments every day.
I hope my son treats you like a princess.
” “Come sit down.
Would you like some ice tea?” “That would be lovely, dear.
” I went into the kitchen and filled two glasses with ice and then poured the ice tea into the glasses.
I then walked back into the living room and put the drinks down on my cocktail table.
“You must be so excited about planning the wedding?” “I can’t wait to start doing that.
But, I really wanted to talk to you about something.
” “What is it dear?” “I was a virgin until just about a month ago.
I’m not very experienced.
I was wondering if you’d be able to help me explore my sexuality.
I just want to be able to satisfy Jack to the fullest.
In the process, I want to make sure that he’s really the one for me.
I have nothing to base it off of.
” “Well what a proposition.
I don’t know if my son would like me playing around with his wife.
But, as you know I’m a horny fucker.
For me to show you things is about the sexiest thing ever.
You’re asking me to have sex with you?” “Yes, I want to be a better lover.
I want you to show me everything you know about sex.
” “Pinch me.
Am I dreaming? This has got to be the best day of my life.
My daughter-in-law wants to have sex with me.
Hot Damn!” “So would you be willing to help me?” “Yes, darling I’ll help you.
I’d love to put my cock into your sweet young cunt.
You know I just think you are about the prettiest thing ever.
Come sit on my lap you beautiful sexy creature.
” I got up and went over to Brian.
I sat down on his lap.
He then leaned in and gave me a very deep and passionate kiss.
While we were kissing, he moved my tube top down to my waist and my breasts were out on display.
“Diane, you have the most amazing tits ever.
My wife is so small, but these are gorgeous.
I have got to suck on those beautiful pink nipples.
Take me to your bedroom.
Let me ravish your body.
” I stood up and took Brian’s hand and walked him to my bedroom.
Once we were there, he helped take my clothes off.
He unzipped my skirt and removed it.
He took my tube top off.
“No panties dear? I guess you knew I’d be a sure thing.
What man wouldn’t want to fuck his daughter-in-law? Especially one that looks like a hooker.
I mean that as a compliment.
You have a body to die for.
” “Thank you, Brian, I’m glad you think I’m so pretty.
” “You’re a sexy, hot, gorgeous women.
Today, you’re going to be all mine.
Now lay down on that bed and spread your long legs.
I’m going to lick that pussy into orgasm.
Do you like oral sex?” “Jack doesn’t do it very much.
I really would love to experience it.
” “Jesus, does my son suck in bed? Never mind, you wouldn’t know that.
Not until I fuck you.
Then you can tell me if I’m better than my son.
” We both giggled.
I spread my thighs and Brian got into position and dove into my muffin.
His tongue danced along my pussy lips.
He took his hands and spread my pussy so my cunt was opened up wide.
He then tongue fucked my pussy really fast inside of my vagina.
His lips created like a suction on my cunt, while he fucked me with his tongue.
“Grind your pussy onto my face!” I pushed my pussy onto Brian’s face and his tongue fucked me like a small dick.
It felt so wonderful in my cunt.
I held onto my headboard, while he licked and sucked at my cunt.
“Oh God! That feels so good.
Jack never licks my pussy.
Oh fucking hell.
” “What a schmuck.
He doesn’t lick this gorgeous cunt.
I’ll lick your beautiful pussy whenever you want.
I would sit here all day and lick your pussy.
Fucking hell.
” My father-in-law then put several fingers inside of my vagina and fucked me really fast.
His fingers were curved and were hitting against my spongy g-spot.
I only knew about my g-spot, because I read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine telling all about the wonders of the g-spot.
“I’m going to come.
Oh God! Oh fuck!” I had a huge orgasm.
Brian was licking my pussy like a crazed dog.
The juices were pouring out of me.
I guess all the exploration with the vibrators was helping me with my orgasm.
It felt so freeing to come on his face.
“Your cunt tastes like sweet tea.
I can’t believe how delicious your taste is.
” “I’m glad you like it.
I love you licking my pussy.
” “My darling, I’d love for you to suck my cock.
Have you ever sucked Jack’s cock? Undress me and I’ll stand and you will kneel.
” Brian stood up and I helped undress him.
I took off his shoes and his socks.
I unbuttoned his shirt and unzipped his jeans.
I pulled his boxer shorts and his jeans down his legs and put them on the chair.
He had a nice erection.
He was smaller than my stepfather.
I guess he was around seven inches long.
His cock and balls were shaved.
“Kneel down and kiss my shaft.
Come on you sexy thing.
” I knelt down and held his cock.
I kissed his shaft going up the left side and then down the right side.
His cock was twitching as I kissed it.
” “Am I doing it right?” “Yes, darling.
Put my mushroom head in your mouth and suck it.
” I then put the head of his cock into my mouth and sucked at it.
“Hold my balls.
Feel them in your hands.
Make me want you.
” I held his balls in my hands, while I sucked on his cock.
“Bring my cock down further into your throat.
You’re making me want you darling.
” I held and caressed his balls, while I took his cock deeper into my throat.
He was more long than thick, so I was able to take him all the way down.
“That’s it.
Oh fuck, that feels so good.
Play with your pussy.
And suck my cock.
Make yourself wet for me.
Come on you sexy minx!” While I sucked at Brian’s cock, I rubbed and massaged my pussy.
I was really wet and excited having his big cock down my throat.
I could feel that I might orgasm with the excitement of his hardness down my throat.
I sucked, slurped, and gagged on his long dick.
I fingered my pussy faster and faster.
“I’m going to come.
My pussy is so wet.
Oh fuck!” I had an orgasm on my fingers.
I couldn’t believe it.
Online Now! Lush Cams HailyAndLiam I was swallowing Brian’s cock.
My mouth was stuffed with his cock meat.
Brian was pulling and twisting at my hard nipples.
The more he pulled my nipples the more my pussy tingled.
“Get on the bed on your back! I’m going to fuck you know.
” I got on my back and my father-in-law stood in front of me.
He wet his cock in my pussy oil and pushed himself into my bare cunt.
I could feel my pussy flower spreading to accommodate his cock.
The stretch of my pussy felt so good.
“Oh God, your cock feels so good.
Please fuck me.
I want you to fuck me!” Once my father-in-law was inside of me, he started to pump his cock faster and faster into my tight cunt.
I really liked this position.
He was able to really fuck me hard and fast.
His cock felt like heaven in my cunt.
“Your pussy is so tight.
Fucking hell! I love your pussy.
You’re making me so excited.
I may blow my load.
I can’t believe how tight your pussy is.
” Brian was thrusting and pounding at my cunt.
My pussy was so juicy and was making squelching noises as he fucked me.
I never experienced that before.
When Jack fucks me, I don’t get that juicy.
“Get on your hands and knees.
I want to fuck you harder.
” Brian pulled out and I got on my hands and knees.
He then got behind me and put his cock into my cunt and really fucked me harder and faster.
His cock was so deep inside of me.
My huge breasts were swaying as he fucked me.
“Do you like my cock? Do you like your father-in-law fucking you? Am I a better fuck then my son? Tell me that you love my cock.
Tell me what a nasty, filthy girl you are.
” “I’m a nasty, filthy girl that loves her father-in-law fucking her.
You’re a much better lover then your son.
I love your cock.
I want you to fuck me harder and faster.
I want you to be my lover.
” Brian held my hips and was thrusting me so deep and hard.
I was grunting and moaning as he fucked me.
All of a sudden, he pushed several of his fingers inside of my asshole and that was it.
I had a huge orgasm.
“I’m coming.
Oh Fuck!” I had a huge orgasm and soaked Brian’s cock and balls.
My pussy felt amazing.
It was so amazing to come for him.
I was so turned on.
I loved when his fingers entered my asshole.
“You liked my fingers in your ass? Do you want me to fuck your ass?” “Please fuck my ass.
I love that.
” “Does my son fuck your ass?” “No Larry has fucked my ass.
” “Who is Larry? Are you having sex with your stepfather? How sexy is that.
Maybe next time, your stepfather and I can have a little fun with you.
I have always wanted to have sex with another man.
Would you like that you little slut?” “Yes, I think I’d like that.
Will you fuck my asshole now?” “Ill fuck your asshole.
You want my cock in that tight brown asshole of yours? Do you like to get fucked in your anus? You want to be my anal whore?” “Please fuck my asshole.
I’ll be your anal whore? It.



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