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Latest stories Supernatural Charlie-Charlene Part I

She was so sick and tired of being “just one of the guys”.
Charlie wasn’t even quite sure how that had happened.
Somewhere between her sophomore year and graduation from Georgia Tech, she had fallen into an easy camaderie with her fellow engineering students.
That, in itself wasn’t bad; it conveniently kept flirtation to a minimum when she really was more interested in getting guys into the concrete canoe than her personal one.
Oh, like many college students, she had gone to her share of drunken frat parties; and she had snuck the occasional guy back to her dorm room, where they engaged in quiet, but very satisfying sex until the wee hours.
But she really had attended college seeking a B.
, not an Mrs.
And she was smart enough not to fall into the trap of confusing lust with love.
So here it was, four years later, and she was sitting on the couch in her apartment, holding the letter in her hand.
Actually, it wasn’t even a real letter; it was a computer-generated card that was imprinted with her name and social security number across the upper left , her name and address in the center, and across the bottom, “Principles And Practice of Engineering 85 PASS”.
Her hand shook as she read it over and over.
I passed! .
Yes! She was grinning from ear to ear, and she thought about the sick joke they used to wryly repeat while in college: “Two weeks ago I couldn’t even spel enginer, now I are won.
” She stood, and crossing to the wine rack, stooped down and took the bottle of Cliquot Grande Dame from the bottom shelf.
Handling it gingerly, as if it were as valuable as a bottle of 61 Mouton Rothschild, she gently placed it on its side in the refrigerator, and glanced at her watch.
She mentally added two hours to the time, and thought to herself, Okay.
The celebration will begin no earlier than 8:15 this evening.
She had bought that bottle of wine on a whim.
The price had been more than she could afford, but when she sat for the exam last April, she knew that if she passed, it would be a once-in-a-lifetime achievement, and well worth celebrating with some really good bubbly; not her usual fare of eighteen dollar prosecco.
Knowing she had at least two hours to kill, while the wine chilled, she decided to go visit that new little boutique that had opened, around the corner from her apartment.
It had been open for three months, now, and she had been meaning to stop in, just to see what they had, but had just been too busy.
It seemed to her that all she had done for the past six months was eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work until it had all run together and just become one big blur.
She loved her job; designing storm water management structures, especially wetlands and rain gardens was genuinely fun.
She felt she had the best of both worlds; she could design all the plantings, but didn’t have to actually put them in, or look after them.
But today was Friday; the weekend lay ahead of her.
Tomorrow would be the first Saturday in she couldn’t remember how long, that she didn’t have to go into the office.
Quickly changing out of her office clothing, she grabbed a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, and threw them on.
A pair of black Maryjane flats completed her outfit.
She took a lipstick from her purse, and quickly touched up her lips, as she passed the hall mirror, and then she was out the door.
It was a cool day, for mid August, and she had a spring in her step as she rounded the corner heading toward the little shopping area.
Presently, she reached the door of the shop, and went in.
A bell tinkled over the door as she opened it, and again, as she pushed it closed behind herself.
Standing for a moment, to allow her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting indoors, she was struck by the smell of sandalwood, mingled with the musty smell of old things, and a closed building.
“May I help you?” She was startled to hear a high, thin voice, and turned to her right to see a thin, little man, maybe 5’4”tall, dressed entirely in ecru linen.
It was an odd cut; oriental, she thought at first, but then realized it was a traditional Indian garb.
“Well, I saw last week that you had opened a store, and just thought I’d just stop in and see what it was all about.
”: “You are here because you need something,” was the reply.
“You need a new direction in your life.
” “What?” “A new direction.
You have just passed a milestone, and now you need new direction.
” “why…How.
I mean, how did you know….
you don’t know me or….
”Charlie suddenly stopped talking.
She realized she was babbling, and not making any sense, much less speaking in complete sentences.
“I know many things,” the little man cryptically said.
“I have seen the walrus and I have seen the carpenter, and I helped Alice escape from the red queen.
” Charlie almost laughed, until she realized he was quite serious.
The thought suddenly struck her that maybe he really had seen and done those things.
Then she said to herself, No.
That is a story, and a good one, but just a story, by Lewis Carroll.
“Was the red queen as awful as she was made out to be?” she heard herself asking.
She quickly put her hand over her mouth, as if suddenly realizing she had said something terribly gauche.
He mind was in a whirl.
Why ever would I ask such a silly question, she thought.
“Much worse,” was the serious reply, “but that is not why you have been sent to me.
” “Sent…?” Charlie started to ask, but he went on, “You need to learn the ways of men.
That is your new direction.
” “it is?” “This lotion.
Use this lotion with THIS!” and he thrust forth a large phallus.
Charlie examined it, as he held it out in his hand.
It seemed to be made of ivory.
It shone with that glowing warmth of old ivory, that has been well-handled.
Yet, when she tentatively reached out her finger to touch it, it was soft and yielding, like real skin.
She felt a slight electric tingle, and snatched her finger back, as if she had been burned.
She had seen sex toys before, and even owned one or two, but this one was special.
It is…different, she thought to herself.
“How much?” she heard herself asking.
“Oh, the price is very high.
This is rare and valuable.
For anyone else who came in through that door,” and he nodded his head over his shoulder, “several thousand dollars.
” “OH, I can’t…” she started to say, but he went on.
“One dollar.
But you have to buy the lube that goes with it, that’s fifty cents.
” “One dollar? But you just told me it is valuable! Why should you sell it to me for only one dollar?” Charlie was suspicious now; her every hackle was straight up, and the warning signals were jolting her clean to her toes.
“Because a contract is not valid without consideration,” was the reply.
“A cont…OH, now wait.
I don’t THINK so.
I am not entering into any kind of contract, especially not THAT kind of contract,” here she looked at the phallus, “and if you think I am, you are sadly mistak.
” She might have gone on, but he interrupted her once again.
“The terms of the contract are that you shall return this in one year, unless you meet another young lady who needs it as you do.
Should that occur, you will convey it to her under the same terms.
You will find that lubricating vial will always remain at the same level, no matter how much you use.
BUT,” here he paused and raised one finger for emphasis, then went on, ”use it sparingly; it has great powers.
Just a drop or two will provide all the lubrication you need.
Take it, and go home, and celebrate your new direction.
” He placed the phallus in her hand, and pressed the vial into the other.
Then, with both hands in the small of her back, he gently, but insistently, pushed her toward the door.
Shoving the phallus up under her arm, she fumbled in her purse for a dollar bill.
“Just drop it on the floor.
I can pick it up.
You must go now, before it is too late.
” The bell tinkled as she opened the door.
She heard it tinkle again, as she pulled the door closed behind herself.
She still had the phallus tucked into her armpit, and walked home quickly, hoping that no one would see what she was hiding.
After all, she thought, it would be hard to explain walking around in public, carrying a phallus.
She giggled to herself, thinking maybe I should have thought difficult, instead of hard.
When she got into the house, she set it down on the dining room table, and was surprised to hear it click, like ivory striking wood, when she set it down.
She picked it up again, and it felt as soft as before.
She set it down again, and it clicked again, just like ivory, just as before.
She picked up the sugar spoon then, and tapped it lightly against the tip, right on top of the little slit.
It was hard, just like ivory, and the silver spoon rang slightly.
Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice, she thought to herself, and giggled again.
She touched it again with her finger, and it was soft, and felt like skin.
She suddenly realized it was warm, too, just like a living penis.
She felt herself beginning to engorge, thinking about how it might feel.
Turning to her kitchen cabinets, she got out one of her best champagne flutes.
It was Reidel, and perfectly shaped for champagne, a house warming gift from her best girlfriend, Elaine.
OH my God, Elaine! She thought.
Elaine has just GOT to see this new cock.
No, cock isn’t the right word.
All of the slang words for an erect penis suddenly flooded into her mind, Johnson, Willie, Cock, Pole, Wanker, Dong, dick.
And suddenly she knew she would never be able to think of this as anything but a dick.
Her dick.
Her very own dick.
She kept saying it over and over to herself, emphasizing first one syllable, then the other, then neither, MY dick! my DICK! my dick! IT became a sing-sing in her head.
, as she uncorked the champagne, and poured herself a glass.
She stood in the middle of the living room, and raised her glass to the heavens, “Well, here’s to the brand new engifuckingneer,” she toasted, and took a sip.
Holding the flute in one hand, she picked up the phallus in her other.
It felt warm and soft in her hand, and she could feel herself becoming aroused, just from the feel of it.
She walked down the hallway to the bedroom, and went in.
Online Now! Lush Cams HannahJonns She tossed the phallus onto the bed, and it sank into the covers of its own weight, just like ivory.
How odd, she thought, and picked it up again, It was warm, and soft in her hand, She almost felt the veins as the blood coursed through them.
OH, that can’t be, she thought to herself, and she tossed it onto the bed again.
It dropped into the covers as if it weighed about a pound, which is what it would have weighed if it really were ivory.
By now, Charlie was genuinely intrigued, and decided the best thing she could do under the circumstances, was use it for the purpose for which (she assumed) it was intended.
By locking the toe of one over the heel of the other, she removed her shoes as she stripped the tee shirt over her head.
Standing there in her jeans, looking down at the phallus lying so innocently in the middle of her bed, she suddenly remembered the vial of lube.
She padded into the living room, and retrieved the vial from her purse.
As she walked down the hallway toward her bedroom, she uncorked it, and gave a tentative sniff.
It smelled like good olive oil; slightly grassy, but otherwise, just a clean oily smell.
Well, she thought, I’m glad it isn’t perfum-ey.
I couldn’t have dealt with that.
Entering the bedroom once again, she set the vial on her nightstand, and unbuttoned her jeans.
She stared intently at the phallus, lying in her bed as she slid her jeans down to her ankles.
As she started to remove her foot from the bunched up jeans, she stumbled, and fell face-first across the bed.
The phallus was right in front of her mouth, and she caught a faint whiff of sex emanating from it.
Taking it in her hand, she deliberately brought the tip of it to her nose.
Yes, it definitely smells like a dick, she thought to herself.
Kicking her feet violently, she extricated herself from the remaining leg of the jeans.
She swung her legs up, and lying on her side, proceeded to take the dick into her mouth.
It felt so warm, and so real, she closed her eyes, and could have sworn she was sucking on a real cock.
She felt herself becoming more aroused, and she could feel her labia begin to engorge.
She rolled onto her back, and spread her legs.
Still holding it with her left hand, she slowly stroked the phallus in and out of her mouth.
As she did, she could have sworn it felt like it throbbed once.
She took it into her mouth again, this time a little more deeply, and was certain it throbbed.
Wanton now, she tilted her head back, and slid it into her throat.
As she did, she definitely felt it pulse.
She took it from her mouth, and carefully licked all her saliva from it.
Then she held it with the tip facing her, and gave it a little squeeze.
A small drop of clear fluid appeared at the slit.
She squeezed again, and the drop got a little larger.
She darted her tongue out, and licked it.
Semen, it definitely tasted like semen.
Oh! This is too much! she thought.
I have this dick,; it is totally mine.
I can do with it as I wish, and have it whenever I want, and there’s no guy’s BS to go along with it.
Am I dead? Is this heaven? Then the line from the film, Field of Dreams popped into her head, “No, It’s Iowa.
” And she started laughing out loud.
That spoiled the moment, and she pulled her legs together, and sat up.
Taking a big swig from her champagne flute, she decided to go to the kitchen and refill the glass.
AS she was walking back to the bedroom, she could feel her breasts bounce.
She took her free hand and cupped her left breast as she walked.
Her nipple immediately hardened under her touch, and she stroked it absently with her thumb.
Suddenly, on about the third stroke, she felt an electric jolt from her nipple straight to her clitoris.
She quickened her step, and almost ran into the bedroom.
Quickly setting the wineglass on the bedside table, she took up the vial and uncorked it.
Capping the vial with the tip of her finger, she tipped it upside down, the set it back upright on the table.
She looked at her finger, There was a small circle of oil, where the opening of the vial had been, Gingerly, almost hesitantly, she touched it to her clitoris.
She felt nothing.
Well nothing out of the ordinary, that is.
So she took up the vial again, and very carefully tilted it over her clitoris.
A droplet, then two dripped onto her, and it felt a little cold.
But It quickly warmed.
Eager now, she picked up the phallus and slowly slid it up and down on her clitoris.
The feeling was incredible.
It felt exactly like a real cock, and she caught her breath, Slowly, she slid it down again, this time gently parting her labia with the head,.
It felt so warm, and hot and hard.
Able to stand it no longer, she slowly inserted the head into her open vagina.
OH, God, she thought, This feels so good, so warm, so hard, so … so REAL.
And, with that last thought, she plunged it deep into herself.
Unable to stop herself, she withdrew it and plunged it in again.
She could have sworn she felt it surge, and grow in girth.
She was rubbing her clitoris furiously now, and she could feel it hardening more than she ever felt before.
It kept feeling larger and larger under her finger, until it almost felt like a little cock.
She was plunging the phallus cock into herself wildly now, and she could feel her orgasm building, She felt her toes curl, almost as if they were not connected to her, but acting of their own accord.
Her abdomen began to clench, and the cock, no…dick, was getting larger and harder, and she could feel it was almost close, and she was almost close, and then they came together.
She screamed out then, and her vagina spasmed over and over again around the dick.
Then she felt it.
The dick was inside her, and she lay still, but it was throbbing.
Once, twice, three times it throbbed inside her, and she knew this cock had just filled her with its cum.
She lay there, not moving, her breasts heaving, as she took in great gulps of air.
“Holy shit!” she said, when she had gotten her breath back.
And again, more softly this time, “Holy shit.
” Slowly, slowly, she eased the phallus out of her still sensitive vagina, and sighed audibly when the head was clear of her.
she thought.
That was in-fucking-credible.
Holy shit.
She rolled over onto her side, and was soon fast asleep.
The wine in her tummy was broken down into its basic sugars, and were absorbed into her bloodstream.
Meanwhile, the oil was doing the same thing.
, It went directly to her pituitary gland, which, in turn sent it messages to the hypothalamus.
As Charlie slept, and as her metabolism rolled on, her clitoris swelled, and grew in length.
By two AM it was three inches long, and as it grew, the growth became exponential.
By three AM it was four inches long.
And when Charlie awakened at six, she had to pee, and she had a raging, full blown seven-inch erection.
She got up sleepily, and padded into the bathroom.
Raising the lid, she sat down.
As she sat there, her eyes closed, she started to pee.
Suddenly her eyes flew open, and she was in a panic.
She looked down, to see herself peeing on her foot! Her erection, of course was sticking out over the ring of the toilet seat, and, with her legs stretched out in front of her, the stream of urine was splashing all over her left foot.
“HOLY FUCK!” she said.
“What the Hell is THIS?” She looked down as her stream slowed to a dribble.
Her erection, freed of the bladder pressure, was subsiding, and she sat and watched fascinated, as her cock shrank to its normal(but she didn’t know that yet) flaccid length of three inches.
Damn! she thought, That was kinda cool! I never had a dick before.
I wonder what it feels like? She tentatively took it in her hand, and stroked up and down a few times.
It felt good.
It was sort of like having her clitoris stroked, only all the way around.
Oh Shit! Clitoris! I wonder if I still have one? SHe eased two fingers down past the base of her new cock.
Just beneath it, she encountered two little football shaped things.
Oh…My…God… she thought Nuts! Fuck! I wonder if I will have to wear a cup to play field hockey or lacrosse now? It didn’t occur to her there might be some problems changing clothing or showering in the locker rooms .
She continued to move her hand southward, and felt the familiar electric shock, as her fingertip touched her clitoris.
Damn, she thought, Now, this is cool.
I have the best of both worlds.
I gotta go get laid, and try out the new plumbing.
Shit! Who’m I going to fuck? I don’t know anybody.
I gotta call Elaine.
  The phone was busy, and she kept hanging up and redialing immediately.
After about six tries, she got the ringing tone on the other end.
:”Com’on Lainie.
Pick up the damn phone” “Hello?” “Lainie! Holy shit! Holy fuck! Jesus girl, you gotta get your ass over here.
You won’t fucking believe this!” “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Damn, Charlene, slow down, babe.
You’ll get a heart attack or something.
Won’t believe what?” “What I have to show you.
Only I can’t tell you over the phone.
It is too way cool.
How soon can you get here?” “I’m still in my panties and bra from last night.
Can’t I take a shower or something, first? I feel grody.
” “Laine, Honey, I love you like my luggage, but we both know if you get in the shower on a Saturday morning, you’re gonna stay in there, playing with yourself, till noon.
” Elaine giggled, “Okay Charl.
I’ll be over in about fifteen.
I’m gonna bring a change and shower there, Okay?” “ Just get your ass over here.
I need you.
” Charlie hung up the phone and suddenly realized what she had said.
I need you.
Now where the fuck did THAT come from? She realized then, that she was feeling a swelling, and it wasn’t in her clitoris.
It wasn’t her labia, either.
She looked down, and saw her new cock pulsing.
With each heartbeat, it stood a little straighter.
She thought about how soft and sweet Elaine’s pussy would feel and taste, and she thought how good it would feel to slide her cock up inside her.
Then she felt her clitoris begin throbbing too.
She could feel her labia engorging, and she though how good it would feel o have a cock sliding inside, filling her, and then pounding into her stomach, sending little shock waves all through.
Her erection was complete now, and she gripped it with her hand, sliding up and down it.
Every stroke felt so good.
She closed her eyes and moaned, as she slid her hand up and down her cock.
She could feel her balls tighten, and at the same time, she felt the first few drops of her juice dripping from her vagina.
Just then, the doorbell rang.



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