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I would like to relate one of the most amazing and fantastic incidences of my life.
I can’t speak for anybody else, but as far as I’m concerned, nothing in my wildest fantasies would ever have come close to what I’m about to tell you.
Before I begin, it would help to know that my life at the time of my story, was in a somewhat state of recovery.
At the time I was in my early forties and by necessity, was working at a Safeway, a small local grocery store around the corner from my flat on Swanston St, Carlton, in Melbourne.
At one time, I had a family and was gainfully employed as a mechanical engineer with McConnell Dowell, one of the largest construction companies in Melbourne.
Then suddenly, due to unforeseen circumstances that are too long to go into here, I lost everything.
The job, my house, my family, all within the space of a few disastrous months, I woke up one morning and the dream life I had been living had vanished.
I remember at some time in my misty past, looking down on street people.
I viewed the homeless as the lazy, unmotivated scourge of society.
Then without warning, I was a card carrying member of their ranks.
After a few months of living hand to mouth and aimlessly wandering the city, I somehow managed to find the courage within me to change the direction I was heading.
With the help of social services, I found a job at a Safeway, also on Swanston St.
, just up the street from work.
It wasn’t much, but it got me off the street and a little of my self-respect back and something to build on.
The manager of the store was very good to me so I wasn’t above doing anything asked of me.
One of my duties was to keep track of the inventory and to keep the shelves stocked.
I like to think that, even during toughest times, I’m a rather easy going individual who gets along with people rather easily.
To that end, I was always ready to exchange a word or two with customers, especially ones who I saw on a regular basis.
Not long after I started working at Safeway, I noticed a rather attractive young lady who seemed to be coming into the store a couple of times a week.
Naturally, I’m not immune to appreciating an attractive, young member of the opposite sex.
She would best be described as petite, at about 5’ 3”, quite slim with blonde hair.
She must have been on her way home from work, because as the temperatures improved, she wore tasteful, colourful dresses, which I assumed would be worn by somebody working in an office.
Also, the dresses complimented her attractive, trim figure.
What struck me the most about her was whenever we would exchange pleasantries, she would look straight at me with the most gorgeous sparkling green eyes.
The exchanges at first were harmless, to say the least.
I would notice her playing with her phone, so I might remark, “Oh, sending me a text, are you?” Or another time I happen to say, “I’d watch whom I’m sending that photo to, if I were you.
” On one very particular morning when I arrived, Stella, one of our cashiers, said to me, “Kara was looking for you, Jeremy.
” “Who?” I asked.
“You know, the girl who you’re always chatting with.
” “Oh,” I said with genuine surprise.
Then continued, trying to hide the mounting excitement in my voice.
“I didn’t know that was her name.
How come she was asking for me?” Then Stella said, “Well, now that I think of it, it was rather strange.
She had to realize that because you work late every night, you would come in late.
But first thing this morning, she must have come in on her way to work, she said to me, ‘does your helper not work here anymore?’ So I said, you mean Jeremy? And she said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s who I mean.
Has he left?’ So then, I just said, no he comes in later because he works late every night.
 After that, she just pays for her groceries and said, ‘Well, just tell him Kara says hello,’ and waltzes out of the store.
” Now that exchange got me to thinking.
She had to have realized that I wouldn’t have been in the store.
So that had to be her way of telling me her name and that she would entertain the idea of my approaching her.
I mulled that suspicion over in my mind for a few days, while waiting for her to come in.
When I didn’t see her for some time, I made a decision.
If I was wrong, the worst thing that would happen would be that I would end up looking like a fool along with being embarrassed as hell.
For some unknown reason, that prospect didn’t bother me.
I wrote my name and my cell number on a small piece of paper and kept it with me each time I went to work.
The problem now, was how to get it to her without being too obvious.
It must have been a couple of weeks after the conversation with Stella that she finally made an appearance.
She eventually wandered down the aisle I happened to be working on, we exchanged passing comments for a few seconds.
No mention was make of her exchange with Stella and I didn’t have to courage to allude to it.
After she walked away from me, I went back to taking care of the shelves, but kept my eye on her whereabouts.
While she was going up and down the aisles, I waited until she was furthest from the front door and then ran out and put the paper under the wiper on her windshield.
Fortunately, I knew which car she drove, as I had watched her drive away from the store on various occasions.
Now it was only a case of waiting to find out if I would be tarred and feathered for a ridiculous assumption, or rewarded for my impetuousness.
I don’t have too many friends at present and I had even less back then, but I did get the occasional call from the store or a utility company.
So every time the phone would ring since putting the paper on her windshield, I would have heart palpitations and break out into a sweat.
So finally when she did call, and call she did, I was in such a state that I can’t recall now exactly what was said, but the conversation went something like this: “Hello?” “Jeremy?” “Yes.
” “Oh, hi! I don’t know if you know who this is, but….
” “Kara? Is that you, my texting friend from the store?.
” “Yes.
I know this sounds screwy, but did you leave a note under my windshield the other day, a note with your name and phone number on it?” “Yeah, that was me.
I hope you don’t mind.
I mean …well … it was because …?” “No … no …I don’t mind.
Rather it was … well, I was kind of hoping you would do something like that.
Look, would you mind … I mean … could we get a cup of coffee or something somewhere? At that point in the conversation, I think I took my first breath since the phone rang.
I thought about it for a moment, after a couple of minutes we agreed on a time and I suggested we meet at the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel on Sydney Road.
It was a good distance from where I lived and worked, but not too far that we couldn’t walk it if we chose.
We agreed that it might be better if we didn’t meet too close to where I worked.
I got there first.
I wasn’t too concerned with appearing overly anxious, although at the time I think I would have agreed to a meeting at two in the morning in the middle of Port Phillip Bay on a blistery winter’s night.
She strolled in with her usual bright, happy smile and sparkling eyes.
Online Now! Lush Cams scintillante My first thought upon seeing her arrive was, “Wow, I never really appreciated how beautiful she was.
I just never viewed her that way in the store.
But here, in the restaurant, in neutral territory, there was an air about her that I had never noticed.
After a few naturally tense moments we both started to relax and the talk revolved around the store, her work, the weather and then she came right out and asked, “Are you married, Jeremy?” “Well, yes and no,” I answered without hesitation.
“Wow, that’s an interesting marital status,” she said with a sly smile.
“Please explain how that works.
” Without going into too much detail, I recounted how technically I was married but, although not legally divorced, I hadn’t seen my wife in months.
And then added, I didn’t have a clue where she was.
We continued to chat for about an hour and then, since it was a beautiful summer’s evening, I suggested we go for a walk since we were close to Darebin Parklands.
So I paid the bill and we left.
I guess it must have been the atmosphere of the evening, the starry sky, the relaxed banter in the restaurant and walking beside a beautiful young woman, because while we were walking, I impulsively put my arm around her shoulder.
Before I had a chance to consider what I had just done, she reciprocated the gesture by snuggling in closer to me.
We strolled together for a bit not saying much and then again on impulse I suggested we go over to my flat.
As soon as we walked in, I turned and took her by the shoulders.
Without any warning or signal, we kissed.
I immediately sensed that she was going to be receptive to anything.
We kissed and fondled each other for a few moments, when suddenly she started going down.
Before I knew it, she was on her knees in front of me unzipping my pants.
Needless to say my cock was rock hard and as fully engorged as it was ever going to be.
She deftly freed it from the confines of my underwear and wrapped her lips around it.
While in her mouth, she played with it by running her tongue all around it and then slowly withdrawing it.
Then after licking and sucking the end of it, she engulfed it once more.
This time she took it to the point where I could feel the constrictions of her throat around the end of it.
I couldn’t remember the last time I held a woman in my arms.
So not being able to control the situation, I was about to explode and I really wanted to be totally inside this lovely creature, not just in her mouth.
So I grabbed her under her arms, and lifted her to a standing position.
I put one arm around her back and the other under her legs and swept her up.
I was amazed at how light she felt in my arms.
I carried her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed.
I started unbuttoning her blouse but my fingers were all over the place.
So she, without any fuss, took my wrists and putting them aside, undid the buttons herself.
Then reaching behind she unhooked her bra, tossed it aside and lay back.
I sat on the bed staring at her lying prone in front of me.
She had short blonde hair curling around her ears, emerald eyes lighting up the room and the most perfectly formed breasts that could best be described as petite, with enchantingly delicious tiny nipples.
I got off the bed and proceeded to disrobe, noticing at the same time she was doing the same while still on the bed.
Before I lay down beside her, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of elation I hadn’t experienced in years.
Before me was the most beautiful, sensual, sexy creature awaiting my touch.
She was lying on her side with one arm tucked up under her head.
She had the most perfectly proportioned body with sylphlike rounded hips and small but beautifully rounded breasts with tiny nipples.
Needless to say while disrobing, my erection wilted to some extent, but with the vision before me, it sprang back into full hardness and length.
As I approached her, she reached up and grabbing my arms, pulled me down on top of her.
The feel of her soft velvety skin against mine was exhilarating.
I was immediately struck with the thought that I wanted so much to ravish this woman and steal everything she physically possessed, but at the same time, be with her in the present forever.
She pushed my head down to her breast and as I started sucking and licking her nipple while fondling her other breast, my groin ached with the desire of anticipated release.
The more I fondled and kissed, the more she writhed her slim body.
I kissed her all over eventually finding myself between her legs.
Kissing her inner thighs while rubbing my fingers all around her vagina was bringing us both to greater heights.
The damp salty aroma guided my face directly to her sweet moist lips.
I savoured every swipe of my tongue over her swollen flesh.
Eventually I couldn’t prolong the expectation any more.
I positioned myself above her and just as I was about to enter her to reach the final states of ecstasy, she looked directly at me and said, “Wait!” Without a sound, I looked at her dumbfounded.
“Tie me up,” she demanded.
“What?” I incredulously inquired.
“Tie me up,” she implored.
“Tie my hands above my head.
Wild, unrelated thoughts raced through my head.
What was I going to do? Without deliberating any longer, I grabbed both pillows from above her head.
Yanked the pillows from their covers and threw them to the floor.
Then I strung the covers out in some semblance of a rope and with them secured each of her wrists to the corners of the bed.
Suddenly seeing her stretched out on the bed, totally vulnerable was one of the most intoxicating and sexually stimulating images I have ever seen.
I literally threw myself on top of her and plunged inside her without any concern or fear of her feelings.
From somewhere, as if in a dream, I heard a muffled, cry.
I stared at her only to see that every one of my pelvic thrusts was rewarded by a sublime grimace.
She would tighten the muscles around her eyes, and with an open mouth cry out each time I penetrated deeper inside her.
We began to move in rhythm with each other, faster and faster.
Then at last, I heard a loud mournful wail from deep within her as I let loose months of pent up sexual frustration.
We lay there for what seemed an eternity, she fully extended and me with my arms tightly warped around her.
She didn’t seem to mind in the least still being bound to the bed.
Without saying a word, she started to move her leg against mine.
Gradually the sensation awoke in me the desire for more sexual gratification.
I looked at her and she just smiled.
It didn’t take but a moment more before we were both fully charged, primed and ready for round two.
Later we made love twice more over the course of the night, eventually just allowing sleep to win over.
In the morning I drove her home.
Not much was said.
She still comes in to the store occasionally and we smile and pass the time of day.
I’m not sure if it was a one off, or if she will ever approach me for a repeat of what occurred that night.
Either way, I still enjoy seeing her and would welcome any advance from her.



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