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I felt my phone buzz in my pocket as I walked across the car park on my way to work.
I knew before I opened the message who it would be from and what it was likely to say; we’d been playing this game for weeks now, teasing back and forth.
We both had long term partners, and he was married, so flirting at the office was as far as it had gone until now.
But instead of the usual flirty text I was expecting, I found myself looking down at a picture of the man who’d played the leading role in all of my fantasies and day dreams recently.
    In the picture he wasn’t dressed in a suit as I was used to seeing him, he was naked, and very obviously aroused.
He had the body of a man who obviously worked out, with just the right amount of hair over his chest, perfect abs, and that mouthwatering v-shape down the front of his hips that drove me wild.
His cock looked delicious, all I could think of was getting my lips around it.
As I looked up from my phone I saw him watching me from a window on the ground floor.
He’d managed to get me wet before I’d even walked through the door.
    ‘Two can play at that game,’ I said to myself.
I went straight into the toilet when I got into work and took several pictures.
Not long after that, we were both in the morning meeting when I sent the first picture.
It was of me from the waist up with just a few buttons of my blouse undone.
I loved watching his reaction as he discreetly checked his phone and his eyes shot up and met mine.
I smiled innocently, and he returned to his phone to reply.
    My phone vibrated almost immediately.
Online Now! Lush Cams onefoxybrunette ‘Is that all I’m getting?’ I sent the next picture, my blouse completely undone, and my white lace bra only just containing my pert breasts.
Again his reply was almost immediate.
‘That’s more like it.
You’ve got me so hard.
Any more?’    This went on for the rest of the meeting, the pictures getting more and more revealing.
After the meeting, as everyone was leaving the office he was walking behind me.
I reached around and put my hand on his erection.
It felt even bigger than it looked in the picture I had received a little over an hour earlier.
    Before I’d even had chance to sit down at my desk I received another picture from him.
It was of his hard, throbbing cock with his left hand around the shaft, taken from above with his trousers and boxers pulled down to his thighs.
I recognised the background in the picture.
It was taken here somewhere, meaning he must have been in this building somewhere with his hand on his dick.
My heart rate immediately went through the roof and I could feel my pussy soaking through my knickers.
Another text followed.
‘Storage room at the end of the corridor.
‘    Could I really do this? I went over and over in my mind.
Surely we’d both lose our jobs if we were caught, not to mention what would happen if his wife or my boyfriend found out.
But it was that threat of being caught that was making me want to go down that corridor all the more.
I sat there, at my desk, as I battled with myself, knowing that he was waiting for me.



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