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Latest stories Taboo Late Shift Surprise 2- Swimming in the wrong pool leads to a happy ending

As I hopped into the cab of my truck, Tank was already barking and scratching at the divider which kept him in the back of the truck.
He got like this every single time there was a priority call because he knew it meant he was going to get to do what he loved best.
As I turned on the overhead lights and hit the siren I watched Laura sliding her jeans up her legs and over her tight ass.
I let out a sigh it had been looking like it was going to be a good time.
I mean come on its not every day that you come across your ex-girlfriend getting her snatch eaten out by a gorgeous red head.
As I pulled away Laura winked at me and held her hand up as if to tell me to call her.
I gunned the engine throwing sand as I took off towards Lincoln road.
Whoever had set off this alarm had better hope that they were already in handcuffs when I got there and that we wouldn’t have to track them.
Fifteen minutes later I was pulling on scene, where I could see two officers standing by their squad car.
I stepped out of the truck and walked over to their car, to find out that home owner had set off the alarm when they got home to find someone swimming in their pool.
They hadn’t noticed them until they had already opened the back door and had forgotten to shut off the alarm as they gave chase till the red head had jumped into the driver’s seat of a Dark Color Ford Super Duty just down the street.
I hopped back into my truck as there wasn’t anything more I could do here, as I pulled out and shut my overhead lights off a sudden realization occurred to me.
I had just seen a red head in a black Ford Super Duty not even 25 minutes ago.
I quickly pulled up Kristis information on my onboard computer again and started heading towards her address.
Moments later I spotted the truck turning left up ahead of me and I put on a burst of speed to catch up, as I pulled behind the truck my lights came on and it slowly pulled to the curb, the license plate matched the truck belonging to Kristis parents so now it was time for her to answer some questions… “License, Registration and Proof of Insurance” I asked as she rolled down her window.
She handed me all her paperwork and looked at me with her gorgeous brown eye.
She then asked me what she had done to get pulled over so soon.
I replied telling her that we had a report of trespassing on private property and her and her truck matched the description given.
She tried to deny it and it was at that point I ordered her out of the vehicle.
Her hair was soaking wet which made it clear that she had just been swimming.
Once I had placed her in cuffs and explained to her the flaws in her story she broke down into tears, begging me to let her go telling me her parents would ground her for the rest of her life and take away the truck.
When I explained that she had already used that excuse the first time when I caught her with Laura, she looked straight into my eyes and told me she would do whatever I wanted if it meant she didn’t have to go to jail.
Now trespassing in such a nature would normally only warrant a ticket if not just a warning, but this goddess had just cost me getting a piece of tight ass, so I certainly wasn’t going to let her off that easy.
I turned her around and moved her handcuffs so she was cuffed in the front and lead her to the front passenger’s seat of my truck.
Taking her keys I moved her truck off the road and into the gas station parking lot knowing we wouldn’t be back for it for a while.
As we started off own the road I reached down and unzipped my work pants, Kristi looked across at me and asked what I was doing.
I looked her deep in the eyes and told her that I was collecting on her offer to do anything to stay out of jail, but if she would rather we can certainly head down town, and I started zipping my pants back up.
Kristi reached over and stopped me, sliding her hand into my pants and pulling out my cock which was getting harder by the minute.
As she jerked me slowly I reached across to the back of her head and started gently pushing her head down until she got the hint that I wanted something more.
I swerved the truck on the road as Kristi slid the tip of my cock between her soft lips flicking the tip with her tongue.
She slowly took me all the way inside her mouth and I could feel as the head stretched down into her throat making me moan with pleasure.
She repeated this process several times before she started sucking the tip of my cock and tightly jerking around the base.
Online Now! Lush Cams ParisLovens I was struggling to keep the truck on the road at this point as the sensations which were vibrating through my cock were like nothing I had felt before.
If there was a cock sucking award this girl would have had it won no question about it.
By this time there was no doubt in my mind she wanted this as much as I did, it may have started out as a get out of jail ploy but now we were both hot and horny.
I pulled off down into a field just outside of town and parked the truck, as I did she deep throated me again and as she pulled back off me I could feel myself cumming filling her mouth with my hot load.
Kristi had no choice but to swallow it all, and it appeared as though that turned her on even more.
I reached across and unzipped her black hoody stripping it off of her removing the cuffs in the process; underneath I found a yellow open back shirt which was soaked through to the point you could just make out her bra underneath.
I couldn’t believe my eyes this girl just kept getting sexier and sexier by the minute.
I didn’t waste any time stripping off her shirt and pink cheetah print bra, watching as her nipples stiffened with the sudden change in temperature.
I leaned down sucking her right nipple into my mouth, making her moan.
Reaching up I took her other 36b breast into my hand squeezing it gently.
I couldn’t take it any longer I hopped out of the truck grabbing a spare blanket I kept in the back for the dog when needed and pulled Kristi to the ground with me.
As we tumbled down onto the blanket I found myself tearing at her belt wanting to get at the sweet treasure which lay hidden inside, yanking her jeans off I kissed my way down her stomach, sliding her matching pink cheetah print thong to the side and running my tongue down her dripping wet slit.
I couldn’t believe how wet she was, diving in with my tongue lapping up as much of her sweet juices as I could I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling me deeper between her legs.
Watching her stomach as she panted, feeling her body quiver, I knew she was close to orgasm.
I gently nibbled on her clit and slid a finger gently into her tight wet pussy as she gripped the blanket with white knuckles.
Not wanting to wait any longer I worked my way up feeling my cock slipping against the inside of her thighs.
It was as if it could sense the heat and it was following it in, I brushed her clit with the head of my cock teasing her again.
Suddenly I felt her reaching down, grasping my cock and wrapping her legs around me driving me deep inside.
I grabbed her arms pinning them above her head and pounding deep into her pussy as she gasp each time our bodies met.
Thrusting harder and faster with each moment, as she cried out in pleasure I felt her tight wet walls pulsing around me squeezing me each time I bottomed out inside her.
After a few moment like that I slid out of her and rolled her over onto all fours fucking her doggy style as I reached around with both hands, one to massage her tits and the other for her clit making her buck against me as she screamed out while cumming again.
This red head was on fire, her tight shaved snatch milking me for all I was worth.
Kristi suddenly forced me onto my back and climbed up on top of me starring me in the eyes as she very slowly inched herself down onto my shaft.
It was now her turn to tease me, it didn’t take long before I felt myself ready to come again, I grabbed Kristis hips and held her down tight as my cock pulsed spraying shot after shot of cum deep into her.
We collapsed onto the blanket both out of breath and feeling relaxed after the wild session we had just had.
I was the first to recover pulling my cloths back on, as Kristi lay smiling on the ground watching me.
It took her a few minutes but then she too got dressed, we packed up and slowly drove back into town to get her truck.
Kristi got out and walked around to my window, she reached into her pants pocket and pulled out her thong passing it to me along with her cell phone number.
I watched as she walked over climbed into her truck and I knew without a doubt this was a number I would be texting sometime very soon… If you want to hear more, inbox me with comments and suggestions, As Kristi is a real person there is no guarantee that if you suggest something way out there that it will happen.
However as with any author I would like to know what the audience is looking to see.



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