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Latest stories Supernatural Getting to make love to my wife again

I’m Dave, and I’m forty-two.
About a year ago, I lost my wife, Jenny, to cancer.
She fought it for years but lost in the end.
I had two kids with her, and they were there for me after she died.
We frequently went out together, and spent all the time we could together.
I loved the time I did spend with them, but it just wasn’t enough.
I needed Jenny back, but I knew I could never see her again, or so I thought.
What I mean by that is, something completely unexplainable happened one night.
I was in my room, just in a t-shirt, and boxers.
I couldn’t get Jenny out of my mind to save my life.
My kids kept telling me to get back out there, but I just couldn’t do it.
Jenny even told me in her final weeks, to start dating again when the time was right.
This one night, I would find out someone really wanted me to move on with my life.
As I was laying in bed, everything in room was shaking.
“What’s going on?” I wondered.
I had no idea, but the shaking never stopped.
It almost felt like an earthquake, but we never got earthquakes where I was from.
Then all of the sudden, I swear I heard a voice.
“Dave, I love you too,” the voice said.
I knew that voice, I had tattooed in my brain, only it wouldn’t eventually fade out.
It was Jenny’s voice, I knew it.
I just questioned how I could hear it.
I saw a light appear from out of nowhere, towards the ceiling.
I couldn’t have been more confused on what was going on, other than I was just dreaming.
I saw the light go down towards the floor, and then, my wife appeared to me.
She was an apparition, and wearing her special red dress.
She wore it on a number of special occasions, including our honeymoon.
“Jenny?” I asked.
“Yes, it is me, Dave,” she replied.
I was stunned, and felt I was literally out of my mind.
I had no idea what to make of such a thing, definitely considering, I didn’t believe in ghosts.
I didn’t take my eyes off her for a second, as I came towards her.
“It’s me, I promise,” she said.
I got right in front of her, and just starred for a minute.
She looked so far beyond beautiful, and I wanted to break out in tears.
It seemed too good to be true.
Then I leaned towards her, and tried to kiss her.
I was unsuccessful, because my face went right through her.
“Are you really here?” I wondered.
“In a sense, yes.
I’m here to tell you something,” she told me.
A few things came to mind: What is the meaning of life? We’d be together again soon, or maybe something else.
First, I wanted to know something else.
“May I please kiss you first?” I asked.
“No, I’m afraid not, but you can see me with your own eyes for right now.
I can only see you like this once.
Now, I must tell you something,” she let me know.
I wanted to feel her, but I was still so happy I could see her one last time.
“What is it, sweetheart?” I asked.
She smiled, and looked down for a second.
“I’m here to tell you, to stop this.
Stop cutting yourself off from every female in world, except for our daughters.
I want you to be happy with someone, that makes you happy too.
Give Samantha, and Claire another brother or sister, if you want,” she pleaded.
“I can’t, Jenny.
I can’t be with another woman.
I wouldn’t love another woman, you are the only one I want to ever be with,” I told her.
“I know you’ll be resistant, but I want you to push yourself.
Don’t do it for me, or anyone else, but yourself,” she replied.
I didn’t know what to say, I was speechless.
I knew she had a point, but maybe there was a way she could convince me.
“I just want to be able to actually feel you one last time.
I want to kiss you, hold you in my arms, and tell you how much I love you,” I said.
“Maybe you can,” she told me.
I was skeptical, and had to ask.
“What do you mean, you are a ghost,” I replied.
Then she stepped forward, and became solid.
The light never went away, and I couldn’t resist, but to try kissing her again.
Let’s just say that time, I was successful.
We made out for about ten minutes straight, and wrapped my arms around her.
“I’ve waited so long for that,” I said.
“Me too,” she replied.
Then I held her close to me, and actually felt her breath on me.
I’m not too sure I ever had more appreciation for a hug, until that moment.
I held her so tightly, I thought I might break her.
Although, I wasn’t sure that was even possible.
“I thought you’d like that,” she said.
“You thought correctly.
How long are you going to be here, as whatever you are here?” I inquired.
“Only tonight, so make it worth it,” she let me know.
She began making out once again, and that lasted for about twenty minutes.
We eventually made to the bed, and we laydown.
I was on top of her, and I could actually feel her being so close to me.
One feeling I had no idea I’d ever feel again.
“You aren’t just going to feel, and kiss me all night long, are you?” she pondered.
“Can I make love to you?” I wondered.
She stood up on the floor, and I got back up with her.
I put my hands onto her dress, and pulled it off her.
She didn’t have anything on under the dress, it was just her wonderful, and beautiful naked body.
“You are one beautiful woman,” I said slowly.
“I know, not bad for a ghost,” she replied.
Then she got close to me, and pulled off my shirt.
She got onto her knees, and pulled down my boxers as well.
I was packing a mean hard on, but it was because I could make love to my wife one last time.
Not because I was gonna get laid.
I put my lips on hers, and we made out passionately for a minute.
After that, we slowly got back onto the bed.
She lay down first, and I got on top of her.
It just seemed way too good to be true, but I forced myself to believe it.
Online Now! Lush Cams Adrian_Rae I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but yet, I found my cock entering my wife’s pussy.
“Oh, yes, I’m glad I got to feel that one last time,” she muttered.
This night was for her too; I just didn’t truly realize it until then.
She put her hands onto my shoulders as I began thrusting my cock.
She even smelled like herself, whatever weird supernatural thing this was, I loved it.
I wanted to experience more then, but I didn’t want to spoil the loving moment.
A man getting one more chance to make love to his wife, and having it be passionate, that was priceless.
I kissed her numerous times, and told her I loved her again.
I could only wish this wasn’t a one time thing, or truly make the moment last forever.
“Please don’t leave,” I whispered.
“I wish I didn’t have to,” she whispered back.
A few tears came to both of our eyes, and I kissed her again.
I put my arms underneath her, and held her so close, we were having trouble breathing.
I was stunned, that she could even breathe, so this was some gift I received.
Before I knew it, I was already getting ready to cum.
I wasn’t worried about cumming inside her, for obvious reasons.
“Yes, cum inside me, baby.
I want to feel it again,” she begged me.
I came right inside her, and it was so far beyond my wildest dreams.
To actually have another orgasm caused by the woman I loved most, was something I wanted more than anything else in the world.
Although, that just involved being with her, which was what I wanted.
Neither one of us could stop smiling, it was impossible to stop.
I would need something like an ax piercing me through the head.
I just held her tightly, and she did the same.
We stayed silent, but eventually, I had to tell her I loved her again.
Then I got up off her, and got onto my butt.
I leaned back on the wall, and had her get on top of me.
She was on her knees, and she guided my cock into her pussy.
I had no idea how long this would last, but I was going to milk it for all it was worth.
I put my head right between her boobs, and smelled her there.
She held my head there, and was breathing slowly.
I could tell she was trying to contain herself.
We both really enjoyed the physical feeling, but we both knew the emotional feelings were going through the roof, and up into space.
I licked between her boobs, and tickled her a little bit.
“Is there anything you don’t remember?” she wondered.
“No, I remember everything about the woman I love most,” I confessed.
I had her eating out of the palm of my hand, just like old times.
I looked up towards her, and she was cheesing.
I never lost my touch with her, and then I went towards her nipples.
I began licking them both, and had her moaning a little bit more.
“Oh,” she moaned.
I had her holding me for dear life then, I almost thought she was about to disappear.
I couldn’t escape from her arms, even if I wanted to.
I began sucking on her left nipple, and then she really began squeezing me.
“Oh, Dave, I love you so much.
I wish I could take you with me,” she moaned.
Then I leaned up to her face, and kissed her passionately.
“Could you?” I wondered.
“Well, the kids already lost me; they can’t lose you too,” she let me know.
A tear came to my eyes, and I stayed very close to her.
“I just miss you so much, Jenny,” I told her.
“I know, but you won’t have to wait forever,” she put on the record.
Then we just held each other, and we both shed a few tears.
We eventually lay down on our sides, and kissed each other multiple times.
“How are you here?” I had to know.
“I’m just a ghost, in the afterlife.
Like millions of other people, you can’t always let the people see you like this.
I’ve only been granted this for one night,” she explained.
“This can only happen once?” I asked.
She didn’t answer, but I already knew it.
“Cum inside me again, and maybe I’ll come here again,” she said.
As if it was possible, I cheesed even wider.
“Do you promise?” I asked.
“Yes, you just got to want it hard enough,” she warned me.
“I do, Jenny.
I want it even more than anything else in the world,” I put on the record.
“Then cum inside me again, and tell me you love me,” she told me.
I fulfilled her wish, and made her feel good in the process.
She said before it would be a one time thing, but then she said it could happen again.
I didn’t know what to think, but I knew what to believe in.
We held each other in silence for about an hour.
Then, she told me something.
“If you can’t get yourself out there again, than maybe I can come back,” she said.
“Okay,” I replied.
“Dave, you can’t tell anyone about me though.
Not even the kids, at least until the time is right.
I can only come at night, and only in this house.
Do you understand?” she needed to know.
“I do, but how often can you come here?” I needed to know.
“As often as you wish, but you have to maintain your commitment to me,” she confessed.
“I can’t ever be with anyone else?” I asked.
“No one, you have to vow yourself to me, literally forever,” she told me.
That was easy, I already had that done.
She came to tell me that she wanted me to get back out there, originally.
A couple of wonderful hours later, she had to leave.
She told me she’d be back the next night though.
I never knew how long a day could be, until then.
She came back then, and I got to spend more time with the woman I loved most.
I asked her when I could tell the kids about her, but she said we’d both know when the time was right.
Until then, I’ll be with my wife, whether she is a ghost or not.



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