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As I approached the coffee shop, I could feel my nerves jangling.
  I had spoken to the couple on the phone and by Facetime and although they seemed very nice, it was now seeming much more real.
  I was about to meet them for the first time in person.
I opened the door, walked inside and looked around.
  I saw them instantly, sat together in the corner.
  I waved at them and said, “Hi.
” Sam got up and walked over.
  “Let me get you a drink,” she said.
“Thank you, I will have a coffee,” I replied.
I started to feel a little more relaxed, although still with plenty of butterflies in my belly.
I sat down with Jason, Sam’s husband.
   Sam brought my coffee over.
“We weren’t sure if you would actually turn up,” Sam said.
“To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to either,” I replied smiling.
We started to chat, just general small talk as we sipped our coffees.
  I quickly started to relax.
Sam and Jason seemed really nice and a normal couple.
  I was quickly at ease with them.
I had met them on a swinging website about a month previously.
  I don’t know why I went on the site.
  I think originally it was just curiosity, but as more and more couples had messaged me I had wondered what it would be like to actually meet and have a threesome with them.
  I had got chatting to Sam and Jason and they seemed nice enough online.
  They were looking for a woman to join them as they were curious about a threesome.
  They said it was the first time for them and although you never can be certain they did come across as genuine.
  The more we chatted the more I liked the idea.
  We had moved on to speaking on the phone and then Facetime.
  It was some time since I had last had sex and the idea of a no strings fling with this couple really started to turn me on.
  Before I new it we agreed that we would meet for a coffee.
They lived in Birmingham and I had got the train up from South Wales for the day.
  I hadnt really known what to expect, whether we would just meet and talk, or whether it would go further.
I excused myself from the table, needing a quick comfort trip to the loo.
  I returned and sat down.
Sam was looking serious and said “Anna, Jason and I both really like you.
  We would love it if you would be interested in taking this further with us.
”  Jason nodded.
I smiled, “Actually, I think I would really like that,” I said before I thought about what I was saying.
  Sam and Jason both smiled.
“Oh we are so pleased, we were so nervous that your wouldnt like us,” Jason said.
  I smiled.
“Okay, so how should we play this,” he said.
  “We can either meet up again, or, and I do hope this is not too forward, our place is only round the corner?”  he raised his eyes questioningly.
I looked at them both.
  “I guess there is no time like the present.
”  They both smiled.
We all got up, leaving the coffee shop and walked round to their house.
  It was a large victorian detached building and beautiful inside.
  Lovely high ceiling and decorated in a modern way, but that kept in character with the building.
“Would it be possible I could take a shower?” I asked.
  “It has been a long trip on the train.
” “Yes of course, I will get you a towel,” Sam said before showing me to the bathroom.
  “Jason and I will do the same, we have an ensuite so will be out of your way.
” I showered and wrapped the towel round me, leaving the bathroom.
  I could hear their voices coming from a bedroom.
  I knocked.
“Come in,” Sam said.
  I entered, my heart pounding.
We stood looking at each other for a second.
  I walked over to Sam, taking her hand and kissing her.
  Jason took hold of my other hand.
  Sam started kissing me back as Jason slipped my towel from me, and then Sams from her.
  I pressed myself against Sam, feeling her soft breasts against mine.
  Both of our nipples hardending as we kissed.
  I wrapped my arms around Sam as I felt Jasons hands on my waist, caressing up my back.
   I started to relax as I began to enjoy myself.
Online Now! Lush Cams jessicalaurens “We have wanted this for so long,” Sam said as we moved onto the bed.
  I smiled at Jason, taking his already straining penis in my hand, stroking up and down his shaft, glancing to smile at Sam.
  She watched with a smile on her face.
  I leant over, licking up the underside of Jasons penis, he groaned, and then again as I slipped my lips round him.
“Oh God Anna,” he murmered as I started to slurp on his twitching shaft.
He pulled away panting heavily.
  “Anna, you need to stop, I really am not going to be able to stop myself from cumming,” he said.
  I grinned.
  “Its okay, I dont mind it if you cum,” I assured him.
“No no, not just yet, let me watch you and Sam for a bit.
” I smiled moving over to Sam, sliding my hand across her sexy thighs and tracing my fingers over her mound.
  She moaned, returning the touches as she fumbled between my thighs.
  We both moaned together as our fingers found each others sensitive moistness.
  Sams fingers felt so good sliding between my wet lips, pressing against my clit.
  Waves of pleasure starting to flush over me.
I lay Sam back on the bed, leaning in kissing across her mound, her musky scent filling my nostrils as I moved my tongue against her clit.
  She pulled my bum to her, raising my leg over her head as I straddled her, settling into a horny 69 while Jason sat watching.
  Sams tongue touched my clit and I thought I was going to explode there and then, she expertly licked me, making me gasp into her pussy.
  We were writhing together, the pleasure intensifying quickly.
  I had almost forgotton Jason was watching when I felt his hands on my bum, quickly followed my his penis rubbing up and down between my lips, Sam still swirling her tongue over my clit.
  I gasped as Jason pushed himself into me, slipping easily in as my pussy enveloped him.
The feeling of Jason filling me as Sam teased my clit was all too much.
  I shuddered voilently as waves of pleasure quickly turned into an intense orgasm, gripping onto Sams thighs tighly as Jason pumped into me.
  I licked Sam feeling her orgasm building, Jason grunting, thrusting increasingly erratically.
Jason gripped my hips, “Oh fuck,” he groaned, as he came.
  I could feel him almost convulsing against my cheeks as he gripped me to him, his penis pumping deep inside my aching body.
  Sam was moaning, her mouth relasing from my pussy as she started to shudder, her nails digging into my back as her orgasm hit her.
  We all collapsed exhausted on the bed.
  Jason leant over and kissed me.
“That was fantasic,” Sam said to me.
  I just nodded.
  We lay back exhausted and quickly drifted off into a post orgasmic sleep.
I awoke to movement in the bed and the sound of panting.
  I opened my eyes, rolling onto my side to find Jason between Sams thighs, the pair of them going for it next to me.
  Sam noticed I was awake and took my hand as the pair of them fucked in front of me.
  It was such a hot sight, watching the two of them connecting, locked togther in the throws of pleasure.
  Sam squeezed my hand as she came, Jason following shortly afterwards with a low grunt.
  I just smiled.
“God I am hungry,” I said after a while.
  They both nodded.
  We showered and got dressed.
  Jason made a light snack before I left.
  I was smiling all the way home, not quite believeing I had gone through with it, but determined that it wouldnt be the last time.



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