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Latest stories Straight Sex Blog Entry No 1: Moss and Me

I was enjoying a well needed sit and chat with my friend, Patty in the coffee shop that we frequent, which happens not to be the big brand named one that has a chain on every street corner.
I was talking with her about one of our other friends when, looking up from my Chocolate Mocha, I saw someone I hadn’t seen in years; Moss.
At about 6 feet 4 inches and is the biggest black guy I’ve ever seen and was towering over the counter waiting for his order.
he’s a rotund, very sweet and funny guy that I used to know very well.
I stopped Patty mid sentence, apologising and went over and grabbed his attention by kicking his massive leg.
He was astounded and taken back but after a second, quickly realised who had just kicked him and hugged me as we started talking to one another, he paid for his coffee and we moved out of the way of the line.
After we spoke and laughed for a few minutes he mentioned that he was in a rush to a meeting and had to get going.
I gave him a hug and told him to get going, before mentioning how good it was to see him.
I got back to my friend and explained who he was.
Patty started to tease me and mentioned how he looked as if he was getting a little bit flustered when I hugged him.
I laughed and told her that he was married and wouldn’t think of me in that way and that I didn’t either.
She wouldn’t leave it alone and started making innuendos about his size and tried to make me guess how big he was.
He messaged me on Facebook later on in the day when I was home and we chatted some more.
He told me that he was glad to see and speak to me and was shocked at how grown up I was.
After a while he said he was going to be in Leeds for another two days and out in town the following night.
He asked if I’d be out and if I’d maybe join him for a bit.
I had to let him know that I was working that night but was finishing earlier than normal, doing a 2 PM till 10 PM shift; one I actually detest as it means that I don’t eat till late.
He was breezy and just said that if I weren’t too tired after work that he’d like to buy me a drink.
Something you should understand about my relationship with Moss, is that I got to know him when I was in my mid teens, at about fifteen.
He and my uncle had been friends for a while.
When I started to go into town with my friends, albeit before I came of age; I would regularly bump into him and my uncle, much to my uncle’s dismay.
He has always looked pretty much exactly the same since I’ve known him; incredibly tall, at least in comparison to me, a shaven bald head and a stocky put podgy build.
He equates his build to his days as a bouncer, which he retired from before I had even had my first period.
Whenever I would see Moss, he was always nice to me and would humour my personality, which was incredibly naive in my youth.
As I got older and somewhat wiser and more mature he catered himself to me with ease.
As far as I can recall I never felt attracted to him sexually, at least in the years I knew him best, this was probably due to his close friendship with my uncle and the affiliations I held with that in my mind.
About the time I turned nineteen, he moved down to Winchester with his wife and started a new job, managing a wine distributers.
I had never really known his wife and had only met her once that I can remember.
It was around this time I began working my current job, bar staffing; as well as experimenting sexually and developing the habits I have to this day.
— My shift wasn’t as tiring as I had expected it to be, so I messaged Moss and let him know that I had finished.
He responded really quickly, letting me know where he was.
He was at a bar I know quite well so I told him to wait there for me.
I didn’t plan on being out long, I’m not naive and so I knew that he was away from home and was taking the liberty to flirt with someone literally half his age and I wasn’t bothered by that at all.
and his relation to my uncle didn’t bother me at that moment because of the kind of guy he is, very down to earth and trustworthy.
When I got to the bar, I went inside looking; feeling very under-dressed, and I was scared someone would try and get a drinks order out of me! as the dress code behind the bar is pretty much exactly the same as my work place is.
I found him at a table with some of his friends, who I could tell were all very distracted by my work skirt and tights.
I ignored this though, I’ve become accustomed to doing so after years of practice.
He immediately left the table and walked with me to the bar to get me a drink and I could tell from the lack of introduction to his friends that he was almost embarrassed and wanted to just be on his own with me.
He absolutely towers over me! I’m only about 5 feet 6 inches with 6 inch heels on.
Getting me a vodka and coke, we stood chatting about what each other were doing and I was asking him what his house is like down in Winchester.
I glanced at the clock above the bar, it was about half past eleven after two drinks in the place, which was getting really busy now so we couldn’t get to the bar for more.
That’s when he asked if I wanted to stay out longer and maybe go to another place.
I thought long and hard for a second.
I hadn’t eaten and I was still in my work clothes so felt a bit silly going around the clubs.
I was really enjoying being in his company though, he was making me feel very comfortable and safe, it might be something to do with his size I guess.
I agreed to go somewhere else, asking him if he was bringing his friends along, but he made a comment about how they had been boring and would rather be out with me.
It was on the way to the next place that it was getting pretty much pitch black and the students were beginning to dominate town when he mentioned that he was staying at a hotel which was around the corner, so I suggested that we go there and use the hotel bar where it would be quiet to chat.
He was slightly taken aback I think, but then smiled and agreed.
— We got a drink at the bar and sat down for a while and carried on chatting.
He was staying at one of the fancier hotels and I was impressed that he had splashed out on such an expensive place but then I remembered that his company must have paid for his stay.
I ribbed him about this and he called me a ‘Cheeky Madam’.
I realised that he must have been drinking for way longer than me because he was starting to slur his words a bit.
I asked him and he told me he had been out since 3 PM.
We sat there talking mostly about the things that annoy us about our work places and the people that get on our nerves, when I could feel myself surpassing the drunk margin and felt my eyes start to disengage from where I would like to be looking.
I remembered what Patty had been teasing me about and started to think about Moss naked.
I couldn’t really imagine what that would look like but imagined how ridiculous I would look stood next to him if he were.
I wondered if he was hairy and if he was, just how hairy he was and where the hair would be.
If he was bald, did that mean he was bald all over? I could’t believe I was thinking about him naked.
It almost made me start laughing and I had to refrain and bite my lips to stop myself from cracking a smile out of nowhere.
I couldn’t stop though! I remember trying to focus on his words and what he was saying to me, it was already hard because he was slurring but it was made even harder when I started wondering what his penis looked like.
I even started staring at his crotch and had to force myself to stop, fearing he would notice, but I don’t think he did.
He finished his drink long before I did.
I drank the last of mine and placed it down.
There was a silence for a while as he leant forward and ran his hands together.
I could tell that he was waiting for me to say I had good night and that it was nice to see him and say goodnight so I stayed silent and waited for him to speak.
Finally, he started to talk and said pretty much everything I think that he was waiting for me to say.
and I still stay silent Until, after a few seconds I leant forwards and asked what the policy was on two people being in his room.
He started grinning and told me that he’d have to pay for another room, so I said I’d go to the toilets down here and stay there for a while and make the lobbyist think I’d left whilst he went up to his room and that after a while I’d sneak out and knock on his door for him to let me in.
He complemented my genius and told me his room number.
— I got up and went to the toilet and waited in a cubicle for about 10 minutes, I was starting to feel very wet at this point.
I knew what was coming.
Moss isn’t really my “type” of guy but he is fun and this was a good night for me so far.
I remember, that feeling rushing over me of uncertainty, his wife was back at home and she had no idea he was being so flirtatious with his old friends niece.
She had no idea I was thinking about his naked body, and no doubt he was, mine.
I could imagine him upstairs in his room wondering if I were actually staying true to my word, or if I had perhaps been caught out and asked to leave the premises.
He must have imagined me naked? Surely? My blood pressure was rising and I was getting flushed.
I took a quick look in the mirror and re-applied my lipstick from my handbag.
Ruffling my hair, I braved the door.
Creeping out of the toilets, I made sure that the woman at the lobby wasn’t looking my way and made a dash for the doors to the lifts.
Floor 4 and then wandered down the hall looking for room 4-14.
I knocked on the door and he immediately answered, I scurried into the room.
He had unbuttoned his shirt a bit and had taken the liberty of delving into the mini bar where he had opened himself a beer and gave me the option of whichever mixer I wanted.
I just said I’d be fine with the spirit and opened a mini Beefeater gin and started drinking it, it made me cough and he started laughing.
His bald head was showing signs of sweat and his laughter got more nervous as I sat down on the bed and crossed my legs over, looking around the room.
I was enjoying the tension and could feel my body shaking a bit with alcohol and adrenaline, which I tried to hide.
I made a comment about how tidy he’d kept it considering he was a man and he retorted that I was being sexist to which I laughed and wrinkled my nose.
The gin had made my throat really dry but I drank the last of it down and screwed the cap onto the lid and held it in both hands on my lap.
Moss started to sit down on the chair in the corner of the room but I insisted he sat with me on the bed.
He laughed and said “Okay,” then sat by the top the bed.
I turned around awkwardly and gave him a look as if to say, why so far away…? He chuckled and we started talking some more about when we first met each other and how young I had been, I mentioned that he hadn’t aged a day in years and started moving closer to him.
He finished his beer and after an awkward silence I threw my empty bottle into his open suitcase across the room, it landed inside.
He complimented my throw and asked if I was too hot.
I was in fact a little too hot and had felt that way since I had gotten into the room, but I said I wasn’t as I stood up and went over to his case.
I leant over, bending at the hips to pick up the bottle, I felt my skirt ride up a little bit and knew that he would see.
I stood up sighing a bit and put the bottle on the table by the kettle.
I remember hearing Moss take a sharp breath in at this point.
I turned around and could see that he was getting uncomfortable in his trousers.
I was blushing and I could feel my cheeks starting to burn.
I asked him if I could use his bathroom, he said I shouldn’t have been so silly as to ask and should have just gone.
I went over to the bathroom and stood in the doorway, before I went inside I asked him if I were aloud another drink from the minibar.
“There was only one Beefeater!” Moss snickered.
I let him know that anything would do; so he passed me a mini Jack Daniels and I smiled, stepping into the bathroom without a word and closed the door, locking it behind me.
—- I set the Jack Daniels by the sink and thought of how he must have been so confused and excited at the same time, as was I.
Moss was not someone I had ever thought of having these feelings for, maybe it was the alcohol but I wanted to make my imaginations of his naked body a reality.
Plus, this was someone I knew and felt safe with; part of the turn on I suppose.
Pulling the work polo over my head, my hair ruffled and exposed my bra, not for long though as they were both soon bunched together on the floor of the bathroom, by the walk-in shower.
The bathroom radiator wasn’t on and so it was colder in there and my breasts showed it.
I kicked off my flats and unzipped the back of my skirt and let it drop before peeling down my tights and rolling them together into a clump, they all joined the clothes pile.
Finally, my black knickers slid off and I stood naked in front of the mirror.
I unscrewed the Jack Daniels cap and started to drink the bottle down without stopping until I had drank the whole thing.
I coughed and inhaled deeply, it was so hot on my throat and burned my tummy but after a second I was fine.
I remember grinning to myself in the mirror as I turned around and unlocked the door.
— After I opened the door I stood waiting to pluck up the courage to walk out into the room.
Moss didn’t say a word and there was silence in the room.
I cleared my throat and stepped past the threshold of the bathroom.
Holding onto the empty bottle I stood for a second in the archway that lead to the door to the room.
I didn’t know if he was looking at me or not because my head was down slightly and my eyes were on the blue and gold patterned carpet under my feet.
I walked without looking over to the table where I had placed the other bottle and sat the Jack Daniels next to the Beefeater.
I could feel my hand shake a little as I carefully placed them next to one another.
There was a mirror in my eye-line which lead to Moss’s gaze, I avoided it altogether and stood at the table facing away from him.
Finally, I took a slight breath in and turned around, looking at Moss.
Needless to say, he was in a stunned silence.
My eyes met his and he just stared at me for ages.
I stared back, until I wandered around to the other side of the bed and lay on top of the sheets next to him.
He turned and looked up and down my naked body for a while.
I held both arms at my sides and stared into his brown eyes.
Without saying anything, he stood up and walked around to the foot of the bed and started to take off his clothes, his shirt; his shoes and then his pants until he was stood there in just his white Adidas underwear.
His body was only somewhat like I had imagined it.
His chest was hairless, as was most of his body with the exception of some very fine hairs on his legs, which are almost as big and thick as my entire body and midriff.
His physique was aged but I could tell he was once built like a brick wall, even without knowing his past career.
His arms were huge, and flabby and his legs were like tree trunks.
Online Now! Lush Cams ArinFleu The erection that was fighting for freedom in his underwear looked, at this moment; enormous.
As Moss made his way around the bed, I saw he had a very pronounced arch in his back that lead to a tuft of wispy hair that sat above his underwear strap.
I didn’t know what he was going to do when he got to me and I felt almost intimidated for the first time sexually, in quite a while.
He took out his erection, letting his balls rest on his waist band and leant his hips towards me.
It was incredibly thick.
One of the thickest penises I’ve ever seen, I guessed immediately that it must have been at least as thick, if not thicker than my first three fingers were, if closed together! Although it was thick, it wasn’t as long as I had expected it to be, but obviously wasn’t about to start complaining.
At first glance it was about 6 inches, I was right.
I’m a sucker for a good looking cock and his is no exception.
Maybe it’s because Moss is black and I find a black cock to look more visually appealing then a pale one.
He moved it closer towards me without saying anything.
I lay still and waited, moving my head on the pillow in his direction, closer to his member.
After a few seconds he let his tip meet my closed lips.
I felt his pre-cum massage into them, he started to guide his engorged head around my lips and spread the lubrication around.
His balls swelled and undulated.
I kept my lips pursed together and looked up at him as he tried to part them with his cock.
As he carried on glazing me, I saw the wedding ring on his finger.
An indescribable shock like spasm ran through my head and body and I felt myself moisten between my closed legs.
After that I let my mouth open slightly, he took the liberty of opening it further for me and gently eased his tip onto my tongue.
It wasn’t until he let up for a second and retracted himself, I realised just how much pre-semen he had oiled onto my lips.
They were completely glazed with it.
I licked my lips and felt the sleek and buttery texture ooze and stick around my tongue.
Like all guys, his pre-cum tasted sweet and delicious.
This is one of the little things about oral sex that I love.
When I see the reaction of the man, as I savour and relish in the taste of their own syrupy fluids it drives me wild and wanting for more, and forces me to please their aching desires.
I looked up at him and opened my mouth slowly, waiting for him to guide his cock through my sodden lips.
He had a look of what seemed like lust mixed with trepidation on his face, his eyes scanning my body; his penis ached and jerked and a bead of translucent sap seeped from his end, trickling down and underneath his glans.
I lifted my hand and ran the back of my index finger against the underside of his, now lubricated shaft; rubbing in his essence.
He looked at me.
I looked at him.
“I want it,” I said.
His head slid through my lips, which were still red with lipstick at this point; as I guided him in with a single finger, creating a pronounced pout over the rest of his member.
I ran my tongue gently against his opening and once again tasted his flavour.
He sighed, and I circled lightly with the tip of my tongue.
Then, building confidence I eased around him further and let him sink his way slowly into my mouth which began to tense and pull around the corners.
Soon, I had managed to get mostly all of him in my mouth.
I gagged and held him there for a while, my eyes tearing, building a layer of thick spittle and saliva at the back of my throat.
Moss let out a pleasurably heavy sigh and held me by the face for a second and subtly thrusted a few millimetres before allowing me the chance to breathe, withdrawing slowly.
A saliva trail still connected us for a second before it dropped and clung onto the bed sheet.
A bubble gathered under my tongue and depleted as I outstretched it and carefully licked him again.
Stroking my hair, he whispered a few things about how good my naked body looked as I opened and closed my legs flirtatiously and made a few passes towards my own wet pussy.
I sat up and made him move backwards so I could kneel in front of him.
On my knees, I was still reaching for his manhood with my mouth and had to straighten my back to manage it.
I lifted up his cock and took one of his low hanging testicles into my mouth and sucked on it quite vigorously for a few minutes.
His balls were soon dripping with my spit and I soon found his cock buried in my mouth again, this time, on his part; more confidently.
The sheer girth of his cock meant it was impossible for me not to gag.
However, I made sure he knew how much I wanted it by grabbing at his arse cheeks, as I pulled his crotch to my face.
I would also keep my hands folded behind my back, soon I felt a fair amount of drool on my chin and chest, streaming between both breasts.
I was feeling fucking hot now.
I wanted him inside me, fast.
This was such a dirty, naughty thrill.
I pulled my dribbling lips away from his bulging manhood.
“Fuck me from behind, ” I said, standing up.
I remember his arms wrapping around my waist and hips as I stood up from the bed, bearing his weight down on my body and kissing my neck.
His hands were all over me in fact.
caressing each breast, he checked the firmness and examined my nipples with all fingers.
I shuddered with a pleasure that tingled down my thighs and ran up and down my neck.
His massive hands and their insistent examination of my body made me hot and flustered.
As I leaned forward and placed both of my hands on the bed sheets, Moss gripped hard on either sides of my hips and dug his fingers into me.
His thumbs reached each arse cheek and I felt him caress me with them.
Turning to look at him, he put his thumb into his mouth for a second, wetting it; and then circled it around my taint.
I sniggered and bit my lip, waiting for his cock.
His thumb dipped in and out of my pussy lips a few times, before there was a moment of stillness.
My eyes turned away from him, I felt the head of his penis meet my clitoris with a burning anticipation.
He guided himself up and down, rubbing my wet pussy lips apart; I could hear the slickness squelching.
Ever so slowly, he forced himself inside me, only his head.
I felt the heat immediately.
I don’t think I can recall a time when I’ve felt such thickness inside me.
I’ve had very big cocks inside me in the past, but Moss’ was something else; without sounding too dramatic.
His height was hindering him.
He whispered to me.
“I need to lift you.
” He put his hands around my waist as I lifted my rear towards him, standing on my tip toes.
“Put that big cock inside me, Moss.
” I insisted to him.
I felt his head pulse as I spoke and heard him growl deeply under his breath.
He pulled me towards him and I felt the entirety of his huge manhood slip inside me, I groaned loudly for a few seconds and then fixed my tongue to the roof of my mouth to dampen the sound.
My lips clung to either sides of his shaft as he started to rock himself in and out of me.
His legs were incredibly warm, I could feel the heat from them every time he pulled my body in, closer.
Every time, feeling like he was going deeper and deeper inside me.
My back was arched and my hair was swinging on my shoulders.
I could feel my face flushing and beating.
I whipped it onto my back which I could feel was getting wet and sticky from the heat of our bodies.
Still on my tip toes, my feet and legs were trembling underneath me; but my arms rested against the soft bed sheets.
Moss started to pump a little harder each time and I could feel him hitting the walls of my vagina, completely filling me.
The ridges of his head and veins of his shaft ribbed and stroked against my insides.
For a man a little over twice my age, he was certainly showing me a good time.
His pace quickened, and he still had hold of my hips, ordering my arse and pussy with it towards him every time he thrusted his thick and swelling cock inside me.
I remember hearing the beating and patting of my cheeks on his inner thighs, my moans were getting deeper and more frequent and so were his.
My face was on fire.
I could feel myself swelling to an ultimate arousal, I felt as if I was about to cum, hard.
Having this man, who I had known in a completely non-sexual way, fucking me senseless was one giant orgasm in itself.
The feeling is a difficult one to describe.
I looked to one side, seeing myself in the mirror by the desk.
My tits swung with each thrust and my arse wobbled on every impact.
I saw that my mascara and eye liner had smudged and run a little, making me look more gothic than I had at the start of the night, this must have been due to the oral a while earlier.
Moss’s arms and upper body were gigantic, and his forearms contracted every time he burrowed himself inside me; gripping at my side flesh.
He slowed and let his grip with one hand go.
My heels touched the floor in what seemed like hours.
I jumped as his huge paw slapped against my pert arse cheek without warning.
The sound rattled through the room and echoed in the bathroom.
I love the feeling of a strong man taking charge and fucking me senseless, having his dirty way with me.
using my pussy as a fuck toy.
“Amy, I’m so close!” he growled.
I backed myself up onto him and stayed there, holding his cock in my sopping pussy.
Arching my back and pulling myself up from the bed, back on my tip toes; I felt him pulsating as his hands caressed their way up my stomach and stopped to nuzzle both breasts.
One hand reached further up and held me around the neck.
“I want you to cum,” he murmured.
I remember his lips on my back, moving onto my shoulders; his nose brushing into my hair.
I could feel my legs start to shake again, my body was ready to give way and would have done, if it weren’t for him holding me.
His cock was so thick.
The juices began to slowly escape from between my thighs and trickle down my leg.
He released me, my heels touched the floor.
My legs instantly giving way, he turned me as I hit the bed and spread my legs apart.
I raised both arms over my head, unable to stop him, and let him have his way with me.
His strength was palpable as he held onto both ankles and raised them, my feet resting on his enormous chest.
He took his erection and guided it between my swollen lips and began to rock my body firmly, rubbing both of his thumbs into the soles of my feet.
I groaned and moaned as he started to pound his great cock inside me over and over again, my tits heaving as our bodies collided.
His hands reaching up my body, caressing me in all the right places.
I could feel myself getting hotter.
Moss, again fondled my tits and teased my nipples with his thumb and forefinger before letting them rest, cupping me with those vast hands.
My groans were squeals now, he was fucking me even harder.
I wrapped my legs around his waist and felt my clit being rubbed franticly.
“Moss, I’m going to fucking cum!” Moss’s arms scooped underneath my back and he hoisted me upwards, still thrusting and filling my tight cunt.
He lifted me like I was nothing and started to lift me on and off his cock as he stood on the spot.
Holding me and making me feel weightless.
I wrapped my arms around his neck broad and brought my hands to the back of his bald head.
My breasts in his face, he sucked at my skin and ran his tongue around my hardened nipples.
Our eyes met and so did our mouths, we kissed for the first time.
His lips were big and soft.
I gripped the sides of his face and started to cum as he carried on thrusting, my clit began to tingle uncontrollably and my legs trembled wildly.
His hips gyrated into each wave of my orgasm.
I whined into his mouth, almost unable to breathe; my hair in both our faces.
My toes curled and my fingers dug in.
My pussy exploded and I felt an intense, wet heat flow downwards onto and around his incredible member.
My stomach jolted a few times, he still continued to fuck.
I finally eased up and relaxed, My orgasm had been sweet and amazing, but I could see it was now his turn, and I wanted it to be something he would remember.
“Give me that cum, I want it.
I want it on my face, Moss,” I said with a noticeable breathiness.
He slammed his groin into my skin repeatedly, the sound of slapping echoing on all four walls.
I moaned again, my voice undulating with every collision.
He eased up and I knew he was about to blow.
“Squirt that cum down my throat,” I pleaded.
Moss roared and lifted my body off his cock, letting me touch the ground.
He held his cock, fit for bursting; jerking it as he watched me hop onto the bed and rest on all fours, arching my back.
He came closer and rested his fat bell end on the edge of my bottom lip.
He let go, and I felt his hot syrupy love goo shoot hard and fast into the back of my throat.
The texture was thick and luscious, like someone was slowly pouring hot double cream into my mouth.
He shot again and again, and I accepted it all, loving every second of it.
Reaching between my legs, I gently felt at my swollen lips and clit.
My mouth was full with cum, I tilted my head back slightly and let it slide slowly to my tonsils, making sure that none of it was lost.
He was almost done.
Grabbing his spent, but still erect manhood; Moss circled my pert lips with his residue and released a few remaining droplets on my chin, wiping his cum remnants on my cheek as he massaged himself, looking down on me.
I sat back on my legs and brought both hands to my chest.
pushing the thick and chunky semen to the front of my mouth, I forced it through my teeth and swilled it around my cheeks.
I felt the texture stick and clump together as I stuck my tongue through and around the stringier parts.
I opened my mouth and showed him what he had left inside me before swallowing slowly.
He tasted bitter and pleasant, I felt the warmth run down my throat, into my belly.
— He was tired, and so was I.
Looking at each other, we both sat with our legs off the bed in a moment of silence.
His breathing was still intense, I was further along with catching mine, but still; my chest heaved heavily.
There wasn’t a word spoken for about five minutes, until I put my head on his shoulder.
Moss wrapped his arm around me and I placed a hand on his bare lap, he exhaled.
“Wow,” he muttered.
I raised my knees and tucked my legs up onto his.
About half an hour went by.
He held me the entire time, we caressed each others bodies and spoke sporadically about all manner of things, the past, the future, what had just happened and how this affected his life.
The conversation will remain private for obvious reasons.
I told him about who I am when it comes to relationships and sex, and that was accepted with relief from him.
I didn’t take that badly, I knew as well as he did that this would be a foolish thing to let out to his family and ruin his life.
My eyes began to drop.
I looked up at him, and we kissed each other for a few minutes.
He couldn’t keep his hands off me and continued to feel my body, squeezing and stroking my breasts, legs thighs and hips.
It was 3:45 AM when we climbed under the covers.
Moss’ big, warm body spooned me until my eyes were unable to stay open, his breath blew slightly on the back of my hair and I fell asleep.



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