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The next morning, the two of them got up and got ready for the big meeting with the new client.
Betty got herself dressed and made up and looked to Robert for approval.
“How do I look Robert? I want to be sure I impress our client.
Is this okay?” she asked.
He took her in his arms, “Honey if you don’t impress our client with both your clothes and your charm, then there is something seriously wrong with him!” he said.
Betty smiled and felt more at ease.
She gathered up all the paperwork and files they needed and they headed to the meeting.
Samson?” he asked, when they met at the office.
“Hello Mr.
Davidson,” Mr.
Samson said, and the two men shook hands.
“And who might your beautiful companion be?” Mr.
Samson asked.
“This is Ms.
Andrews, my assistant,” Mr.
Davidson said.
Samson took her hand and kissed it.
“Very pleased to meet you my dear.
Davidson, thank you for bringing such a vision to warm up our meeting.
You are indeed a lucky man to have such a stunning woman as your assistant.
I am jealous!” Betty listened to the compliments being said to her and blushed deeply.
She looked down shyly.
She had never had such words used to describe her and wasn’t real comfortable being flattered like that.
But Mr.
Davidson was quite pleased she had made such an impact of the new client.
With the pleasantries exchanged, the three sat down to discuss business.
The meeting went well and everyone seemed quite happy with how it all turned out.
About 45 minutes later, the meeting drew to a close.
“I think we have a good thing here, Mr.
Davidson and I look forward to working with you for some time to come.
And as his assistant, I look forward to talking to you on the phone as well, my dear.
Maybe I will even try to steal you away to come work for me someday!” “Mr.
Samson, you flatter me, Sir.
But I’m afraid stealing me away from Mr.
Davidson might be more difficult than you imagine.
I am pretty happy working alongside him,” she said, looking at Robert and smiling broadly.
“Then he is indeed a fortunate man,” Mr.
Samson said.
He showed the two of them to the elevator and they shook hands once more.
Now alone in the elevator, Betty felt more at ease.
She let out a breath loudly as she calmed down.
Robert smiled and patted the arm entwined with his.
“You can relax, honey, you did incredible in there.
Not only did you impress the client with your looks, the work you did on this project impressed him too.
And it impressed me as well.
I made the right choice for my assistant,” he said.
“Oh thank you, Robert.
That makes me feel so much better.
I was scared in there, I so wanted things to go well,” she said.
“Well it couldn’t have gone much better than it did.
And I am glad that Mr.
Samson isn’t going to be able to steal you away from me.
I kinda like having you around, you know?” he said with a wink.
“Oh no Robert! No one is going to steal me away from you, baby! You are mine now, mister, and I am perfectly happy right here by your side,” she said, smiling up at him and cuddling his arm.
They got in the taxi and the driver asked, “Where to folks?” Robert turned to Betty, “Well our meeting is over for the day.
We have to stay here for another day or two to finalize things and see that everything is on solid footing, but the hard part is over.
So where would you like to go?” he asked.
“I don’t know Robert.
Anywhere is fine so long as I am with you,” she said, smiling.
“1345 Piedmont Avenue, N.
” he told the driver.
The cab took off towards the destination given.
“What’s that?” Betty asked.
“You’ll see,” he said.
He put his hand on her thigh just above the knee and Betty moaned softly.
She loved to have him touch her anyplace.
He looked at her with a mischievous smirk and moved his hand up her leg a bit.
She knew what he was doing and parted her thighs a bit in an understanding invitation.
He moved his hand up further to the bottom hem of her dress.
Betty wanted more however.
She lifted her butt up just enough to slip her dress up higher and then she parted her legs wider.
Robert’s hand went up until he felt her panties and began rubbing her pussy through the silky material.
Betty held his arm tighter as he began toying with her pussy and she laid her head on his shoulder.
She closed her eyes and tried not to moan too loudly as his hand worked magic on her dampening slit.
God this man makes me crazy! Betty thought to herself and she felt her heart beating rapidly in her chest.
Robert noticed her breathing had picked up and that encouraged him further.
He slipped his hand inside her panties and Betty gasped as he touched her wet pussy directly.
Betty bit her lip to keep from moaning loudly as his finger slipped between the outer lips of her pussy and found her clit, toying with it and rubbing it, coaxing it to come out and play.
She gripped his arm tighter and bit the sleeve of his jacket as her pussy gushed.
She was squirming and her legs were shaking as he teased her more and more.
Finally she couldn’t take it anymore.
“R-Robert,” she said shakily, “Could we just go back to the hotel please? I feel a headache coming on.
” Robert knew it was all a ruse for the cab driver and she really wanted to go back to the hotel to fuck – which was fine with him.
“Sure honey, God I hope you will be feeling better soon!” he said, winking at her.
“Driver cancel that destination.
Just take us back to the Hilton Atlanta hotel, please.
” The driver turned around at the next traffic light and headed for their hotel.
Meanwhile, Robert had kept the pressure on Betty, who was now squirming in her seat and squealing quietly under her breath trying not to cum in her clothes.
She was gripping his arm and trembling as she struggled to fight the oncoming explosion.
“Oh God please hurry! Please hurry!” she muttered softly, almost imperceptibly.
But Robert heard it and he smiled.
He increased her torment by adding a second finger into her and laying one on each side of her throbbing clit, now fully exposed as he squeezed it lightly between his fingers.
He shoved his fingers deep into her, curling them upwards behind her pubic bone and then pulling them slowly to the front, rubbing her g-spot and her clit simultaneously.
Betty was near insane as she tried valiantly to keep from cumming.
She moaned and groaned in silent battle with the oncoming tide and she knew that she would lose this fight – she only hoped to hold out until they got to the hotel! Her heart was pounding its way out of her chest, her breathing was reduced to ragged panting, and her nipples felt like they would shred her dress at any moment.
“Robert please! I can’t! Oh please!” she moaned softly as she felt herself losing the fight.
If they didn’t get to the hotel quickly, she was going to make a mess of the back of the cab! He smiled wickedly and then shoved his fingers as deep as he could get them, gripping her pussy tight as he wiggled his fingers inside her.
Betty lost the fight right then and there.
She bit down on her bottom lip as she felt the flood inside her pussy break free, pouring out onto his hand and down her legs to the floor of the cab.
She bucked and writhed and whimpered as she came hard on his tormenting fingers, still wriggling around inside her.
She grabbed his wrist, not pulling his hand out, but pushing it into her further.
She had already lost, so she might as well enjoy the defeat! She threw her legs wide apart and toyed with her own clit as Robert drew her orgasm out.
Finally she calmed down a bit and was able to sit up and act somewhat nonchalant as the driver pulled into the hotel parking lot.
He opened the door for them and Betty got out trying to act normal, but still on shaky legs.
Robert got out and paid for the cab fare plus a little something extra for cleaning the cab.
The driver just smiled and thanked them.
“Thank you, Sir, for the entertainment!” he whispered softly to Robert out of earshot of Betty.
Betty clung to Robert for support as they made their way into the hotel and up to their room.
Once they got inside and the door was closed, Robert spun her to face him and pushed her back against the wall.
He pressed himself into her and kissed her like he wanted to devour her right on the spot.
Betty, too, was eager to get at Robert.
He had made her crazy toying her and getting her off in the cab and she wanted more.
She kissed him and shoved her tongue into his mouth as her hands roamed over him finally settling on what she happily found was a huge bulge in his pants.
She dropped to her knees right there in the entranceway and ripped his zipper down.
“I need this cock, baby! I need it now!” she said and she feverishly worked to free it.
As quick as she fished it out of its confines, she gobbled it down, sucking on it like it was the first breath of air after being underwater too long.
“Mmmm” she moaned as she sucked on the huge tool.
As she sucked on his cock, she finished removing his pants pulling them down to his feet.
She cradled his nuts in her hand, massaging them as her mouth worked his cock.
She licked around the rim and up and down the long shaft then she licked and sucked on his nuts before holding his cock high against his belly and pushing her face between his legs to lick his perineum.
“Oh, God that feels good, honey!” he moaned as he held her head in his hands.
She looked up at him while she bobbed on his cock and he held her face softly.
Then he lifted her off him and up to her feet.
He kicked off his shoes and put his cock away.
She looked at him puzzled.
“I want you to go into the bedroom and put on that ‘something particular’ that I told you to bring.
Yesterday we didn’t get around to you showing me what you got, but now we have some time,” he said.
She broke into a wide smile and giggled.
Then she turned to go into the bedroom to change and he swatted her wide ass as she left.
While he waited for her to change, he poured them both a glass of wine and got comfortable himself.
He didn’t have to wait long as shortly she called him in a sing-song voice, “Lover, come see what I got for you!” Robert smiled, and walked into the bedroom.
There laying seductively on the bed was Betty.
“Baby, you look scrumptious!” he said.
Betty had bought a hot pink babydoll that had thin spaghetti straps and a pink ribbon tie front it had slits in the cups that tied with smaller ribbons and the whole thing was edged with pink ruffles.
Underneath it had a tiny pink panty, which had a slit in the front tied with a bow as well.
“You said you wanted something that wasn’t very complicated – so come see how easy I am to unwrap!” she said, holding out a hand to him.
Robert stripped out of his clothes as Betty watched biting her fingertip coyly.
Then he climbed into bed and knelt over his beautiful assistant.
“Hmm, where should I start?” he asked himself.
“Anywhere you want to baby, I’m all yours!” she replied, putting her arms up over her head.
She grabbed the bottom edge of the headboard and got ready for him.
Well in that case, let’s start with something small yet tasty – like so,” he said, slowly pulling the ribbon holding one of the cups closed.
As he untied her cup, he opened it exposing her nipple.
He reached in and took the bud by two fingers, rolling it and then tugging gently on the stiffening tidbit.
“Oooh,” Betty cooed as his fingers toyed with her nipple.
He leaned down and kissed her, their tongues coming out to play as their mouths tried to consume each other.
After he kissed her for a few moments, Robert moved to the cup he just “unwrapped” and opened the edges so he could lick and suck her hard nipple.
Betty moaned as she felt his warm mouth covering her aching nipple and felt his teeth as he gently nibbled on the sensitive nub.
She put her hand on the back of his head and pushed his mouth harder onto her tit, feeding it to him and wanting to push more of it into his mouth.
“Oh yes, Robert, suck my big titty! Oh that feels so good!” she moaned.
He chewed and sucked the hard throbbing nipple as Betty squirmed and twisted on the bed under him.
But Robert knew that her other nipple was eagerly waiting for it’s turn for his attention and he wasn’t going to deny it.
So after the first nipple was properly loved and hard as a pebble, he moved over to the other side.
“Now let’s see what other presents you have here!” he said.
As he pulled on the bow keeping her cup closed, she prepared for her other nipple to receive similar treatment.
He opened the slit in the cup of her babydoll and once again began licking and sucking and chewing on the tender morsel he found under the material.
“Ohhh God, Robert! Your mouth.
” she moaned.
She arched up, giving him more of her tit to suckle.
She slid her hand down and under her panties to start fingering her dripping pussy.
She spread her legs wide and began churning her fingers deep in her sloppy pussy, making wet squishing noises as she fingerfucked herself.
Robert was enjoying all the moans and gasps that Betty was making along with the squishing sounds of her drenched pussy.
Online Now! Lush Cams Wife_Anna He loved the taste of her pink honey hole and couldn’t wait to dive into it again.
She was making sure that there was plenty of honey there for him too, churning her pussy to produce as much as she could.
Robert could smell her musky scent – it hung thick in the air of the bedroom.
And he was ravenous for the source of that delicious aroma.
Leaving her tits for the moment, he moved around to get between her spread legs.
Without a word he reached up and pulled the main bow on her babydoll untying it.
Then the flipped the two edges apart laying the garment open and exposing Betty in all her glory.
He leaned over her kissing her deeply then he began the journey down her trembling body making sure he paused at all the appropriate places on his way to her steaming pussy.
Betty moaned and groaned as his hot kisses set her skin ablaze in a trail of fiery passion, leading inevitably to her hungry core.
When he arrived at his destination he looked up at her.
Betty’s eyes were glazed in lust and he could see that Betty wasn’t really there anymore.
He had given her one orgasm in the taxi and she was well on her way to her second now.
He pulled her tiny panties down and off, tossing them onto a handy chair.
He lowered himself into position then pulled her swollen lips apart and took a long, slow lick from the bottom to the top of her pussy.
“OhhhGAAWWD!!” she cried as she felt his tongue rubbing across the pink insides of her outer lips.
She threw her legs open wider and humped up at his mouth as he settled in for the feast.
His tongue burrowed deep into her sweet hole and Betty squealed in delight.
Robert licked and lapped, probed and wriggled his tongue in her pussy trying to reach every drop of sweet juice he could reach.
She tasted so wonderful, he didn’t want to miss a single drop.
As Robert made a meal of her drooling quivering pussy, Betty grabbed big handfuls of titmeat, mauling her enormous tits.
She clawed at them with her long fingernails, she pinched the stiff nipples twisting them and pulling on them, all in an effort to speed herself to the inexorable orgasm.
She knew this could only end in a tremendous orgasm – Robert wouldn’t allow anything less.
And as aroused and turned on as she was, that ending was only moments away! “Ohhh, Roberrrt! I’m, I’m CUUUMMMINNNGG!!” she screamed loudly as she spewed her pussy juice out onto Robert’s face and the sheets on the bed.
She bucked and writhed wildly as this orgasm was greater than any of the others she’d had.
She clamped her thighs against Robert’s head holding him in place, but also allowing him to continue licking and teasing her with his tongue and making her orgasm stronger and longer lasting.
At last the tsunami passed and she lay on the bed gasping for breath and quivering.
Her skin glistened with sweat from the exertion and pussy juice slowly leaked from between her legs.
He let her rest for a little while as she regained her strength.
Then when she was ready he got up and stood at the edge of the bed.
Betty moved around laying on her back, until her head hung off the edge of the bed.
She liked sucking cock this way because it allowed the guy to be in charge and facefuck her better.
“C’mon, baby, fuck my face.
Shove that cock down my throat and make me your slut!” she said.
Robert moved closer until he straddled her upturned face.
Betty lick her lips and took his cock in her hands.
He slid his cock into her mouth slowly at first so she could get him moistened with her saliva.
She suck and licked his cock to get it entirely coated.
“Okay, baby now give me that cock! I want it all.
Fuck my face!” she said.
Robert gave her what she asked for too, pushing his cock down her throat until his balls rested on her forehead.
He pulled back out and she took a breath.
She put her hands around the back of his legs to help guide him and let him know how she was doing.
But Betty was an old hand at cocksucking and Robert didn’t have to worry about her.
She loved sucking cock and she especially loved sucking his.
He fucked her face and she swallowed his cock like she was born to it.
Robert would have been perfectly happy staying right there and letting Betty’s warm wet mouth finish him off, blasting his load of cum down her tight throat.
And Betty would have taken it all and been happy to do it.
But Robert wanted more than just a blowjob – even the best blowjob he’d ever had.
He remembered what she had said about her past dating experiences and he didn’t want her to think that she was just another blowjob date to him.
He wanted her to know that she meant more to him than just a quick “suck and see ya!” “Okay, Betty up on your knees, baby, I’m gonna fuck that hot tight pussy of yours!” he said.
Betty smiled wide and instantly rolled over and got in the position he wanted – ass up and head down.
Robert got up on the bed and got behind her on his knees.
He reached down and ran his fingers up and down her slit checking to see how wet she was.
She was plenty wet, there was no worry there! Betty’s pussy was dripping and ready.
He shoved two fingers inside and began working to stretch her a bit.
Betty moaned as she felt his fingers opening her up.
She pushed back against his hand and began fucking his fingers on her own.
He used his other hand to reach under and rub her clit making her moan even louder.
She began grinding her hips against the hands working on her pussy and clit.
He smiled, yeah she was ready for him now! He pulled his hands out of her and Betty whimpered her disappointment.
She was just getting a good rhythm going too! But his hands were quickly replaced by the feeling of a hard cock rubbing up and down her slippery slit.
She mewled happily and then he shoved the stiff hard cock full length into her in one swift thrust.
“Ohhh fuck, baby! Yes! Fuck that wet pussy! Fuck me hard!” Betty squealed as he charged into her.
He began fucking her hard and fast and deep without any hesitation and without being gentle.
Betty liked it hard and fast and he was going to make sure she got just what she wanted.
As he pounded into her he slapped her expansive ass cheek further turning her on.
“Yes, baby, spank that ass, I’ve been a bad girl, spank me! Spank me hard!” she cried.
Robert fucked her hard and punctuated his thrusts every so often with a hard swat to her ass.
Each time he did that Betty felt her pussy gush and she knew that she wasn’t going to last long.
“Oh God Robert, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!” she said.
“No, not yet,” he said.
Betty moaned at his words.
He wasn’t letting her cum and that made her want to cum even more! Robert kept pounding away at Betty’s pussy and swatting her ass.
It was getting too hard to hold back! “Robert, baby I need to cum! Please let me cum!” she whimpered again.
“Not yet.
I’m not ready for you to cum,” he said and he swatted her ass again.
Betty whimpered her frustration.
She was fighting to obey but her orgasm was screaming to come out and she didn’t think she could hold it back much longer.
“Oh God, please please let me cum Robert! I can’t, I need to cum, please!” she begged desperately.
“I am going to cum with you, Betty.
I am going to cum, get ready, here it cums, NOW! Cum for me Betty NOW!” he said loudly.
“OHHHFUUUCKKKKMEEE!!” Betty screamed out as her world exploded.
Her orgasm hit her like a runaway freight train and she howled as it ripped her mind apart.
She bucked backwards, skewering herself even deeper on Roberts cock which was blasting it’s own load of white hot cum into her womb, coating the walls with searing heat.
Betty bucked and writhed and pitched as her orgasm took control of her body, twisting it and convulsing like she was going into seizures.
Robert was having his own difficulties – his orgasm hit him hard as well and he felt like he would never stop cumming.
He shot spurt after spurt into Betty’s pussy filling her until his cum began leaking out around his still pulsing cock.
It seemed like forever, but eventually their mutual orgasm abated and faded away, leaving two panting, sweaty bodies laying in a pile on the bed.
Robert moved around to lay next to the exhausted Betty, pulling her to him and cuddling with her as they recovered.
He swept her sweat-matted hair from her face and kissed her tenderly on the forehead.
“Betty, sweetheart, I am so glad you came with me on this trip.
You have made it so much more pleasant.
Most of the trips before have been boring and tedious.
This is more like a vacation instead of a business trip.
Thank you, honey,” he said softly.
Betty sat up and looked at him.
Her eyes darted back and forth as she spoke.
Robert, it is I who should be thanking you.
Before I met you, my life was a boring routine of work and home and watching TV until I fell asleep.
I have never met anyone who treated me the way you do, like I mattered, like I was someone special.
You are an amazing, wonderful dear man and I am so lucky to be able to work with you and have times like this as well.
You make what I do a pleasure, not a job.
* * * * * The rest of the trip went well and a couple days later they were headed back home.
But Robert noticed that Betty was unusually quiet – as if there was something on her mind.
At first Robert just thought it was that they were headed home and this trip was coming to an end.
But the longer it went on the more troubling it became.
Finally he couldn’t stand it anymore.
“Betty hon, is there something wrong?” he asked.
“It’s nothing, I’m all right,” she said, brushing it off.
But she still seemed disconnected, and Robert could sense there was something amiss.
“Betty, if there is something wrong, I want to know what it is honey,” he said again.
“It’s nothing.
nothing,” she said.
Robert let it go for awhile.
If she wanted to talk he was here, but she wanted to deal with whatever this was on her own apparently.
But a few minutes later, he heard what he thought was a sniff come from her.
“Betty, you all right?” he asked genuinely concerned about her.
“I’m fine,” she said.
“Betty look at me,” he commanded.
He was going to get to the bottom of this.
Betty turned her face to him and he saw the tear tracks on her face.
“Okay now I want to know what’s wrong and I want to know right now.
I know something is wrong – you have been crying.
Now what is it?” “Oh, Robert if I tell you, I might ruin everything! And I don’t want to.
Please don’t make me tell!” she said, her lip quivering.
“Betty honey, the only thing that will ruin everything is if we can’t be open and honest with each other.
I’d like to think we are more than just a boss and his secretary.
I hope you feel you can consider me your friend too.
Now as your friend, I am asking you what’s wrong.
” “Robert, this trip has made me realize something.
And it scares me because I might be thinking there is more than there really is and I might ruin what we have,” she said.
“Betty, you are talking in riddles.
I don’t understand.
Just tell me straight out.
” “Dammit, Robert, I am falling in love with you!” she said.
“Now you know.
This is where you tell me that it can’t work, and that maybe our working together is a mistake, and I get moved to another office somewhere, right?” Robert looked at her for a long moment.
Then a smile broke across his face.
“Absolutely not! Where would I ever find an assistant as efficient and as good as you.
Much less one as sexy and beautiful! Betty honey, you aren’t going anywhere.
You are staying right here next to me.
You see, I feel the same way, but because I am your boss and it could be.
for me to say anything, I was afraid my feelings were the ones that were out of line! So you see, I CAN’T let you go!” “Really, Robert?” she said, stunned.
“Yes, Betty.
Like I told you, this business trip has been more like a vacation.
A romantic vacation.
And I have had the best time I have enjoyed in years.
And it’s all because of you.
My beautiful, sexy, Betty you are going with me on all my trips from now on! Mr.
Samson has no idea just how lucky I am to have such a wonderful assistant.
Yes, Betty, I love you too.
Betty listened to him but inside she was busting with happiness.
When he finished with the ‘I love you too’, it was more than she could handle and she began sobbing into her hands.
Robert put his arm around her.
“It’s okay Betty, don’t cry, please.
I can’t stand to see you cry.
” “These are happy tears baby, you don’t know how relived I am to know that I haven’t ruined it all.
To hear you tell me you love me.
Oh, Robert darling I love you so much! I am so happy!” she said.
He took her face in his hands and he kissed her lovingly.
She whispered in his ear teasingly, “See, big girls need love too.
” and she laid her head on his shoulder.
He took her hand in his and said.
“Well bosses need love too you know!” he said, and Betty giggled and kissed him again.
“I got a lot of love in here.
And it all yours boss.



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