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Lori’s husband had taken Ben to have his cast removed today.
Lori was as excited as a high school girl on her first prom date.
She had put a roast with all the trimmings in the slow cooker for when they returned home as a sort of celebration.
Ben, a lifelong friend of her husband, had fallen from a faulty ladder at their construction business and broken some bones near his neck.
This made it necessary to put his upper body in a cast, which made both arms immobile.
Lori, a nurse, had volunteered to care for him until he came out of the cast.
This included everything from feeding, personal grooming to body functions.
This relationship began to heat up the first day he came home from the hospital as Lori was attempting to help him take a piss.
As he stood in front of the commode, Lori positioned herself behind him, reaching around to unzip his trousers.
What she found when she reached in for his penis almost blew her away.
It was the biggest cock that she could ever have imagined.
Things really accelerated from that point as Ben quickly got an erection from the feel of Lori’s soft hand and couldn’t pee until Lori jacked him off.
Turned out, this was as big a turn-on for Lori as it was for Ben.
That night, after Ben was taken care of and put to bed, Lori finger-fucked herself to orgasm three times before she fell asleep.
It had been over a year since she had been fucked due to her husband’s bout with mumps, which left him completely impotent.
They quickly discovered they each had always had a secret attraction to the other.
The problem was they were married to other people.
Now, with Ben’s wife gone from cancer and Lori’s husband impotent, they had no reason to feel guilty as their sexual relationship grew.
Lori’s husband, Jack, had encouraged her to find someone else to relieve her sexual frustrations and was happy to find out it was his best friend, Ben.
After dinner, Lori with a glass of wine and the boys with a beer, they talked shop as Ben planned to go back to work on Monday.
Ben excused himself, telling Lori he would pick her up at nine before he left.
——————————– Lori had a special dress she planned to wear for this very special occasion.
It was a form fitting dress coming to just above her knees, showing off her beautiful breasts, her nice ass and well shaped legs.
She was just finishing up as Ben came to the door.
“Oh wow,” was all Ben could say as she greeted him.
He was very handsome too, dressed in a well fitted blue suit that showed off his well toned, muscular body.
They walked hand in hand back to the mother-in-law cottage where he was living.
They made quite a contrasting couple, he at 6’2 and 220 and she at 5’2 and 120.
They both were very excited to be on their first real date.
They stopped at the cottage door and kissed very passionately.
Lori moaned softly as she felt his big arms around her holding her tightly for the first time.
Lust was flowing through her body as she anticipated on what was coming.
She giggled as Ben picked her up and carried her through the door as if they were on their honeymoon.
They kissed again standing by the bed in the bedroom, where it all started when his upper body was in a cast.
 Their hidden feelings for each other had ballooned when she jacked him off because he had too much of a hard-on as she was helping him to pee.
Ben held her close with his big arms around her, pulling her tightly to him.
The excitement rose quickly in him as this was the first time since they had become intimate that he was able to use his arms and hands.
Lori loved being held by this big man.
She pushed herself even closer as she felt his huge cock getting hard between them, aware of her large, now erect nipples against his chest.
The warm feeling she always got when with him was flowing through her body, ending up at her cunt.
They quickly undressed each other and Ben laid her down on the bed, and with him over her, began kissing her mouth, throat, ears and back to her lips.
He moved toward her big, beautiful tits and nipples as Lori, her arms wrapped around him, caressed his back and moaned in pleasure.
Ben cupped her breast with his hands as he unsuccessfully tried to get the whole tit in his mouth.
Online Now! Lush Cams ShaniRivers Lori, breathing heavily now, arched her back to encourage him even more as her own hand found his large, uncut dick and began stroking it as she had done when he was still in his cast.
“Oh my god, Ben!” Lori cried out.
“Suck it harder, baby! Bite on it!” Ben, caught up in her passion, sucked on her big nipple before placing it between his teeth.
Careful not to do any permanent damage to it, he clamped down on it.
Lori screamed from the pain/pleasure.
Ben released the nipple from his teeth as he again sucked it back into his mouth.
“Do that again, baby, you’re driving me crazy.
” Ben again took the lush nipple between his teeth, biting down with enough force to make her scream out again.
“God dammit, Ben! Do the other one!” Lori managed to say between gasps, writhing and still pumping his big cock.
Ben, his own body caught up now with the extreme lust of this woman and the stroking of his prick by her, moved quickly to her other tit.
Sucking the big nipple into his mouth, he kissed it, sucked it and swished it with his tongue before placing it between his teeth.
As before, he applied as much pressure as she could stand.
“Fuck me, Ben, baby! Fuck me! I need it now!” Ben sharing the fire within, positioned himself between Lori’s open legs.
Lori, still holding his cock, guided the head toward the opening of her now very wet pussy.
Ben, not so gently, shoved his big prick into her.
Both moaned loudly as the waves of passion shot through them.
“I love you, Lori,” Ben whispered, as they lay tightly joined.
“Oh, Ben, I love you too,” Lori breathed back.
Ben was already in his fucking mode, his cock moving up and down in Lori’s cunt as her own hips caught the rhythm, meeting each thrust.
Ben’s chest was pressed firmly against her large, erect nipples as he held her tightly.
Lori wrapped her arms around her big man and cupped the firm cheeks of his ass, her finger tips meeting at his asshole.
Wetting the middle finger of one hand, she worked it into his tight hole.
She wanted this to be one of the best, if not the best piece of ass he has ever had! The finger trick was working, as Ben was moaning her name as he moved back on her finger.
 Ben was steaming as he shifted into a high fuck mode, his big shaft going in and out of her tight pussy.
“Damn baby, this is the best piece of ass I have ever had!” Ben said between breaths.
‘Bingo, mission accomplished,’ Lori thought as his words inflamed her even more.
She was so hot it wouldn’t matter how or where he fucked her: in her cunt, in her mouth or even in her ass! She had been fucked in her ass before but never with a man of this magnitude.
It would be a challenge, trying to get his massive meat into her tiny asshole, but very exciting to think about.
She knew he wanted to do it because of the way he kissed, licked and tongued her there the best he could while he was still in a cast.
Ben was pumping his cock in and out of Lori’s pussy as he continued kissing and tonguing her mouth, throat and ears.
Lori was holding him tightly, her finger still in his ass and meeting each thrust as he supported most of his weight on his knees.
Waves of pure lust swept over her as her orgasm was building.
This man was built for fucking! “God damn, Lori! You’re gonna make me cum!” Ben was breathing and pumping hard now, his mouth still close to hers.
“Oh Ben, baby, I want you to! You’re so fucking good! Fuck me good! I want to feel your thick hot cum shooting into me! Oh my god, darling, I’m gonna cum! Oh baby, I’m cuuumming! “I’m cuumming baby! You’re so dam hot! Baby, I’m cuuumming! Oh my god!” Ben’s cock was jerking and throbbing as they both thrust themselves at each other and floated into the twilight zone.
——————————–  Lori loved her husband, Jack, and would always be there for him for emotional reasons.
They would continue to be the charming husband and wife that everyone else knew.
Ben and Lori would continue dating, well okay, fucking.
The End P.
Coming in Accidental Love III – Lori gets fucked in the ass by Ben.
She also experiments with some pussy-not her own.



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