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I’m not sure what was more depressing — having to work on the summer holiday while the family was off having fun, or watching a big chunk of the bonus money I earned go right into the gas tank of my decade-old Subaru.
I pulled into the service station on the opposite side of the pumps from a beat-up Ford Taurus.
Duct tape was holding part of the fender together.
I guess my car isn’t so bad, I thought to myself.
As I was about to swipe my credit card at the pump, I saw a slender blond in short white shorts and lacy, black sleeveless top start walking my way.
Well, this was certainly a pleasant diversion from the task at hand.
She looked to be in her early 20s, about 5’2″ and probably no more than 100 pounds.
While her legs were slender, her breasts were just the opposite.
A wonderful looking set of D cups were held high and firm under her top.
It was all I could do not to stare as she walked over to the other side of the pumps.
Her shorts left little to the imagination, and I definitely wished I could see more.
Hmmm, my nozzle, her tank.
yeah, never happen.
I quickly put the hose in my car and positioned myself in a certain way that gave me a partial view of her ass and legs.
I hoped I didn’t look too conspicuous to anyone glancing my way.
Call it dumb luck but for some reason the fuel was flowing very slowly.
So slowly it distracted me for a moment from the beautiful view I had.
Then a moment of inspiration hit.
I leaned over a little bit and said to her, “Pardon, but does this pump seem to be going really slow?” She laughed.
“I was just thinking the same thing,” she turned and said.
Wow, what a lovely girl I thought as I looked at her blue eyes, my hormones starting to flow.
“I only wanted $20 worth, but it’s taking forever”.
Risking being branded a cheating, dirty old man, I said, ” Well, sometimes a slow pump is a good thing.
All depends on what you’re doing at the time.
” “I’m going to a party,” she said, then paused and looked at me.
It took her a second to understand the double meaning of what I said, then she smiled.
Yeah, she got it.
“It’s at a friends house.
You know, barbecue, swimming.
” “Sounds like fun,” I said.
“Better than my day today, though it sure got better in the last couple of minutes.
” She smiled again, then I heard her side of the gas pump go ‘ding’, telling her she was done.
” She put the nozzle away and gave me a good-bye smile.
“Enjoy the party,” I said.
“I’ll be thinking about you.
” Like when I go home later and jerk myself off.
She was about to get in her car and drive off when she stopped and asked me a most unexpected question.
“Do beards scratch? I’ve never kissed anyone with a beard.
” That made my cock throb in my Levis.
Figuring I had nothing to loose I said, “it can, but you really have to watch out for beard rash if you rub too much.
Especially in your inner thighs.
It would show quite a lot with your shorts or swim suit.
” She gasped a little bit then gave me that smile again.
“If you don’t mind being late to your party you can follow me to a place a couple blocks away and find out,” I said.
Another smile.
“Let’s go.
” Just as she said that my pump dinged.
Perfect timing.
I put the hose away, and started thinking about my own hose.
As I got in my car and drove off I kept looking in the rear view mirror to see if she was there.
I smiled when I saw her car right behind me, and my cock throbbed again.
Cheesy as it sounds, I also popped an Altoids mint.
The spot I told her about was near some rarely used railroad tracks and it took only two minutes to get there.
She parked her car right behind mine and got out and stood next to the trunk.
My cock was noticeably huge in my jeans, but judging by her smile I don’t think she minded a bit.
“Hello,” I said as I walked up to her, took her in my arms and gave her a long, slow passionate kiss.
She was a delight to hold.
Her tits pressed against my chest, and as our mouths opened and tongues played with each other her hips started grinding into mine.
I dropped my left hand down to her crotch and slid a finger under the seam of her shorts from side to front, moving it up and down as I found her bikini covered pussy.
She moaned and leaned back as I rubbed her.
We broke our embrace long enough for me to find the snap of her shorts.
I wriggled them off her hips, dropping to one knee to take them completely off her.
I could hear her breathing getting heavier.
I leaned in and nuzzled her triangular bikini bottom, inhaling deeply to catch the smell of her pussy.
Running my hands up the back of her legs to pull her closer I got a nice surprise — my hands found only soft bare ass and one small string of a thong.
I spun her around so she had her hands on the rear of her car, while my hands freely roamed her ass.
I kissed one cheek and then the other, then pulled the slim string aside to stick my nose and tongue in the crack of her ass.
“Oh God,” I heard her cry out.
She leaned over and spread her legs a little, giving me plenty of room to taste the juices trickling from her pussy.
Still on my knees, I turned her around again, took off her thong and attacked her pussy for a second time.
Online Now! Lush Cams AnniKaRR My tongue hungrily licked the soft folds of her lips, going up one side then down the other and back up the middle to her clit.
Her moans and gyrations told me I was finding the right spot and had her on the brink of cumming.
If our encounter had ended right then and there I would have been a happy man, but fortunately she wanted more.
Somehow as I was flicking my tongue at her slit she managed to remove her shirt, and when I glanced up I saw her hard nipples pointing through what little material there was covering her tits.
They were large no question about that, but from the angle I had looking up they seemed simply massive.
I stood up and quickly pulled apart her bikini top to bring those nipples into the sunlight.
“So fucking beautiful,” I said out loud, then took one nipple in my mouth while a free hand held massaged and rubbed her nipple.
Back and forth, each nipple got plenty of attention.
Her hands were busy too, rubbing my cock that should have burst the zipper of my shorts long ago.
“My turn,” she said, and tore at my shorts until she freed my cock from its confines and wrapped her firm hand around my shaft.
“Mmmmm, now that’s the kind of slow pump I like.
” If she wasn’t careful, I was going to cum right into her hand.
She slid down in front of me, guiding my cock over her belly, between her tits, and eventually into her mouth.
” It was all I could say as she licked the precum from the head, then licked and suck my shaft and balls.
She must have sensed how close I was, because she kept pausing and restarting, looking up at me with a lustful grin.
“I need to fuck you now,” I said, and I pulled her to the ground and on top of me.
I know some guys like the power of being on top, but I love watching a woman riding me and having her tits right there for the fondling, and I really wanted to see this lady.
Apparently she didn’t mind being on top either because she straddled me without hesitation and guided my cock right to her pussy.
She was so wet that I slid right into her, and I could feel her pussy just grip my cock.
“Oh fuck,” I said.
“Oh yes,” she said.
This was the slow pump I had in mind.
She was rocking and sliding up and down, enjoying every moment of the stiff cock inside her.
My hands roamed all over her from her ass as we ground our hips together, to the inside of her thighs where my thumb worked her clit.
I almost came a few more times as I pulled her down and buried my face between her tits, licking and sucking them all over.
“Oh yeah, suck ’em,” I heard her pant.
I kept trying to think of baseball or algebra, anything that would distract me from cumming too soon and spoiling this fantasy come true.
Several minutes went by and I knew we were both ready to let go.
“I’m gonna cum,” I said, and got ready to let go inside her.
But she had other ideas.
She climbed off me, twisted around, then planted her soaking wet pussy on my face and once again took my cock into her mouth.
Deep in her mouth.
She was amazing.
I couldn’t hold out any more, and unleashed my load into her waiting mouth.
As she sucked down my cum, I gripped her tightly around the waist and drive my tongue as best I could into her pussy.
We bucked slightly and rocked on the ground, moaning in unison as we climaxed.
We paused for a moment and I enjoyed having her juices drip down my face.
Slowly she turned around again and we kissed deeply, tasting ourselves in the others mouth.
We said nothing for several minutes, staying in our embrace.
“I hope you didn’t mind,” she said when she broke our silence, “but I just had to taste your cum.
And I loved tasting yours.
” “I could spend an hour locked in a 69 with you,” I said as my hand went down to cup her ass.
“You can taste my cum any time.
” I winked at her and gave her a swat on her butt.
She laughed.
We spent a few more minutes together before she finally stood up.
“I better get to my party, but I don’t think it’s going to be nearly as much fun as this was.
” As we both got dressed I took a few more opportunities to run my hands over her tits and ass.
I kissed each nipple as she covered them up.
We kissed one last time and as I looked at her I said, “Congratulations, no beard rash.
Guess I didn’t rub hard enough.
” She looked down at her thighs and laughed, then got in her car and drove away.
I thought about her every day after that, and about two weeks later I spotted her and another young woman nearly as attractive coming out of a convenience store.
Judging by her big smile I could tell she recognized me.
She whispered something to her friend before coming over to me and giving me a big hug and kiss on the cheek.
I was about to say something when her friend cut me off.
“So, you’re the guy whose beard doesn’t scratch.
I’d like to feel that for myself.
” I looked at both of them and smiled.
“I think I know a place where we all can go.



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