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Latest stories Straight Sex Rain in the Park

“Where are you? I’m downtown,” she texted him.
It was already almost midnight and Sophie had gone out with some friends to see a hockey game.
They ended up going to the pub afterwards so Rich met her there.
As the impending closing time approached she became increasingly flirtatious as they danced and kissed on the dance floor to the music the live band was pumping out.
She was a hot little number; standing maybe 5’4” with gorgeous hazel brown eyes, brown hair, a smile to die for, and a body worthy of worshiping, she turned a lot of heads and certainly caught the attention of quite a few bar goers.
As the main lights came on, they made their way outside.
It was early fall and the air was fresh with a hint of mist as the cool drizzle made contact with their skin.
She kept grabbing at Rich’s shirt telling him she wanted to get fucked.
“Fucked nice and hard,” as she so seductively put it.
As Rich drove down a small downtown side street she kept trying to climb on top of him; she kept biting his lip and begging for his cock, ordering him to pull over so she could get what she wanted.
Her lips were amazingly soft.
Sophie had mastered an extremely soft kiss which simultaneously demanded more and pulled you in.
She straddled Rich in the cramped car, the sweet hint of sweat and arousal filling his nostrils, Rich loved the way she pushed her body against his; the way she ran her hands through his hair, across his chest, grabbing onto his arms, lightly chocking him.
Rich looked up at her with a slight smile and said, “Sit back down and buckle up, I’ll find us a better spot,” as a car approached from behind, slowing down for the upcoming stop sign.
Sophie couldn’t stop pawing at him, telling him how much she wanted him, how she wanted to feel him inside of her.
Rich finally stopped at an old building, as chance would have it, it was actually the spot they had first met years ago as teens.
The moment the car was in park and the ignition turned off she pounced on him, their lips locking, and tongues fighting each other.
She panted and moaned as Rich kissed and lightly bit her neck.
Finally, she demanded they move to the back seat as she removed her shirt and unclasped her black bra, revealing her perfectly round C cup breasts.
Rich sighed loudly with an enthusiastic relief before taking one of her nipples into his mouth, before paying attention to her other breast.
She climbed to the back seat and laid back as he followed her.
The windows were already fogging up and the dim street lights provided just enough illumination to showcase her topless body as Rich again fondled her breasts while she begged for his manhood.
“Bzzzz,” her phone buzzed as a text came in.
“Answer it,” ordered Rich as he continued to pay attention to her tits.
“But you’re so distracting, I can’t focus,” replied Sophie with a half giggle.
She could barely keep her eyes open and fingers typing as she kept one hand intertwined in his hair, guiding his head from one breast to the other.
Once the text was finally sent, she leaned back across the seats as Rich simultaneously unbuttoned her pants.
“I’m fucking soaked,” she said, locking eyes with him.
“You get me so wet every time!” Her pussy had drenched her black panties and had started seeping into the fabric of her tight blue jeans.
Rich delicately parted her lips with a finger, exposing the warmth and wetness that he had savoured the week before in their first encounter.
She tasted so sweet.
There was a lingering flavour of fruit in her sticky, warm juices.
“Give me your cock! I want you deep inside me; I need you inside me right now!” Sophie demanded.
But Rich wasn’t ready yet.
He was enjoying the tortuous teasing and how she reacted at every touch.
“Get back in the front seat, we’re going somewhere else,” Rich snapped as he pulled his fingers away from her pulsing clit.
Although she pouted, Sophie indulged him and followed him to the front seat, leaving her bare breast visible as she sat back.
Rich pulled out his dick so that Sophie would be preoccupied during the drive in hopes that her kisses, as appreciated and great as they were, wouldn’t block his vision on the last stretch to their destination.
Sophie had a way of engulfing his cock in one go.
Online Now! Lush Cams Choco_dessert Before he had even put the car in forward, her throat was wrapped around the head, his precum coating her mouth.
As he drove down the parkway she kept blowing him, her tongue flitting the tip every few strokes.
“We’re coming to a red light and there’s a car coming from behind,” Rich warned.
“Stay down until the light changes”.
Sophie obeyed and kept him inside her mouth; she moaned as he slowly gyrated his hips and throat fucked her right there at the intersection, waiting with anticipation to be able to have her.
 The light changed and off they went again.
“Finger yourself,” asked Rich.
Sophie took hold of his cock with her hand as she pulled him out of her mouth and whispered “But what if I want to do something else? I love sucking your cock”.
“And it showed!” thought Rich as he neared her street.
“Where am I going?” he asked, not completely familiar with her neighbourhood.
“There’s a dead end at the end of the street,” mumbled Sophie with a mouth full of cock.
There was a small turn around spot with a car parked in the residential area.
Rich pulled up next to it, put the car in park and again killed the ignition.
“Right here?” he asked.
“Yeah, get in the back seat so you can fill me,” cried Sophie.
Always fond of exhibitionism, Rich said, “It’s a nice night, why not fuck outside?” Before he knew it, Sophie was walking by the hood of the car in the darkness and drizzling rain; her breasts still exposed, her jeans undone and her eyes begging on her behalf for him.
She moved towards a small crop of trees perpendicular to the road, slightly tucked away from the houses, and pulled her pants down presenting herself to him, exposing her perfectly pink warmth and tight lips.
“Fuck me already! I need your fucking cock in me, I can’t wait anymore,” exclaimed Sophie.
Her wetness was running down her legs, her pussy pulsating from anticipation as she held onto two small trees, bracing herself for the initial thrust.
Without any further foreplay Rich pulled out what she wanted and slammed his cock deep inside of her.
She cried out in joy as his entire length spread her vaginal walls and his balls made contact with her clit.
As he held onto a tree with his right hand for more power, his left hand wrapped around her neck from behind, and he started thrusting hard and deep, the sound of her wetness overpowering the rain drops on the leaves above them.
“Holy fuck you feel so good inside of me, holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck!” moaned Sophie.
Rich pushed her against a larger tree, her breasts making contact against the cold, wet bark.
Her nipples stiffened even more.
At this angle his cock was rubbing and perfectly pushing against her g-spot, and he had moved his hand from her neck to her tits, and then to her clit as he continued with slow, deep, long and powerful thrusts.
A moan spread across the park as Sophie squirted all over his cock, completely soaking her panties and jeans which were wrapped around her knees by now.
He loved when she squirted; although rare, it gave him an indication that he was doing something right! “Move to that tree,” ordered Richard, pointing towards a tree which was bent in half at waist height; perfect to use as a prop for her to lean over and hold on tightly.
As she bent over, Rich squatted down and ran his tongue along her slit, savouring her juices as they dripped onto his tongue and coated his chin.
He rammed himself back into her and she let off another loud moan through the fall air.
“Cum in me, fill me up, I want you to fill me up.
Please…” she begged between heavy breaths.
A few strokes later his cock twitched and pulsed, throbbing even more as his seed shot into her and filled her wanting twat.
As they caught their breaths, panting, wiping away the sweat from their brows and taking in the cool air she whispered, “that…was…amazing.
” She stumbled, light headed from her orgasms, out of the tree line and began walking back to the car mostly naked, the rain still landing on her bare skin.
“What a night,” thought Rich.



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